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Close X Guide and Walkthrough (PC)
by PuppyLand

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough (PC) by PuppyLand

Updated: 08/17/2017
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Important Gameplay Information
    1. The spoilerous trailer/opening
    2. Starting with the right foot
    3. Missables
    4. Permanently Variable Entries
    5. Rare Materials
    6. Remapping the control scheme
    7. "Melee" and "Projectile" Orbs
    8. Backtracking efficiency
    9. The truth about multiple playthroughs, and how Endings really work
    10. New Game+ / Chapter Select
    11. The Chips paranoia
    12. Level-ups paranoia?
    13. Know the strongest moves
    14. Save Files Deletion
    15. Note for the PC Version gamers
  3. General Gameplay Information
    1. Basic Gameplay Moves
    2. Power-Playing
    3. Miscellaneous
  4. Walkthrough - Summarized
    1. Chapter 01
    2. Chapter 02
    3. Chapter 03
    4. Chapter 04
    5. Chapter 05
    6. Chapter 06
    7. Chapter 07
    8. Chapter 08
    9. Chapter 09
    10. Chapter 10
    11. Chapter 01 (NG+)
    12. Chapter 02 (NG+)
    13. Chapter 03 (NG+)
    14. Chapter 04 (NG+)
    15. Chapter 05 (NG+)
    16. Chapter 06 (NG+)
    17. Chapter 07 (NG+)
    18. Chapter 08 (NG+)
    19. Chapter 09 (NG+)
    20. Chapter 10 (NG+)
    21. Chapter 11
    22. Chapter 13
    23. Chapter 15
    24. Chapter 12
    25. Chapter 14
    26. Chapter 16
    27. Chapter 17
    28. Ending E
    29. Post-Ending - Final Tasks
  5. Walkthrough - Extended
    1. *Chapter 01
    2. *Chapter 02
    3. *Chapter 03
    4. *Chapter 04
    5. *Chapter 05
    6. *Chapter 06
    7. *Chapter 07
    8. *Chapter 08
    9. *Chapter 09
    10. *Chapter 10
    11. *Chapter 01 (NG+)
    12. *Chapter 02 (NG+)
    13. *Chapter 03 (NG+)
    14. *Chapter 04 (NG+)
    15. *Chapter 05 (NG+)
    16. *Chapter 06 (NG+)
    17. *Chapter 07 (NG+)
    18. *Chapter 08 (NG+)
    19. *Chapter 09 (NG+)
    20. *Chapter 10 (NG+)
    21. *Chapter 11
    22. *Chapter 13
    23. *Chapter 15
    24. *Chapter 12
    25. *Chapter 14
    26. *Chapter 16
    27. *Chapter 17
    28. *Ending E
    29. Post-Ending Content
  6. DLC: 3C3C1D119440927
  7. Chips
    1. All About Chips
    2. Chips Cost & Chips Fusion (Explanation, Formulas, and Tables)
    3. Chips Effects and Locations
  8. Weapons
    1. Weapons in this game
    2. Small Swords
    3. Large Swords
    4. Spears
    5. Combat Bracers
  9. Pods
  10. Materials
  11. Consumable Items
  12. Accessories & Costumes
  13. Quests
  14. Side Events
    1. Golden Robots
    2. Wise Machines
    3. Flight Unit Message
    4. Golden Bunny (Amusement Park Rabbit)
    5. Secret Bosses
  15. Endings (Spoiler-Free)
  16. Shops
    1. The Bunker
    2. Resistance Camp
    3. Desert: Camp / Oil Field
    4. Amusement Park
    5. Pascal's Village
    6. Forest Kingdom
    7. (Minor Spoiler)'s Shop
  17. Intel
    1. Archives
    2. Tutorials
    3. Weapon Stories
    4. Picture Books
    5. Fishing
    6. Novel
    7. Unit Data
  18. Arcade
  19. Farming EXP and Money


SPOILER WARNING: this whole section will necessarily contain some story spoilers out in the open. You have no reason to check this section at all before you have finished the game (third playthrough/Route C), so don't (or if you do, do so at your own risk). The Unit Data section is particularly dangerous, since it has names of enemies/bosses. Even the other sections, due to necessary story-related references, will contain some (minor, but still probably annoying) spoilers.

None of the Intel entries is missable.

Intel completion is arguably the most time-consuming aspect of the game, at least for completionists. While most of the Intel is actually easy to obtain, two Intel types will require a lot of time and patience to complete: the Unit Data, and the Fishing Encyclopedia. The former will actually be rather annoying for most people: while Fishing doesn't directly have any impact on anything else, Unit Data 95% completion is required for a quest, which in its turn is "required" (technically speaking there are other ways; practically speaking it's still the best option, probably) to obtain some Materials (Elaborate Gadget) to upgrade Pods.


(01-07) Pear Harbor Descent Records
All the seven Archives of this group are found in the same location. In particular, in Chapter 14-01 you need to go to the Resistance Camp, fight some enemies outside of it to continue with the story, and then speak with Anemone twice to advance more. After that, speak with Anemone a third time, and she will tell you that you can use the nearby computers. Do so (examine the computers) to obtain these entries (http://i.imgur.com/VESFjlV.jpg).

01. YoRHa: Gunner 16
02. YoRHa: Scanner 21
03. YoRHa: Attacker 4
04. YoRHa: Attacker 2
05. Resistance: Rose
06. Resistance: Anemone
07. Pearl Harbor Descent Summary

08. Letter to the Forest King: obtained during quest Treasure Hunt at the Castle.

09. 11B's Escape Plan: obtained during quest 11B's Memento.

10. Jackass's Bomb Recipe: obtained during quest Sorting Trouble 3.

(11-17) Saved Machine Records

11. Library Index: found in the "white library" in The Tower.
12. Human Server Records: found in the "white library" in The Tower.
13. Tower System Outline: found in the Flooded City's "recovery unit" tower.
14. Class 1 Patient Health Record: found in the "white library" in The Tower.
15. [Top Secret] Black Box: found in the Flooded City's "recovery unit" tower.
16. [Top Secret] Model No.2: received in The Tower during the story.
17. [Top Secret] YoRHa Disposal: received in The Tower during the story.

18. Weapon Shop Flyer: found in a hack chest in the canyon/crevasse/valley area (http://i.imgur.com/LUFaGY2.jpg).

(19-21) Engel's Memories
All of these three archives are obtained during the quests Machine Examination 1 and Machine Examination 2.

19. Engels 110-B Record 0005
20. Engels 110-B Record 0010
21. Engels 110-B Record 0020

22. Infant Machine's Memories: (unknown exact location). It's probably obtained automatically during the story in Route C.

(23-25) Data Saved on Server
All of these three archives are obtained during the story in Chapter 08 (NG+/Route B).

23. Shipping Records
24. YoRHa Body Storage Records
25. Council/YoRHa Records

26. A Pious Robot's Will: found in a hack chest in Abandoned Factory (second room when you enter the factory from City Ruins) (http://i.imgur.com/VcPTvkS.jpg).

27. Record of a Bestial Machine: obtained during quest Turf War.

28. [Top Secret] Project YoRHa: obtained during the story in Chapter 10 (NG+/Route B).

(29-55) Old World Information

29. Abandoned Factory Memo: found in a hack chest in Abandoned Factory underground (room accessed by jumping off (to the left) the first set of smashing-machines) (same room as the Engine Blade) (http://i.imgur.com/dXJfKUl.jpg).
30. Factory Cafeteria Sign: found in a hack chest in Abandoned Factory (about midway through) (http://i.imgur.com/hLatU8d.jpg).
31. Newspaper Scrap: found in a hack chest in Flooded City (building in the middle of the water) (http://i.imgur.com/3ueh9uS.jpg).
32. Filthy Lottery Ticket: found in a hack chest in Amusement Park (area around the access point) (http://i.imgur.com/Ql66TXb.jpg).
33. Tattered Pamphlet: found in a hack chest in Amusement Park (area with the Tank miniboss) (http://i.imgur.com/FvwGvIk.jpg).
34. Rotten Info Sheet: found in a hack chest in Forest Kingdom (just outside Forest Castle) (http://i.imgur.com/b8ooROH.jpg).
35. Strange Doll: found in a hack chest in Forest Kingdom (Forest zone; middle/middle-east of the first half of the area) (http://i.imgur.com/ojYwdOr.jpg).
36. Bulletin Record: found in a hack chest in Desert: Housing Complex (http://i.imgur.com/ebJtEvV.jpg).
37. Paper Attached to Vehicle: found in a hack chest in City Ruins (near the truck on the path to Abandoned Factory) (http://i.imgur.com/McAcYc6.jpg).
38. Ragged DVD: found in a hack chest in City Ruins (building roof on the west side) (http://i.imgur.com/tN9P22L.jpg).
39. Department Store Flyer: found in a hack chest just outside of the Commercial Facility (http://i.imgur.com/Wa3VXLv.jpg).
40. Nuclear Arms Manual: obtained during quest Data on the Old World (http://i.imgur.com/t7WUvl8.jpg).

41. Mysterious Lithograph 1: found in a hack chest in Desert: Housing Complex (http://i.imgur.com/wqkWokQ.jpg).
42. Mysterious Lithograph 2: obtained during quest Heritage of the Past (http://i.imgur.com/Zp8sTAN.jpg).
43. Mysterious Lithograph 3: found in a hack chest in Desert: Center (http://i.imgur.com/lQBRAnm.jpg).
44. Mysterious Lithograph 4: found in a hack chest in Desert: Camp. To reach this one, go down the tunnels and take the southwestern exit. Then proceed, and make your way to this item by jumping and gliding off some ledges (http://i.imgur.com/x3rF7Nw.jpg).

45. Project Gestalt Report 1: found in the "white hacking space" sequence in Chapter 09 (NG+/Route B) (treasure 1: http://i.imgur.com/74ncSsN.png)
46. Project Gestalt Report 2: same as previous entry (treasure 2).
47. Project Gestalt Report 3: same as previous entry (treasure 3).
48. Project Gestalt Report 4: found in a hack chest in the dungeon leading to Emil's Residence (http://i.imgur.com/WzLcWF3.jpg).
49. Project Gestalt Report 5: found in a chest beyond the second hack-door in Abandoned Factory underground (http://i.imgur.com/oI7rffn.jpg).
50. Project Gestalt Report 6: found in a hack chest in Desert: Camp area. To reach this one, go down the tunnels and take the southwestern exit (http://i.imgur.com/nxFK5YX.jpg).
51. Project Gestalt Report 7: found in a hack chest in the dungeon leading to Emil's Residence (http://i.imgur.com/jiR6KPe.jpg).
52. Project Gestalt Report 8: found in a hack chest in Desert: Center (somewhere southeast) (http://i.imgur.com/zUJylCX.jpg).
53. Project Gestalt Report 9: found in a hack chest in The Tower (http://i.imgur.com/6xoYjXj.jpg).
54. Project Gestalt Report 10: found in a hack chest in the underground of the Commercial Facility (need Elevator Key, obtained from quest Emil's Memories, to reach it) (http://i.imgur.com/juLEwda.jpg).
55. Project Gestalt Report 11: found in a hack chest in The Tower (http://i.imgur.com/8onHpIx.jpg).

56. Machine Research Report: obtained during the story in Route C.


Note: the second category of Intel is actually Unit Data, but I'll leave that one for last since it's the longest.

Tutorials won't necessarily automatically be 100% by the time you are done playing. Personally, I was just missing the "Other Players' Bodies" since I played with Network OFF all the time.

01. Basic Controls.

02. Combat Controls.

03. Hacking.

04. Flight Unit Controls.

05. Animal Riding Controls.

06. System Menu.

07. Mini-Map.

08. Access Points.

09. Access Points: Transport.

10. Access Points: Unavailable. I think to get this one you need to try to fast-travel to an access point that is temporarily disabled. Chapter 08 has two of these right at the start.

11. Access Points: Inbox.

12. Access Points: Arcade.

13. Death and Recovery. You need to die (and recover your body maybe) to get this one I think.

14. Uploading upon Death. I think you need to die with Network ON.

15. Other Players' Bodies. You need to have Network ON and retrieve the body of another player for this one. A location with plenty of said bodies is just outside Emil's Residence.

16. Sub-quests.

17. Sub-quests Progress.

18. Debug Menu.

Weapon Stories

Very simply, each entry of this section is unlocked when you upgrade each weapon. It will automatically be 100% once you have all your weapons to level 4. Refer to the weapons section for more information on weapons locations/upgrades.

Picture Books

Another easy-100%. In this case, playing the game on Route B will unlock most of these entries. One more is obtained via a quest. The extra ones can be obtained with the DLC (the game will display 100% regardless of whether or not you have the DLC ones).

01. Spirit of Fire.

02. Treasured Items.

03. Parenticide.

04. The Kind King.

05. In the Deep Sea.

06. A Reason to Live.

07. Together.

08. Memories of War: do the quest Emil's Memories.

09. Restraints: obtained during the DLC.

10. Escape: obtained during the DLC.

11. Revenge: obtained during the DLC.


When you are near an area where you can Fish, you will see the "Start Fishing" button prompt on the screen. If you have the (completely useless) HUD: Fishing Spots Chip equipped, you will also have a notification in the upper-right corner of the screen when you are in an area where you can Fish.

There are no fishing rods or baits to use during the Fishing minigame. The mechanics are very simple:

  1. Hold Circle in a fishing-area to enter "fishing mode".
  2. Throw the Pod anywhere you want in the water.
  3. When the Pod seems to be moving (you'll notice that it seems like something "bit" the Pod; you can even hear the water movements a bit), press X to retrieve the Pod. If you are fast enough, you will catch something. Note that the Pod won't always necessarily catch something; if after a few seconds he's not reacting, then retrieve it and try again.

There are no special strategies for fishing that I'm aware of. In fact, it's basically all random luck. Obviously, certain locations (and possibly specific spots in a certain location) will have certain types of "Fish" (or reward, in general) that can be found in only that spot.

A lot of speculation can be made, but to the best of my knowledge Fishing is just flat out all random (except, again, for the fact that certain areas have certain possible rewards). I've heard that fishing with certain Pods is better than others, and even that using certain Accessories/Costumes can improve the chances of catching certain Fish. The list of speculations is even longer than these two example, but as far as I know there are only anecdotes to back up the claims that there are ways to influence the rewards for Fishing. Therefore I strongly suggest that, if you care about Fishing at all, you just worry about where you throw your Pod to fish rather than wasting time trying to manipulate what is most likely a "non-manipulatable" RNG (random number generator). Or, in other words, don't try to change the outcome of something that is entirely based on luck -- just keep trying.

Just a couple of practical notes for when you go fishing. First, you may find it helpful to toggle the Pod light on, so you can see where you throw him a bit better (especially in darker areas). Second, sometimes you can actually catch things without the Pod moving/reacting at all (it seems like it's a failed catch, but he comes back with some reward). I don't know if this is a bug, or maybe I just missed it when the Pod moved in the water, but I just wanted to mention it in case you have the same thing occurring to you.

Also, keep in mind that Fishing rewards are basically useless for the most part. You can catch one unique Weapon (Iron Pipe) in the sewers passage between City Ruins and Amusement Park, and you can catch Pod B from Flooded City. Aside from these two rewards, every other reward (Fish or otherwise) is just some random collection item. Fish-rewards do sell for quite a bit of cash though, so Fishing is actually a decent early-game G-farming option. Still, it's not like you need much money (or any at all) early on anyway.

Fishing Encyclopedia

When going for the Fishing Encyclopedia, I recommend that you proceed "by area" rather than "by in-game list order". The thing is, each area has a particularly rare Fish (one or more) which should be your priority, and then there are other entries which range from common to uncommon ones. Said "other entries" can be found elsewhere too.

So let's say that, for example, you need to catch Arapaima Machine (uncommon one in Forest/Valley), Arapaima (rare one in Forest), and Arowana Machine (rare one in Valley). What you want to do here is try and catch, for instance, the Arapaima in the Forest. If by the time you get an Arapaima you haven't caught an Arapaima Machine yet, move on to the Valley and start trying to get the Arowana Machine -- chances are that by the time you catch the Arowana Machine you will have caught the less-rare Arapaima Machine too at this point. If not, after getting all the rare ones in every area, start hunting down the uncommon ones, and lastly any common ones -- it's very unlikely that you won't already automatically have all the common ones by the time you have caught the rare ones, and it's also rather unlikely that you won't also have all the uncommon ones too by the time you have all the rare ones.

So, again, proceed like this:
- Get the rare ones, area by area
- If by the time you have obtained all the rare ones you still haven't got the uncommon ones, hunt them down one by one
- If by some miracle you haven't obtained all the other common ones by now, mop up any remaining one

In my video and list below I'll call "Goal Fish" the Fish you should try to get in each area. My "goal Fish" are basically all the rare ones of each area, and occasionally also some uncommon ones too.

I recommend that you don't try too hard to imitate my exact locations where I throw the Pod: as long as you are in the right pond/body of water, you'll be able to catch the desired Fish. In fact, I actually had the best overall luck in Flooded City, where I caught all the necessary Fish in a relatively short amount of time, and in Flooded City I actually kept changing the position where I threw the Pod almost all the time (though if you watch the video it actually looks like I always fished by throwing the Pod east). I noticed the same thing in the Desert oasis, where I spent almost two hours to get a Beetle Fish -- most of this time was spent trying to imitate the exact position of another video of someone catching it, but after I started throwing the Pod all around the oasis in various locations I actually ended up catching the Beetle Fish in just 5-10 minutes of tries.

I don't want to give you the wrong idea here: it's very possible that those were just coincidences for me. Then again, maybe switching the position where you throw the Pod can help "shuffle" the Fish positions in the pond? Maybe yes, maybe no. The bottom line here should be this though: regardless of whether changing the Pod position (in other words, actually avoiding throwing the Pod in the same position as I do all the time) helps or not, to me it's clear that imitating the same area where you throw the Pod is NOT necessary at all. Therefore don't bother with "maybe if I throw the Pod exactly where he did in the video I'll get lucky too!": this has been debunked so many times, and I can confirm it's totally wrong. Sure enough, with all the people Fishing, and all the Fish available, eventually some coincidences and anecdotes of people finding a certain Fish in a more or less exact point of the water are bound to come up. But just like a broken watch is right twice a day, of course with all the cases available there will be some coincidences that make it seem like specific spots in the water may have specific Fish types.

I also want to point out that many other factors that some people theorized are completely irrelevant for the purposes of Fishing. All of these factors don't matter:

- Which save file you are using (yes, some people have speculated that too)
- Which character you are using
- Which level the character is
- Which equipment (weapons, chips, Pod programs, accessories/costumes) you are using
- Which Pod you are using
- Which level the Pod is
- Pod Light on/off (having it on simply helps seeing the Pod in the water, but it doesn't affect the Fish you can catch)

Which Route and Chapter you are on also seem irrelevant, but I personally did all my Fishing in these conditions: Route A, Chapter 07-01, level 99, Pod A level 4. I also did all of this on Easy difficulty, which again I doubt has any impact whatsoever (but it's safer to go Fishing on Easy than it is on Very Hard...wouldn't want to die after catching a rare Fish after all).

Long story short, nothing matters other than luck and the fact that you are in the correct pond.

I'll start by giving you a list in the in-game order in which Fish appear in the Fishing Encyclopedia. Then I'll give you an area-by-area guide, and a video which follows the same "area-by-area" process.

Fishing List (in-game order)

01. Arowana
02. Twinfish
03. Killifish
04. Carp
05. Bloat Fish
06. Koi Carp
07. Fur Carp
08. Freshwater Ray
09. Arapaima

10. Oil Sardine
11. Beetle Fish
12. Water Flea
13. Twoface
14. Coelacanth
15. Blowfish
16. Swordfish
17. Mackerel
18. Horseshoe Crab

19. Starfish
20. Bream
21. Basking Shark
22. Killifish Machine
23. Koi Carp Machine
24. Arapaima Machine
25. Carp Machine
26. Bloat Fish Machine
27. Blowfish Machine

28. Swordfish Machine
29. Starfish Machine
30. Bream Machine
31. Coelacanth Machine
32. Mackerel Machine
33. Horseshoe Crab Machine
34. Arowana Machine
35. Basking Shark Machine
36. Freshwater Ray Machine

37. Machine Lifeform Head
38. Tire
39. Gas Cylinder
40. Battery
41. Broken Firearm

Fishing List (area-by-area adviced progression)

The ten main areas where you want to fish are written down below.

Fishing Location 1 - City Ruins (shallows outside Resistance Camp)

Goal Fish:
- Killifish Machine

Fishing Location 2 - Valley / Canyon / Crevasse (where you do the quest Lord of the Valley)

Goal Fish:
- Arowana Machine (rare)

Other Fish:
- Machine Lifeform Head (rare)
- Arapaima Machine (uncommon)
- Fur Carp (uncommon)

Fishing Location 3 - Desert: Oil Field

Goal Fish:
- Oil Sardine (uncommon)
- Bloat Fish Machine

Other Fish:
- Starfish Machine
- Mackerel Machine
- Carp Machine
- Koi Carp Machine
- Bream Machine

Fishing Location 4 - Desert oasis
(This is the oasis on the west side of Desert: Center; approach the oasis from northeast to southwest to get into it through the storm)

Goal Fish:
- Beetle Fish (very rare)

I've seen videos of this fish getting caught on either end of the pond (far north or far south); also a video of a guy catching it from the western side, about in the middle of the pond. With such variety of possible locations, it's clear to me that there isn't a specific spot in the pond where you can find this fish. It is, however, very rare. Prepare to spend even hours just for this one alone.

Fishing Location 5 - Amusement Park
I did all my Fishing on the northern (left as you go towards the opera house) side of the bridge leading to the opera house.

Goal Fish:
- Freshwater Ray (rare)
- Freshwater Ray Machine (rare)

Fishing Location 6 - Forest Zone (Waterfall)
Of the many various possible Fish-areas of the Forest Zone, I did my fishing in the very first waterfall you can come across.

Goal Fish:
- Arapaima (rare)
- Arowana (uncommon)

Fishing Location 7 - Dungeon to Emil's Residence
This is the only pond in the dungeon leading to Emil's Residence (bottom level).

Goal Fish:
- Twinfish (uncommon)
- Bloat Fish

Other Fish:
- Killifish
- Carp
- Koi Carp

Fishing Location 8 - Flooded City "open sea"
In Flooded City there are various bodies of water available, and each of them features two different "pools of Fish". Broadly speaking, the "open sea" areas will have the "big Fish", whereas the areas closer to the collapsed buildings will have "small Fish".

A good "open sea" location is the western-most large body of water available in Flooded City.

Goal Fish:
- Twoface (rare)
- Swordfish (rare)
- Coelacanth Machine (rare)

- Swordfish Machine (uncommon)
- Basking Shark (uncommon)
- Basking Shark Machine (uncommon)

Other Fish:
- Water Flea
- Bream
- Bream Machine
- Mackerel
- Mackerel Machine
- Blowfish
- Blowfish Machine

Fishing Location 9 - Flooded City "near buildings"

Goal Fish:
- Coelacanth (rare)
- Horseshoe Crab (uncommon)
- Horseshoe Crab Machine (uncommon)

Other Fish:
- Starfish
- Starfish Machine

Fishing Location 10 - Sewers passage between City Ruins and Amusement Park
This is a good location to get all types of "junk Fish". Chances are that you already got a few of each of them from other locations (except maybe Battery, which is a bit uncommon but still available in Desert: Oil Field), but if not, this is where you can get them all easily.

Goal Fish:
- Tire
- Gas Cylinder
- Battery
- Broken Firearm


Novels are interactive stories. Interactive is probably a big word to be honest, since they actually have very minor "branching" options, and in reality they don't really change much anyway.

There are only six Novels in total, and three of them are story-related. Three more are obtained from the "Pearl Harbor Descent Records" Archives, so if you have those Archives you will automatically also have those three Novels.

01. Memories of a Songstress.

02. Anemone: Encounter.
03. Anemone: Understanding.
04. Anemone: Separation.
These three are the ones tied to the "Pearl Harbor Descent Records" Archives.

05. 9S's Memories.

06. Devola & Popola's Memories.

Unit Data

Last, and most likely also "least" in terms of "favorite Intel", the Unit Data is basically the "enemy encyclopedia" of this game.

Getting 100% Unit Data is dreadfully boring and actually very time-consuming compared to everything else in this game. It's nowhere near the time commitment that similar "encyclopedia" entries require in some other games, but the rarity of certain enemies is in sharp contrast with how easily and accessible the remaining 99% of the content of Nier: Automata is.

When checking certain Unit Data entries, it'll be possible to toggle between multiple "versions" of a certain entry by pressing Triangle when the entry is selected. This is possible for all the entries that have multiple different "equipment" (for example, a Shield rather than a Torch). Do note that each of these versions is considered as a separate entity for the purpose of Unit Data completion %, so you will need all possible versions if you want 100%.

Different versions of an enemy typically have a different name, too. When this isn't the case, I will add a brief description in square brackets, so you known which version I'm talking about. For example, the Multi-tier Type enemies exist, among their various versions, in a "short body" and a "tall body" version. Since both of these versions share the same in-game name in the Unit Data, I will refer to them as Multi-tier Type [Short body version] and Multi-tier Type [Tall body version]. In-game, however, you will only read "Multi-tier Type" for their name. So, again, in case you are confused, those square brackets are MY description of the enemy version (to help you understand which one it is), but they are NOT in the in-game name.

I strongly suggest that you use the same Chapters that I mention here to find the enemies you are looking for. They are most likely available in other Chapters too, but don't risk it.

Assuming that the process doesn't drive me insane first, in future updates to the walkthrough I plan (hope) to add a location for every enemy in the game. For now I will focus on what is probably the only important entries, i.e. the ones that you don't most likely already have by killing regular enemies.

Standard Machines

I personally had all the Standard Machines by the time I finished my regular playthrough. Double-check if you have them all, just in case, but you shouldn't be missing any of them since they are all very common.

001. Small Stubby
002. Small Stubby: Gun-equipped
003. Small Stubby: Shield-equipped
004. Small Stubby: Electromagnetic-shield-equipped

005. Multi-tier Type [Short body]
006. Multi-tier Type: Gun-equipped
007. Multi-tier Type [Tall body]

008. Small Biped
009. Small Biped: Torch-equipped

010. Medium Biped
011. Medium Biped: Shield-equipped
012. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped

013. Medium Quadruped [On four legs]
014. Medium Quadruped [On two legs]

015. Multi-leg Medium Model: Long-range
016. Multi-leg Medium Model: Close-range

017. Goliath Biped
018. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model

019. Reverse-jointed Goliath

020. Small Flyer

021. Medium Flyer
022. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
023. Medium Flyer: Gunner x 2, Kamikaze x 2

024. Small Exploder

025. Medium Exploder

026. Small Sphere: Axe-equipped
027. Small Sphere: Drill-equipped
028. Small Sphere: Gun-equipped

029. Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped
030. Linked-sphere Type: Drill-equipped
031. Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped
032. Linked-sphere Type: Gun-equipped

033. Rampaging Small Stubby

034. Rampaging Small Biped

035. Rampaging Medium Biped

Desert Machines

You should have most of these from regular gameplay. The only ones I was missing were some versions of the Medium Flyer.

036. Small Stubby: Saw-equipped
037. Small Stubby

038. Small Biped: Sword-equipped

039. Medium Biped: Sword-equipped
040. Medium Biped: Shield-equipped
041. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped

042. Goliath Biped

043. Small Flyer

044. Medium Flyer
Route C (Chapter 13-02 confirmed). Go to Desert: Oil Field, and head into the main area (Desert: Center) from there. Once in the Desert: Center, stick near the wall on the left side, and you'll come across this enemy soon enough.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/fNFFEaq.jpg
045. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
Chapter 07-02 Route B (as 9S) confirmed. Go to Desert: Center, and head southeast to find this enemy on some rocky ledges.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/PP9zzgo.jpg
046. Medium Flyer: Gunner x 2, Kamikaze x 2
Chapter 07-02 Route B (as 9S) confirmed. Go to Desert: Center, and head east and a bit southeast to find these enemies near a small ledge near a chest.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/tT87c1s.jpg

Amusement Park Machines

I personally had all of these Unit Data by the time I finished my regular playthrough.

047. Small Stubby

048. Small Biped

049. Medium Biped: Gun-equipped

050. Small Flyer

051. Medium Flyer
This one and the next two are found in the "recovery unit" tower in Chapter 16-02 (as 9S). They are mandatory enemies to kill to proceed.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Fq0IbVS.jpg
052. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/wFcVKvd.jpg
053. Medium Flyer: Gunner x 2, Kamikaze x 2
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/cFHGeDU.jpg

054. Rampaging Small Biped
Found in Route C.

055. Rampaging Medium Biped
Found in Route C.

Forest Kingdom Machines

Personally I was only missing the Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped.

056. Small Stubby

057. Small Biped: Spear-equipped

058. Medium Biped: Spear-equipped
059. Medium Biped: Shield-equipped
060. Medium Biped: Electromagnetic Shield-equipped.
Chapter 06-05 Route B (as 9S) confirmed. In Forest Castle, go left from the room below Masamune's Shop.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Xc3hMOh.jpg

061. Medium Quadruped [On four legs]
062. Medium Quadruped [On four legs with another machine riding on his back]
063. Medium Quadruped [On two legs]

064. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model

065. Small Flyer

Factory Machines

These are the machines in the underground part of the factory. I had them all after my regular playthrough. You may be missing the Medium Quadruped though.

066. Small Stubby
067. Small Stubby: Kamikaze Unit

068. Small Biped: Torch-equipped
069. Small Biped: Axe-equipped

070. Medium Biped: Axe-equipped

071. Medium Quadruped
Chapter 09-02_02 confirmed. Found in a particular room full of dead android bodies. From the first access point of the underground, go right and continue by jumping up after a conveyor belt. After the conveyor belt, run to the right up some stairs, and fall in the gap in said stairs. After falling, go left to find a room with this enemy in it.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8_4eajk2Rc

072. Small Flyer

Village Machines

You need to speak with the respective machine to obtain their Unit Data. Do NOT kill/destroy them: it's both unnecessary and actually counterproductive (you don't get the Unit Data that way). I was personally only missing the Multi-tier Type and the Goliath ones. They should all be available in Chapter 07-01 Route A (as 2B).

073. Small Stubby

074. Multi-tier Type
Chapter 07-01 Route A (2B) confirmed. Speak with him, he's on the right side of the middle level.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/PoKuzKW.jpg

075. Small Biped

076. Medium Biped

077. Goliath Biped
Chapter 07-01 Route A (2B) confirmed. Speak with him, he's on the bottom level.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/okHOunM.jpg

078. Small Flyer

079. Small Sphere

080. Jean-Paul

081. Pascal [Standing]
082. Pascal [In hovering machine]

083. Father Machine
This one and the next two are automatically obtained after the quest Family Squabble.

084. Mother Machine

085. Child Machine

086. Big Sister Machine
This one as well as the next one are both automatically obtained after the quest Lost Girl.

087. Little Sister Machine

088. Scientist Machine
This one is automatically obtained after the quest Half-wit Inventor.

089. Weird Machine
This one is automatically obtained after the quest Idiot Savant.

Enhanced Machines

This is where the really annoying entries are. There is a high chance you'll spend more time for these ones than every other Unit Data entry combined.

090. Small Stubby

091. Multi-tier Type [Short body]
Chapter 13-02 confirmed. In Desert: Camp, go to the southwestern part of the main area to possibly find each of the three versions of this enemy (sometimes more than one at the time). They are not particularly rare, so just save at Desert: Camp, ride a nearby animal to the location where these guys might be, and reload if you don't get lucky. You should find them all in 10 minutes top.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/OInxrIZ.png
092. Multi-tier Type: Gun-equipped
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/d1wv2Sj.png
093. Multi-tier Type [Tall body]
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/J615SyR.png

094. Small Biped

095. Medium Biped

096. Medium Quadruped [On four legs]
097. Medium Quadruped [On two legs]

098. Multi-leg Medium Model: Long-range
099. Multi-leg Medium Model: Close-range

100. Goliath Biped
101. Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. While not terribly rare, getting to the possible location where this guy can spawn is rather time-consuming. If you want to skip a few Unit Data entries, this is a good candidate to skip. His only known location is in the very first room after the first set of smashing-machines in the Abandoned Factory underground, on Route C. You know you are in the right room if you find various "spider" (multi-legged) enemies in it. The Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model is a somewhat rare (or at least uncommon) enemy spawn in the same room. There is no fast way to get here, so you need to walk to this room all the way from the closest access point (which is Factory: Hangar).
While you go to his location, make sure to kill the enemies on the way. In particular, unit data 107 (Small Sphere: Axe-equipped) can be found in the area with the first set of smashing machines.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLdqQV1_kKE&feature=youtu.be

102. Reverse-jointed Goliath
Route B on Chapter 07-02 (as 9S) before boarding the flight units confirmed, but so far only confirmed in the presence of Golden Robots (they most likely have no influence on the spawn of this enemy, but I mentioned it just in case they actually do).
Chapter 17-03 Route C confirmed.
This is possibly the rarest enemy of the game. Definitely ignore this one is you don't care about 100% Unit Data. He spawns when the main road turns right (west).
NOTE: if you are hunting down this enemy in the area, make sure to also check if by any chance the Unit Data 109 (Small Sphere: Gun-equipped) and 113 (Linked-sphere Type: Thorn equipped) are in the area -- especially the latter is another rare one, and it would be a shame to waste an opportunity to get his data.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/mDxo44p.jpg

103. Small Flyer

104. Medium Flyer
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Go to Flooded City, and this enemy can be (frequently enough) one of the possible airborne enemies floating off the side of the main street.
105. Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Not too common, not too rare. Fast-travel to Desert: Oil Field, and ride the nearby animal to the southeastern side of Desert: Center. Just about on the same ledges where you could find the Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit of the Desert Machines.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/xVD3nBL.jpg
106. Medium Flyer: Gunner x 2, Kamikaze x 2
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Not too common, not too rare. Basically the same location as the previous one.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/OVyiZtu.jpg

107. Small Sphere: Axe-equipped
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. He's easily found in the first smashing machines area of Abandoned Factory underground (he's not always there, but you'll get him within a few tries).
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/lQplOYx.jpg
108. Small Sphere: Drill-equipped
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. He's easily found in the Deep Cave, near the first fork leading to the alien ship.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/cMeFHGS.jpg
109. Small Sphere: Gun-equipped
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Go to Flooded City, and this enemy can be (frequently enough) one of the possible airborne enemies floating off the side the main street.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/EOVabpw.jpg

110. Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Go to Forest: Royal Chamber, and go right across the gap from there. This enemy should be the first one you come across as soon as you return indoors after crossing the high bridge to the right of the access point. I personally found this enemy on my first try, so while I'm not sure on how rare he really is I'm inclined to believe he's not the worst of the bunch (plus it's near an access point).
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/qmzkfW3.jpg
111. Linked-sphere Type: Drill-equipped
Chapter 17-03 confirmed. Not too rare in my experience (not too common either though). Go to Desert: Oil Field, and hop on the nearest animal. Ride the animal to the southeastern area of Desert: Center, and this enemy will sometimes appear near a single rocky ledge in the middle of the same (the ledge is near a chest). This is the same location as Unit Data 046 (a Medium Flyer variant of the Desert), but this time it's on Route C.
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/J4wdphW.jpg
112. Linked-sphere Type: Gun-equipped
This one is a fixed spawn of Chapter 16-02 as 9S, in the Amusement Park "recovery unit" tower.
113. Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped
Chapter 07-02 Route B (as 9S) confirmed before fighting the enemies in Flooded City (which is before the flight units become available).
Chapter 17-03 confirmed too.
This is one of the rarest enemies. Definitely skip this one if you don't care about 100% Unit Data. There is only one linked-sphere type enemy that can spawn in Flooded City at any given time, and you can easily check his "head" from afar: if he looks like he has a drill on the head, it's your enemy. If not (he has a gun), it's the non-enhanced gun-equipped linked-sphere type -- reload.
NOTE: while hunting down this one, make sure to also check for the other very rare enemy of the area, which is Unit Data 102 (Reverse-jointed Goliath).
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/Tq928vs.jpg

EMP Attack Machines

114. Small Stubby
Basically story-related/unmissable; it appears at the end of the sequence in Chapter 11-03.

115. Small Biped
Chapter 13-02 confirmed. Save the game at City Ruins: Center's Access Point, then look for this enemy near Engel's arm, in City Ruins.
Note that there can be regular Small Stubbies in the same location where this enemy is supposed to be, and they look exactly the same as the EMP type. The "special" ones (EMP type) are capable of a different attack (they can extend their neck or something like that), and are rare.
Many people have reported that you need to witness their EMP attack for it to count. I actually found this not to be true in my experience with this enemy (either they are wrong, or I completely missed seeing their EMP attack even though they actually did it; I tried twice though, and I'm at least 90% sure that I got Unit Data for this enemy without seeing him do the EMP attack). I can sort of confirm that for other EMP enemies you need to witness their EMP attack for it to count as an EMP machine though, so to avoid risking it I would try to see the attack before killing the enemies.
The question then becomes: how do I witness their attack? In my experience, they tend to use this attack when their health drops down a bit. Sometimes they just do it by default, but shooting them a bit seems to help. I personally used Pod A's regular attacks, and had no problems even at level 99 (maxed out Pod lv 4 too). Rarity-wise, I found these enemies basically all the time in the Chapter I wrote.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga7yYYd8ckk

116. Medium Biped
The easiest way to get these ones is from Chapter 11-03. Play the Chapter normally at first and defeat the three groups of enemies. Then, when the story marker is near the Access Point "City Ruins: Near Factory", save the game. Defeat the normal enemies here, and a cutscene will trigger, so you have now reached the point where a bunch of Small Stubbies (EMP) and Medium Bipeds (EMP) gang up on 2B. At this point the game switches perspective to 9S, who has to help 2B -- kill all the Small Stubbies (EMP) on the ground to clear up the area, and then shoot [but don't kill] the many Medium Bipeds left-overs -- at least one of them should soon use an EMP attack, at which point you can kill him to get this Unit Data.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYF5LjplpBA

117. Goliath Biped
Chapter 13-02 confirmed. Look for this one south of Desert: Camp's Access Point, in City Ruins (where Emil's Shop first spawns). He's always there in my experience.

Special Unit Machines

These are basically all the bosses. You will have all this data (unless you get a bug or something) naturally just by playing the game. Double-check just in case maybe.

Note that a lot of the boss's names will be written in Angelic language at first. Their "real" names will be "translated" later, automatically as you progress.

118. Marx

119. Engels

120. Adam: Final Battle
121. Adam: First Encounter
122. Adam: Battle in the Alien Ship

123. Eve: Final Battle [Second Phase]
124. Eve: First Encounter
125. Eve: Battle in the Alien Ship
126. Eve: Final Battle [First Phase]

127. Goliath Tank (Amusement Park)

128. Simone

129. Goliath Flyer

130. Grun

131. Immanuel

132. Ernst

133. Kierkegaard

134. So-Shi

135. Boku-Shi

136. Hegel [Airborne]
137. Hegel [Ground]

138. Goliath Tank

139. Auguste

140. Friedrich

141. Ko-Shi

142. Ro-Shi

143. Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi

144. Red Girl


This is another series of enemies that you fight either in the story or in quests. Double-check to be sure, but you should have them all already.

145. YoRHa (Standard Armament)

146. YoRHa (Heavy Armament) [Spear]
147. YoRHa (Heavy Armament) [Combat Bracer]

148. YoRHa (Flight Unit)

149. YoRHa (Operator)

150. 8B

151. 22B

152. 64B

153. 21O

154. 2B Copy

155. 9S

156. A2 [Long hair, Forest Castle boss]
157. A2 [Short hair, Ending D boss]

Peculiar Machines

These are basically all quest / side-event NPCs (enemies or just friendly NPCs). "Monster Type" (Unit Data 172) may be missing from your collection.

158. Courageous Brother
This entry and the next four (Gold Goliath Biped included) are all part of the Side Event "Golden Robots".

159. Hateful Sister

160. Vengeful Child

161. Gold Tank

162. Gold Goliath Biped

163. Goliath Tank (Desert)
Quest: Gathering Keepsakes.

164. Gunman Biped
This entry and the next two are all found during the quest Heritage of the Past.

165. Gunman Flyer

166. Gunman Stubby

167. Blood-drenched Machine
Quest: Resistance Disappearance.

168. Amusement Park Rabbit
Side Event "Golden Bunny".

169. Zombie Clown
Quest: Stamp Collecting.

170. Animal Machine
Quest: Turf War.

171. Gravekeeper
Quest: Treasure Hunt at the Castle.

172. Monster Type
This is a regular enemy found on Route C in the first waterfall area of the Forest Zone. He's not too rare at all (I usually find him when playing as 9S on Route C). He is certainly found in his location during the quest The Twins' Request, but I've encountered him many many times, randomly, after completing the quest. I can confirm his presence (he respawns) on Chapter 13-02 (after already completing the quest).
Picture: http://i.imgur.com/QDv9nA6.jpg

173. Dying Goliath Biped
Quest: Lord of the Valley.

Amicable Machines

More quest-related NPCs here.

174. Machine with a Dream
This entry and the next two are part of the quest Jean-Paul's Melancholy.

175. Machine in Love

176. Machine with Makeup

177. Romeo
This entry and the next one are part of the quest Stamp Collecting.

178. Juliet

179. Father Servo: Red Belt
This entry and the other "Father Servo" ones are part of the quest series "Robo Dojo".
180. Father Servo: White Belt
181. Father Servo: Brown Belt
182. Father Servo: Black Belt
183. Father Servo: Red and White Belt

184. Animal-loving Machine
Quest: Animal Care.

185. High-speed Machine
Quest: Speed Star.

186. Masamune
Upgrade any weapon to Level 4 at his shop (the only one that can do the level 3 -> 4 upgrade) in Forest Castle to get his Unit Data.


The three entries of this short group are the first and second secret boss of the game. Refer to the corresponding section of the walkthrough for more information.

187. Emil [Emil's Residence fight]
188. Emil Clones [Emil's Determination fight; airborne]
189. Emil Clones [Emil's Determination fight; ground]


Expect early Route B spoilers in this section, since we're gonna be talking about hacking.

"Arcade" is basically a game mode where you can play the hacking minigames, freely or in "Challenge Mode". The Arcade minigames menu is available from Access Points when you are playing (early Route B spoiler) as 9S.

"Why would I even want to play this minigame if I don't even like hacking at all?" -- you probably don't have any reason and/or desire to play more hacking, but the reward for clearing 40 stages (you need to have unlocked 40 Hacking Games) in Challenge Mode is, among other less important things, 2x Elaborate Gadgets. This is a rare Material that, while it has other sources too, you may need to get from here. The rewards (this one included) from Arcade are one-time-only, so you can only ever get 2x Elaborate Gadgets from it. Moreover, there are enough Elaborate Gadgets from quests to do everything you need (they are used for Pod Upgrades), so even this reward is not necessarily something you are interested into.

Since there are no other benefits from clearing the Arcade, if you don't need those 2x Elaborate Gadgets you should probably ignore Arcade altogether. Unless you enjoy these minigames...yea.

Training Mode / Unlocking Hacking Games

The "Training" mode lets you access any of the 48 possible levels of the hacking minigame. Since it doesn't really have rewards on its own, this mode should probably be used as a "list" of the Hacking Games you have already unlocked.

The way Hacking Games work is very simple: whenever you hack an enemy, depending on the enemy type you'll play a random Hacking Game among a certain "pool" of possible Hacking Games associated with those enemies. For example, you may have noticed that the Hacking Games are always simple when you hack Small Stubbies (just one "enemy" orb shooting at you in a small square space), whereas hacking stronger enemies results into various different "more difficult" Hacking Games.

Indeed, that's basically how it works: depending on the enemy type, when hacking them you will receive a random Hacking Game which will then be added to the list of Hacking Games you can play in the Arcade menu.

Thankfully, getting all the possible Hacking Games is rather simple and not too time-consuming:

  • Hacking Games # 01-16 are found when playing against low-level enemies, but also hack-chests. By the time I was done clearing all the hack chests of the game, even though I basically never used hacking on enemies, I already had all of these Hacking Games.
  • Hacking Games # 17-32 are obtained against "medium-sized" enemies. A very good location for these ones is Chapter 17-01, during the sequence when you hack into The Tower (while being helped by allied NPCs). In the assault while you were supposed to be hacking The Tower, hack into the respawning Medium Bipeds instead to easily get these Hacking Games. When time is running low (when the allied NPCs start complaining, and telling you that they can't hold on much longer), jump down the crater to save at the access point City Ruins: Cave (the Deep Cave access point), which is close enough that you won't fail and trigger any joke Ending. Then reload the save you just made to reset this story sequence to just before you started hacking The Tower (assuming that you haven't already obtained all the Hacking Games the first time).
  • Hacking Games # 33-48 can be obtained easily, but not necessarily quickly, by replaying (via Chapter Select, which is a feature unlocked after the third playthrough/Route C) Chapter 03-03 (Route B, i.e. you must be playing as 9S). In this case, keep hacking the boss Adam in the Desert, and he won't actually die from it, and the fight won't advance to the next phase either. Make sure to set 2B's AI behaviour to "Passive", so she doesn't hit him either.

You can watch the video below to see what each Hacking Game looks like -- do so to easily know when you have obtained the Hacking Games you were missing without having to check the in-game list in the Arcade - Training menu:

Challenge Mode

The essential things to know about Challenge Mode are:

  • You play consecutive Hacking Games in this mode. You can play only the Hacking Games you have already unlocked. So, for example, to play 40 stages and get the rewards for it you'll first need to unlock any 40 of the 48 Hacking Games available.
  • When you die or when you run out of Hacking Games to play, the Challenge Mode ends.
  • The rewards from Challenge Mode are one-time-only unfortunately, so this isn't an unlimited supply of Elaborate Gadgets.
  • The only important reward is for clearing 40 stages. The rewards for clearing less / more stages than that are completely useless common items/chips.
  • You can play on Easy, with Auto-Fire and Auto-Evade Chips, and still get your rewards. Take a hint...

In future updates to the walkthrough I may add some strategies for the various stages of the Hacking Games, but no promises here (let's just say that hacking wasn't my favorite thing about this game; it wasn't the thing I was best at, either).

Farming EXP and Money

There are several possible locations where you could farm EXP in the game. Of all of them, you actually just need one: doing regular quests and advancing with the story will naturally take you to level 50+ by the end of your last playthrough (Route C), and at that point you'll be able to farm in the best possible EXP location, which will take you to level 99 in just a few minutes.

There are some possible earlier "decent" farming locations too though. I strongly recommend against using the first two locations, unless you have a very specific need for extra levels "early" on: it's really silly to try to out-level challenges in a game where the most important aspect of the gameplay is a proper Chipset. If for whatever reason you need early levels:

  • Forest Castle: from the time when you first get here, you will see that this area (also the Forest Zone, actually) features a lot of enemies in small areas. This "high-density" of enemies allows for easy and fast kills with Pod Programs such as Bomb or Wave, thus resulting into a somewhat decent way to gain a few extra levels early on (early level 20+)
  • Pit Hollow: this is the location where you fight the local boss of the Desert: Housing Complex. Enemies here are level 30+, but they respawn forever. In theory, you could even let the game "auto-play" itself with Auto-Chip modes (on Easy difficulty), so you can farm passively while not really playing at all
  • XXXXXX City (actual name: Copied City; you go there in Chapter 08). If accessed on Route C, the area where you fought the local boss features level 50+ enemies that respawn forever. Then again, if you can survive farming here you can most likely kill the best EXP-farming location of the game, so...
  • Golden Bunny: once you are level 50+, the Golden Bunny statue in Amusement Park (he's level 80) will let you reach level 99 in no time. Note that a previous exploit (that allowed you to potentially kill this enemy at even lower levels) to kill this enemy via hacking has been patched (you can still kill him via hacking, but you need to awaken him first. To awaken him you need to do a lot of damage first, and that's why you must be level 50+). For more information, refer to the story walkthrough (NOTE: that section has early Route B spoilers), precisely here

It goes without saying, but make sure to have EXP Gain Up Chips to increase the EXP received while farming EXP, whatever method you choose.