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by Suprak the Stud

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FAQ by Suprak the Stud

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/01/16

About the Author/Donations

Author Name: Nikola Suprak
Contact/Donation E-mail: nikolasuprak (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: NikolaSuprak
Twitch: themagnificentkickpuncher


First off, I'd like to thank you personally for reading my guide. We're about to go on a journey together, a journey of friendship and genie magic, and I'm glad that you're along for the ride. If you like the guide, please let me know by clicking on the green "YES" button at the top of the screen. If not, feel free to click on the red "NO" and please leave a comment as to what I can do to improve it. Additionally, you can e-mail me at nikolasuprak (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any specific questions about this guide or any thing else I've written.

My name is Nikola Suprak, and I really like games. I hope you do to, otherwise I'm a bit confused as to how you wandered to this little corner of the Internet in the first place. I've been a staff writer for several online gaming publications, and have been a regular contributor to GameFAQs for the better part of a decade. Also one time I totally dunked on Charles Barkley. Not the basketball player, but the accountant from Ohio. Still pretty cool though.

Please follow me on twitter (@NikolaSuprak) and on twitch (themagnificentkickpuncher). I do speedruns of this game and others on occasion, along with some blind playthroughs of whatever is currently sitting in my library.

Finally, while I've written this guide for free, any donations will be happily accepted. Writing a guide is obviously a fairly significant investment in time, and while I have fun doing it I would appreciate even the smallest contribution. You can donate either by clicking on the link next to my name at the top of the guide that says "DONATE" or by sending donations directly to nikolasuprak (at) gmail (dot) com. Even the smallest amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to fund future games. If you have any suggestions on what games I should play next on my channel or write a FAQ for here at GameFAQs, I definitely take suggestions! Feel free to contact me via e-mail, twitter, or a message here on GameFAQs and I'll take it into consideration.


Version History

Version 1.00 - (4/1/16) - Submitted. Full walkthrough, plus all sections and subsections fully completed. Trophy guide and speedrunning tips included. Most likely 99% identical to all future versions, with only minor cleanups and corrections to come.

Version 1.01 - (4/8/16) - Fixed an issue with the appearance of the puzzle solutions in the Squid Baron's Labyrinth.


Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut is an action platformer brought to us by the creative team at WayForward Technologies. It is the second game in the Shantae series of games, with the first title being released way back on the waning days of the GameBoy Color. A sequel, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, was subsequently released on the Nintendo DSi in 2010 and an enhanced version (this very game I'm writing a guide for) was put out several years later on the PC (2014) and PS4 (2015). WiiU and 3DS version are also supposedly currently in the works.

It plays out like a sort of Metroidvania-lite, with abilities and power-ups that open up previously blocked areas of the overworld map as you proceed through the game. There is a fair amount of action and platforming challenges, with a decent amount of collectables to pick up along the way. It is a fun, well designed little title that wraps up in a brisk six hours if you're trying to find every little secret on your own. The reception was highly positive from the gaming press, but fans of the series might just be a bit disappointed. It is not as well designed or original as Shantae, nor is it as big or clever about reworking the mechanics as Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. While it is a bit short and lacks the same punch as either of the other two Shantae games currently available, it is definitely a fun little title and worth your time if you find it for the right price.

This guide was made specifically with the PS4 version in mind, but it will be entirely identical to the experience you'd find on the PC. The sole difference is that I will only be covering the PS4 trophies in the trophy section of the guide, so I will not go in depth to all the extra Steam achievements that are part of the PC version. I may go back and add these in at some point depending on if the next Steam sale gives a good price. Additionally, while this is made for the Director's Cut version of the game, it is still almost exactly the same experience as the DSi original or iOS port, so those playing either of those versions will mostly be able to follow along as well.

Controls and General Information

The controls for PS4 version of the game are outlined below. They cannot be changed from their default configuration, no matter how much you beg and plead.

D-pad (or left analog stick) left or rightMove Shantae left or right
D-pad (or left analog stick) downDuck
D-pad (or left analog stick) left or right while duckingCrawl
OTalk, interact
TriangleDance (hold for different moves)
R1/R2Magic/use equipped item
OptionsPause/skip dialogue
Touch PadBring up Inventory screen

Basic Information

Shantae may have various spells and transformations at her disposal, but what you really want to familiarize yourself with is her basic attack (a quick whip of he hair) and the jump button, as that will get your through 95% of the game. You can attack while jumping, while ducking, or while standing upright, and you should try to get in as many hits as quickly as you can. It is worth nothing that when Shantae gets hit, she gets several seconds of invincibility frames. Simply put, while she's flashing she cannot take additional damage. So if you do get hit, take advantage of the time and punish whatever it is that is hitting you.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut is an exploration heavy game, so if you get stuck go around and try poking around at some areas more carefully. If you need to go to another area to find something to progress the story, the game almost always tells you where it is you'll need to go so there should be very little aimless wandering. If you're not in a hurry, break open almost every pot you see as it will either contain health, magic refills, or money. The money can be used in the shop in town to buy magic spells and upgrades, although all the best abilities require a certain amount of hidden pickups known as Magic Jams.

So jump, look for secrets, and hair all the enemies until it hurts. If you need specific help, consult the Walkthrough below. Have fun!


This is meant to serve as an in depth, detailed look at pretty much every thing you could ever want to know about the game. Where all the secrets are, strategies for all the bosses, and fun little easter eggs will all be highlighted below. If you're looking for a more bare bones approach, I'd suggest checking out the speedrunning section as there I will just be outlining the necessities without elaborating on things in as much detail. If you are just looking for a specific secret or hidden item, check out the hidden item checklist at the end of the FAQ. Everyone else: welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.


"Gonna have to hair 'em till it hurts"

The game opens up at Shantae's swanky lighthouse abode, where some lovely monsters have decided to throw her a welcome home party. Apparently they're miffed about Shantae's victory over Risky Boots in the first game, and have decided to raid Shantae's home as punishment. Or maybe they're just passing through and Shantae is overreacting - they never really say anything and Shantae decides to just go in full on hair assault mode.

This is meant to serve as the introduction to combat in the game, and you'll face off against SIMPLE SCARECROWS and SIMPLE ORCS. What makes them so simple? They've got a measly 1 HP and are taken down by a single hairwhip. Follow Shantae's advice and hair them till it hurts and they leave you alone. The enemies come in small waves, you'll fight in order: 3 scarecrows coming from the right, 1 orc from the right, a scarecrow/orc/scarecrow threesome from the right, 3 orcs from the right, and 2 scarecrows from the left with 6 scarecrows from the right. They will only march slowly in your direction, although they will turn around if you try to jump over them and avoid the battle like a coward. Your reward for finishing the battle is a nice 10 gem bonus from the sky. Apparently some low flying bird was impressed with your battle prowess.

With the enemies defeated, you can now head right to talk to BOLO. He someone missed the platoon of enemies that just stopped by and invites you to accompany him to your uncle's show. Shantae is apparently a terrible niece and forgot the Relic Hunter Expo was today, and is a terrible friend and forgot about the egg she promised to babysit for Skye. You can't leave until you find it, so go back as far left as you can to pick it up. Shantae can't scale the mini-cliff beyond the egg just yet, so once you have the egg return to Bolo and head into town.

Scuttle Town

"Heave ho, men! Hoist my booty through the roof! And put your backs into it!"

There are a handful of people in town you can talk to if you want, and once you're ready to proceed, head over to the Relic Hunter's Expo. It is the only building you can enter in Scuttle Town at the moment, so it shouldn't be hard to find if you just head forward. SKYE is waiting for you by the door while UNCLE MIMIC blather's on about his new discovery. When Skye asks you to turn over the smelly egg you picked up, you are given a choice to say "yes" or "no" but wind up handing the egg over either way.

Uncle Mimic then cracks open the first item up for auction and it is...an old oil lamp? What kind of lame auction is this. He seems a bit concerned about the lamp suddenly turning up though, but before he can hide it away and pretend it was never there in the first place, Risky Boots busts through the roof and swipes it. Couldn't use the front door there, Risky? Mimic orders Bolo or Skye to fetch it back, but instead Shantae gives chase. She returns to the lighthouse just in time for the game's first boss fight.

Boss Fight: Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub
"It's time for Risky's Revenge, so let's attack aggressively!"

Attack Damage (in hearts)
Barrel Throw 1/4
Anchor Spit 1/4
Cannonball Barrage 1/4
Contact 1/4

Shantae apparently has been hitting the genie juice a bit too hard, because while she's out looking for Risky, she and her enormous Tinker Tub sneak up behind her. Risky won't turn over the lamp on account of her being a pirate and all, so it comes to fisticuffs. The game's first boss fight is against a giant ship with blinking eyes and a mouth. I don't know if this is supposed to be a living ship or if they just built it to look like it had a face, but either way it is a crime against nature and must be destroyed.

Attack 1: Barrel Throw - The Tinker Tub will hold a barrel in its mouth for a long time and eventually lob it in your direction. And I mean it holds it for a loooooong time. Like five seconds or so. Hit it to deal damage to the Tinker Tub. It is the *only* way to hurt it, so act fast. Does a quarter heart of damage.
Attack 2: Anchor Spit - Occasionally, instead of opening its mouth to show you a barrel, it will instead spit an anchor towards you. If you see him open his mouth and its empty, simply duck to avoid the anchor. Stay ducking as it comes back or it can hit you on the return fire. Half a heart of damage either way.
Attack 3: Cannonball Barrage - After blowing up a barrel, Risky will retreat to the ocean and fire a couple of cannonballs your way. They are easy to avoid but do a quarter heart of damage if you can't or have fallen asleep.

General Strategy: Seems to alternate between anchors and barrels if you decide not to hit it for some reason. Interacting with the ship does no damage unless it is moving across the screen, so feel free to walk back and forth if you so desire. Can take contact damage when it walks or when it lands from jumping back on land, so avoid during these times. After it lands it will walk back towards the lighthouse, so you might as well wait for it over there.

All of this is making it way more difficult than it needs to be, by the way. I doubt anyone gets stuck here as this is the tutorial boss, but if you have never played a videogame before, you are guaranteed to not get hit with the following method. It's first attack is always a barrel. Hit it when the fight starts and backdash to the corner by the lighthouse. No cannonfire will ever hit you here, so just wait for it to stop and walk up towards you again. Smack it in the mouth and repeat the process one more time. It takes three barrels to take this monstrosity down.

Unfortunately for you, Risky doesn't fight fair and gives you a parting cannonball to the cranium before fleeing. Things get even worse when you come to, because MAYOR SCUTTLEBUTT shows up to tell you that you're fired from this whole town guardian thing for letting Risky get away. What a butt. Shantae decides the right thing to do is track down Risky and recover the lamp, but Mimic is against it for vague reasons that he doesn't want to tell you just yet but involve a promise he made to Shantae's mother. He does reveal that the lamp is currently useless because the genies had sealed its magic using three MAGIC SEALS. Luckily, your uncle is pretty fungible on this whole "promise I made to your mother" deal, and with a little convincing Shantae convinces him to let her take on the quest.

Head left to return to Scuttle Town. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with Scuttle Town as it acts as there are a couple important spots to note. The town itself is divided up into three levels: a rear, a middle, and a front. You should notice little jump pads that will allow you to jump either forward or backward depending on which direction the arrow on the jump pad is pointing.

Scuttle Town: Rear Level

This is the little area you already saw. Head left to return to the lighthouse and right to meet a no good golem that refuses to allow you to pass. You'll have a tool that will allow you to...hm...persuade him to see reason eventually, but for now you can't go any further. The main hall the Relic Hunter Expo was in is in the level, and Bolo will hang out here and give you vague directions for the rest of the game in case you get stuck. This time he tells you to talk to ROTTYTOPS out east after you leave the town gate. Thanks, Bolo!

Scuttle Town: Middle Level

This is where all the fun stuff is. Head all the way to the left and enter the furthest door to find the SAVE GUY. He's one of many Save Guys you'll find in this game, and the guards in the front level actually won't let you leave town until you talk to him and save your game. I'd recommend doing so if you want to proceed. Heading right and past the first jump pad, you'll find Skye's place. She, like Bolo, will offer bits of advice if you get stuck. Heading rightward, the next place you can enter is perhaps the most important, so remember it. It is the shop, and here you will find all sorts of skills and upgrades to help you in your quest. You won't have enough money for it yet, but your first purchases should be the Storm Puff, Pike Ball, and Sequin Land Map. There are a couple of places to get money along the way to the first dungeon, so we'll have to return here later. The furthest door to the right is the least useful, and the woman in there will complain the entire game about not being able to get her shipments in. Forget about her. Her shipments were probably boring anyway. Go back outside and find a jump pad heading downward to get to the front level.

Scuttle Town: Front Level

Here, you can only find a handful of guards to talk to. Feel free to chat them up if you want, then head rightwards to exit the town and begin your adventure properly.

Lilac Fields

"Monsters still roam the outskirts of town. Be careful out there!"

But wait! Before you head off to the Lilac Fields properly, why not explore the Pumpkin Fields first? If you leave town from the front level and head left instead of right, you'll find your way to the Pumpkin Fields. You cannot explore this entire area just yet as after you head right for a bit you'll find your progress is blocked by a high cliff face. There are a couple of things to do along the way though. Continue left past the first screen and on to the second screen where you can talk to the squid statue and activate your very first Warp Squid. He won't be useful until you find another Warp Squid, but if you continue left past him you will find a small cave you can enter on the next screen. Go into it and simply hit the chest to pick up your very first Magic Jam. These items are needed to pick up all the best upgrades in the shop, so seek them out when you can!

Lilac Fields: Screen 1

There isn't much to do in the Lilac Fields, so if you want to just keep moving to the right until you hit the forest. There are some SCARECROWS around to fight if you want, but they really aren't worth your time unless you want to get a bit more experience with the combat system. They do drop random amounts of gems at times, but you don't need the money yet and there is a better place to farm for cash coming up anyway. The enemies in the Lilac Fields are respawning and randomly generated, so sometimes you can walk right through here without even really seeing anyone to hairwhip. Not all areas are like this, it should be noted, and in the majority of places in the game if you kill an enemy you don't have to worry about 500 of his friends and neighbors showing up immediately thereafter.

You will see a chest that is just tantalizingly out of reach on a high platform on this first screen. Unfortunately, like most good things in metroidvania titles, you don't have the skills to get it just yet.

Lilac Fields: Screen 2 - Warp Squid

You need to talk to this guy to wake him up, but he won't be useful until you find at least one other Warp Squid somewhere on the map. If you already talked to the Warp Squid in the Pumpkin Fields, make sure you say "yes" when he asks if it's morning, otherwise he'll just go back to sleep.

Lilac Fields: Screen 3

On the next screen, you should immediately notice a cave. Enter it if you want, but it contains another chest you can't get just yet so there isn't much point. There are more scarecrows to fight here if you are so inclined. If not, move on to the next screen.

Lilac Fields: Screen 4 - Save Guy

Save Guy (Save Guy's brother?) has made his way out here. Save your game if you want, then head right to enter the Tangle Forest.

Tangle Forest

"I heard the zombies parked their wagon in the TANGLE FOREST. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps all over my body!: Right here, and here, and here!"

Home to Rottytops and the game's first dungeon, Tangle Forest is the first real area you have to explore. Like Scuttle Town, jump pads give this area multiple levels to explore. Enemy variety picks up here a bit as well, and in addition to the scarecrows you will also find ORCS, NAGAS, and ONE-EYED SPIDERS. If you're desperate for cash, orcs represent the best way of getting it quickly as they are guaranteed to drop 5 gems every time upon defeat. It is worth noting enemies here aren't random and won't respawn if you go further down the screen, but will respawn if you travel from one screen or level to the next.

When exploring, you'll most likely notice a lot of place with areas you can't get to yet or conspicuous looking giant purple rocks that seem to serve no purpose. There are hidden goodies all over the Tangle Forest, but unfortunately you have the skills to get a whopping NONE of them right now. Curse you, Risky's Revenge, why must you tease us! For now, focus on finding Rottytops and figuring out a way to find that first Magic Seal.

Tangle Forest: Level 1 - Screen 1

The Tangle Forest is divided up into eight levels, many of which have multiple screens. I'll count screens going from left to right, regardless if the leftmost area is the one you're first able to access or not.

The first screen here gives you your first taste of orcs and one-eyed spiders. You can jump up on some of the terrain, but it doesn't really go anywhere. There is a jump pad on a branch past the one-eyed spider. Use it to get to the second level. If you go past it, you will find another cave. This one leads to a locked door. Shantae doesn't have the key just yet, and apparently isn't any good at picking locks. Remember where this door is though, as it will be very important later in the game. There is a chasm just beyond it that you can't jump over. Go on and try if you don't believe me. Did you do it? See? What did I tell you?

Tangle Forest: Level 2 - Screen 2

The jump pad actually throws you into the middle of three screens in the second level. You can head left or right from here, although neither direction is really accessible to you at this point. To the left (Level 2 - Screen 1), you'll find a huge cliff you can't do anything about but look at, and to the right (Level 2 - Screen 3), you'll find a purple rock and a chest just out of reach. We'll stop by here later, I promise.

For now, head right until you find an orc on a tree stump. Defeat him or avoid him and jump to the branches higher up on the right. There are two jump pads here, one pointed upward and one pointed back downward to the first level. Use the one pointing downward for now. This will actually take you back to Level 1 - Screen 1 on the other side of the chasm I told you you couldn't jump over. Head to the right to find Rottytops.

Tangle Forest: Level 1 - Screen 2 (Rottytop's Camp)

There isn't much to do on this screen but talk to Rottytops, who is a TERRIBLE INFLUENCE on Shantae and tries to get her to eat a PUPPY. You couldn't eat the puppy even if you wanted to (believe me, I tried), so for now tuck it in your inventory and save it for later. Unfortunately, Rottytops doesn't know much about the three Magic Seals, but has heard that Risky is busy trying to find the Three Barons of Sequin Land. Apparently, the three of them are "artifact collectors" (i.e. bandits) that collect magical artifacts and probably already have the Magic Seals. As luck would have it, the SQUID BARON is right here in the Tangle Forest. Time to go give him a talking to.

Thank Rottytops for her help (don't get too close as I'm pretty sure she wants to eat you) and go back to the left. Use the jump pad there to get to Level 2 - Screen 2, and use the jump pad up on the branch pointing upwards to get to the next level.

Tangle Forest: Level 3 - Screen 2

Heading left, you'll eventually find your way to a low lying branch. There is a jump pad on it leading back to Level 2 - Screen 2 so ignore it for now. However, from this branch you can jump on a higher branch on the left that has an orc on it in addition to a jump pad leading upward. This is what you want to use to get to the next area.

Before doing it though, a little exploration is in order. This screen is also flanked by extra areas on the left and the right. To the left is a little side area with a tall tree you can't jump over just yet (sense a theme yet?) so you can ignore it for now. To the right, however, is something actually useful so head there first.

Tangle Forest: Level 3 - Screen 3 (Warp Squid)

Make sure you wake up this sleepy Warp Squid. If you didn't go to the Pumpkin Forest at first, this will be the second one you wake up and the first one you have to do "manually". Talking to him isn't enough, and be sure to select "YES" when he asks if it is daytime yet, otherwise the big jerk will just go back to sleep. We will be wanting to make a trip into town very soon, so wake the guy up to save some time back. Head back to the jump pad leading upwards on the previous screen after you've woken this guy up.

Tangle Forest: Level 4 - Screen 2

You can try to head to the left to see Level 4 - Screen 1, but it is blocked by another one of those golem creatures asking you not to smash it. Guess what just make my list of things to do, you stupid golem? Head right, and fight your way through the orcs and spiders you meet along the way. The warp pad leading back down is on a big branch, and to access it you need to jump on the first leafy platform you find on the right past it, jump from it onto the longer branch to the left of the platform, and then use this branch to get to the branch with the jump pad. You can ignore that for now though, and continue your quest rightward.

Tangle Forest: Level 4 - Screen 3 (SAVE GUY)

Talk to the Save Guy to save your game and probably hear some story about his grandchildren you don't really care about. Onward and rightward!

Tangle Forest: Level 4 - Screen 4 (Squid Baron's Lair Entrance)

On this screen, you'll notice a door that's been barred up. You can talk to the guy behind the door, but he won't let anyone in but the lunch courier. Apparently he really wants his Tasty Meal. Looks like Shantae's going to have to play delivery person if she wants to get in. Word on the street is the Tasty Meal can be found if you just continue right, so maybe do that.

Tangle Forest: Level 4 - Screen 5

The first thing you'll notice on this screen is another big purple rock you can't do anything about. Just jump over it for now, but make a mental note to come back and exact revenge on it at a later date. A little further to the right you'll find a jump pad. Use it.

Tangle Forest: Level 5

Levels 5 through 7 are all fairly unremarkable, one screen levels with just a couple of enemies to keep you company. The enemies here won't respawn until after you leave the entire area, so you can jump back and forth if you want to for some weird reason. This one has a one-eyed spider right and a naga. Kill them both and go left to find the jump pad to the next level.

Tangle Forest: Level 6

There are three scarecrows here and nothing else. Dispatch of them and jump up to the warp pad.

Tangle Forest: Level 7

One naga. That's it. WHY DID WE NEED THREE SCREENS FOR THIS? Use the jump pad to the left to get to the final level.

Tangle Forest: Level 8 (Chef's House)

Head over to the house and go inside to find CHEF GIRL. How old is she? Does she have a real name? Why is a chef living at the far edge of the Tangle Forest surrounded by nothing but monsters and zombies? SHUT UP THAT'S WHY. She is missing her puppy named WOBBLE BELL. Give it back to her (and try to convince her to name it something less dumb) and she'll whip up the TASTY MEAL for you free of charge! How nice of her.

But why return Wobble Bell when you can not return Wobble Bell? Tell Chef Girl "NO" when she first asks for her puppy back and you'll get a funny, melodramatic speech where Chef Girl considers the ramifications of your choice. After you've had your fun, give WOBBLE BELL back. THEN MURDER IT IN FRONT OF HER. If you give Wobble Bell a well placed hair whip, you'll wind up dispatching of the poor puppy. However, it will explode in a shower of 100 gems. Collect the cash and leave. Hey, you're not trying to win any morality contests here and you need that money!

With the Tasty Meal in hand, you can return to the dungeon you saw earlier. Before heading there though, I'd recommend returning to town and stocking up on some spells and items. Return back to the Warp Squid in Tangle Forest and go to the Lilac Fields Warp Squid. Return to the shop and get some much needed upgrades. You should have enough for both the Pike Ball and the Storm Puff right now, and get both of those to make the upcoming dungeon even easier. If you have enough left over, consider purchasing the Fireball spell. It won't help you in the upcoming dungeon, but you will need it to get some upcoming things and you might as well grab it now.

Now that you are fully prepared, head back to Level 4 - Screen 4 (Squid Baron's Lair Entrance). Talk to the gate again, and this time it will open up. Head inside and make yourself at home.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth


When we finally get inside we find out the guy waiting for the meal was the Squid Baron himself (herself? squidself?). He eat up the Tasty Meal and dines and ditches without handing over the Magic Seal. Looks like you'll have to go find this guy and teach him a lesson or two about properly tipping your delivery people.

The Squid Baron's Labyrinth is one of two dungeons in the game, sprawling, non-linear affairs with a good amount of exploration and discovery. It is more complex than the overworld map which is fairly linear in appearance, so I will number the rooms as you are supposed to enter them in addition to giving little description of what they look like so you know where you are. There is a decent amount of backtracking to do here, so when some of it comes up I'll refer to the rooms you need to return to by the nicknames I give them. Keep your eyes open for two Magic Jams you can find while exploring the Squid Baron's Labyrinth. Apparently he has a fondness for the things.

Also, enemies here will stay dead after you kill them (unless you leave the dungeon entirely) so it is probably in your best interest to take them out and then not need to worry about them again.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 1 (Entryway)

There isn't much to see here after the Squid Baron books it. The pot on the shelf to the left contains a full health pick-up, so nab it if you need some hearts before venturing onward. Head into the door when you're ready.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 2 (Central Area)

This is as close to a "center" as this dungeon has, containing four different ways to get in or out. If you move to your left, you'll find a locked door that you can't quite get into yet.There's also a big chest blocked by four different walls hanging out above you after you enter, something else you can't nab yet either. Instead, continue up and follow the series of platforms from right to left and then back right again. You'll run into CRABS along the way, easy foes that can be dispatched with a single whip of your hair. There is a door in the upper right corner of the room. Go through it to get to the next area.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 3 (Flowery Platforms)

For some reason, there are some giant flower platforms here, along with a couple of crabs walking back and forth on them. Time your jumps so you don't land on the crabs and either use your Pike Ball or hairwhip to get rid of them. You can also just maneuver around them if you feel like a humanitarian. The platforming here is very simple, so just don't fall down as it will reset you back at the original doorway if you do. This is the first room in the game where you can "fail" at the platforming by falling down a pit, and whenever you do you will take a quarter heart of damage and start over at wherever you entered the room from. A couple of simple jumps later and you'll be at another doorway.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 4 (Upward Climb)

This next room seems impossible to pass at first, and while you can see it go upwards you will have your path blocked off by several purple blocks. This is actually meant to serve as a tutorial of sorts, as certain purple blocks in this dungeon can be broken with a hairwhip. You can't tell by looking at them, so feel free to whip around if you're curious. Here, the four small blocks and one large block immediately in front of you can be broken with a hairwhip, so smash them and start your trek upwards.

Between the first and second crabs, you will again reach an impasse and cannot progress. Smash the large block on your left right above you with a timed jump and hairwhip and you will be able to reach this next level (if you're having a hard time identifying it, the second crab is unable to walk on it and will turn around before he technically should).

When you reach the door, look over to your right and you should see another ledge you can't get to with a bottle on it. Break the large block that overhangs a bit, and then break the bottle for a full magic refill if you need it. Make note of the little tunnel going upwards. You can jump up there but can't quite reach what it is hiding just yet. Soon though. Oh, so soon.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 5 (Fire Gargoyles' Hangout)

Those room has numerous FIRE GARGOYLES hanging out (literally). These creatures will alternate shooting one fireball and three fireballs, and as they are stationary all you need to do is time our there attacks so you don't walk into them. When you near the end of the room you'll notice you can't go forward as your path is blocked by a large purple block that a Fire Gargoyle is shooting directly at. You can destroy the purple block, run down and around, and make your way to the door.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 6 (Northwest Corner)

This is the end of this little path, and you'll find a chest blocked off by a lot of purple blocks as a VINE POT. Hop up on the ledge next to the Vine Pot before it starts attacking and it actually won't be able to hit you. When you see the chest, you can actually hit it through the purple blocks to open it up and find a key, which drops down to a hole immediately beneath it. You can also walk around and get it if you want, but this way is slightly quicker if you're trying to save time. Hop up on top of where the chest is and begin breaking purple blocks. This is a great time to activate your Pike Ball as it will automatically clear any breakable blocks in your way so you don't have to test every one. Essentially, you can break most blocks in front of you, and those beneath you on the bottom left to create a little space you can crawl through to get to the hole in the floor where the key drops through.

Before you drop down all the way though, perform a small hop (very small, as too high and you'll jump up on the ledge where the chest is) to cross over the gap in the floor. The blocks on this side right next to the floor can also be broken. Hairwhip them and you can crawl through a secret passage to find some vases containing a decent amount of gems. Now go back and fall through the hole, and as you do hold right. You'll land in a little alcove containing two more vases with even more gems! I think it's time to diversify your investment portfolio when you head back to town.

Finish your fall down to grab the key. This will open the locked door on the bottom right of the center room, which is luckily exactly where you've just fallen to! Simply fall down to the floor and head right to proceed.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 7 (Knight Fight 1)

You encounter your first KNIGHT in this room, and not much else. The doors on either site lock, so you'll need to fight off the knight before you can continue. Whip him in his head when he puts his shield up, and avoid his ground attacks he signals when he draws his sword upward. Continue right after he's fallen.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 8 (Save Room 1)

Oh, look, a Save Guy! Seems like these guys have even bought up some real estate in enemy territory, which was nice of them. The small jars on either side of him contain a heart, so grab it if you need some health and continue right when you're ready.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 9 (Crabs, Platforms, and Water, Oh My!)

This is the room that introduces you to the flipping platforms. As you enter, you'll find one crab and a floating platform that has spikes pointing upward. Shantae doesn't much like stepping one those, so she'll take damage and fall back if you try hopping on it. Hit it with some form of attack and it will flip over for a couple seconds. Once you're standing on it, it will stay rightside up for as long as you're there, but if you don't hop on it fairly quickly it will flip back over. Use this platform to get to the next little ledge, which contains another crab.

From here, you'll find another upside down platform, but this one is moving back and forth. Hit it and jump on it so it will carry you over to more ledges. There is a crab here, but you can jump to a little ledge above it if he's too near to you when you approach the ledge he's standing on. The next little area has three of these platforms, two that are moving up and down and one in between them that is stationary. Use your same method of hairwhips to flip them over and make your way over to the door on the very right.

If you fall at any point, you'll land in some water and need to swim back to the start. If you think you see a little tunnel at the bottom of the pool, you're right, but unfortunately you won't be able to explore it until the very end of the game.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 10 (Hanging Chains)

You can't do much in here just yet, but you can climb the chains if you want. When you reach the top, you should notice that the opening continues upward over to the left side, but there aren't any chains you can climb up to get there. The boss is actually hiding up there (how'd he squeeze up that narrow space?), so we'll need to find some way to get there if we ever want to get his Magic Seal. For now, fall back down to the bottom and continue to the right.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 11 (Falling Down)

This room is actually a long narrow path downward. Be careful not to drop too far too fast, as there are crabs littering the way that you're almost guaranteed to accidentally fall on. You should notice a small gap in the wall on your first drop down on the right side of the screen. That's not just a sign of the Squid Baron's poor upkeep of his pad, but a path to something important we need to grab later on. We'll need to go there eventually too, so make a mental note of it.

Keep falling down and you'll find a locked door on the left. We'll need to get the key for that first, so keep on falling, falling, until you reach a door at the very bottom. There is one large block you'll need to break on your way, but it will be obvious which one it is as it will be the only one impeding your path forward.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 12 (Flowery Platform - Round 2)

The Squid Baron has a very particular aesthetic apparently, because those flowery platforms are back. The platforming here is a bit more tricky as there is now a couple moving platforms you have to hit in order to make it safe to jump on in the mix. After you hit the first one, it will take you to a safe platform moving up and down. From here, another one of the spiked platforms will move into view. Hit it to make it safe to jump on, then ride it right to reach another flower and then the exit.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 13 (Knight Fight - Round 2)

That pesky knight is back. and this time he's brought a friend. There are two knights this time around, but you can use the same strategy as if there was one. Whip away at the head of the one closest to you, and avoid the ground attack when you see either of them lift up their sword. If you're lucky, the two of them might overlap each other and you can get hits in at both times. This is another good time to have the Pike Ball, because if you do it will do extra damage as soon as they drop their shields. Once they're both defeated, the doors will open and you can move into the next room.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 14 (A Perplexing Purple Puzzle)

The door will lock as soon as you go into this room, and there isn't anything inside except for a large 8 x 8 square made up of small purple blocks. If you're having trouble figuring out what to do, try performing a hairwhip at some of the blocks to see what happens. You need to eliminate all of the breakable blocks here before you can move on. If you still need more help, look at the table below for the solution. All squares highlighted with red and marked with X's need to be broken before you can proceed.


Once you've finished your intro to purple cube sculpture class, you'll find yourself joined by four PUMPKIN CHUCKERS, variants on the common scarecrow design. These guys will stand in one spot and throw explosive pumpkins in your direction. Wipe out all four of them as quickly as you can (it helps if you can find your way to the middle platform on either side before the fully materialize - if you do you can turn on the Pike Ball and knock out two of them in a spot they can't even hit you from). When they've all been defeated, a chest will materialize at the bottom of the room. Open it for a key.

Head back the way you came. The room where you fought the knight is now full of orcs, and you'll need to dispose of all of them before moving on. Make your way back to the locked door in Room 11 (Falling Down), and open it now that you have the key. In this room, there is a spot right before the locked door where you can't jump back up on normally. You'll need to break the highest block on the right in order to create a platform you can jump on, and from here you can go and open the locked door.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 15 (Knight Fight - Round 3)

Two more knights show up in service to the Squid Baron. This guy has a nice platoon for someone who doesn't have a backbone. Use the same strategy you've been using, and then move on left when they've both been defeated. If you can find your way up to the little ledge in the center of the room, you can actually hit the knights' heads by ducking and whipping from here without needing to time any of your jumps. Use it to your advantage if you can.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 16 (Save Room 2)

Ah, another relaxing breather. Load up on hearts if you need to by breaking the pots next to the Save Guy if you want.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 17 (The Basement)

There is another Vine Pot staking out claim at the start of this room, but you can just run underneath him if you want. If you fall down through the gap on the left, you'll come to a ledge with a moving platform over to the side. Ignore that for now and fall down further. There is a second moving platform to the far left that you can get back on if you want to go upwards, but for now head right until you hit a wall of breakable purple blocks. You can actually see a little alcove just beyond these blocks, so you should have already figured out what to do. Break the ones on the floor and continue right to find a chest with a fair amount of gems. Jump up on the ledges above you to make your way back up to the top part of the room, breaking any vases you see along the way.

Now you can jump on that first moving platform you saw. It will move up and down, taking you past two different flip platforms. You want to use your hairwhip to flip the higher of the two platforms (the one above you most of the time) and jump on it while it is safe to do so. There are other platforms to the left, but you can actually ignore these entirely. When this platform is at its highest point, you can reach the ledge over on the left just by jumping from it. From here, go left and fall all the way down to the door in the bottom left of the room.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 18 (Magic Fountain - Monkey)

Go talk to the Magic Fountain and you'll get your very first transformation dance. Hold triangle and during your first dance move release it to transform into a monkey. The monkey can run faster and jump higher than Shantae normally can, but most importantly he can stick to and climb up walls. You'll actually need to use this skill to get out of this room, so do your transformation dance and scale the wall on the left. Make your way to the door on the upper left and go through it.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 19 (Crabs and Spikes)

There are a handful of crabs and one Vine Pot in here in addition to the spikes on the floor. Jump on the little ledges when it is safe to do so, and take out any crabs that get in your way as you move to the left. These aren't the instant death kind of spikes, so if you fall on them just hurry up and get back onto one of the ledges before your invincibility frames run out.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 20 (Fire Gargoyles and Monkey Climbing)

This room is really meant to serve as the first "practice room" for your monkey skills. There is no way to move upward other than by jumping from wall to wall with the monkey. You should notice little ridged portions on either side of this wall - these are areas the monkey will slip off of. Instead, focus on the large purple blocks on either side. If you hold in towards the wall, the monkey will actually stick to it indefinitely, so you can time your jumps this way if you want. To jump off, hold away and push the jump button and your awesome leaping skills will move you over high enough you can reach the next little portion of the wall you need to get to.

You can time out each jump if you want to, but there is an easier way around it. Wait until the gargoyle at the very bottom spits out three fireballs. As soon as he's done the timing works out perfectly so you can do the following: climb to the highest portion of the purple block you can, leap towards the opposite wall, climb up as high as you can, and repeat back and forth. You will be able to climb and leap from wall to wall fast enough that none of the gargoyles will be able to hit you with their fireballs. When you reach the top, climb the chain and exit the door.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: A Little Bit of Backtracking

It might not look like it, but this door actually throws you back into Room 2 (Central Area). You're just at the very bottom of it, and will need to climb up. There's two passages up here, each of which has a fair number of gems so why not do both? As soon as you exit the door, you'll see some purple blocks directly over you. There are four small blocks at the very bottom, and the two on the right can be broken. A hairwhip works, but a Pike Ball is easier to use here considering where they're at. Once they've been broken, use the monkey to jump onto the newly formed gap above you, and climb up through a secret passage. This leads to a two vases with a good amount of gems, and you can climb back up to the main part of Room 2 (Central Area) if you want, but I'd recommend going back down for more gems.

If you fall back down, go slightly to your right until you hit a staggered wall of purple blocks. Jump up on the second ledge you can, and perform a jumping hairwhip to breaking enough purple blocks to create a space to crawl through. Deal with the crabs you see, and head all the way to the right of the room. There is a little tunnel leading upwards that you can use the monkey to climb through. Climb up to find vases with more gems, and continue upward to get to the main area of Room 2 (Central Area) that we all know and love.

Optional Sidequest #3: Magic Jam #2 (2/17)
Before you go on, why not grab some delicious Magic Jam! Kids love it for its yummy taste, and parents love it because it gets their kids to shut up for two seconds! This is actually one of the easiest Magic Jams in the entire game to get, so even if you aren't trying to do a 100% run, you should pick this up as a lot of the better skills require some of these. In Room 2 (Central Area), there is a large chest located in the middle part of the wall in the room that you couldn't get to before. It seems to be blocked off by walls on all sides, but there is actually a secret passage way to its left. Transform into the monkey, and jump onto the wall to the left of the chest. Continue climbing upwards until you find a hidden gap and crawl into it. Whip the chest with Shantae's hair and pick up your second Magic Jam!
Optional Sidequest #4: Magic Jam #3 (3/17)
But, oh baby, Shantae has a sweet tooth now! Why pick up one Magic Jam when you can grab two? From Room 2 (Central Area), the location of the Magic Jam you just picked up, climb up and around to the door on the upper right side and continue through until you hit Room 4 (Upward Climb). It is the room just past the first flower platforming section, and if you make your way back to the very top of the room, you'll find another upward passageway that the monkey can climb up. Transform and make your way up until you hit an open area, and from there open the chest to collect another Magic Jam.

From Room 2 (Central Area), continue as far right through the bottom door as you can until you hit Room 11 (Falling Down). Along the way, you'll hit Room 9 (Crabs, Water, and Platforms, Oh My!). There is an easier path through this room now, so there is not need to make your way through the platforming all over again. When you enter into this room, transform into monkey and jump onto the wall directly above you. Climb upward and you'll reach a hidden path where you can just skip over the whole thing. Continue as far right as you can go, and when you reach Room 11 (Falling Down), you should fall down towards the right. Along the way, you should see a little crawlspace halfway down the wall you can climb through. Transform into monkey and climb through it.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 21 (Side Door)

After you crawl through, you'll find a little side area containing nothing more than two pots and a door. Hopefully you can figure out what to do here on your own.

Squid Baron's Labyrinth: Room 22 (A Perplexing Purple Puzzle - Round 2)

Much like the last "puzzle" room, this one again involves you breaking a series of blocks. There is once again an 8 x 8 stack of purple cubes in front of you, and the door won't open again until you break all the ones you can. Whip everything you can, but if you get stuck check the solution below. Again, the blocks filled with red and marked with X's are the ones you need to break.


Once all the blocks are broken, two orcs will materialize on the second ledge on either side of the purple cube. Dispose of them as you normally would, and once they're gone go open the chest that pops up at the bottom of the room to pick up a key. Head back to Room 10 (Hanging Chains) by climbing up the walls in Room 11 (Falling Down) as monkey and heading back through the door at the top. Transform into monkey again and climb the left wall (you can just ignore all the chains if you want as they're unnecessary). There is a locked door at the very top of the room. Hey, and we just found a key! How lucky are we!