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by RealXaenith

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FAQ/Walkthrough by RealXaenith

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/16/18


Start a new game and a scene will ensue. Several scenes will ensue in a row.

Once you gain control, examine the book case for a scene. Examine the book in the corner for a longer scene. You will automatically learn the first recipe which is Berg Medicine.

Examine the cauldron and synthesize Berg Medicine. Just use your worst materials since this one doesn't matter. A scene will ensue and you will gain 200 Cole. More scenes will ensue...

When you will regain control, exit the atelier and go to the Edge of Town. Keep walking down the linear path to the Plaza where a scene will ensue.

Monika will join the party. Go into your equipment and equip the two Uni Bags onto Sophie. Go left to the Street screen for another scene. Go up to the Town Entrance and then out onto the World Map.

Select Chick Woods and go there for a scene. Oskar will join the party and the first battle will trigger. Just attack and have Sophie use an Uni Bag and you should win without problems.

After the battle, gather twice and there will be another scene. Leave the area and go back to Kirchen Bell. This will trigger another scene.

Examine the cauldron afterwards to trigger some dialogue then you can synthesize another Berg Medicine. This time there will be a forced tutorial on how to place the different ingredients into the cauldron. You will gain an alchemy level from this.