Why am I not getting an item in my inventory after I craft it?

  1. Just played around with the crafting system and managed to make an "improved club", but it was not in my inventory when I went to equip it. I was toying around with crafting, discovered a weapon recipe and moved to the screen where you actually create the item and went to compare and equip and it was nowhere to be found, yet the ingredients were used and gone. I don't understand, is this a serious bug? I have noticed some items disappearing at random from my inventory and now his, and I've only been playing for about an hour. I'm not sure I want to continue if this "issue" is going to continue to be this bad.

    User Info: Boltz33

    Boltz33 - 5 years ago


  1. The club might be in another inventory. Plus I've noticed that if you "enchant" an weapon, it doesn't change the name, it just increases the stats. You can see this happen when you combine a hand axe with a small poison potion.

    User Info: Raxunite

    Raxunite - 3 years ago 0   0

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