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FAQ/Walkthrough by Thundaka

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/07/10

                                   HEAVY RAIN
                               A FAQ/Walkthrough
                       By Thundaka (thundaka@yahoo.com)

                "How far will you go to save someone you love?"

Copyright 2010 Thundaka.

This guide is solely for private use.  If you wish to host this guide on your
website, contact me for permission before doing so.  Any profitable use is 
strictly prohibited.

                                VERSION HISTORY
v1.00: The first draft, written after two complete runs through the game.
This should have everything you need to get through the game and get most of
the Trophies, though I'm sure there's still room for improvement in places.
If you have any additional questions, or think I should correct or add
something in the FAQ, feel free to e-mail me about it.

v1.10: Added directions for completing the nasty action sequence during 
Chapter 34.  Kudos to the many readers who wrote in with advice.

From the moment I heard about Heavy Rain, I knew it would be a special 
experience.  As a medium, video games allow a degree of flexibility and 
personalization that is simply unavailable to movies, books, and other static
media.  Yet precious few games make use of this advantage to any great
extent.  It has become common practice for game designers to tell their story
through non-interactive cutscenes, which generally tell the same linear story
regardless of the player's in-game actions (save perhaps for the odd bonus 
cutscene that has little to no effect on the plot as a whole).  While this
time-proven format is all well and good, it leads the player to the 
uncomfortable conclusion that he is not really controlling his character at
all, just going through the motions while he is helplessly carried forward by 
the plot.

To the player who has been jaded by this endlessly recycled format, Heavy Rain
is a breath of fresh air.  The traditional seperation between story and
gameplay is almost completely absent, as nearly every moment of the game is 
under the player's control.  Even your characters' survival is up to the 
player, since the game will continue without them if they die.  All these 
choices lead to a great many possible endings: some determine whether the 
killer is stopped and his victim saved, while others influence the ending in 
subtler ways.

Heavy Rain is a mature game, in every sense of the word.  Besides dealing 
with very adult themes such as murder and personal sacrifice (as well as more 
than a little "adult content"), it also holds the player personally 
accountable for the consequences of her actions.  Every life saved or lost in 
pursuit of the Origami Killer is a direct result of the player's actions, and 
hence those lives are on her conscience.  It's not unusual for the player to 
find herself stopping for a minute or two to ponder a thorny moral dilemma, 
asking herself what she would do if she was in the character's place.  The 
fact that fictional characters in a hypothetical situation can inspire such 
concern says much about the depth and craftsmanship of the game.


This guide is a complete walkthrough of the game, designed to help the player 
attain the best ending possible given their previous actions.  Since Heavy 
Rain's eclectic storytelling style involves a great deal of branching among 
multiple paths, there are numerous situations and even entire chapters which 
may not occur depending on your actions.  I have tried as much as possible to 
accommodate all these possibilities, though with a work this size some 
accidental omissions are bound to crop up.  In addition to the walkthrough, I 
also include an Ending Guide designed to help the player view all of Heavy 
Rain's many endings and obtain all of its several ending-related Trophies.

Though I make a point of avoiding spoilers wherever possible, there are 
sections of the game (particularly in later chapters) which cannot be 
described without giving away certain aspects of the plot.  Since the 
experience of playing Heavy Rain is so intimately tied to its twisting 
mystery-thriller story, the player is strongly advised to avoid reading very 
far past his current place in the game.  



Heavy Rain incorporates a large number of different controls into its 
gameplay.  For the most part these controls are highly intuitive, designed so 
that the player's actions closely mimic the character's.  For example, to 
open a door the player may be prompted to tap down on the analog stick, 
matching the character's movement as he presses down on the handle.  Likewise,
when a character is attempting to squeeze through a tight space the game may 
prompt you to hold down several buttons at once, forcing player and character 
alike to contort themselves in order to squeeze through.

Movement within the game environment is controlled through a combination of 
the R2 shoulder button (the large trigger-like button on the right side of 
the controller) and the left analog stick.  To walk straight forward in the 
direction your character is facing, simply hold down R2.  To move to the left 
or right while walking, hold the left analog stick in the appropriate 
direction to turn the character's head and change their direction.  Note that 
"left" and "right" are determined relative to the in-game camera, rather than 
the character's own perspective, so you don't need to constantly adjust 
direction while you walk.  You can also use the left analog stick by itself 
to simply look to the left or right, and tap L1 to change the camera angle.  
Both these features can come in handy, as they will sometimes allow you to 
notice and interact with things that are not immediately visible.  Finally, 
you may hold down the L2 shoulder button (the trigger on the left side) to 
bring up your character's current thoughts at almost any time.  Pressing the 
face button corresponding to a listed word will allow you to hear the 
character's thoughts on that subject.

The majority of actual gameplay takes place through interaction with the face 
buttons ([O], [Triangle], [Square], and [X]) and the right analog stick, 
mostly the latter.  When the character approaches an object within the 
environment that he can interact with, a box will appear with an arrow 
corresponding to an analog stick movement or a symbol corresponding to a face 
button.  The most basic actions require only a quick tap in the indicated 
direction or on the appropriate button, though some actions require more 
complex movements.  In particular, sometimes you are prompted to rotate the 
analog stick in a certain way.  In order to successfully execute the action, 
you must first move the analog stick to the proper starting position--given 
by the straight-line component of the arrow--and then rotate it in the proper 
direction.  Whenever such a prompt appears, it will be described by both the 
starting position (top, bottom, left, or right) and the direction in which 
the analog stick is rotated (clockwise or counterclockwise).

The game also sometimes prompts you to rotate the analog stick for an 
extended period of time, and in one case even forces you to rapidly wiggle it 
back and forth, though these movements are more or less self-explanatory.  
Note that these prompts ALWAYS require the right stick.  The left stick is 
only ever used for movement controls and looking around, and so any 
instructions to "press Left" or "rotate counterclockwise" always refer to the 
right analog stick.

At times, the prompt arrow will be framed by a dotted border rather than a 
solid one.  This indicates that the action requires finesse, and must be 
performed slowly.  If the action requires rotation of the analog stick, the 
player must first return the analog stick to the neutral position and then out
to the proper starting direction.  Such actions never have a time limit, so 
the player is strongly encouraged to take their time.

The game also makes creative use of the face and shoulder buttons, testing 
both your ability to hold several buttons at once and your speed at 
repeatedly tapping a single button.  The first mechanic is pretty 
straightforward: press down on each button as it appears, and do not release 
it until the corresponding symbol disappears from the screen.  (This can 
include the shoulder buttons--L1, L2, R1, and R2--as well as the four face 
buttons.)  The trick is that, depending on the specific configuration, you 
may need to position your hands and fingers in unusual ways in order to hold 
down all the buttons simultaneously: sometimes you will need to hold your 
left and right hands on opposite sides of the controller, at other times your 
right hand will need to hold several face buttons while your left holds both 
shoulder buttons, and very frequently you will need to hold down two buttons 
at once with a single thumb.

The second mechanic is even simpler.  Simply tap the listed button as many 
times as possible in the time provided.  Keep in mind that force does not 
matter, only speed: light, short-distance taps are both faster and easier to 
sustain then panicked button smashing.

Lastly, the game will sometimes ask you to move the whole controller in a 
certain way.  These movements actually fall into two separate categories, 
each of which is performed a little differently.  The first, more common 
category is sudden vertical or horizontal movements, indicated by a picture 
of the controller with a direction indicator.  Most of the time you will 
simply be asked to push the controller in a given direction, though 
occasionally you are asked to shake the controller up and down or from side 
to side.  Either way, the controller should be laid flat so the analog 
sticks point toward the ceiling.  (This does not matter so much for 
side-to-side movements, but vertical movements will not register unless the 
controller is positioned this way.)  I recommend holding the controller with 
one hand for sudden movements, since it takes a lot more effort to push down 
or to the right with both hands.

The second category involves turning the whole controller clockwise (to the 
right) or counterclockwise (to the left).  For these movements the player 
should hold the controller in front of their bodies like a steering wheel, 
with the analog sticks pointing toward them.  In all cases, it is the 
suddenness of the controller movement that matters, not force or distance; a 
quick push downward or right turn is all it takes to succeed at that action.

The game incorporates all of these mechanics into its intricate action 
sequences, which it uses to control everything from the many fights between 
characters to feats of physical exertion.  When describing movements within 
these action sequences, "mash" indicates to repeatedly press the indicated 
button, "shove" refers to brief whole-controller movements in the given 
direction, "shake" refers to sustained up-and-down or side-to-side movement 
of the whole controller, and "turn" tells you to rotate the whole controller 
left or right like a steering wheel.  When only a direction is written (or 
when you're told to "tap" in a certain direction outside of the action 
sequences), press the right analog stick in the given direction.  The exact 
movements and buttons composing a sequence vary depending on the difficulty, 
but are otherwise consistent on every playthrough.  The specific commands 
listed in this guide are those required at the highest difficulty.  The low- 
and moderate-difficulty versions are not terribly different, however, and are 
always altered in the player's favor: an analog stick rotation might become a 
simple left or right tap, or a sequence involving all four face buttons might 
be simplified to employ only one or two of them.

Note that you may open the menu at any time by pressing the Start button.  
From here you can review the controls, adjust the language, difficulty, and 
display settings, and return to the title screen.  Note that there is no save 
command in Heavy Rain.  Instead, your progress is saved automatically at 
certain points in the story.


Chapter 1:

--Trophies: Happy Birthday

This story begins in an upscale American suburb on a sunny Saturday morning.
The player is introduced to architect Ethan Mars as he rests in his bed.  At 
this point, the first of several tutorials introduces you to the basic 
mechanics of the game.  Press the right analog stick up to make Ethan sit up 
on the bed, then again to make him stand up.  New players are advised to 
practice walking around for a bit, as these controls may seem unintuitive at 

If this is your first playthrough, you will begin at moderate difficulty ("I 
play video games quite regularly/I am familiar with the wireless controller").
To make your first run of the game a little simpler, consider opening the menu
with the Start button and picking the easiest option ("I play video games 
occasionally/I am not very familiar with the wireless controller") from the 
Difficulty Settings submenu.  If you prefer more of a challenge, you can 
instead select the highest difficulty ("I play video games very often/I am 
perfectly familiar with the wireless controller").  This setting only affects 
the action sequences; every ending and every Trophy can be obtained at any 

Once you've gotten the hang of walking around, try approaching and 
interacting with the objects in the room.  You can pick up and look at 
Ethan's wedding picture by tapping Up, check his closet with a quick 
clockwise rotation from the top, and walk out to the balcony by opening the 
door with a quick Right tap.  Most objects of interest within the game can be 
examined with the analog stick in this way, as indicated by the box that 
appears when the player character approaches them.  (I will no longer give 
detailed directions for most of these actions, save for particularly 
unintuitive or time-critical examples.)

To advance the story, examine the letter sitting on the floor near the 
bedroom door.  After you put it away, you can open the door and walk into the 
hallway.  Listening to Ethan's thoughts with L2 will give you your next 
destination, the bathroom to your right.  If you want a little practice with 
the action commands, you can pick up the toothbrush on the left side of the 
sink or the razor on the right side.  To brush Ethan's teeth, gently shake 
the controller from side to side and then up and down until the icon 
disappears.  (This is a little easier to do if you hold the controller with 
one hand.)  To shave, move the right analog stick slowly in the direction 
indicated on the screen.  In any case, walk up to the shower and tap Left to 
have Ethan clean himself up.  After a generous view of our protagonist's bare 
bum, he will dry himself off with a little vigorous shaking of the controller.

Return to the bedroom and open the closet to get Ethan dressed.  If you 
prefer to mess around a little more, you can go into the boys' room in the 
lower left and pick up the juggling balls sitting in a cubbyhole near the 
door.  To juggle them, tap Up and then tap the face buttons as they appear on 
the screen; simply tap Down to put them back.  Walk downstairs, and take a 
look around the house.  There are many more objects to interact with down 
here, including a remote-control car, a radio playing some groovy easy-
listening music, and a TV featuring a weird Looney Tunes-style cartoon show.

The only place of interest right now is Ethan's study, which is across from 
the stairs and kitchen and a bit left of the door leading to the backyard.  
While this part is not strictly necessary for advancing the story, you do 
have to do this before the end of the chapter if you want to earn the first 
Trophy.  Have Ethan sit down in the chair, then tap Down to lift a pencil and 
begin drawing the blueprints for his next project.  Tap Right, then Left, 
then rotate counterclockwise from the bottom.  After filling in more lines, 
the game will prompt you to tap Down; do so, then press [Triangle], [O], and 
[Square].  Pick up the fine-tipped marker, then slowly press Right and Down.  
Now the game will prompt you to hold down [Triangle], L1, and [O], in that 
order, until they disappear from the screen.  Next hold down [Square], L1, 
and [X]; neither sequence is very difficult to hold, though in both case you 
will probably have to hold both face buttons with your thumb.  Pick up the 
eraser, and mash first [X] and then [Triangle] until each icon disappears.  
Take the felt-tipped marker, and shake the controller up and down to shade in 
the picture.  Finally, pick up the fine-tipped marker again, hold down R1, 
and rotate counterclockwise from the bottom to sign the finished blueprint.  
Get out of the chair and walk back to the kitchen.

If you've been down here long enough, Ethan's wife Grace and his two sons 
will come through the front door.  After a brief cinematic Grace will ask you 
to help her with the groceries.  Hold down [Square] and [X] while he carries 
them to the counter.  After a little bit of dialogue, she will tell you to 
fetch the plates from the living room cupboard.  (The living room is the part 
of the house with the table and all the birthday decorations, in case that 
isn't clear.)  Tap right, then push the whole controller right to open the 
cupboard.  When setting the plates, remember to press slowly; mess up any of 
these commands, and you forfeit the Trophy.  Set them by pressing left, 
counterclockwise from the right, clockwise from the left, and right.  Once 
you're done setting the table, you can go back to the study and finish the 
blueprints if you forgot to do so earlier.  You can also walk up to Grace and 
tap Up (followed shortly by [O]) for a quick romantic moment.  This also 
opens up a few more dialogue options, which you can listen to by pressing 
the appropriate face buttons.

When you're ready, go outside and play with the boys.  Pick one to play with 
first (I don't think it matters who you pick), play a game with him, then 
pick up the other boy and play his game.  To play the helicopter game with 
Jason, simply rotate the analog stick clockwise until you feel like stopping.
To play the airplane game with Shaun, pick him up by holding [X] and [Square],
then run around the yard by pressing R2 and tilting the controller; head back 
to where Jason is standing to set him down.  Once you've played with both 
kids, you get to show off your manly architect muscles by mashing [X] to hold 
them in the air.  Finally, Ethan and Jason will engage in a mock swordfight 
that is probably the most amusing part of the game.  It doesn't matter 
whether you win or let Jason win; you get the Trophy either way, and both 
outcomes are pretty funny in their own way.  For reference, the proper 
sequence of moves is:

Right, [X], Down, [Triangle], Right, Down, [O], Mash [X], Down

Once the "battle" is concluded, Grace will call the family to lunch.  Go 
upstairs to find Shaun, then kneel down to have a heart-to-heart conversation 
with him and end the first chapter.  If you completed the proper conditions 
(finishing the blueprints, helping Grace with the groceries and plates 
without making a mistake, and playing with the boys), you will get the "Happy 
Birthday" Trophy at the start of the next chapter.

Chapter 2:
The Mall

--Trophies: Interactive Drama

The scene shifts to a crowded shopping mall, where the whole family has come 
to go shopping.  Grace asks Ethan to watch Jason for a while... and as soon 
as you gain control of him, Jason has wandered off.  Go figure.  Follow Jason 
to a very scary-looking clown selling a bunch of balloons.  Ethan will buy 
one for him, at which point you will have to pull the wallet out of your back 
pocket by tapping Up.

Unfortunately, while you were paying for the balloon Jason wandered off into 
the crowd.  Hurry toward the escalator, then go down into the packed crowd 
below.  This next part is tense at best and downright terrifying at worst, as 
Ethan tries to elbow his way through a sea of people to find his lost son.  
You can't really recognize landmarks here, with the crowd as tightly packed 
as it is, so just keep your eyes peeled for a red balloon.  First head for 
the thick cluster of balloons in the middle of the floor, then for the boy 
holding a balloon near the display car, and finally follow the balloon to the 
exit doors.  What comes next is probably the most harrowing scene I've ever 
seen in a game, bringing the prologue to a tragic close and setting the mood 
for the somber title sequence.

Chapter 3:
Father and Son

--Trophies: Good Father

Heavy rain indeed.  You automatically earn the "Interactive Drama" Trophy at 
the beginning of this chapter.  After saying hi to Shaun, walk to the car 
door and get inside.  Start the engine with a clockwise turn, press down on 
the stick shift, and tap R2 to drive home.

As soon as the two of you arrive home, Shaun plops on the couch and starts 
watching TV.  In order to earn this chapter's Trophy you must follow the 
schedule Grace set for Shaun, as listed on the chalkboard in the kitchen.  
While this isn't exactly a fast-paced Trophy, you can't spend a lot of time 
exploring the environment if you want to earn it.  If you'd rather take a 
look around and get to know the house--you can find Ethan's abandoned 
blueprints and a very sad home video up in his study, while the newspaper 
near the stairs gives you a little background on the Origami Killer--I 
suggest you ignore this trophy until later.

First on the list is Shaun's 4:30 snack, which you can get immediately.  Ask 
Shaun if he's hungry, then open the cupboard on the right side of the kitchen 
and grab either the chips on the top shelf or the candy bar in the middle.  
Close the cupboard, then give it to Shaun and do whatever you like until 6:00 
rolls around.  When it does, ask Shaun to do his homework, then tell him to 
do it right now.  He will spend a little time doing his homework in the 
kitchen, then tell you he's finished.  Come to his side of the table and 
double-check his work.  Next up is dinner at 7:00.  Ask Shaun if he's ready 
for dinner, then open the fridge and take either the microwave dinner on the 
left or the pizza on the right.  Place the food in the microwave, then take 
it out once it's cooked and serve it onto a plate.

Finally, at 8:00 tell Shaun to go to bed, then tell him no when he asks to 
stay up longer.  Go up to his room and wish him goodnight.  He will suddenly 
ask you to find his missing teddy bar, at which point you should agree to 
look for it.  The bear is sitting in the laundry room, which is to the left 
of the kitchen as you approach from the stairs.  (It's a plastic-looking 
green thing, sitting on top of the washing machine.)  Bring it back up to 
Shaun's room--don't dilly-dally, or else he'll fall asleep before you can 
give it to him--and reunite him with his precious teddy.  Tuck him in, give 
him a goodnight kiss, and GENTLY close the door.

As soon as you step away from the room, Ethan has a sudden, bizarre blackout, 
and this chapter of the story comes to an end.  If you did everything I 
described above, you will get the "Good Father" Trophy at the start of the 
next chapter.

Chapter 4:
Sleazy Place

-Trophies: Private Eye
           White Knight

Now that you've been acquainted with Ethan and his sad backstory, the game 
introduces you to the second playable character.  Scott Shelby is a private 
investigator, who's come to this rundown apartment complex to investigate a 
lead in the Origami Killer case.  Open the car door and enter the building, 
then ask the receptionist about Lauren Winter.  When he feigns ignorance, 
pull out your wallet to jump-start his memory.  Head up the stairs, then to 
the end of the hallway, and knock on the door to your left.  Tap up when 
prompted to hold open Lauren's door (or just knock again, if you miss it), 
then walk in and put your money on the table.

When you approach Lauren, Shelby will explain to her why he's there.  At this 
point you will be given a number of conversation options in order to persuade 
her to talk about her son.  After selecting two of those options, you will be 
given the choice to "Trick" her or "Buy" her.  Select "Trick" (by pressing 
[O]).  This will give you the opportunity to ask Lauren a few questions, 
earning you the "Private Eye" Trophy at the end of the chapter.  Either way, 
she will eventually tell you to leave.  Put your card down on the table, then 
head out the door and walk down the hall.

You don't get very far, however, before Shelby suffers a sudden asthma attack.
Reach for the inhaler (tap Right to pull it out of the coat pocket), then 
press R1 a few times to help him breathe again.  While you're recovering, a 
shady-looking guy knocks on Lauren's door and lets himself in.  If the 
screams didn't make it obvious, you need to head back to her room.  Knock on 
the door twice, then shove the controller down to kick the door open.  At 
this point Shelby and the intruder will start the game's first proper fight 
sequence, which goes as follows:

Clockwise from the left
Clockwise from the left
Shake up-and-down
Mash [X]
Mash [Square]
Clockwise from the right
Shove down

You do not automatically lose these fight sequences if you mess up a command; 
instead, the fight continues (though your character takes more of a beating) 
until you have messed up a certain number of times.  Even if you lose the 
fight, you won't get killed--the game hasn't gotten that unforgiving just 
yet--but you only the get the "White Knight" Trophy if you win.  Either way 
Shelby leaves after the fight, and we leave Shelby's story to meet our third 
playable character.

Chapter 5:
Crime Scene

-Trophies: FBI Investigator

FBI Agent Norman Jayden arrives at the abandoned wasteland where the Origami 
Killer's newest victim was found.  Get out of the car and approach the 
officers near the police line, pulling out your badge when asked to do so.  
Duck under the police tape, and approach the crime scene.  At this point you 
will be introduced to ARI, a hi-tech evidence-collecting system consisting of 
a pair of sunglasses and a rubber glove.  By pressing R1 while ARI is 
equipped, the glove sends out waves of, er, "evidence energy," causing any 
clues in the area to be highlighted with a conspicuous virtual marker.  (No, 
I don't know how it works either.)  You can put ARI away with a clockwise 
rotation from the right, and pull it back out with a counterclockwise 
rotation from the right.  ARI is an utterly indispensible part of Jayden's 
investigation strategy, and you will need to rely heavily on it if you are to 
have any hope of catching the killer.

Before you can start investigating, though, you need to find Lieutenant 
Blake.  He's standing on the far left side of the field, talking to another 
officer.  You will be able to ask him a few questions about the investigation,
though you will need to walk with him as you do so.  Once he's gone, you can 
get to work.  While there are many clues unrelated to the investigation 
(mostly left by the police officers walking around the crime scene), there 
are only 11 which actually matter.  Start by visiting the small tent with the 
body, the one next to the floodlight in the middle of the wasteland.  Crouch 
down to enter the tent, then tap R1 and tilt the left analog stick to examine 
the clues.  There should be five of them, from left to right: a cut on the 
leg, an origami figure in the hand, the boy's identity (tap Down after 
examining the origami), an orchid on the chest, and mud on the face.  After 
that you can exit the tent and head north toward the railroad tracks, 
sweeping for clues with R1 as you go.  There is some orchid pollen floating 
in the air north of the tent (tap Up to examine it), as well as some blood on 
the railroad tracks, and some footprints a little bit beyond that.

You will also find some blood on the fence just past the railroad tracks, 
right next to a muddy hill that leads up to the highway.  The hill has three 
separate slopes, each of which must be climbed by holding down the proper 
buttons.  Hold [O], [Triangle], L1, R1, [X], and [Square] to ascend the first 
slope.  You need to hold these buttons two at a time, releasing the first 
button as soon as the next appears.  Then hold [Square], [X], R1, L1, [O], 
and [Triangle] to climb the second slope, and finally hold [O], [Triangle], 
R2, L2, R1, and L1 to climb the final slope and up to the highway.  Check out 
the footprints and tire tracks up here, then go back down to the crime scene.
The trip down is much easier: tap L1 and R1 simultaneously, then L2 and R2, 
on the first slope, mash L1 and R1 on the second, and finally tap L2+R1 and 
L1+R2 for the final slope.  Even if you screw up, the worst you'll suffer is 
an undignified slide to the bottom.

Once you've examined the body and the tire tracks near the highway, you're 
free to leave.  If you checked all 11 clues (the 5 on the body, the orchid 
pollen, the blood on the tracks and the fence, the footprints at the top and 
bottom of the hill, and the tire tracks) you will get the "FBI Investigator" 
Trophy at the next loading screen.

Chapter 6
The Shrink

-Trophies: None

You're greeted at the start of the chapter by several Rorschach ink blots, 
which Ethan's psychiatrist asks him to describe.  There is no long-term 
significance to your choices, as far as I know, nor to any other choice you 
make in this very brief chapter.  Simply answer the shrink's questions as you 
see fit, and the game will transition directly to the next chapter.

Chapter 7
The Park

-Trophies: Good Friends

Take note of the time listed in the opening shot, as well as the clothes 
Shaun is wearing.  Both of these will be important for a Trophy you can earn 
a few chapters from now.  Ethan and Shaun are sitting on a bench at the local 
playground, not having very much fun at all.  You can ask Shaun a couple of 
questions, and look at Ethan's thoughts on the situation, but you won't be 
able to do anything until you get off the bench and start walking around.  
Since talking won't cheer him up, you should try playing a few games with him 

You can start by pulling the boomerang out of Shaun's backpack.  Hold R1 and 
R2, then give the controller a downward shove to send it flying.  Press [X] 
to catch it on the return trip.  Shaun will ask you to demonstrate once more, 
and then will try it himself.  Hold the analog stick in the Up position for a 
bit, pressing R1 to help him with his stance while you do so, and Shaun will 
throw and catch the boomerang successfully.

Now that he's in good spirits, walk around the park to find a few more games 
to play.  Just stand next to a game and call him over to start playing the 
game.  To play on the see saw, just tap Down when prompted.  This can get a 
little tedious (and looks more than a little awkward), but it's not too bad.  
The merry go round requires you to hold down R1 and L1, then mash [X] for a 
long time while still holding those buttons.  I suggest holding both shoulder 
buttons with the same hand, since rapid button-mashing with your thumb is 
both difficult and a little painful.  Finally, lift him on the swing by 
holding [X] and [Square], then release him at the top of the arc and shove 
the controller downward as prompted to keep pushing him.

You only need to complete two of the four games to leave the park, though I 
suggest trying them all so you get the full experience.  If you want to earn 
the "Good Friends" Trophy, you will also have to buy a snack from the candy 
vendor before telling Shaun to leave.  The vendor is across the park from the 
bench, to the right of the merry go round.  When you're ready, tell Shaun to 
go.  He'll ask to ride on the carousel first.  Pay for the ticket at the 
stall on the right side, and Ethan will watch his son enjoy a ride for the 
first time in a long while.

And then, everything goes wrong.

Chapter 8:
Where's Shaun?

-Trophies: None

The first thing Ethan sees when he comes to is a speeding truck barreling 
toward him.  Dodge out of the way with a quick Right tap.  You find yourself 
at a familiar-looking street corner in the middle of the night... and Shaun 
is nowhere to be found.  Hurry forward into the dark street, and Ethan will 
run all the way back to the park where he left Shaun.  Pick up the backpack 
he left lying in front of the carousel, then exit the park to make a beeline 
back to the house.  Hurry up the stairs, into Shaun's room, and the chapter 
ends with another gut-wrenching tragedy.

Chapter 9:
Welcome, Norman!

-Trophies: Got to Remember!

While Ethan deals with the grief of losing a second son, Norman Jayden is 
settling into his new workplace at the police headquarters.  We find him 
sitting outside the police commissioner's office, waiting to speak with 
Captain Perry.  You can pull out ARI to help pass the time, though all you 
get to play with is a virtual "bounce the ball against the wall" game.  Yep.
Pretty boring.

When Perry finally does come out, he'll ask you to follow him while he heads 
to the press conference.  Along the way, he'll ask you to help him tie his 
necktie.  Hold down R1 and L1 and tap left, then rotate counterclockwise from 
the left, then counterclockwise from the right, then clockwise from the left, 
then clockwise from the bottom, and finally tug the controller downward to 
tighten the knot.  (You may simply ignore this sequence, if you prefer.  All 
you get for it is a compliment from Perry.)  You can take Perry up on his 
offer and sit in on the press conference (it takes place to the left of the 
entrance doors), or you can just speak with his secretary to get settled into 
your office.  Before you do, Jayden will comment about the watch on her desk, 
and you will have the option to make a donation toward an officer's promotion 
present if you so choose.  Follow her to your new, surprisingly bare-bones 
office.  Before you can get to work, you need to rearrange his office a bit.  
Clear the desk with a few analog stick movements, push the desk forward by 
repeatedly mashing [X], then sit down and pull out ARI to enter your REAL 

The ARI system has a built-in virtual interface which allows you to 
manipulate virtual files as physical objects.  As a side benefit, this allows 
you to replace your real-world environment with a selection of impressive 
virtual environments that provide you with a scenic background while you work 
on the case.  Though you can only access this "virtual office" in a few 
specific chapters of the game, all of Jayden's analysis of the case takes 
place here.  You will be asked to select one of four environments (a forest 
in autumn, a mesa overlooking a tropical rainforest, the bottom of the sea, 
or the surface of Mars) as your background.  When you've picked one you like, 
clear the screen with a quick shove to the right and start analyzing your 

Begin by opening the files on the Origami Killer's previous victims and his 
modus operandi.  Though you can't make any real progress this early in the 
game, you can analyze and geoanalyze those files and the clues in your 
possession to give you some insight into the killer's methods.  When you're 
ready to quit, press [X] to close ARI.  As soon as you do, Jayden will start 
suffering from a severe attack of triptocaine withdrawal.  Shamble toward the 
door, and he will stop to stare at the vial in his hand.  If you're willing 
to give in and take a hit instead of risking a drug-addled walk through a 
crowded police station, press [O].  If not, press [X] and make your way to 
the bathroom.  You will need to hold down [Square] in order to keep walking 
forward and open the bathroom door, but you will make it.

While Jayden deals with his tripto problem, the story shifts back to Ethan 
Mars, who is reporting his son's disappearance to the police.  Lieutenant 
Blake asks him to recall the details of his disappearance, as precisely as he 
can remember.  When Blake asks for the time, say it was 4:15 p.m.  When asked 
about Shaun's clothing, say that he wore a beige coat and green pants.  (By 
an interesting coincidence, all three correct answers correspond to the [X] 
button.)  So long as you got these three answers correct, you will earn the 
"Got to Remember!" Trophy at the end of the chapter.  Give whatever answers 
you like to the other questions, then sit back and watch until the game 
shifts back to Scott Shelby's story.

Chapter 10:
Hassan's Shop

-Trophies: Negotiator

Tap Up to open the door and enter the convenience store.  Step up to the 
counter, and Shelby will ask the owner, Mr. Hassan, a few questions about his 
son.  Unfortunately, no matter which choices you pick Hassan will not be in a 
cooperative mood.  Once the conversation has run its course, head to the far 
right corner of the store and grab an inhaler off the shelf.

After you do, an idiot with a gun will walk into the store and attempt to rob 
the place.  At this point, you have several options.  You could simply hide 
out in the back of the store until the robber goes away, in which case Shelby 
will be perfectly safe but Mr. Hassan will die.  You could grab a weapon--
either the bottle of wine from the farthest aisle (from Shelby's starting 
perspective) or the frying pan from the aisle closest to the camera--sneak up 
behind him, and use it to knock the guy out.  You could sneak up without a 
weapon, and try to grab the gun out of his hands.  Or you could simply talk 
your way out of the situation.

To pick up either weapon, go up to the shelf and SLOWLY press Up.  Mess this 
up and the noise will attract the robber's attention, causing him to hold you 
at gunpoint.  I suggest you approach from either the aisle next to Shelby or 
the one closest to the camera, since neither one has any obstacles.  The 
farthest aisle has a box of detergent a bit past where you pick up the 
bottle, which will fall as soon as Shelby passes it.  Tap [Triangle] to catch 
the box, then SLOWLY put it back by pressing Right.  The second-farthest 
aisle has chips scattered across the floor.  To sneak over them without 
giving yourself away, hold down [X], [O], and [Triangle].  Clear the distance 
between you and the robber, and shove the controller down as soon as the 
prompt appears.  If you managed to do all that without making a mistake, you 
will either knock the guy out instantly (if you grabbed a weapon) or start a 
short fight sequence.  The fight sequence goes as follows:

Mash [X], [Triangle], [O], Shove down

If you screw up any command prior to the fight sequence, the robber will 
point the gun at you and hold you hostage.  At this point, you will have the 
chance to talk him out of the robbery.  You must hold L1+R1 the whole time, 
or you lose any chance to persuade him.  To convince him to leave the store, 
ask the guy for his name, ask him if there's anyone he cares about 
("Affective"), and finally tell him to drop the weapon when the option 
appears.  This will earn you the "Negotiator" Trophy at chapter's end.  If 
you cannot convince him to leave, he will point the gun at Hassan again.  At 
this point you will have a second chance to grab him and initiate the fight 
sequence described above.  Do so quickly, or he will kill Hassan.

NOTE: If you are trying to collect all the Trophies as quickly as possible, 
you need to let Hassan die.  If you want this chapter's Trophy, you can 
always replay this part in Chapter Select.  But if you want a certain ending 
Trophy, and you let Hassan live in this chapter, you will have to play from 
here all the way to the very end of the game.

It is worth noting that no matter what you do, Shelby will not die here.  He 
will get shot if you screw up during the fight sequence or refuse to hold up 
your hands (in which case the robber runs away and Hassan is saved), but it's 
nothing more than a flesh wound.  Whether Hassan lives or dies, this chapter 
ends shortly after the robber leaves the store.

Chapter 11:
Sleepless Night

-Trophies: None

Madison Paige, our fourth and final playable character, is a journalist who 
suffers from chronic insomnia.  When we meet her she is lying awake inside 
her apartment, trying desperately to fall asleep.  If you look at Madison's 
thoughts, she suggests a few ways to help her do this.  You can make some hot 
tea in the microwave, near the refrigerator.  You can sit down at the table 
in the kitchen, or at the computer, and try to work on your next article.  Or 
you can go into the bathroom, to the left of the couch where Madison was 
trying to sleep, where you can take some sleeping pills or a hot shower.  The 
pills are resting by the sink.  The shower is on the far right.  Take off 
Madison's shirt and underwear to go in.  (The shower scene features a 
prolonged shot of Madison's bare breasts.  Do not go in if you have a mother 
or jealous girlfriend watching.  TRUST ME on this one.)

After you've tried working at the table and the computer, you will need to 
make a quick trip to the bathroom.  When you come out again, the refrigerator 
door will be open.  Close it, and a very tense scene will start.  Make your 
way to the front door, and Madison will start a fight with some armed 
assailants.  The proper action sequence is:

Shake up-and-down
Mash [X]
Mash [Triangle]
Clockwise from the left

At this point you will have to choose between heading left or right.  Choose 
right.  The fight sequence continues:

Counterclockwise from the right
Counterclockwise from the right
[X] + [Square]
[Triangle] + [O]
Shake up-and-down
Mash [X]

Whether you win or lose the fight, at its conclusion Madison will wake up in 
a cold sweat.  Insomnia is a real bitch.

Chapter 12:

-Trophies: VIP

We return to Ethan, who is holed up in his house while a pack of nosy 
reporters camp outside his door.  On his desk sits a letter.  Read it, then 
look inside the envelope it came in.  Inside Ethan finds something, a clue 
that might help him find what happened to Shaun.  Of course, before he can 
follow that clue he has to get through the crowd of reporters outside.

You could just go through the front door and push through them if you prefer 
the direct route, but there is a very easy Trophy for you if you go around 
them.  Open the back door in the kitchen to head into the backyard.  Hop over 
the neighbor's fence, walk down the back alley, and get into your car without 
approaching the crowd.  Congratulations, you've earned the "VIP" Trophy.

Chapter 13:
Lexington Station

-Trophies: Agoraphobia
           Lucky Locker

Ethan found where the ticket led, alright.  Unfortunately, there is a thick 
crowd of people between Ethan and the luggage lockers--and Ethan's severe 
agoraphobia makes it difficult for him to get through a crowd.  After you've 
gone a short distance, he will start to suffer a panic attack.  You will need 
to shove the controller up and then down several times, then hold R1 and L1 
while shaking the controller up and down.

The next part gets a little weird, as everyone in the station freezes in 
place and falls over if Ethan happens to touch them.  If you manage to run 
into and knock down 50 people this way, you will get the "Agoraphobia" Trophy 
at the end of the chapter.  (If you plan to do this, stick to the most 
crowded parts of the station.  The space in front of the ticket booths, to 
your right when the sequence starts, is particularly crowded.)

When enough time has passed, Ethan will come to and find himself in front of 
the lockers.  Head inside, turn left at the first opportunity, then turn 
right.  To confirm the number of the locker you need to open, examine the 
ticket with [X].  The locker you're looking for is near the end of this 
corridor, on the right side.  (For reference, the number is 18-03.)  Get the 
right locker on the first try, and you earn the "Lucky Locker" Trophy.

Chapter 14:
The Motel

-Trophies: None

The scene cuts to a motel, where Ethan has decided to rent a room.  Get up 
from the chair, then sit down at the desk and look through the contents of 
the box.  Set the box back on the desk or under the bed (it doesn't matter 
which), and we make another detour back to Jayden's story.

Chapter 13:
Kick Off Meeting

-Trophies: None

Jayden presents his so-far slim work on the Origami Killer's profile to the 
rest of the police team.  You can advance Jayden's slide show by tapping 
[Triangle], if you like.  You are also given a number of conversation 
choices, though in this case they make little difference: Lieutenant Blake 
gets pissed off at you no matter what you say.  When this short chapter ends, 
we cut to the interrogation of the first suspect.

Chapter 14:

-Trophies: Blunder
           Self Control

Jayden and Blake arrive at the apartment of Nathaniel Williams.  Knock twice 
on the door, and Blake will decide to kick it open.  Look around at the man's 
prodigious collection of religious paraphenalia until he decides to come 
walking back in.  You will have the opportunity to ask him a few questions 
before Blake starts interrogating him.

There's really not much you can do until Blake starts beating him, at which 
point Nathaniel pulls out a gun and prepares to shoot Blake.  Jayden pulls 
out his gun in turn, and you are given several conversation options as well 
as a prominently displayed R1 prompt.  DO NOT PRESS R1!  That is the prompt 
to fire the gun, killing Nathaniel.  (You do get the "Blunder" Trophy for 
shooting, though if you have a conscience you're going to feel like crap for 
doing so.)  Instead, talk him into putting the gun down.  You will eventually 
talk him out of shooting no matter what choices you pick, though "Psychology" 
seems to convince him faster.

After Nathaniel turns his back to you, he will suddenly turn back around and 
the R1 prompt will appear.  Once again, DO NOT PRESS R1.  Blake cannot be 
killed in this chapter, no matter how much you might want it.  If you haven't 
accidentally killed the guy Blake will cuff him, you will get the "Self 
Control" Trophy, and the game will cut back to Scott Shelby's story.

Chapter 15:
Suicide Baby

-Trophies: Baby Master

Shelby arrives at the home of Susan Bowles, the mother of another Origami 
Killer victim.  You can try knocking at the front door, but it's been locked 
from the inside.  Go around the back way and take the door there instead.  
Take a look around, and you'll find a crying baby and... a suicide note.  Hoo 

Hurry to Susan's bedroom, then try opening her bathroom door.  When that 
doesn't work, force it open with three hard shoves on the controller.  Try 
waking Susan up by shaking the controller a bit, hold down R1, L1, and Up to 
lift her out of the tub, and set her down on the bed.  Grab some first aid 
supplies from the bathroom medicine cabinet, and set them down on the bed to 
dress her wounds.  First you'll need to clean the wound and soak off some of 
the blood, by holding R1 and Down.  Then you'll need to wrap the bandages 
around her wounds, by rotating the analog stick clockwise until the prompt 
disappears.  Finally, tape the bandage in place with two quick 
counterclockwise rotations from the top.

Once you've saved Susan, she'll ask you to take care of her baby.  You can 
get another Trophy here, though you must do it perfectly; make a single 
mistake and you lose the Trophy.  Before you start, wash your hands at the 
kitchen sink.  (Shelby's hands still have momma's blood on them.)  Pick up 
the baby with two Downward taps, then rotate clockwise from the top to start 
changing her diaper.  Hold R1, tapping Left and then Right as prompted, then 
hold down [Triangle], [O], and [Square] to finish.  Of course, she still 
needs to be fed.  Pick up the milk bottle from the kitchen counter, heat it 
up with a counterclockwise turn from the top, and pick it up when the timer 
sounds.  Bring the bottle back to baby, and hold the analog stick upward 
until the prompt disappears.  (It may look like she's choking after a few 
seconds, but she'll be perfectly fine as long as you continue holding the 
bottle up.)  Mash [O] for a while to burp the baby, then gently rock her to 
sleep.  This is probably the easiest part to screw up, since it's easy to 
move a little too fast or forget to let go of the analog stick.  Very SLOWLY, 
rotate clockwise from the right.  When the prompt disappears, immediately 
release the analog stick and let it return to the neutral position.  Then 
rotate SLOWLY counterclockwise from the left, and again release the analog 
stick.  Make another slow clockwise turn, then a counterclockwise turn, and 
Shelby will put the sleepy baby back in her cradle.  SLOWLY press Down to do 

If you got through all that without a single mistake, you will earn the 
hilariously named "Baby Master" Trophy.  Talk to Susan, and she will tell you 
about an item that her missing husband left behind.  Go to the cabinet in the 
living room (next to the baby's cradle) and open the drawer to pick it up.  
Head out of the house to drive away and bring this chapter to a close.

Chapter 16:
The Bear

-Trophies: Good Driver

Ethan follows the address from the first origami figure to a parking garage 
downtown.  Talk to the guy under the van twice to get his attention, then 
present your ticket to him.  Take the key he gives you, and take the elevator 
at the far end of the garage down to the basement.  The car you're looking 
for is at the end of the row, on the left side.  Tap [O] to unlock the doors 
and flash the headlights.  Get into the car, then look left and check the 
door to find a GPS navigation system.  Tap Down to turn it on, then start the 
car, put it in gear, and drive away.

Eventually the GPS will take Ethan to an overpass overlooking the 
interstate.  The Origami Killer's first trial, as the GPS informs you, is to 
drive against the traffic for several miles, dodging oncoming cars as you do 
so.  There are five such trials over the course of the game, each of which 
challenges Ethan's resolve to save his son.  While Ethan will survive even if 
he fails a trial, each failed trial will make it more difficult for Ethan to 
eventually find Shaun.  He must pass at least three trials to have a chance 
of finding him, while passing all five will let him know exactly where Shaun 
is.  But be warned: depending on your convictions, you may not want to pass 
some of the later trials.

Fortunately, the first of the trials is also the easiest.  Simply getting to 
the end of the trial with a minimal number of mistakes is enough to earn you 
the "Good Driver" Trophy.  To get the more difficult "Kamikaze" Trophy, 
however, you must not merely avoid making any mistakes: you must also choose 
the best path at all points where you're given multiple options.  The "best 
path" is the one which gets you to the end of the highway without hitting any 
other cars.  (It will still look and sound like you hit other cars at a few 
points, but the rumble on the DualShock controller will not activate.  Muting 
the volume is an easy way to tell whether you've screwed up or not.)  This is 
probably the most difficult Trophy in terms of technical skill, so I suggest 
saving this until after you've finished your first playthrough.

Hold the controller in front of your body like a steering wheel.  (Note that 
on the lowest difficulty, the R2 prompts are replaced with [X] and the L2 
prompts with [Triangle].  Otherwise, all directions are the same on all 
difficulties.)  The directions for the "best path" are as follows (credits to 
Alienware's Trophy Guide):

Left (choosing left or right)
Turn right
Right (choosing left or right)
Left (choosing left or right)

At this point you will briefly lose control of the car.  Turn left, then turn 
right, and finally turn the controller back-and-forth for a bit until the 
prompt disappears.

Turn left
Turn right
Left + R2
Turn right
Turn left
Turn right
Turn left
Left (choosing left or right)
Right (choosing left or right)
Right (choosing left or right)
Turn left
Right (choosing left, right, or middle)

You run through a toolbooth, and some police cars join the chase.

Turn right (choosing left or right)
Turn right
Right (choosing left or right)
Turn right
Turn left
Turn left

Be careful at the end, as the last two commands pop up as the car is leaving 
the highway.  If you took the route listed above without making a mistake--
and if you're like me, it make take you one or two dozen tries--the 
"Kamikaze" Trophy is yours.

If you made it to the end, Ethan will wake up upside down inside his car.  
For this brief section, the control prompts are also shown upside down.  
Shake the controller up-and-down to wake Ethan up, then hold L1 to press the 
screen.  Hold Up, then shake the controller up-and-down, and tap Up again to 
grab the key inside the GPS.  Hold L1, R1, R2, and Up to unlock the glove 
compartment and collect the chip inside.  Hold [X] and [Square], then shake 
up-and-down, to release Ethan's seatbelt and put the prompts right side up 
again.  Finally, tap Left and shove the controller downward twice to escape 
the car.

When you've escaped the car (or if you failed to reach the end of the 
highway), Ethan will run away from the crash site and the chapter will end.  
Cue Madison Paige's story.

Chapter 17:
First Encounter

-Trophies: None

Plagued by her insomnia, Madison checks into a motel in hopes of getting a 
better rest away from home.  Take the key out to get off the bike, go into 
the office, ring the bell, and sign your name to get a room.  Then head up 
the stairs on the right side of the parking lot, up to the third floor, and 
walk right to run into a very familiar face.

Have Madison walk Ethan over to his room.  Unlock the door, then open it with 
a quick L1 tap.  Once he's on the bed, tap up to get a good look at his 
injuries.  Open the medicine cabinet in the (surprisingly well-stocked) 
bathroom, and take a look at the different medicines.  Begin by grabbing the 
disinfectant on the top shelf, and go back to Ethan.  Gently press Left, then 
counterclockwise from the top, then Left again to disinfect his cuts.  Next 
grab the painkiller from the middle shelf (tap Down) and hand it to him.  
After he's taken the pills, he will decide to take a shower.  Help him up 
with a counterclockwise turn from the right, then talk to him to keep him 
awake while he cleans up.

Once he's out of the shower, Madison leaves and Ethan is in control once 
again.  Pick up the box from where you left it (either on the desk or under 
the bed), and open the next origami figure.  Ethan will hurry out to the next 
location, ending the chapter.

Chapter 18:
Covered Market

-Trophies: Cat and Mouse

Jayden and Blake are talking in the car, waiting for their next suspect.  
Depending on whether you killed Nathaniel or not, Blake will either 
congratulate you on your first kill or yell at you for hesitating.  Answer 
however you like, then get out of the car to have a word with one Miroslav 

Needless to say, it doesn't go so smoothly.  Korda flees into a market across 
the street, with Jayden in hot pursuit.  This is another action sequence 
featuring multiple possible paths, though this time there is no "best path"; 
so long as you don't mess up, any path will work.  The commands are:

Shove up
Shove up
L1 + R1
[X] + [Triangle] + [O]
Shove up
Shove up

Here you will get the choice to either run on top of the displays (tap Up) or 
to the left side (tap Left).  Either path works.  The chase continues:

Shove down
R1 + L1 + R1
L1 + R1 + L1

(If you mess up either of these two commands, you will have to quickly mash 
[X] to pick yourself up.)

[X] + [O]
Shove down

If you mess up too many times, Jayden loses him and the chapter ends here.  
If you made it, you follow Korda into a cold-storage room.  Make your way to 
the back of the room, and Korda will ambush you to trigger the following 
fight sequence:

Mash [X]
Shove down
Mash [X]
Mash [Triangle]

Win this, and you earn the "Cat and Mouse" Trophy.  End chapter.

Chapter 19:
A Visitor

-Trophies: None

We move back to Scott Shelby, sleeping fitfully at his desk.  Rouse him with 
two upward shoves of the controller.  You can take a look through the stuff 
in his desk, take a look in his bedroom, grab a beer from the fridge... 
basically just do anything to keep yourself occupied until you hear the 
doorbell ring.  Answer it, and someone familiar will come walking in.  Invite 
her in, sit down, and she will present you with an old envelope.  Hold down 
to look at the address.  From there, continue the conversation however you 
like until the game cuts to the next chapter.

Chapter 20:
Kramer's Party

-Trophies: Tough Guy

Get out of the car, then approach the front door and come inside.  Gordi 
Kramer's party is in full swing, but Gordi himself is nowhere to be found.  
Go down the hall, then turn left, and you'll see why: Gordi's up the stairs, 
which his bodyguards are blocking at the moment.  In order to get past them, 
you'll have to distract them somehow.

There are two ways to get them to move.  The first is to talk to Lauren, 
who's sitting a bit north from where the bodyguards are (if you're using the 
original camera angle).  She'll pretend to collapse, giving you a few seconds 
to sneak past while they try to resuscitate her.  Head straight forward until 
you pass Lauren and the guards, then immediately turn right.  The second is 
to make friends with the drunk guy standing by the southeast pillars, then 
talk to him again to start a fight with one of the other partygoers.  Just 
head straight forward.  Lauren's trick only works once, though you can use 
the drunk guy as many times as you want until you finally get up the stairs.  
Either way, once you're past them head up to the big room at the top of the 

Inside, you'll find Gordi hanging out with two party girls and watching a 
profoundly disturbing cartoon.  (If you thought Shaun's cartoons were messed 
up, just wait until you see this.)  Talk to him twice, and he'll give you a 
little alone time to ask some questions about a missing boy.  Eventually, 
Gordi's guards will show up to drag you out.  The fight sequence that follows 
goes like this:

Shove up
Shove up
Left OR right
Up OR right OR down (Pick two)
Shake up-and-down
Shake up-and-down

If you win the fight, you get the "Tough Guy" Trophy and the chapter ends.  
If you lose, the chapter simply ends.

Chapter 21:
The Butterfly

-Trophies: Coward!

Ethan arrives at the site of the next Origami trial, an abandoned power 
station.  Get out of the car, then head to the left until you come to a gap 
in the chain-link fence.  Hold Up, R1, and R2 to slip through.  Head across 
to the door with a butterfly painted next to it, and go inside.  Go to the 
crank handle and tap Up, then mash [X] until you manage to force the door 
open.  Open it, and you'll find a box of matches and a whole lot of dark 
pipe.  There's nowhere to go but forward, so hold [O] and L1 to climb into 
the pipe.

...And as soon as you enter it, the door swings shut behind you.  Crap!  
Well, there really is nowhere else to go, so just keep going forward and...  
Broken glass?  What the hell?!  When the Origami Killer asked if you were 
willing to suffer, he wasn't kidding.  As excruciating as it is to watch, 
you'll have to make Ethan crawl on his elbows and knees across the glass 
until you can find an exit.  Crawl straight forward, but not too quickly.  If 
you go at full speed for too long a time, the edges of the screen will start 
to fill with blood as Ethan begins to pass out.  Keep this up for too long, 
and Ethan will be forced to exit the pipe and give up on the trial.  (How he 
manages to do this despite being trapped in the pipe and on the verge of 
passing out is never really explained.)  If you see the screen start to turn 
red, stop for a bit and rest until it goes away.

When you reach the first intersection, you will be prompted to pull out a 
match and light it.  As Ethan explains, the direction of the flame indicates 
the way the wind is blowing in the pipe, which in turn indicates which way 
the exit is.  (Note that the wind is blowing TOWARD the exit, rather than 
away from it as you might expect.  You will want to turn in the direction 
that the tip of the flame is pointing.)  You need to pull out a match at each 
intersection in order to make sure you're not moving away from the exit.  Or, 
if you're impatient and just want to get the hell out of here: Turn right at 
the first intersection, then left, then left again, and finally right.

Once you're out of that hellish pipe, you'll need to hold [Square], [X], and 
L1 to pick yourself up again.  Right in front of you is a shaft you need to 
slide down.  While you're probably horrified at the thought of putting 
yourself in another narrow space so soon, you don't really have the option of 
going back.  Tap Down, then hold [Square], R1, and [X], and finally release 
them to go sliding down the shaft to the next area.  Have Ethan pick himself 
up by holding [O], L1, and [X].  There's an exit, finally... but it's been 
marked with the word "Coward," and you can see a field of electrical 
condensers standing between you and a table on the other side.  This is just 
not Ethan's day.

While there are several places where you can try to slip through the 
condensers, not all paths work very well.  All of the condenser wires require 
you to hold down a series of buttons, with a painful electric shock if you 
fail, but not all are equally difficult: many places require you to hold down 
five or more buttons in severely awkward combinations, and many of those are 
too narrow to pass even if you manage to succeed.  You can only afford to get 
zapped up to three times: get struck a fourth time, and Ethan will limp back 
through the condenser field (don't ask me how) and flee out the exit door.

In my experience, the best (and quite possibly only) way through the field 
begins with the second condenser from the right.  Hold [X], then R1, then [O] 
to slip through.  I recommend holding the shoulder button with your left hand 
and the face buttons with two fingers.  Go forward to the second condenser, 
and hold [O], L2, [X], R1, and L1.  Keep your hands in their usual positions, 
since you will have to hold down so many shoulder buttons.  DO NOT go forward 
for the third step.  Instead, face toward the left--I strongly suggest you 
change camera angles at this point--and hold down [Triangle], [Square], R1, 
[X], and L1.  Use the left hand to hold the shoulder buttons and separate 
fingers for each of the face buttons.  Change the camera back, then go 
forward for the first step.  This time you will be crawling underneath: hold 
R1, L1, L2, and R2, then mash [X] while still holding those buttons.  
Finally, you will have to leap over the finally set of wires.  Hold R1 and 
[O], then release them to reach the chip with the next set of letters.

If you managed to clear the field of condensers, you get the "Electrified" 
Trophy.  If not, you get the "Coward!" Trophy.  Either way, this chapter is 

Chapter 22:
The Nurse

-Trophies: None

Cut to Madison, who happens to be walking by outside Ethan's motel room.  She 
notices that the door is open, at which point she comes in to help him.  Lift 
him onto the bed by tapping Down, mashing [Triangle], and holding L1, R1, and 
Up.  Check his forehead, his arms, and finally his chest.  You'll need to 
take off Ethan's shirt by holding up and R1 to get at his burns.  (You'll 
only need to do this if Ethan actually got electrified.  If you quit before 
the condensers, or made it to the end without getting shocked once, he won't 
have any burns to treat.)  Get up and walk to the medicine cabinet to get all 
the supplies you need.

You're given the choice to apply ointment to Ethan's burns, disinfect his 
wounds, bandage them, and give him medicine for the fever.  I suggest you 
start with the ointment.  SLOWLY rotate clockwise until the prompt 
disappears, then do it once more, to soothe his burns.  Next, apply the 
disinfectant to Ethan's arms.  Once again, SLOWLY press Down four times.  You 
can also give Ethan a few different kinds of medicine.  The anti-fever, 
antibiotic, and painkiller medications work fine, though you should stay away 
from the sleeping pills.  Finally, wrap the bandages around Ethan's arm by 
rotating clockwise for a while.  Bandage his burns by holding L1, mashing 
[Triangle], and rotating clockwise.  After that, all you can do is wait.

When Ethan comes to, you will be given a few more conversation options to 
sort through.  None of them really matter.  Eventually Madison will leave, 
and you'll control Ethan again.  Open the next origami figure, and he will 
head off to see what sadistic trial the Origami Killer has in store for him 

Chapter 23:
Police News

-Trophies: None

This is a purely plot-based chapter, with no interaction on your part.  The 
police question Korda, Grace comes to the police with some disturbing 
information, and the scene shifts to the office of Ethan's psychiatrist.

Chapter 24:
Shrink and Punches

-Trophies: Good Cop
           Bad Cop

Jayden and Blake have come to ask the doctor a few questions, but 
unfortunately he's not in a cooperative mood.  So Blake, being the prick he 
is, decides to beat it out of him.  To stop Blake, first order him to stop, 
then shove the controller down to force him out of the way.  This will earn 
you the "Good Cop" Trophy.  Otherwise, he will beat the crap out of the poor 
guy, earning you the "Bad Cop" Trophy.  Either way, this chapter comes to a 
quick end.

Chapter 25:
The Golf Club

-Trophies: None

Shelby has been invited to the most exclusive golf club in town by Charles 
Kramer, Gordi's father.  Walk over to the left to talk with him.  The actual 
conversation is non-interactive, though you have to hit a few balls to keep 
it going.  Grab a club out of the bag, then bend down to grab a ball from the 
basket.  To hit the ball, hold R1, L1, and Up, then shove the controller 
down.  (You can get better distance by shoving just as the controller in the 
prompt window goes down, if you care.)  The second ball is hit the same way, 
while the third simply requires you to hold Up and shove the controller 
down.  After that your conversation with Kramer will draw to a close, and we 
shift to Ethan's story.

Chapter 26:
The Lizard

-Trophies: Gold Finger

The address the Origami Killer gave him leads Ethan to a burned-out old 
apartment.  A bunch of porcelain lizards lie on the floor in the hallway.  
The second one on the right side has a key hidden inside.  Pick it up, shake 
it a bit to discover the key, then throw it down to break it open and pick up 
the key.  Use the key to unlock the door at the end of the hall, then go 
inside and touch the video screen.

This is probably the most painful part of the game to watch.  Within the next 
five minutes, Ethan has to cut off one his fingers in front of the camera 
using one of the objects in this room.  As bad as that sounds, it's even 
worse while you're doing it.  Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of time to 
waste fretting over whether you're going to do it, so I suggest you either 
leave the room now or find a tool and get to work.  There are five scattered 
around the room: a knife sticking in the kitchen wall, a pair of scissors in 
the bathroom sink, an axe on the ground next to the TV set, a pair of pliers 
on the TV stand, and a saw to the right of the table.  The pliers seem to 
make the cleanest cut, though the axe and the knife will also get the job 
done quickly.  Don't use the saw or scissors unless you're going for the 
corresponding Trophy, because cutting your finger with them is excruciating 
beyond belief.

In addition to the cutting tools, there are also a few helpful items in the 
room.  There's an iron rod on the floor just outside the kitchen.  Turn on 
the kitchen stove, then hold Up to heat the rod until it starts glowing red.  
This will allow you to cauterize the wound after you've cut it.  There's a 
piece of wood in the upper left corner of the room, which you can stick in 
your mouth to calm your nerves.  There's a bottle of whiskey in one of the 
kitchen drawers, which you can drink to help control the pain.  (Take more 
than two drinks, however, and your vision will start to blur.)  Finally, 
there's a bottle of disinfectant in the bathroom medicine cabinet, which you 
can use to clean off the finger prior to cutting it.

Once you've collected all the items you need, sit down in the chair and get 
to work.  If you're going for the "Gold Finger" Trophy, you'll need the 
disinfectant and heated iron rod in addition to the knife, axe, or pliers.  
Pick up the disinfectant and pour it over the finger prior to starting.  (The 
Trophy description says to "disinfect or cauterize" the wound, but to be safe 
I would do both.)  If you're going for the "Butcher" Trophy, you'll just need 
the saw or scissors.

Regardless of your tool, the basic commands are always the same.  Begin by 
calming Ethan's frayed nerves, by slowly pressing up and then down.  The 
number of times you must do this depends on the tool: you'll have to do it 
twice if you're using the saw or the axe, and once if using the pliers.  (You 
can skip this step if you're using the knife or scissors, though doing so 
will reduce the controller shaking and making the following commands a little 
easier to perform.)  When he is sufficiently calm, you will have the option 
to "Try it"--go through the motions prior to cutting, replacing the 
controller shove with an analog stick movement in the same direction--or 
simply "Do it."

When you're ready to do it for real, you'll have to mash [Square] to calm his 
nerves one last time.  Hold L1, then R1, and thrust down the controller to 
chop it off.  If you used the axe or pliers, that will finish the job.  If 
you used the knife, you'll need one more chop to completely sever it.  If you 
picked the saw or scissors, though, you'll have to follow the first slice 
with a few seconds of up-and-down controller shaking as you slice through the 
bone, then one last shove to snap it clean off.  If you heated up the iron 
rod, you'll need to pick it up now and hold Up to cauterize your fresh, 
bleeding wound.

That was horrible.  But it was worth it, because you've now earned the next 
chip with the next few letters of the address.  Get under the table, then 
punch a hole through the floorboard to collect it.  Now take your damn 
Trophies and get out of here.

Chapter 27:

-Trophies: Fugitive
           Hands Up!

It seems the police have tracked down Ethan to the apartment, and are 
preparing to arrest him.  Fortunately for Ethan, Madison was also tracking 
him.  Get off the motorcycle, then go inside to warn Ethan about the ambush.  
After you've talked with him, you'll need to find a way to get the two of you 
out of there.  Start by moving the large boards which block the window on the 
far wall.  Tap Up, hold Right, and shove to the right to move the first 
board, hold Down and shove to the right to move the second, and hold Right 
and shove to the right to move the last board and clear the window.  Since 
the window is too high to reach, you'll need to push the box which is sitting 
in the middle of the room.  Bend down, then mash [Triangle] until the prompt 
disappears.  Get on top of the box, then open the window by pressing and then 
shoving to the left.  To help Ethan out the window, tap Down twice and then 
mash [Triangle].

(If Ethan quit the previous trial before cutting his finger, he will be able 
to help Madison with the escape.  He will move the second board for you, the 
two of you will be able to push the box much faster, and he will not need 
help to climb through the window.  Once outside, however, Ethan will get 
shot, so Madison still must carry him from that point on.)

To escape the police, you will need to walk across the street and into the 
subway station.  The street is probably the most difficult part, since the 
camera angle makes it difficult to maneuver between the closely packed cars.  
I suggest switching the camera angle with L1 as soon as you've reached the 
street.  Go straight ahead between the buses, turn left, and then turn right 
to cross in front of the white van.  Next go right, crossing in front of the 
brown sedan.  Finally, head left to cross in front of the pickup truck and go 
down the subway stairs.

Once down here, cross the station and head for the pair of turnstiles on the 
right.  Swipe your ticket with a quick counterclockwise rotation from the 
top, then hurry down the stairs to the train platform.  Head toward the 
tracks nearest the screen, and tap Down to jump off the platform.  Head left 
to the other side, then tap Up and mash [X] to get Ethan and Madison onto the 
next platform.

If you were too slow and were caught by the police, you'll get the "Hands 
Up!" Trophy, and the game will proceed to the next chapter.  If you succeed, 
you instead earn the "Fugitive" Trophy for yourself and continued freedom for 
Ethan.  You also get a short scene between Ethan and Madison, described at 
the end of Chapter 30, and you will skip the next chapter to go directly to 
Chapter 29.

Chapter 28:
Under Arrest (Part 1)

-Trophies: None

Back at the police station, Jayden tries to get Ethan to tell him where Shaun 
is.  You can approach the interrogation any way you like, though you should 
already know that it's pointless.  When Jayden gets nowhere, Blake tries his 
usual aggressive approach on him.  You could try to talk him out of it, or 
you could physically intervene like you did with the shrink, but neither way 
will get you anywhere.  Once you're forced out of the room, head into Captain 
Perry's office to complain.  After that, you'll storm into your office and be 
prompted to take triptocaine or resist.  Once you've made a choice, we cut to 
the next chapter.

Chapter 29:
Jayden Blues

-Trophies: Ludwig Von

We find a despondent-looking Norman Jayden playing the piano.  There's an 
easy Trophy for you if you manage to play it perfectly.  The sequence goes as 
follows (be careful, as he plays the notes pretty fast):


Play that sequence flawlessly, and you'll get the "Ludwig Von" Trophy.  (This 
is a whole lot easier on the lowest difficulty setting, where the only 
buttons you need to press are [O] and [X].)  After a little dialogue with 
ARI's virtual waiter, Jayden will get back to the investigation.

When you open the clues, Jayden will note that a new piece of evidence has 
been added.  Analyze the video.  (You'll need to analyze the tire tracks from 
the crime scene first, if you didn't already do that in Chapter 9.)  A car 
will be added as a clue, which you can analyze to reveal yet another piece of 
evidence.  Analyze the photo ID, and Jayden will close ARI with a fresh lead 
to explore.

If Ethan got arrested in the previous chapter, Jayden will be at the police 
station and the game will continue straight to Chapter 30.  If Ethan escaped, 
however, Jayden will be in his hotel room and suffer from a severe attack of 
triptocaine withdrawal.  Do nothing, and he will stumble to the bedside table 
and automatically snort it.  While Jayden himself suggests a few ways to 
fight it (alcohol, leaving the room, resting), there are only two ways that 
work: taking a cold shower, and flushing it down the toilet.  In both cases, 
you'll need to periodically shove the controller up to fight the addiction 
and regain control.  To take a shower walk into the bathroom, head right, and 
tap Up to turn it on.  To throw it away you'll need to pick the tripto off 
the bedside table, choose to toss it (press [O]), then walk into the 
bathroom, head left, and shove the controller down to flush.  Be careful, 
since once it's in your hand you only have a limited time before Jayden 
breaks down and automatically takes it.  If you successfully did either, 
you'll earn the "Detox" Trophy.  Whether you succeed or not, the game skips 
the next chapter and goes straight to Chapter 31.

Chapter 30:
Under Arrest (Part 2)

-Trophies: Wise Guy

Having convinced himself of Ethan's innocence, Jayden decides to help him get 
out of the station.  Getting him out of the station is pretty 
straightforward, but getting the associated Trophy is a good deal more 
complicated.  Thanks again to Alienware's Trophy Guide for the details:

First, before you go back to see Ethan, go into the adjacent room behind the 
one-way mirror.  It's the door to the right of the short hall leading to the 
interrogation room.  (You may remember it as the place where you watched 
Korda get grilled in Chapter 23.)  Begin by switching off the camera 
recording the interrogation.  Go into the interrogation room and tell the 
guard to leave the two of you alone for a little while.  Hold R1, L1, and Up 
to help Ethan back into the chair, then tell him you'll help him escape.  Now 
return to the room with the camera, and press Down on the intercom to get rid 
of the guard.  Grab the raincoat off the chair, then take it with you and 
leave the room.

Before you can return to Ethan, you'll need to grab the keys for his 
handcuffs.  They're in a desk nearby Blake's, which you can identify by the 
Down prompt floating above it.  Uncuff Ethan, give him the raincoat, and send 
him on his way.  This should earn you the "Wise Guy" Trophy.

At this point the scene will cut back to the motel, where we will see a brief 
exchange between Ethan and Madison.  Give whatever responses seem 
appropriate, then open the box once she leaves and open the origami to 
discover the address of the next trial.  The chapter ends, and we return to 
the adventures of Scott Shelby.

Chapter 31:

-Trophies: None

Shelby and Lauren pay a visit to an antiques store owned by Manfred, a 
longtime friend of Shelby's who happens to be an expert on old typewriters.  
He's sitting behind the glass door on the right, just past the front part of 
the store.  Give him a tap on the shoulder, exchange pleasantries with him, 
and he will propose a toast to old times.  Answer the ringing phone to your 
left--or wait for Lauren to answer it, if you prefer--then pick up the glass 
of scotch and join Manfred's toast.  Ask Manfred about Lauren's letter, which 
you will need to pull out of your coat pocket.  He'll ask for a magnifying 
glass, which you can pick up from the counter with the telephone.  After he 
gets a good look at it, you'll get the chance to ask him a few questions.  
Ask him about his clients, and Manfred will go to the back of his shop to 
look over the list.

After a bit of waiting, you'll have to follow Manfred to the back of the shop 
to check on... oh dear.  After an unfortunate incident claims poor Manfred, 
Shelby will have to wipe his and Lauren's fingerprints off everything they've 
touched since entering the shop.  Now, you should know that there is no real 
need to do this unless you let Hassan die back in Chapter 10, since the only 
Trophy associated with this is unobtainable if Hassan is alive.  That said, 
there are a total of nine spots to wipe down in the store:

1. The telephone in the back of the store: Mash [Triangle]
2. The bottle of whiskey: Mash [Triangle]
3-4. The two shot glasses: Mash [O]
5. The magnifying glass next to the whiskey bottle: Mash [X]
6. The phone on the counter (the one Shelby or Lauren answered): Mash [X]
7. The display case opposite the counter with the phone (Lauren leans on this 
before you meet Manfred): Mash [Square]
8. The ballerina piece on the left display case: Mash [Square]
9. The front door: Shake up-and-down

When you've gotten the last one, tell Lauren to leave and then confirm it.  
If you've gotten all of them, the camera will show Manfred's body and the 
scene will shift to the two of them driving in the rain.  If you missed one, 
the two of them will have to go through a short scene at the police station 

In the car, Shelby and Lauren will get into an argument, and Lauren will try 
to grab the wheel.  (You can keep control of the vehicle by turning the 
controller left, then right, left again, right again, and finally left, 
though nothing really happens if you fail.)  Sort your thoughts, get out, and 
comfort her however you think is best.  The game returns to Ethan's story.

Chapter 32:
The Shark

-Trophies: I'm a Killer...
           I'm Not a Killer!

So here Ethan is, gun in hand, at the door of a man the Origami Killer has 
told him to execute.  If you find this whole situation uncomfortable, then 
believe me: it's going to get a lot worse really soon.  Knock twice to make 
the guy come to the door.  You could just pull the gun out now by holding 
[Square], L1, [Triangle], and R1.  Or you could wait a bit while you listen 
to him talk.  If you want to know why the killer chose this man, this should 
give you a hint.  Knock again, and he'll come back considerably more pissed 
off.  Drawing your gun is a little simpler now: just hold [Square] and L1, 
and shove the controller up.  Eventually, no matter what you do, Ethan will 
snap and pull out the gun on his own.  The man grabs a weapon of his own, and 
a short firefight commences between the two of them.  It goes as follows:

Clockwise from the top

If you lose this fight Ethan will still survive, but you won't get the chance 
to earn either Trophy.  If you win, Ethan will have the man at his mercy, and 
you will have to decide whether to kill him or let him live.  Unfortunately, 
I can't tell you what to do here.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether 
Shaun's life is worth less than the life of the man you have at gunpoint.  
Take a look at Ethan's thoughts, pace the room a bit, and decide for yourself 
whether that's a decision you would be willing to make.  If it is, press R1 
to execute him, then take a picture and retrieve the next chip from the grip 
of your gun.  If it is not, do a little clockwise rotation to knock him out 
and leave the apartment without killing him.

No matter which decision you make, you earn a Trophy for it at the end of the 
chapter.  Cut to Madison's story.

Chapter 33:
The Doc

-Trophies: Smart Girl
           Queen of Ropes


Madison is visiting the house of one Dr. Adrian Baker, who apparently rented 
the burned-out apartment where Ethan sliced off his finger.  Get off the 
motorcycle and walk up to the door, then ring the doorbell.  Either press up 
to hold the door, or knock again after he's closed it, and Dr. Baker will 
invite you in.  As soon as he does, he will offer you a drink.  DO NOT TAKE 
THE DRINK, no matter what he says, or you will regret it.  When the option 
presents itself, ask the doctor about his apartments.

He will once again ask you to drink, and you should once again refuse.  He 
gets up and leaves, at which point you can snoop around his house a bit.  The 
only item of interest is in the bedroom on the left side.  You're prompted to 
open the door slowly, but it's not required.  Messing it up will simply make 
the doctor come back a little bit sooner.  There's a card lying on the desk 
to the left of the bed.  Once you have it, you can leave out the front door 
if you like.  You'll lose out on the second Trophy in this chapter (you've 
already earned the "Smart Girl" Trophy), but what comes next is so unpleasant 
that an early exit may very well be worth it.

If you wait for Dr. Baker to come back, or if you drank his alcohol, you'll 
end up in his basement in a very, very bad position.  Just as he's about to 
get to work, though, his doorbell rings.  To escape, you need to have Madison 
look at her right foot, then shake the controller up-and-down until it comes 
free.  Slowly push the drill to the left, then shove the controller down and 
slowly press Left again to free her other foot.  Hold Up and shove the 
controller to the right, then hold down [X] and [O] and shake the controller 
up-and-down to free yourself.  After you do, you'll earn the "Queen of Ropes" 
Trophy.  While you do have plenty of time to complete this part, I suggest 
you don't dilly-dally--because if Madison dies in this minigame, or in the 
fight that follows, she's dead forever.  Unlike other games, where you simply 
get to retry over and over until you manage to survive, when a character dies 
in Heavy Rain the story simply continues without them.  Keep that in mind 
when you break free and Dr. Baker tries to finish you off, triggering the 
following fight sequence:

Mash [Triangle]
Clockwise from the left
Clockwise from the left
Shove left
Shove left
Shake up-and-down
Mash R1
Counterclockwise from the left
Shove up
Mash [Square]

After you've gotten this far, the doctor will throw Madison on the table and 
it will look like she's lost.  But keep your eyes open, and soon enough 
you'll be prompted to mash [X] and finish this nasty, nasty doctor off.  
Madison will collect her evidence on the way out, and the scene will shift to 
Norman Jayden.

Chapter 34:
Mad Jack

-Trophies: Goodbye, Mad Jack


Jayden is following up his earlier lead on the killer's car by visiting "Mad 
Jack" Neville's scrapyard.  Get out of your vehicle, and say hello to the man 
operating the bulldozer to interrogate him about the car's location.  After a 
predictably uninformative conversation, you have the opportunity to look 
around his garage for a bit with ARI.  If you already got the "FBI 
Investigator" Trophy back in Chapter 5, and you're planning on getting the 
"Nerd" Trophy a bit later, you'll need to find and analyze all the clues in 
the area.  I suggest you start at the left side of the garage and go 
counterclockwise, since you need to avoid the acid bath in the upper-right 
corner until the very last minute.  A brief summary of the clues, in order:

1-3. Three tracks near the entrance: tires from an unfamiliar car, Mad Jack's 
shoes, and a visitor's shoes
4. Tire tracks from the killer's car
5. Mad Jack's footprints
6. Tire tracks from an unfamiliar car
7. Tire tracks from another car
8. Orchid pollen in the air (tap Up to check this)
9. Mad Jack's fingerprints, on the workbench in the southwest corner
10. Blue paint on the ground
11. Fingerprints on the workbench in the southeast corner
12. Fingerprints on the workbench next to the crane
13. Fingerprints on the workbench north of the crane
14. Shoeprints on the floor between the two benches
15. Blood on the floor near the northernmost workbench
16-17. Blood trail leading to the acid bath

When you're ready, lift the cover over the acid bath to make a nasty 
discovery and get the nasty attention of Mad Jack.  You'll only have a few 
chances to distract him before he kills Jayden, so don't screw up.  Toss a 
box at his feet with R1 to throw him off balance and initiate the next fight 
sequence.  (You could also throw the crane at him by tapping Right, or 
rebound off another box by pressing L1, though if you screw both of those up 
Jayden will die right here.)  The fight goes as follows:

Shove down
Mash [Triangle]

If you win, Jayden will have Mad Jack at gunpoint and will have a chance to 
interrogate him.  For maximum expedience, select either "Impress" or 
"Gasoline" to get him talking.  Once he does, Jayden gets ready to 
arrest Mad Jack.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the moment he is hit by an especially nasty 
case of--what else?--triptocaine withdrawal.  This is easily the most brutal 
action sequence in the game, since to stay conscious you are required to hold 
down a very large number of both face and shoulder buttons.  At the lowest 
difficulty it's not so bad: you're only required to hold down R1, [X], and 
L1, though you must maintain the pressure for a VERY long time.  At the 
highest difficulty, however, the sequence is a nightmare: R1, [X], L1, [O], 
[Triangle], R2, and finally L2.  Since you must maintain pressure on all four 
shoulder buttons, the only way to get them all is to hold down the three face 
buttons with your right thumb.  You need to apply pressure first with the 
base of the thumb, then with the knuckle, and finally with the tip of your 
thumb.  (Rather than trying to bend your thumb into position, which will 
likely cause your finger to slip off the [X] button and ruin the whole 
sequence, I suggest you place your thumb off-center to the right so you are 
already in position when the [O] prompt appears.)  You will probably have to 
use a lot of force to maintain pressure on every button, though on the bright 
side the sequence will end shortly after you press the seventh button.

Before you start freaking out about not being able to do this, you should 
know that you're really expected to fail here.  Succeeding at this sequence 
cuts the chapter short, and allows you to arrest Mad Jack without any 
bloodshed, but it also prevents you from earning the Trophy for this 
chapter.  So you should count on failing this part, and falling unconscious 
so Mad Jack can have his way with you.

You'll wake up inside Norman's car, hands cuffed to the steering wheel while 
Mad Jack gets ready to feed you to the crusher.  To get out of the car, 
you'll first need to get the gun you've got hiding in the glove box.  Turn 
your head to look at it, tap Right and shove down to kick it open, then shove 
up and press [Triangle] when prompted to grab the gun.  Shoot the cuffs with 
R1, and the car immediately starts sliding into the crusher.  Tap Up, mash 
[X], and mash [Triangle] to climb out of the car, then tap Up to jump clear 
of the crusher.  Now that you've escaped that gruesome fate, you still have 
to deal with the guy who put you in there.  Another fight sequence starts:

Clockwise from the left
Mash [X]
Clockwise from the left (BIG rotation)
Shove right
Shove left
Shove down
Clockwise from the left (BIG rotation)
Shake up-and-down
Mash [Triangle]
Shake up-and-down
Mash [X]
Mash [X]

Your reward for surviving to this point is the "Goodbye, Mad Jack" Trophy.  
Now that Jayden's found himself another lead, we're ready to revisit Shelby's 

Chapter 35:

-Trophies: The Chef

Back in Shelby's apartment, he and Lauren discuss the case a bit more.  
Lauren hops into the shower, and Shelby decides to make her some eggs while 
he's waiting.  Cook them right, and you'll get one of the game's easiest 
Trophies.  Start by opening the fridge, then pick up the eggs from the top 
shelf.  Grab the frying pan from the drying rack by the sink, then crack the 
eggs open with two downward shoves of the controller.  Scramble them a bit 
with some clockwise rotation of the analog stick, then turn on the stove to 
cook them.  Stir them up a bit more while you wait (counterclockwise this 
time), and turn the stove off once Shelby says they're done.  Flip the 
scrambled eggs onto the plate to serve them and earn the "The Chef" Trophy.  
When Lauren comes to the table, ask her about the notebook she's holding.  
This will lead to a quick cutscene, after which the story will move to a 
graveyard downtown.

Chapter 36:
The Cemetery

-Trophies: None

Lauren and Shelby are looking for the grave of one John Sheppard.  You can 
find his grave by turning right from where Shelby starts.  It's in the same 
row as the groundskeeper, four tombs north of where he's digging.  (If you 
can't find it, Lauren will eventually point it out to you.)  Examine the 
flowers and the origami figure on the grave, and the groundskeeper will tell 
you the sad story of young John's death.  Cue flashback.

Chapter 37:

-Trophies: I'm Not Scared!

John and his as-yet-unnamed twin brother decide to spend the day playing out 
in the rain.  You can get a new Trophy if you get through all the games 
without making a mistake, though this is difficult enough that you might want 
to put it off until after you've finished the game.  Start by following John 
to the platform, and let him boost you up by holding L1 and mashing [X].  
Mash [X] again to help him up, then follow him to the left.  Go through the 
field of poles by tapping Right, Right, Up, Left, Left, and Up, then tilt the 
controller to the left to slide down the ramp.  Approach the pipe and hold th
e analog stick Down, then start mashing L1 and R1 to walk through it.  To 
leap onto the next platform hold [Square] and [X], releasing them once you're 
ready, and tap Up as you run toward the platform.  Follow John up the stairs 
and into the next area.

Approach the big pile of blocks.  Tap Up to start climbing, then hold R1 and 
L2 and mash [X] for a bit to reach the top.  To climb across the beam, 
alternately tap the analog stick Left and Right (starting with the left) 
until you've reached the other side.  Follow him down the stairs to the big 
pipe.  Hold [O] and L2, then release them to go sliding down.  Next, you'll 
have to follow John up a big wall.  At the lowest difficulty, you simply have 
to tap Up until you've reached the top.  At the highest difficulty, you'll 
need to alternately rotate clockwise from the left and counterclockwise from 
the right (starting from the right) to reach the top.

Follow John across the wooden beam.  You'll need to keep your arms level by 
tilting the controller opposite from the way John's brother is holding them, 
lest he lose his balance.  Once on the other side, leap across the gap by 
holding R1, L1, and [O], then releasing them and shoving the controller up 
when prompted.  Make the Jump of Death by holding R1, [Triangle], L2, L1, and 
[O], then releasing them and shoving the controller up.  Finally, play hide-
and-seek with John.  You could just say each number one at a time, if you 
feel like playing fair, or you could skip over a couple numbers by picking 
the highest number each time (tap [X] five times, then [Triangle] three 
times, then [Square]).  If you didn't screw up any of the earlier games, 
you'll have earned the "I'm Not Scared!" Trophy.  Now go ahead and look for 

You'll find him off to your left, stuck in a dangerous position.  The game 
prompts you to pull him out by holding up and mashing R1, then holding Up, 
shoving the controller up twice, and shaking the controller up-and-down.  
Unfortunately, even if you succeed John's brother doesn't have the strength 
to pull him out.  He leaves to look for help, and we snap back to the present 

Chapter 38:
Flowers on the Grave

-Trophies: None

After a bit more talking, you'll need to follow Lauren to the exit.  A 
revealing cutscene will commence when you do, and we leave Shelby's story to 
return to Madison's.

Chapter 39:
Sexy Girl

-Trophy: Pride Saved

Following up the clue she found at Dr. Baker's house, Madison pays a visit to 
the Blue Lagoon nightclub.  (If she got killed in Chapter 33, the game will 
skip this chapter and go directly to the next one.)  Paco, the man you're 
looking for, is sitting at his private couch under the big stairs.  
Unfortunately, his bodyguard won't let Madison get anywhere near him.  Well, 
if you can't just walk in on him you'd better earn yourself an invitation.  
Head for the ladies' room (it's to the left of the entrance, the door on the 
right side near the pink Venus symbol), then go inside to sexy yourself up.

Set the purse down on the bathroom counter.  Start by shaking the controller 
up and down to fix up Madison's hair, then unbutton her shirt to show a 
little more cleavage.  Tap Right to open up the purse and pull out the 
eyeliner.  Slowly rotate counterclockwise from the left, then clockwise from 
the right, to pretty up her lashes.  Open the purse again to pull out the 
lipstick.  Slowly rotate counterclockwise from the left, then clockwise from 
the left.  Finally, tug at Madison's skirt with two shoves to the left and 
one to the right to turn it into a miniskirt.  Little Ms. Sexy is now ready 
to go out and strut her stuff.  (Yeah, I know this part is weird if you're a 
guy.  Deal with it.)

Go back onto the dance floor and get onto the first platform on your left.  
When prompted, go ahead and start dancing.  The action sequence for this part 
is as follows:

Shake up-and-down

Mesmerized by your sexy, sexy sexiness, Paco invites you over to his table.  
Get down off the platform and approach him.  After you talk him into a more 
private chit-chat, you'll need to follow him up the stairs to your right and 
into his office.  Once you get up there, however, it becomes obvious that 
things have gotten a little out of hand.  Try to leave, and things get... 
even more out of hand.  You'll need to take off an article of clothing before 
you can do anything else.  Once you do, however, Madison will start
brainstorming ways to get out of the situation.  Select "Idea," then "Lamp," 
and you will have the opportunity to grab said lamp with a few more sexy 
moves.  Turn the controller from side to side for a little while, then tap 
Down and throw the lamp with a quick rotation.  If you didn't take off the 
second item of clothing (and you have no reason to do so), you get the "Pride 
Saved" Trophy.  At last, you get the chance to give the sick bastard what he 

Wake Paco up with three controller shoves to the left.  Try beating some 
information out of him (first with a counterclockwise rotation from the left, 
then with a downward shove), and a guard will come to check on him.  Select 
whichever option you prefer--both are pretty entertaining--then go back 
and... er... squeeze the information out of Paco.  Hold down [O], then R1, 
then [Triangle], and finally R2 to make him talk.  At that point you're free 
to leave, at which point Jayden pays his own visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Chapter 40:
Fish Tank

-Trophies: None


As with Madison, if Jayden died in Chapter 34 the game will skip this chapter 
entirely.  As you head up to Paco's office, you'll simultaneously see a brief 
scene with Paco.  Pull out your badge and show it to the guard at the top of 
the stairs, then walk into the office.  Spin the chair around, then put on 
ARI to trigger a fight sequence.  Losing the first part of the fight will 
cause the killer to simply walk away, though Jayden will not be able to solve 
the case if he does.  The commands:

Shove down
Shake up-and-down
Mash [Square]

At this point the assailant pulls a Japanese sword from its display case.  If 
you lose during this part of the fight, Jayden will die:


Even though Jayden falls to the ground and the attacker starts to walk away, 
THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YET.  After you are prompted to mash [X], and the 
killer starts to walk away, an Up prompt will appear.  PRESS UP.  He will 
still get away, but he will also drop a vital piece of evidence.  Without 
that evidence, Jayden has no chance of finding Shaun.

If you managed to survive the fight and successfully rip the item from the 
killer's pocket, you still have a chance of tracking him down.  Get up by 
holding R1, L1, and Up, and you will immediately run back into the club.  
Unfortunately, the killer is long since gone.  (You can interrogate the guard 
at the door about him, but what the guard tells you won't bring you any 
closer to finding him.)  Head back into the room.  Before you look at 
anything else, pick up the ARI glasses next to the overturned chair and put 
them on.  While you're at it, pick up your gun in the middle of the floor.  
If you found all the clues in the Crime Scene and Mad Jack chapters, you 
should do the same here.  Going clockwise from where you dropped the glasses, 
the clues are:

1. Madison's fingerprints on the lamp (not present if Madison is already dead)
2. Madison's lipstick on the ground (rotate counterclockwise from the left)
3. Orchid pollen in the air (tap Up)
4. Paco's body
5. Madison's fingerprints on the desk
6. Papers on the ground behind the desk
7. Paco's fingerprints on the desk (tap Right)
8. Paco's fingerprints on the CD player
9. Bullet from the killer's gun (rotate counterclockwise from the left)
10. Killer's gun (rotate counterclockwise from the left)
11. Gas station receipts from the killer's pocket

The gas station receipts are the only truly important piece of evidence 
here.  If you got them, make sure you analyze them before you leave the 
scene.  If you didn't you might as well just leave, because you won't gain 
anything from sticking around.

Chapter 41:
On the Loose

-Trophies: Lover Boy
           Escape Master

We find Ethan sitting in his apartment, alone.  If Madison is still alive 
she'll come inside, the two of them will have a little talk, and she will try 
to kiss him.  As with the last trial, your decision here depends entirely on 
what you would do if you were in Ethan's shoes.  If you don't think he would 
waste time making out with a stranger while his son could be dying, don't 
kiss.  You will skip the next section and go directly to Madison leaving his 
room.  If you think that they are meant to be together, however, and that in 
a time like this they would seek comfort in each other's arms, go ahead and 
kiss.  Just be aware that your choice will have a big effect on the game's 
ending.  (The Trophy-obsessed should note that this chapter's first two 
Trophies can only be obtained if they kiss, and that depending on which 
Trophy you pursue after that you can still get all the different endings.)

If you do kiss, you'll follow up with a few more kisses before it progresses 
to a full-blown lovemaking session.  Hold R1, L1, and Up to take off 
Madison's jacket, then R1 and Up to take off Ethan's shirt.  After a bit more 
making out, you can slip Madison's shirt off by holding Up, and then unhook 
her bra by holding R1 and L1 and making a counterclockwise turn.  Pretty soon 
the two of them will take over for you, and some time later you will find the 
two of them lying in bed.  Have Ethan slip out with a slow counterclockwise 
turn from the left, then a slow clockwise turn from the left, and stand up.

Pick up your clothes from the floor next to the bed, then grab your jacket 
off the chair.  As you do, two damning items slip out of Madison's jacket.  
Take a look at them to have Madison will wake up, and the two of them will 
have a big argument.  Once again, you will have a choice to make: can you 
forgive Madison for her actions, or do you just want her out?  Once again, 
this is something you'll have to decide for yourself.  Forgiving her gets you 
the "Lover Boy" Trophy, while refusing gets you the "Unforgiveable" Trophy.  
Either way, she will leave his room now and be on her way.

On the way out, Madison spots some police camped out near the office.  At 
this point she has the option to either drive away on her motorcycle, leaving 
Ethan to his own devices, or use the phone in the office to warn Ethan that 
the police are on their way.  If you choose to warn him, you'll need to call 
room 207 (press [O]).  If you fail to warn him, then the police will catch 
Ethan off guard.  To escape, he'll need to first shove the controller up and 
then tap the analog stick Right.  Fail either of these, and he will be 
arrested before the chase can begin.

NOTE: If Madison is already dead, none of the above events will take place.  
Instead, Ethan will have to pick himself off the floor by holding R1, L1, and 
Up.  The police do not arrive until he either steps onto the balcony or goes 
out the front door, at which point you should escape out the balcony.  Stick 
around too long, and the phone will start ringing; if you answer it, they 
will ambush you and you will have to perform the two commands described above 
to make it out of the room.

The chase itself goes like this:

Mash [X]
Shove right
Right (when prompted to choose left or right)
Up (when prompted to choose up or down)
Mash [Square]
Mash L1+R1
Left (when prompted to choose left or up)
Mash L1+R1
Mash [O]

At the end of this sequence you'll be surrounded by police, and you'll have 
to choose between jumping off the roop and going peacefully.  Jumping might 
hurt you a little, but if made it this far you've got no reason to give 
yourself up now.  Go ahead and jump, pick yourself up by mashing [Triangle], 
and steal a ride by mashing [X].

If Ethan got caught, you'll get a brief scene of him begging Jayden (or the 
empty air) for help.  That's the last you'll see of him until the ending.  
Saving Shaun is up to the other three now.  If he escaped, you'll earn the 
"Escape Master" Trophy and be on your way to the Origami Killer's final 
trial.  It's all or nothing now.

Chapter 42:

-Trophies: Swimming Instructor

Have Shelby walk into his apartment.  An unpleasant cutscene commences, and 
he wakes up to find himself trapped with Lauren inside a sinking car.  Shelby 
will survive no matter what you do, even if you do nothing but wait until the 
windows to cave in, but Lauren is a different story.

To save Lauren, you'll first have to free yourself.  Shake the controller up-
and-down, then shake it again.  That won't get you anywhere, but it will give 
Shelby a chance to think of another way out.  Turn on the engine with a quick 
rotation, then hold down R1, L1, and Right to make the cigarette lighter pop 
out.  Catch it with [X], then shove the controller down twice to break the 
glass on the clock.  Grab the piece of glass by tapping Down, then hold Down 
and mash L1 to cut the ropes.  One good upward push on the controller will 
free your hands.

While you could break the window and swim out now, all that was nothing more 
than a time-saver if you don't free Lauren first.  To do that, you'll need to 
first shake the controller up-and-down.  After that, you can tap Down and 
shake up-and-down again to untie her hands.  Now that she's freed, hold down 
R1 and L1, then shove down on the glass three times to break the window and 
swim you both to safety.  As your reward for saving Lauren, you get the 
"Swimming Instructor" Trophy.

NOTE: Just like Hassan, Lauren needs to die here if you want to earn one of 
the ending Trophies.  You'll only get it if Hassan died and you cleaned all 
the fingerprints in Manfred's shop, though, so by all means save her if 
that's not the case.

Chapter 43:
Face to Face

-Trophies: Invincible Scott
           Kind Hearted

This time, it's personal.  Have Shelby rev the engine once with R2, then put 
it in gear and drive straight into Kramer's mansion.  Get out of the car, 
then kick open the door to single-handedly taken on every guard in the 
house.  If you make it all the way to Kramer without getting shot, you earn 
the "Invincible Scott" Trophy.  If you get shot too many times, you'll be 
forced to run away.  I would aim for the first one.  The fight sequence:

R1 or R2 (Pick one first, then take out the other)

Once you've cleared the guards, kick Kramer's door down.  Smack him with a 
counterclockwise rotation from the right, then hold down R1, shove him down, 
and shake the controller up-and-down for a bit.  For the most part you'll 
just throw him around for a bit, until you start choking him by holding R1, 
R2, and L2.  At that point he'll finally break, and tell you what you want to 
know about Gordi.  Ask him about John Sheppard and his twin brother, and 
Shelby will head toward the door.

Just as you start to leave, Kramer starts to experience a heart attack and 
begs you to get his medicine out of his desk drawer.  You could do that, or 
you could simply leave and give him the painful death he probably deserves.  
For what it's worth, you receive the "Kind Hearted" Trophy if you save his 
life.  (Though if you let Lauren die for the ending Trophy mentioned in the 
last chapter, Kramer will have to die as well.)

Chapter 44:
Ann Sheppard

-Trophies: None

Madison is visiting the nursing home where Ann Sheppard, mother of the late 
John Sheppard and presumably of the Origami Killer, currently resides.  Ask 
the receptionist about Ann's room, sign in at the desk, then go down the 
hall.  Ann's room is the last one on the right side.  Go inside and say 
hello.  After you've asked her a few questions, you'll have the opportunity 
to look around the room a bit.  First, look at the origami book sitting on 
the desk on the left side.  Flip it open by tapping Left, then tap Left twice 
more to open it to the page titled "The Dog."  Now pick up a piece of paper, 
and fold into the proper shape by holding (two buttons at a time): 
[Triangle], Down, L1, Left, [Square], Down, R1, and Right.  When she sees the 
origami dog Ann will start telling a story about John, during which she 
mentions a name.  Remember that name.  It will be very important six chapters 
from now.

Next you should open the top drawer of the cabinet on the right side of the 
bed.  Show the picture to Ann, and she will talk a bit more about her sons.  
After that you'll have to leave the room for a bit to find another way to 
stimulate her memory.  As the nurse in the hall hints to you, mementos of her 
past are a great way to get you talking--and the orchid in the vase, halfway 
down the hall, ought to be a great memento.  Take it, then return to Ann's 
room and put it in her vase.  That will get her talking about the gardening 
she and her sons did.

After you've shown her all three objects--the orchid, the photo, and the 
origami--Ann will start talking about John's twin brother.  Keep asking her 
questions, and eventually she'll ask you to move closer.  Hold Down, and 
she'll whisper her son's name to you.  And with that Madison is off, and it's 
time for Ethan to learn whether all the sacrifices he's made to save his son 
will finally pay off.

Chapter 45:
The Rat

-Trophies: Sacrifice
           Trial Master
           Clever Dad

Obviously, this chapter will not take place if Ethan was arrested in Chapter 
41.  Ethan will find himself in a long hallway leading to a white room with 
the final trial.  (Subtle, aren't they?)  Walk into the room, and touch the 
video screen.  This trial is simultaneously the simplest and the most 
difficult: to get the final letters, Ethan must drink a vial of poison that 
will kill him in one hour.  That's enough time to save Shaun, but not to do 
much else.  And of course, after that hour you'll be dead, and Shaun will 
lose his father forever.

This trial raises a host of questions: How do you know the Origami Killer is 
telling the truth?  What if he's bluffing, and the poison will kill you right 
away?  Do you even have to take that chance, or can you figure out Shaun's 
location without taking the poison?  And, most importantly of all: Does it 
make sense that you should die so that your son can live?  Walk around the 
room, look over Ethan's thoughts, and decide for yourself whether it's worth 
it.  Then either drink the poison and receive the last set of letters, or 
walk out without drinking it.  (Drinking it earns you the "Sacrifice" Trophy, 
though you can get a different one if you don't take it.)

If you've completed all five trials to the Origami Killer's specifications, 
you will receive the "Trial Master" Trophy along with the complete address, 
allowing you to go there immediately.  (Needless to say, the poison is not 
instant death.  That's good, at least.)  If you completed two or fewer 
trials, Ethan will be unable to find him.  If you completed three or four 
trials, however, Ethan will be able to guess Shaun's location from a list of 
possible addresses.  Pretty much your only hint, besides the letters, comes 
from Ethan's phone.  Listen to it, and you will hear two distinctive sounds 
which should tell you where Shaun is.  If you head to the right address, the 
game will cut immediately to Jayden's story.  (If you found the right address 
AND avoided drinking the poison, you receive the "Clever Dad" Trophy.)  If 
you head to the wrong address, you'll get a brief scene showing where you 
accidentally ended up.

That said, there is still a chance for Ethan to rescue his son even if he 
screws the address up.  You just have to depend on Madison to find the 
address for you in a later chapter.

The two sounds mentioned above are, respectively, the horn of a barge and the 
cawing of seagulls.  From this, you can gather that Shaun is being held 
somewhere near water.  By consulting the GPS you'll find that the only 
location which is near a waterway is 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road, next to the 
intersection of two railroad tracks and just west of the big river.

Chapter 46:
Solving the Puzzle

-Trophies: Nerd


Norman Jayden has assembled all the evidence of the Origami Killer's identity 
he can find, and now he has to sift through all the clues and turn them over 
to find out who he is, and what he's done with Shaun, before the boy drowns.  
Unfortunately, he's also working under a time limit.  Leave him in ARI for 
too long, and Jayden will start to bleed from the nose and eyes.  Waste too 
much time sorting through the evidence, and it will eventually kill him.

The unfortunate truth is that, regardless of what other evidence Jayden has 
collected, his ability to solve the case boils down to one piece of evidence: 
the gas station receipts from the killer's pocket.  If he missed the final 
prompt in that fight sequence, or somehow forgot to scan the receipts with 
ARI, he can't find Shaun.  In that case, the only way to end this chapter is 
to accuse Blake (see below) or simply quit ARI before it kills him.  He can 
still get to the crime scene, if Madison finds the address and calls him in a 
later chapter, though it's worth noting she can only call ONE person.  If 
both Ethan and Jayden screwed up, one of them will have to sit out the final 

If you did record the receipts, then you're in business.  Open the Clues 
folder, and you will find a video recorded while you were fighting with the 
Origami Killer.  Select "Analyze" to open the video, then play it up to the 
part where the killer is strangling Jayden.  Pause the video, then analyze it 
to get a closeup of the killer's watch.  Exit the video.  The watch leads to 
another clue, indicated by a question mark, which gives you reason to suspect 
Lieutenant Blake as the killer.  You are immediately asked whether to accuse 
Blake.  I will tell you now that Blake is NOT the killer.  Indeed, accusing 
him will cut the actual investigation short and make it impossible to find 
the killer.  (Though if you're unable to find him anyway, this is a pretty 
cathartic way to end the chapter.)

Choose to investigate further, by examining and then geoanalyzing the 
killer's receipts.  This will narrow the radius considerably, but not quite 
enough.  Geoanalyze the question mark clue, and you will discover that there 
is only one person in that area who fits the killer's profile.  With that 
person's identity in hand, you will immediately head to the location to where 
Shaun is most likely being held.

If Jayden managed to collect all the clues in Chapters 5, 34, and 40, in 
addition to finding the killer, you will get the "Nerd" Trophy at chapter's 
end.  Finally, we shift to Shelby's story and get to find out the true 
identity of the Origami Killer.

Chapter 47:
Goodbye Lauren

-Trophies: None

This brief chapter only occurs if Shelby saved Lauren back in Chapter 42.  He 
drops her off at the train station, they say some parting words, and we 
revisit the flashback of John Sheppard from Chapter 37.

Chapter 48:
Hold My Hand

-Trophies: None

Having failed to pull John out, his brother decides to go running for help.  
Just keep near to the big fence on your right, and you will find your way 
back to the family trailer.  A brief scene takes place between the boy and 
his father, the boy returns to John, and for the first time we hear his 
name.  And suddenly, all the pieces fall into place.

Chapter 49:
Origami Killer

-Trophies: None

Well?  Are you surprised?  I certainly was when I found out the killer's 
identity, even if it did make sense in hindsight.  You play as the killer 
during this brief chapter, which consists of you lighting a fire and burning 
several pieces of evidence.  After the last bit has gone up in smoke and we 
get a long, haunting look into the killer's eyes, we depart to follow up 
Madison's discovery.

Chapter 50:
Killer's Place

-Trophies: Cold as Ice


Madison walks up the stairs of what she assumes to be the killer's 
apartment.  Try opening the door, then pull out a set of picks to get past 
that annoying lock.  I suggest that you grip the controller with your left 
hand and hold it away from your body prior to starting.  After you hold down 
R1 and L1, you'll see an unfamiliar-looking icon in the shape of a shaking up-
and-down arrow.  That icon, which appears nowhere else in the game, indicates 
that you need to rapidly toggle the right analog stick up and down for an 
extended period of time.  Once that icon disappears, you'll immediately be 
prompted to toggle the control stick to the left and right.  Finally, once 
that disappears you'll be prompted to immediately turn the whole controller 
left like a steering wheel.  Don't get frustrated if this takes you a few 
tries, as this is one of the hardest actions in the entire game.

Once the door is unlocked, go inside and open the closet near the desk.  Move 
the clothes out of the way, tap Up twice, and mash [O] for a bit to reveal a 
door leading to a secret room behind the wall.  Check the computer to your 
right, and you will be prompted to enter a password.  If you were paying 
attention when you talked to Ann, you might remember a name she mentioned 
from her sons' childhood.  Select that name as soon as it appears to learn 
the address where Shaun is being held.

When you attempt to leave after finding the address, or if you enter the 
wrong password four times in a row, the killer will return to the apartment 
and lock you in the room.  To escape, you'll have to rip the CPU out and use 
it to break down the wall.  Unfortunately, when you do that you shut off the 
computer and lose your chance to find out where Shaun is being held.  The 
good news is that there are only a total of six possible passwords, and you 
have more than enough time to try them all before making your escape, so 
unless you're deliberately avoiding it you have no reason not to find the 
address.  (For the record, the password is Max.)  Once you have it, knock on 
one of the walls, then rip the CPU out by holding [Square] and shoving the 
controller up.  Go to the opposite wall, then bang it against the left side 
to break through the weak spot.  Shake the controller up-and-down to make a 
bigger hole, then crawl through it by holding R1, [Triangle], and R2.  If you 
take a look outside, you'll see that the killer has decided to set his home 
ablaze, destroying the evidence and killing Madison in the process.  You can 
make her a bit safer by turning on the shower and soaking her clothes.  (I 
believe this allows you to make a few more mistakes before you have to worry 
about her catching on fire, though I can't say for sure.)  When you're ready, 
open the door and make your way through the burning apartment.

Hold down [Square], L1, and R2, then release them and tap Up to leap over the 
flames.  You'll need to stay toward the edges of the room, avoiding the firey 
parts in the middle.  (In the event that you do catch on fire, you'll need to 
shake the controller up-and-down to put out the flames.  Failing that will 
result in a very painful death.)  When you reach the easy chair, push it out 
of the way by holding [Square] and [X] and mashing L1.  Stay away from the 
windows; the fall will kill you if you try to jump, and there's a good chance 
of falling debris setting Madison ablaze when you back away from it.  
Instead, head toward the door into the next room.

Make your way past the desk, until you're next to the filing cabinet.  Push 
it over by holding [Square] and [X] and mashing R1, then climb on top of it.  
To clear the next gap hold [O], L1, and R2, release them, and press L1.  Head 
into the kitchen through the door on the right, and open the refrigerator.  
Quickly clear out the contents by shaking the controller up-and-down.  To 
squeeze yourself inside, hold down [Square], [X], and R1.  The gas canister 
explodes, Madison survives, and you earn the "Cold as Ice" Trophy.

If Madison found out where Shaun was being held--and there is no reason why 
she shouldn't have--you have the option to call either Ethan or Jayden before 
heading there yourself.  Unfortunately, you can only call one.  This is an 
easy choice if one of them discovered the address on their own, but if both 
men messed up you'll have to choose which one gets to join her.  Pick one, or 
skip the call and choose to go solo, and all the stories come to a climax at 
the warehouse where Shaun Mars is clinging to life.

Chapter 51:
The Old Warehouse

-Trophies: Simple Mind
           All ending Trophies (see Endings Guide)

This is it.  All four stories come to a head here, the place where the 
Origami Killer and his new victim wait.  This is where all your efforts over 
the course of the game to track down the killer finally pay off.

If no one managed to find the address, all you will see a brief cutscene of 
the abandoned warehouse.  Shaun will die, and a series of very sad ending 
scenes will follow.  So long as at least one character reaches the warehouse, 
however, it will be possible to save Shaun (and earn the "Saved the Kid" 
Trophy.)  Exactly how the chapter plays out depends on which characters 
survived to confront the killer.

*Scenario 1: Ethan Alone*

This is the only version of the final chapter which you can complete without 
a fight, though this ending is bittersweet at best.  Hurry across the 
warehouse to the square grate, and you will find your son at the edge of 
death.  Shake the controller up-and-down, then look around for an instrument 
to break open the grate.  There's a long iron pole to your right which will 
do the job nicely.  Go back to the grate, tap Down to position the pole, and 
shove down three times to break the lock.  Mash [O] until a controller prompt 
appears, then shove up to push the grate out of the way.  Lift Shaun out of 
the water by tapping Down and mashing [X].  Once he's out, Ethan will try to 
save his son by performing CPR.  Hold R1, then L1, and shove the controller 
down three times to restart his heart.  Then hold L1 and Down to blow air 
into his lungs.  Repeat this process twice, and one way or another this 
ordeal will be over.

It's at this point that the killer chooses to make his presence known.  He'll 
explain to Ethan that he's finally found what he's looking for, and then 
he'll give you the opportunity to kill him.  You can oblige by pressing R1, 
or you can put the gun back in your pocket to let him walk away.  There is no 
Trophy associated with this decision, so just make whichever decision you 
think you could live with.  Carry Shaun to the other end of the warehouse, 
set him on the ground, and open the door.  When you do, the final chapter 
will come to a jarring end.  I hope it was worth it.

*Scenario 2: Jayden Alone*

This scenario is identical to Ethan's at first.  Try lifting the grate by 
shaking it, then break the lock.  (Unlike Ethan, Jayden can simply shoot the 
lock open with his gun.)  Pull Shaun out of the water, and perform CPR as 
described above to save him.

As soon as you've finished, the killer will sneak from behind and knock 
Jayden down.  You'll be prompted to mash [O], then mash [X].  After that, 
you'll be prompted to tap Right, then Right again, and finally Left.  Of 
those five commands, the only one that matters is the final Left tap.  
Failing leads immediately to Jayden's death, while succeeding allows him to 
grab the gun and send the killer running for the rooftops.

Jayden will follow him, and the two engage in a drawn-out fight to the 
death.  Though it occurs as a continuous sequence in this scenario, I have 
divided the fight into three parts for ease of reference in later scenarios.  
The fight begins like this:

Shove down
Shake up-and-down
Shove down
Mash [X]

Part two:

Counterclockwise from the right
Mash [Triangle]
Mash [X]
Shove up
Shove down
Shove up
Shove down

And finally, part three:

Counterclockwise from the right
Shove up
Clockwise from the left

If Jayden is still alive, the killer will be hanging for dear life and will 
beg for you to save him.  You're now down to the final decision of the game: 
help him, or do nothing.  If you do nothing, he will fall and the game is 
complete.  If you help him, you're forced to successfully perform the 
following commands: 

Mash [Triangle]
Mash [X]

Succeed at that, and you complete the game with the "Simple Mind" Trophy in 

*Scenario 3: Madison Alone*

Like Ethan and Jayden, Madison finds Shaun in the well and starts shaking the 
grate.  Before she has a chance to pry it open, though, the killer shows up 
to confront her.  Your goal is to grab the pole lying at the killer's feet.  
But in order to reach it, you need to lower the killer's guard so you can get 
closer.  To do that you'll need to select the right conversation options, 
allowing you to slowly move closer while he rambles about his purpose.  The 
calmer conversation options seem to work better: "Understanding" and "Calm" 
seem to take his guard down, while "Aggressive" and "Reason" make him hostile 
and force you to back off.

After a minimum of four conversation options, you should see a prompt to pick 
up the pole by pressing Down.  As soon as you do, you'll have to immediately 
shove down the controller, then shove it down again, to knock him out; 
missing either command will kill you.  Once he's out, you can rescue Shaun 
from the well and perform CPR on him.  This sequence is identical to Ethan's, 
except that it only takes two shoves to break the lock this time.  Once 
you've finished, the killer will get up and kick you to the ground.  Hold R1, 
L1, and [X] to get up, and he will kick you down again.  Then hold R1 and L1, 
shake up-and-down, and tap R1 to break free.  Failing any of the last three 
commands will kill you.

If you succeeded, Madison will escape to the roof and the killer will follow 
her.  Her chase sequence starts like this:

Mash [X]

At this point you'll have to navigate your way through the crates at ground 
level, tapping either Left, Up, or Right at every intersection.  There are 
many possible routes you can take, though I advise you to take as many 
corners as possible.  Going straight gives him a clear shot, which you'll 
have to avoid with either [X] or [Square].  At the final intersection, you're 
given the choice between climbing a ladder (by tapping Right) and grabbing a 
metal pole to use as a weapon (by tapping Down).  You can smack the killer 
with the pole to buy you a little more time, assuming you shove the 
controller down when prompted.  Do not attempt to grab the gun after that.  
Instead, go directly for the ladder.

To climb the ladder, you'll need to mash L1+R1 continuously for a long 
while.  The killer will grab you twice, once on the bottom of the ladder and 
once halfway up.  The first time requires no additional commands, while the 
second requires you to shake the controller up-and-down in order to break 
free.  Just keep mashing until you reach the top, and eventually the chase 
sequence will transform into a proper fight sequence.  The commands:
Mash [X]

At this point the killer will make himself vulnerable, allowing you to push 
him over the side.  He clings on for dear life, and you have to choose 
whether to save him or not.  Refusing ends the chapter immediately, while if 
you help him you'll have to immediately shake the controller up-and-down, 
then tap R1.  That will earn you the "Simple Mind" Trophy and finish the game.

*Scenario 4: Ethan and Madison *

Ethan enters the warehouse, rescues Shaun from the well, and performs CPR on 
him as described in Scenario 1.  Once he's finished, however, both Madison 
and the killer arrive.  To keep the killer from executing both of them, shove 
the controller down and then shake it up-and-down for a while.  Whether you 
succeed or not, Ethan will end up getting shot.  Don't panic; this is how the 
scene is supposed to play out.  After Ethan falls, the killer will go for 
Madison.  Tap R1 to break free.

Madison and the killer escape to the rooftop, whereupon they engage in the 
chase sequence described in Scenario 3.  Rather than getting finished by 
Madison, however, the killer is unexpectedly shot by a very familiar face.  
Tap R1 to shoot him again, or just let him fall to his death.

*Scenario 5: Ethan and Jayden*

Ethan enters the warehouse, but is stopped by the killer as he approaches the 
location where Shaun is being held.  Jayden arrives on the scene just in time 
to save Ethan, and Jayden and the killer fight on the roof as described in 
Scenario 2.

When the first part of the fight sequence ends, the scene shifts back to 
Ethan.  Resuscitate Shaun by performing CPR on him as described in Scenario 
1.  When you've completed that, you'll return to parts two and three of 
Jayden's fight sequence.  Be alert, as the fight continues with a tricky 
analog stick rotation almost as soon as the scene changes.  Continue the 
fight all the way to the end, collect the "Simple Mind" Trophy or let him 
fall, and the Origami Killer is no longer a threat.

*Scenario 6: Madison and Jayden*

This time it's Madison who walks into the warehouse.  After she finds Shaun 
and shakes the grate a bit, Jayden and the killer both arrive.  The killer 
kicks Jayden down and attempts to strangle Madison.  You will need to break 
free using the same commands as in Scenario 3, after which Madison will run 
away with the killer in hot pursuit.  Left alone for the moment, Jayden 
finally has the chance to save Shaun.  Pull him out of the water and perform 
CPR in the same manner as in Scenario 2.  After that, Madison goes through 
the chase sequence described in Scenario 3, while Jayden arrives just in time 
to save her.

If Madison fails to escape the killer's grip, she dies and the chapter plays 
out a little differently.  Jayden immediately follows him to the rooftop, 
after which they initiate the fight sequence from Scenario 2.  If Jayden dies 
during this fight, Shaun will still drown.  If he wins the fight, however, he 
will return to rescue Shaun once it is finished.  (Interestingly, in this 
scenario the "Simple Mind" Trophy is only obtainable if Madison dies at the 

*Scenario 7: Ethan, Madison, and Jayden*

The most complicated (and arguably best) scenario occurs if all three manage 
to find the warehouse.  The scenario once gain opens with Ethan walking into 
the warehouse, then discovering the well Shaun is trapped in.  The killer 
gives a little speech, Jayden saves Ethan's life at the last moment, and 
Jayden follows him to the roof.  Before the fight begins, however, Ethan has 
to break open the grate and pull Shaun out of the water, as described in 
Scenario 1.  Once he's done so, the scene will cut to Jayden on the rooftop.  
The first part of Jayden's fight sequence from Scenario 2 takes place now.

We see a brief scene between Madison and the police force huddled outside, 
after which the game returns to part two of Jayden's fight.  (Once again, 
watch out for a tricky analog stick rotation as soon as you return.)  The 
fight is interrupted once again, this time by Ethan.  He'll need to perform 
CPR on his son in order to hopefully save him.

Once the CPR is complete, a desperate Madison will have to force her way past 
the police.  This sequence only occurs in this particular scenario.  It must 
be performed perfectly; even a single error will result in Madison getting 
arrested and Ethan dying.  It goes as follows:

Shove down
Turn right
Turn right
Turn left
Turn right
Turn left

If you succeed, Madison will be able to slip into the warehouse and warn 
Ethan about the men with guns outside.  If not, Ethan will carry Shaun to the 
door and then open it as he does at the end of Scenario 1, with the same 
results.  Either way, we will continue to the third and final part of 
Jayden's fight sequence.  Battle him to the edge, choose to earn the "Simple 
Mind" Trophy or let him fall, and this game is complete.


For better or worse, your story is over now.  The game will give you one of 
several "News Report" scenes summarizing the results of your actions, 
followed by several character-specific endings that show the fates (or, 
depending on who died, the graves) of Ethan Mars, Scott Shelby, Norman 
Jayden, and Madison Paige at the story's conclusion.  Roll the end credits.

If you would prefer to remember Heavy Rain as the single story produced by 
your first and only playthrough of the game, feel free to stop here at the 
end.  Even if you never replay the story, you may well find it to be one of 
the most satisfying gaming experiences of your life.  If you are like me, 
however, and prefer to explore every possible direction the story could have 
gone (and earn every Trophy the game has to offer), you would be well advised 
to take a peek at the Endings Guide below.

                              ENDINGS GUIDE

While the walkthrough above provides an excellent roadmap for getting what 
you want out of the game, a roadmap isn't much use if you don't know your 
destination.  This is particularly important when you consider that between 
its four main characters Heavy Rain has 17 unique endings, which require 
several playthroughs to be completely viewed.  For convenience I have divided 
this part of the guide into two sections, one dealing with the several ending-
related Trophies and another dealing with obtaining all the endings.

Since anyone reading this guide should have already completed the game first, 
I will post plot spoilers freely throughout this part of the FAQ.  Even more 
than before:



In addition to the 50 chapter-specific Trophies listed in the walkthrough, 
and the Heavy Rain MASTER Trophy for collecting all other Trophies, there are 
six Trophies which can only be obtained in the process of completing the 
game.  These are:

Heavy Rain Hero
Saved the Kid
Four Heroes
So Close...
Perfect Crime
All Endings

The requirements to obtain each Trophy are as follows:

1) Heavy Rain Hero

You automatically earn this when you finish the game, no matter which endings 
you earned.  Think of it as a pat on the back for making it all the way to 
the end.

2) Saved the Kid

While not technically automatic, this Trophy is almost as easy to earn.  So 
long as someone manages to pull Shaun out of the well and start CPR on him, 
he will live.  In fact, there are only three possible ways to end the game 
without saving him: if no one finds the warehouse, if Madison comes alone and 
she dies at the first opportunity, or if Madison and Jayden come together and 
they both die before they can pull him out.  If you're reading this, you 
almost certainly already have this Trophy.

3) Four Heroes

This Trophy represents the "best" ending to the game, the one in which Ethan, 
Jayden, and Madison all make it to the Old Warehouse and survive to the 
ending.  To get it you must first ensure that all of them actually reach the 
warehouse.  (They don't all necessarily have to find it on their own.  
Madison can call either Ethan or Jayden after she escapes Shelby's apartment, 
though the other guy still has to find it himself.)  Once there, Jayden must 
win his conveyor-belt brawl against Shelby and Madison must successfully 
break through the police line to warn Ethan.  Fortunately, the control scheme 
is forgiving enough that it's fairly easy to do both after you've assembled 
all the heroes.

(The observant player will note that only three heroes are accounted for, 
since Shelby must die for Jayden to survive.  Presumably the fourth "hero" is 
Shaun Mars, the boy who was abducted by the Origami Killer and managed to 
survive when no other victim had before.)

4) So Close...

What happens when the "Four Heroes" scenario goes utterly wrong.  As above, 
you need to ensure that Ethan, Jayden, and Madison all reach the final 
chapter.  Aside from pulling Shaun out of the water and performing CPR, you 
should take your hands off the controller and allow the other characters to 
screw up.  Let Shelby kill Jayden on the conveyor belt, have Madison get 
arrested by the police, and lead Ethan to the door to be gunned down by a 
hail of bullets.  It's not the worst possible conclusion, since Shaun 
survives and Madison still gets a good ending out of it, but it's not the 
ending you'd probably want to your first playthrough.

5) Perfect Crime

THIS is the worst ending, the one in which Shelby ends the game alive and 
with no one to identify him or punish him for his crimes.  This particular 
Trophy is very time-consuming, however, since if you saved Hassan's life in 
Chapter 10 you will have to replay all the way from there to the end of the 
game to get it.  In order to earn it, you must do the following in a single 

--Chapter 10: Let Hassan die, by hiding in the back of the store until the 
robber pulls the trigger.
--Chapter 31: Wipe all the fingerprints in Manfred's shop.
--Chapter 42: Let Lauren drown in the car.
--Chapter 43: Let Charles Kramer die, by walking away without giving him his 

After that all you need to do is ensure that Shelby personally kills both 
Madison and Jayden, and that Ethan fails to find the warehouse.  It's easiest 
to have Ethan arrested in Chapter 41, Madison burn in Chapter 50, and Jayden 
executed in the warehouse in the final chapter, though any scenario which 
satisfies those three conditions will do.  (You could also have Ethan visit 
the wrong address, Jayden get gutted with the sword in Chapter 40, or Madison 
get killed in the warehouse.)  Interestingly, Shaun will still live if you 
finish the game as suggested above.  The important thing is not whether his 
victim dies, but whether Shelby conceals all evidence of his crimes.

6) All Endings

As the name implies, you have to watch every possible ending to get this 
Trophy.  The specifics are discussed in the Possible Endings section below.  
I suggest you save this one for last, since it is easily the most time-
consuming of all the Trophies.


Obtaining all 18 endings is an exercise in patience, since you will have to 
replay as far back as Chapter 41 several times in order to see them all.  
Alienware's Trophy Guide contains an excellent brief walkthrough for 
collecting them all in the shortest time possible.  For the sake of clarity, 
I have organized the endings according to the character on whom they focus.

1) Ethan and Madison's Endings

These two "joint" endings replace the individual endings Ethan and Madison 
would otherwise receive.

-A New Life: Ethan and Madison become a couple, and Shaun lives.  In order to 
make them a couple, you need to have Ethan kiss Madison and then forgive her 
in Chapter 41.  You also need to escape the police in that chapter, and keep 
both Ethan and Madison alive to the end of the game.

-Tears in the Rain: Ethan and Madison become a couple, but Shaun dies.

2) Ethan's Endings

-Ethan's Grave: Ethan dies.  (Since Ethan cannot be killed prior to the final 
chapter, Shaun will always be alive in this ending.  Curiously, this only 
occurs in ending Scenarios 1 and 7.  If just Ethan and Madison or just Ethan 
and Jayden make it to the warehouse, Ethan will always live.)

-A New Start: Ethan escapes the police in Chapter 41 and survives to the end, 
and Shaun lives.

-Origami Blues: Ethan escapes the police in Chapter 41 and survives to the 
end, but Shaun dies.

-Innocent: Ethan is imprisoned in Chapter 41, but Shaun lives.

-Helpless: Ethan is imprisoned in Chapter 41, and Shaun dies.

3) Madison's Endings

-Heroine: Madison reaches the warehouse, saves Shaun, and survives to the end.

-Square One: Madison escapes Shelby's apartment, but does not get the address 
from the computer and fails to reach the warehouse.

-Dead Heroine: Madison dies.  (The ending will change slightly depending on 
whether Ethan kissed and forgave Madison back in Chapter 41, but both 
versions count as the same ending.)

4) Jayden's Endings

-Case Closed: Jayden reaches the warehouse, saves Shaun, and survives to the 

-Resignation: Jayden lives, but fails to reach the warehouse.  Someone else 
manages to save Shaun.

-Smoking Mirror: Jayden lives, but no one is able to save Shaun.

-Uploaded: Jayden dies.

5) Shelby's Endings

-A Mother's Revenge: Both Shelby and Lauren survive to the end.

-Unpunished: Shelby survives to the end, but Lauren dies in Chapter 42.

-Origami's Grave: Shelby dies.  You'll get a slightly different version 
depending on whether Lauren is alive or not.


Alienware: His Trophy Guide was my sole reference material (aside from the 
game itself) while I was writing this guide.  I'm not sure how I would have 
ever earned some of the more difficult Trophies--Kamikaze and All Endings in 
particular--without the assistance of his guide.

Artur Soares, Pawin Chandrathip, and many others: For their invaluable advice 
on passing the Mad Jack action sequence.

David Cage and Quantic Dream: For creating and publishing what is quite 
possibly the most original game I have ever played.

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