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by vinheim

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by vinheim

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 04/14/17

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Contact Rules
    2. Donations
  2. Game Basics
    1. Story
    2. Controls
  3. Characters
    1. 2B
    2. 9S
    3. A2
    4. Pod 042 / Pod 153
    5. YoRHa Commander
    6. Operator 6O / Operator 21O
    7. Adam
    8. Eve
    9. Pascal
    10. Devola / Popola
    11. Emil
  4. Walkthrough: Part A
    1. Prologue
    2. Abandoned Factory
    3. The Bunker
    4. The City Ruins
    5. Resistance Camp
    6. Desert Zone
    7. Amusement Park
    8. Machine Village
    9. Into the Depths
    10. Forest Zone
    11. Flooded City
    12. Copied City
    13. Abandoned Factory
    14. Ending A
  5. Walkthrough: Part B
    1. Abandoned Factory
    2. The Bunker
    3. The City Ruins
    4. Desert Zone
    5. Amusement Park
    6. Machine Village
    7. Into the Depths
    8. Forest Zone
    9. Flooded City
    10. Bunker
    11. Abandoned Factory
    12. Ending B
  6. Walkthrough: Part C
    1. Bunker/City Ruins
    2. Bunker
    3. City Ruins
  7. Walkthrough: Part C :: A2's Path
    1. Destroy Machines
    2. Desert Zone
    3. Resistance Camp
    4. Pascal's Village
  8. Walkthrough: Part C :: 9S's Path
    1. Tower Recon
  9. Walkthrough: Endings C, D, & E
    1. Final Battle
  10. Walkthrough: Clean Up
  11. Sub-Quests
    1. The Weapon Dealer's Request
    2. The Supply Trader's Request
    3. 11B's Memento
    4. Improving Communications
    5. Sartre's Melancholy
    6. Lost Girl
    7. Speed Star
    8. Robo Dojo-White Belt
    9. Robo Dojo-Brown Belt
    10. Robo Dojo-Black Belt
    11. Robo Dojo-Red and White Belt
    12. Robo Dojo-Red Belt
    13. Jackass's Research
    14. The Wandering Couple
    15. Half-wit Inventor
    16. Resistance Disappearance
    17. The Manager's Request
    18. Retrieve the Confidential Intel
    19. Parade Escort
    20. Photographs
    21. Sorting Trouble
    22. Stamp Collecting
    23. Family Squabble
    24. Machine Examination 1
    25. Machine Examination 2
    26. YoRHa Betrayers
    27. Investigating Communications
    28. Terminal Repairs
    29. Treasure Hunt at the Castle
    30. Animal Care
    31. Turf War
    32. Camp Development
    33. Anemone's Past
    34. Find a Present
    35. Emil's Memories
    36. Culinary Researcher
    37. Heritage of the Past
    38. Data Analysis Freak
    39. Data Analysis Freak 2
    40. The Recluse
    41. The Recluse Stays Home
    42. The Permanent Recluse
    43. Game Dev Machine Lv.1
    44. Game Dev Machine Lv.2
    45. Game Dev Machine Lv.3
    46. Amnesia
    47. Data on the Old World
    48. Idiot Savant
    49. Lord of the Valley
    50. Sorting Trouble 2
    51. Sorting Trouble 3
    52. Devola's Request
    53. Popola's Errand
    54. The Twins' Request
    55. Vanquish the Bad Bot
    56. Storage Element
    57. Play With Us!
    58. Gathering Keepsakes
    59. Reconnaissance Squad
  12. Endings
  13. Enemies
    1. Standard Machines
    2. Desert Machines
    3. Amusement Park Machines
    4. Forest Kingdom Machines
    5. Factory Machines
    6. Village Machines
    7. Enhanced Machines
    8. EMP Attack Machines
    9. Special Unit Machines
    10. Androids
    11. Peculiar Machines
    12. Amicable Machines
  14. Plugins
    1. System
    2. Attack
    3. Defense
    4. Support
    5. Hacking
    6. Pod Programs
  15. Weapons
    1. Small Swords
    2. Large Swords
    3. Spears
    4. Combat Bracers
  16. Intel
    1. Archives: Letter to the Forest King
    2. 11B's Escape Plan
    3. Engel's Memories
    4. Record of a Bestial Machine
    5. Old World Information
  17. Tips
    1. Level Up Fast
    2. 9,999,999 G Fast
  18. Trophy List
  19. Latest Update
  20. Closing
    1. Credits

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PLEASE note that the guide is marked as a Complete FAQ/Walkthrough. I know the game has several endings, but the guide is complete from beginning to the end of Ending A. Please don't downvote just because not all the endings are here. They are coming in due time! Also, if you think this guide deserves a downvote, please leave some feedback on how to make it better, because this is all for you, the readers! Much love, Alex!


What's up everybody welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the HIGHLY anticipated Nier: Automata. I've been waiting for this game every since it was announced in E3 2015 in the Playstation Conference. I never played the original Nier back in the PS3 era so I won't be able to recognize any similarities.

The game is incredible, thanks to the Demo that Platinum Games released back in December on PSN.

Contact Rules

Any critics, suggestions, spelling mistakes, contributions are welcome, so please send them at the following e-mail.

Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want to see me write about next? I have a Facebook and Twitter account for this exact reason!



This is a little experiment of mine and I just wanna see how it goes. Well, if you found this guide to be at least somewhat useful, think about donating some money. I mean, I'm a student who pays his own school, and it's gastronomy and it consumes all the money I get at home. I'm not asking for 10-20 dls. Whatever your heart wants to give is fine, be it 1 dollar, 50 cents. Whatever the amount you can donate, I'd truly, TRULY appreciate it and your help would be greatly appreciated. Well, you can only donate through PayPal at the moment, which the account is: vinheim@gmail.com.

Instead of buying the official guides which cost around 20 dls., better donate half or a quarter or whatever amount to yours truly.

To those who support me, thanks. :) ~ vinheim


The distant future

Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing a new type of threat: weapons known as machine lifeforms. In the face of this insurmountable threat, mankind is driven from Earth and takes refuge on the Moon.

The Council of Humanity organizes a resistance of android soldiers in an effort to take back their planet. To break the deadlock, the Resistance deploys a new unit of android infantry: YoRHa .

In the forsaken wasteland below, the war between the machines and the androids rages on. A war that is soon to unveil the long-forgotten truth of this world...

Type A

L1 ButtonPod Program
L2 ButtonLock-on
L3 ButtonToggle Light
R1 ButtonFire
R2 ButtonEvade
R3 ButtonReset Camera
TRIANGLE ButtonHeavy Attack
CIRCLE ButtonAction
SQUARE ButtonLight Attack
CROSS ButtonJump
Touch PadShortcuts (left), System Menu (right)
D-PadSystem Menu

Type B

L1 ButtonLock-on
L2 ButtonPod Program
L3 ButtonToggle Light
R1 ButtonEvade
R2 ButtonFire
R3 ButtonReset Camera
TRIANGLE ButtonHeavy Attack
CIRCLE ButtonAction
SQUARE ButtonLight Attack
CROSS ButtonJump
Touch PadShortcuts (left), System Menu (right)
D-PadSystem Menu

Type C

L1 ButtonHeavy Attack
L2 ButtonFire
L3 ButtonLock-on
R1 ButtonLight Attack
R2 ButtonEvade
R3 ButtonReset Camera
TRIANGLE ButtonPod Program
CIRCLE ButtonAction
SQUARE ButtonToggle Light
CROSS ButtonJump
Touch PadShortcuts (left), System Menu (right)
D-PadSystem Menu


Official name: YoRHa No. 2 Type B

A blade... with a quiet volition.

An all-purpose battle android deployed as a mamber of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa.

She is equipped with a sword for close-quarters combat, and can attack from range using the "Pod" tactical support system.

Members of YoRHa forgo names and are referred to only by their codes.

Though regulations forbid them from expressing emotions, each model has its own distinguishing personality, and 2B is comparatively cool, calm, and collected.


Official name: YoRHa No. 9 Type S

A soul... and an ephemeral kindness.

Though he has the ability to attack, this YoRHa android specializes in research missions and excels in collecting information, mainly by hacking.

Within YoRHa, 9S is comparatively varied in his emotional expressions and has a kind personality.


Official name: YoRHa Type A No. 2

A vortex... of the past and hatred.

The Type A is a YoRHa prototype model that is no longer in use. She specializes in close-range attacks.

She was operated on a trial basis in the process of developing official models such as 2B and 9S.

Personality-wise, she has little to say and always acts independently.

Pod 042 / Pod 153

Tactical support units standardly assigned to YoRHa soldiers. They are mainly loaded with various weapons for long-ranged attacks.

These Pods display correspondence from the command center and exchange operational intelligence between units.

Pod 042 supports 2B and Pod 153 supports 9S.

YoRHa Commander

Commander of "Bunker", the satellite base in orbit, and in charge of commanding all YoRHa soldier units. She is generally calm and collected due to her position, but also shows concern for 2B and 9S. There seems to be some sort of history between her and the YoRHa prototype model, A2.

Operator 6O / Operator 21O

Communication operators permanently stationed at the "Bunker". Their duties include sending directives to the YoRHa soldiers on the field as well as information analysis. Personalities slightly differ between units. Operator 6O, responsible for 2B, is comparatively bright, whereas Operator 21O, responsible for 9S, is level-headed.


A mysterious young man. Wears glasses and highly intellectual. Personality-wise, he is generally level-headed, but showcases relentless cruelty to achieve his objectives.


Adam's younger twin brother. In contrast with his brother, he is short-sighted and does not think carefully about matters. He admires his older brother, Adam.


Although a machine lifeform, Pascal is a pacifist that dislikes war and searches for a path to peace with likeminded machine lifeforms. Highly intellectual and shows interest in topics like the history of humankind and machine lifeforms.

Devola / Popola

Older model androids that reside in the Resistance Camp. They feel beholden as they know about androids of the same model that went out of control a long time ago. Rare among androids, this model is able to consume alcohol.


A character that appeared in the previous installment.

As many years have passed, a large part of Emil's memory is missing.

Walkthrough: Part A

A couple notes by the author...

  • This will be a Spoiler-free walkthrough. I won't be spoiling anything to you so make sure to read ahead of where you are in the game so you don't come up with "any" surprises.
  • There are collectibles in the game. In the main missions (storyline) I'll only be listing the ones you can get that involve staying within the mission area, so you don't have to travel too far in order to get them.
  • All directions will be given in base to the map.

With that said, pop in your Nier: Automata copy in your PS4 (finally), start the game if you download it and let the magic begin!

After the main menu, chose to start a new game, create your save file and choose the difficulty you want to play with. For the sake of this guide, I'll be playing through the game in Normal difficulty. You may go ahead and change the settings to your liking, specially the controls. I'm playing using the Type A configuration, but you even have the chance to configurate the controls to your liking.

Descent No. 243
Date: March 10, 11945
Objective: Destroy Goliath-class weapon (details unknown)
Units: 1D (leader). 2B, 7E, 4B, 11B, 12H
Mission Outline

Intel has revealed that machine lifeforms have been creating a large-scale weapon at the abandoned factory. The analysis team has come to the conclusion that it is highly likely they are constructing a Goliath-class weapon.

The goal of this mission is to investigate the enemy facility (the abandoned factory) with a team of 6, and to seek and destroy the Goliath-class weapon. All participating units are to rendezvous with support unit 9S at the premises.


As soon as the game starts, we can get one of the 26 different endings! That's right!! Take note that most of these "Endings" are a different way to say game over. This means you'll have to start from the latest save point. In this case, since we barely started, there's not much to lose.

So now, how to get this endings? Well, right now that we're flying, simply die! That's right! Note that the little flying enemies shoot several energy orbs. Have them shoot you down. You'll get healed everytime you're about to die so just let them keep shooting at you until you're taken down. For this you'll get the Ending W, Broken Wings.

We are deployed in some sort of aircrafts, which looks very similar (or at least gave me the vibe) of Star Fox 64. Aww yeah, start by doing things right! Your allies will start going down one by one so make sure to dodge the large laser beam (look out the red particles on the screen). You are then allowed to engage with the enemy (R1 to fire and R2 to evade). There will be little floating enemies called Small Flyer that shoot two types of small orbs of energy. The first one is a clear pinkish that is destroyable and while a darker purple one isn't. They are slow but the can rapid fire so be careful. You can shoot them if desired.

Once the leader of your squad is down, you'll take command and coat your aircraft white. Very nice. You're also told about Heavy Attacks (Triangle). You can use this attack to destroy the energy orbs as well. We then enter manual configuration, which is transforming into a bipedal robot (ala Evangelion). We go from a standard flying game to a top-down twin stick shooter (like Dead Nation and Alienation). The controls remain the same, only the camera angle changes. You'll have enemies coming at you from all directions so stay on your toes.

Soon enough the large laser beam will take down your last party member and we'll be flying our aircraft again. Be careful when you enter the building because you'll have to evade the obstacles before getting attacked by some more Small Flyer. Note that while killing these enemies you'll level up for the first time. Very nice! When the camera angle changes once again, you'll be in manual mode and you'll have to fight a new enemy, the Medium Flyer. It shoots orbs from all 4 corners so make sure to stay in between them. If you don't kill it fast, it'll then start shooting laser beams instead of orbs, but his movement speed is the same so not too much to worry about. You can only shoot him in between the corners (where he shoots from) so go kick its ass.

Soon after you destroy it, you'll ram into the wall and if you played the Demo you'll know exactly where we are! We can now move 2B to our liking (ain't she a cutie?! :). Just like on the aircraft, you shoot with R1 and use Square and Triangle to use your swords.

Factory Recon

  • Locate the Goliath-class unit

Your first enemy is a little robot called Small Stubby. They barely have any attacks and are more annoying than threatening. They attack using the same energy orbs than the Small Flyers so you now know how to deal with them. They are so weak you can even lock-on to them (keep L2 pressed) and after the second wave of enemies, the big brother of the Small Stubbies comes out, the Medium Biped.

It likes to punch you if you're too close to him and jumps and tries to land on you when you're away from him. Whenever he punches, he throws his arm back before hitting so that's your cue to dodge the attack. Other than that, pretty simple fight. A little scene happens after it and you're now in front of the little boss.

BOSS: Marx (Buzzsaw)

Lv: 3

As big as it may be, this boss is extremely easy. Its attacks are as follow:

  1. It lays the buzzsaw horizontally and slowly moves forward towards your possition. Simply back away from it to avoid getting hit.
  2. It has a Vertical Thrust in which it slams the buzzsaw to wherever your possition may be. Keep your finger on the dodge button so you can avoid it as soon as it launches its attack.
  3. Horizontal Sweep. It sweeps most of the area with a horizontal buzzsaw. You can simply dodge the attack at the right time to avoid any damage.

As you can see, really simple boss (obviously since it's the first one) and after every attack, it leaves the buzzsaw just sitting there waiting for you to attack it nonstop. Make sure you're locked-on to him and shooting at all times to take him down ASAP.

There's a little scene with our buddy 9S and he'll do his reacon from above (thanks for the ride!) while we have to run to our destination, so let's get started. As we move forward, you're told to shoot down some beams to make a path. Do so and after crossing it some Small Flyers come out to play. Grab the Copper Ore from the corner and move across the catwalk, destroy the lonely Small Stubby and grab the Copper Ore from the right. In the coming hallway you'll have more Small Stubbies at the end of the corridor shooting more orbs at you. Shoot at the orbs while you approach them carefully and slash them. Dodge often here so you don't get hit!

Grab the Copper Ore behind them, go up the stairs and 9S contacts you giving you all the map data he's collected aka giving you the mini map. Very nice...

If I ever give you guys any precise directions, they'll all be in accordance with the mini map! Aight?!

Move across the walkway and you'll come to some stairs going up the large cylinder/container. At the top of the stairs, before you continue, jump left to the other catwalk and you'll fight a couple Small Flyers. No big deal. There's a Rusty Bolt here and left of it are some platforms going up! Before going up though, jump across them and go left all the way to find a chest with Small Recovery. Now if you decided to go right from the stairs you'll have to fight many Small Stubbies in this narrow catwalk, which I recommend you do to obtain all the XP from them. Look at the rails and you'll see that a part is missing right before the stairs. You can actually jump across to find a chest with Large Recovery. You can also find a control panel at the end of the path that lowers a crane, creating a shortcut to the very beginning. Very nice. Other than that, there's nothing but some stairs that take you to the same place. Go all the way to the right before entering the door (left of the platforms) to find a Copper Ore and a Medium Biped. Now go back and enter the door.

In here you'll have an arena-type room in which you'll have to destroy many Small Stubbies and Small Flyers. Nothing too difficult but it can get quite hectic with all the energy orbs shooting at all times. Always keep your finger on the Fire Button so you can destroy them easily. Once outside we'll be contacted by 9S once again (I'm starting to like him!); nothing special, just small talk between them. Now go up through the door to a new area.

As SOON as you enter, open up the chest on the right side which contains 1000G. Up ahead you'll find a Copper Ore and up ahead some more stairs. Go up them, grab the Copper Ore from up here and kill the Small Stubbies and Small Flyers. Go right a little big and you'll find a ladder going up! Before that, continue right, grab Copper Ore and go up the stairs. Jump across to the left once on top to find a chest with Small Recovery. Going left only gives you more enemies which equals more XP so go get them, return across the gap and continue right.

A couple Small Flyers come to play with you. Yay! The elevator here cannot be used (figures) so go across the door and move across to the other side... just look at the amount of enemies in here :o! Start descending the stairs, nab the Copper Ore, kill the Small Stubby and continue onto the catwalks. When the camera angle changes, you'll see a chest with 1000G in it. Nab it and continue south. As you go down the stairs you'll notice various enemies. You have to kill these Small Stubbies and at the end of them, a Medium Biped and a couple Small Stubbies some out. Nice.

Go up the stairs and move across the catwalk while killing the enemies and you'll go down to another arena-type area. There are two trailers on the right side that open up with a ton of Small Stubbies inside. Luckily these don't shoot so shoot at them, hack 'em a couple times and dodge out of the way to evade their attacks. Rinse and repeat. Soon after killing them another pair of trailers fall down on the left side with even more Small Stubbies. Same as before, attack and move away. Jump on top of the trailers on the right and go up the stairs.

Move along the path, kill the enemies in your way, grab Crystal when you get to it and go down the stairs. Going east at the bottom takes you to the elevator we couldn't use before (man that would've been so much faster!) so go south and enter the arena-type room to find a new variation of the Small Stubbies and Medium Bipeds. They have shields this time around, making them immune to your bullets. The shields of the Small Stubbies can be knocked off by simply hitting it but the shield of the Medium Bipeds is only detachable by using your Heavy Attacks. Six more Small Stubbies come out after that so take care of them like you usually do and finally exit the building.

Start following the path, go up the stairs and when 2B notices the birds, nab Small Recovery and Medium Recovery from the chests, continue following the paths and nab Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Small Recovery and Iron Ore when you get to the sparkling items (right before the very long bridge). You can also find a chest on the west side of the concrete stairs containing Medium Recovery. There's nothing else here so run down the long bridge to trigger a scene...

We have to fight TWO Buzzsaws this time around. Honestly there's not much to say about the fight. They have the same attacks as the previous one only with a little twist: in their Vertical Thrust, instead of just thrusting and sit there to be attacked, they move the saw up and down across the floor until it reaches the other side, which is when it stops for you to attack it. You only need to evade it once. In their Horizontal Sweep attack, both buzzsaws come down and start sweeping left to right a couple of times. Simple evade them like before and you'll be perfectly safe. After half of their health is depleted, a scene continues.

We've finally found our target, the Goliath-class weapon and man is it huge!

Boss: Goliath

Lv: 6

To begin with, the music is incredible! Good job Keiichi Okabe! Anyway, onto the boss itself! Despite its huge size, the boss is a real pushover! It always starts with shooting its energy orbs, and I don't mean one or two, or twenty; it's shooting hundreads of them all over the place so keep the lock-on triggered and shoot at him nonstop. A little list of its attacks are the following:

  1. It has a clap attack. Like the name implies, the Goliath tries to clap its buzzsaws together, smashing you in-between them. Dodging at the right moment (almost hitting you) will save you from any damage. You then get to attack it a couple times with your sword if you're fast enough.
  2. It raises either of its arms and smashes it on you. It can raise either arm or even both at the same time. You'll see it coming because the arm catches fire before it starts coming down. It usually smashes several times in a row and finishes of with both arms together. You can easily dodge the single arms but when both of them are coming down, this is the attack you want to wait until the last second to dodge to avoid any damage.

Goliath only has these two attacks right now but once you've taken its HP down around 1/5, 9S comes in for support. Goliath continues its attack with more energy orbs, but then he has a new attack:

  1. Goliath goes down underwater and comes from below. Whenever you see it go down, start running towards the camera until you can no more. This allows you to safely stay out of its way.
  2. Similar to his smashing attack, this time the attack is much more powerful that it creates a shockwave when it hits the ground. Dodging it won't help due to the shockwave so you'll have to jump THEN dodge in mid-air. It'll get stuck on the ground so you have plenty of time to deal a ton of damage to it.

Based on the attacks listed above, the only real way to deal damage is to wait for him to smash the ground and get stuck. Other than that, keep shooting over and over.

Goliath Take Down

  • Rescue 9S

After the fight, we have to climb the Goliath which is really simple and only has a couple Small Stubbies. No big deal. When you reach the top some Small Stubbies are near 9S so destroy them (some have armor) and have the scenes continue. Afterwards, you'll be in for another fight!

Boss: Goliath

Lv: 6

Round 2 of the fight and it's much easier than the previous one, and much faster as well. Here are his attacks:

  1. He shoots rockets from his back, which home in on you. They come in groups of five or six and are very easy to dodge (just move left or right) so do so while you keep shooting at him.
  2. He has a Vertical Slash, which is easily predictable and now that you have higher mobility, it's something very easy to dodge.
  3. Main Beam. He shoots a large red beam from its mouth/face and, just like with the Vertical Slash, it's very easy to dodge. You can see when he's going to use the attack because the plates on his face open up to let go of all the energy. Very neat.
  4. Web Attack. A web-looking energy appears over the whole field and releases a powerful attack. Fly high enough to dodge this attack (use the dodge button to fly faster).
  5. Horizontal Sweep. He sweeps across the screen with his arm trying to hit you. Fly low to get away from the attack.

As you can see, the Goliath doesn't really have that many attacks, or at least attacks that you should be worried about. It's all about where you are located. Note that you should be shooting at him throughout the whole fight since it's the only way to damage him! Soon enough he'll smack you and send you flying. As you close in on him he realeases tons of energy orbs. Shooting while moving really fast are your friends. He can also use his Beam Attack so be careful and don't stay in the center of the screen.

When you get close enough 2B breaks off his arm and picks it up! Use it to smack the Goliath over and over until it's destroyed! Simple enough eh?! :)


  • Reunite with 9S
Trophy Unlocked

You'll earn the Resuscitated Body Trophy upon starting this area.

Alright, we're back! Everything is black and white now! Move to the right to find what looks like your room. Continue right to trigger a little talk with 9S... awww now that's sad!

After this little talk we get the option to turn on network functionality for message-sharing features. You may turn them on if you so desire.

You'll then watch a couple scenes somewhat explaining what's going on in the universe of NieR: Automata and then we get to check our actual settings with 9S. Man this is quite different, and I like it. Specially in the voice part! :D Watch the scenes afterwards and now we need to go see the Commander!


You can sleep on your bed to save your game and quit the game (the last one if you so choose to).


  • Speak with the Commander.

We now have 9S with us! Next to the bed is an Item Shop (the little screen on the wall).

Small Recovery100GHUD: Enemy Data500GHUD: Control500G
Medium Recovery200GHUD: Skill Gauge500GHUD: Fishing Spots5000G
Melee Attack Up (S)100GHUD: Text Log500GAuto-Attack500G
Ranged Attack Up (S)100GHUD: Mini-map500GAuto-Fire500G
Melee Defense Up (S)100GHUD: EXP Gauge5000GAuto-Evade500G
Ranged Defense UP (S)100GHUD: Save Points500GAuto-Program500G
HUD: HP Gauge500GHUD: Damage Values500GAuto-Weapon Switch500G
HUD: Sound Waves5000GHUD: Objectives500G

There are many items in the store, and luckily we own most of the HUDs. The only ones that we don't have are the, yeah, the expensive ones. I have 11,460G after the Abandoned Factory so I can purchase up to two of them. You will also need Recovery items since it seems like everything we got was lost in the explosion (well that was a waste of time getting all that eh?!). I went ahead and bought the Fishing Spots and Sound Waves HUDs. Also you can see the Auto- HUDs if you're not playing on Easy Mode. Use the rest of your funds to buy some healing items.

Now exit your room, go left, talk to the Operator if you want and enter the Hangar to her left. Up here pick up Small Recovery. Speak to the other YoRHa Soldiers up here if you want to, if not go back down and go left. Enter 8B's room, nab Ranged Defense Up (L), exit, go left and go up to the Terminal. Up here is the Maintenance Shop used to upgrade your Pod or buy upgrades/weapons for it. Pretty neat.

R010: LaserSOLD OUT+8 storage5000G
R020: Mirage10000G+8 storage5000G
R030: Hammer10000G+8 storage10000G
R040: Blade10000G+8 storage10000G
R050: Spear10000G+16 storage20000G
A060: P Shield10000G+16 storage20000G
R070: M Shield10000G+24 storage30000G

You can also upgrade your Pod if you have the required materials, but we don't right now. For a list of all the available upgrades, click Pod Upgrades|here. Return down the elevator, go left and enter 21O's room to find Ranged Attack Up (L). Keep going left until 9S tells you about the Access Points (where you can save your game). Now it's time to go visit the Commander. Enter the Command Room (to the right of 2B's room and the large doors with a YoRHa logo on the floor) and before anything, go left where the Operator is to find a chest behind her with Medium Recovery. Now go down the stairs, speak to the Operators if you so desire and underneath the stairs is a hard-to-see hallway that has a chest with 1000G. There's an Small Recovery where the Operators are so make sure to grab it.

Go back up the stairs and go down the platform, speak to all the Operators and soldiers down here and then go to the Commander. Time to head back to Earth!

Gathering Intel

  • Head to the surface from the hangar.

Before you leave, check behind the control panels in front of the Commander to find a Ranged Attack Up (S). Behind the pillar where the platform is is a chest with 3000G. Now proceed to the hangar and hop on your Ho229 Type-B. Just like at the beginning of the game, we have a flight section before our actual mission!

Gathering Intel

  • Talk to the Resistance Camp leader.
From this point on, I won't be writing up the items that you find in the Sparkle Items! They are random and it seems their locations are random as well! Luckily found out the hard way very early in the game.

We're told by an Operator that we have new weaponry to use! Sweet! Pressing the Pod Program button we can use a Missile Barrage, which deals tons of damage! Nothing new from the previous flight section until you get to the section where is a top-down twin stick shooter. Here we have two heres attacking you and spinning around (new attack). Stay away from them and dodge in between the lasers!

Once we're on the ground go north and next to the entrance to the broken down building is a chest that's locked. We'll be coming back for this one later! There's nothing inside the building either so jump on it, jump on the second building and a little scene triggers.

Trophy Unlocked

You'll earn the Vestiges of Prosperity Trophy upon watching the City Ruins scene.


The mini-map shows the geography around your current location at the bottom right of the screen. The X icon shows your objective, so make sure to follow it if you get lost.

Be careful because you CAN jump down this building, but you'll receive some serious damage doing so. Instead of doing that run across the wall forming a bridge and start your descent. There's nothing in here besides a pair of Small Stubbies a couple floors down (and maybe some random items) so once you reach the bottom and head outside, you'll find some animals out here, namely Mooses. You can kill them to collect Moose Meat from their corpse. Move to the Event Marker to your northwest to find some Small Stubbies attacking an Access Point. Get rid of them and use the point. It improves your map as well so take a look at it.

Updated Map of the City Ruins

You'll see that we have two more Events to the north while our objective is to the right. Let's go take a look at those Events first. Stick to the left wall and start going north. When you can go east towards the Access Point (Event). You'll notice a broken down school bus next to a wall before the Access Point. Eliminate the enemies near the Point, update your map and then go on top of the building using the school bus. Up here climb on the small building and then jump up again to find several trailers. These form a small arena with a chest. It contains an Impact Bracer (L) and luckily no enemies. Jump back down onto the small building (the one you used to get up here) and now jump to the right (east). Kill some Medium Flyers, run, double jump and glide (hold the jump button) towards the south building. Jump to a second level and you'll find a chest with Ranged Attack Up (S) in between the rusted ACs.

Now from here proceed northwest into which looks like a path leading to a desert in between collapsed buildings. You'll find another Access Point (map updated) to the left and a couple members of the resistance on the right. You can't shop at the moment for some odd reason and let's leave the Desert area for later. Come back to the urban area and when looking south, check the second building for a beat up school bus. Use it to get on top of the building and from here go right towards the large tree and all the roots coming out of the building. You can climb these roots...

Climbable roots

In here you'll find many Small Stubbies and a chest on the upper platform which contains Large G Luck+. That's it for this building so leave it and it's time to go to the Event to the north. Near this Access Point are Boars. You don't have to kill them but if you do you can collect Beast Hide from their corpses. Be extremely careful though because they are really powerful and can easily knock off 50% of your HP in one hit. Hit a couple times and prepare for its attack. Activate the Access Point and save. Now locate the large antenna in the center of this area. There's a ladder in the middle of it so start climbing. There's a chest up here with Silver Ore x3. From up here locate the gate-thingy made out of stone to the east. Jump from up here and glide onto it to find a chest with Memory Alloy x2. That's pretty much it for this small area. If you go north you'll be warned that the enemies are too strong for you at the moment so looks like it's time to step back.

Now move to the right wall and start going south towards the actual Destination. You'll be under a road with some large tree roots coming from above. Go up the first roots you see to find a chest with Melee Attack Up (S). Jump down sticking to the left side of the road and go through some tree roots to get to another little open area. Kill the Medium Bipeds that now carry a large hatchet and are much more dangerous. Be careful. From here, look southwest and locate the building with the large tree roots. Go up these tree roots all the way to the top and they jump to the southern building to find a chest with Silver Ore x3. Return to the little open area and proceed southwest and quickly south to find some walls with cardboard and whatnot. There's a school bus that you can hop onto and climb on top of the wall to get a chest with Impact Bracer (S).

Return to the right-most side of the map and continue your travel south.


You can fish in small patches of water like the little stream running here. In here, actually, you can fish Koi Carp Machine. Fishing is really easy in this game. Just aim where you wanna toss the bait, if your Pod goes down press the button and you've got yourself a fish!

We have a small waterfall in the lower right corner of the area and behind it, a chest containing Medium Recovery. Very nice and sneaky. Now head to the destination building and a little scene triggers.

Gathering Intel

  • Talk to the Resistance Camp leader.

Start by heading to the Access Point and saving your game. Much needed. Note that you can travel back to the Bunker if you need to buy items or buy a new weapon for your Pod (personally I went to get the R030: Hammer and some healing items). Back at the camp, jump on the back of the trucks next to the Access Point to find Animal Bait. Now stick to the south side and open up the chest where the soldier fixing something sitting on the ground to find Medium Recovery. Now go speak to Anemone, the Resistance Leader.

Gathering Intel

  • Gain intel from the Resistance members.

Go south from Anemone and now the camera angle changes. Go right, up the ladder and go back left to find Small Recovery. Go back down the ladder and head right just to find another one of those locked chests. We'll come back later. Return to Anemone and jump over the crates to the north to find another chest with Small Recovery. Very nice. Go north and speak to the redheaded YoRHa Soldier. Say YES and you'll get Sound Data 1. Now you can listen to a couple tracks while near a Jukebox. Now head over to the Weapons Trader (first guy on the right) then examine his box.

The Weapon Dealer's wants a couple Complex Gadgets to fix his maintenance device. This will start our first Sub-quest The Weapon Dealer's Request and we get a little explanation of it:

Sub-quest Progress

Your sub-quest has been updated.

You can check your progress on the Quest tab in the System Menu.

We'll be doing that in a bit, but before that speak to the guy directly in front of him, who is the Supply Trader. He has a shop, but only sells regular items (no HUDs).

Small Recovery100G
Medium Recovery200G
Melee Attack Up (S)100G
Ranged Attack Up (S)100G
Melee Defense Up (S)100G
Ranged Defense UP (S)100G
Animal Bait100G

That's good to know. If you need healing items you don't have to go all the way back to the Bunker. After checking out his goods, you ask about plugins. This will start another Sub-quest, The Supply Trader's Request. We've also got a Maintenance Shop in the lower left corner of the camp.

R010: LaserSOLD OUT+8 storage5000G
R020: Mirage10000G+8 storage5000G
R030: Hammer10000G+8 storage10000G
R040: Blade10000G+8 storage10000G
R050: Spear10000G+16 storage20000G
A060: P Shield10000G+16 storage20000G
R070: M Shield10000G+24 storage30000G

It's time to do the Sub-quests for both the Supply and the Weapon guys! Leave the camp and you'll get some info about Access Points...

Access Points

The world is filled with cleverly disguised access points which can be used for the following:

  • Unlocking map info
  • Unlocking a save area (a white area on the map), which allows you to save your game in the System Menu as long as you're close enough to the access point.

If you find an access point under attack by enemies, destroy them all to reactivate the terminal.

Head to the red area north of the camp and there will be 3 Medium Bipeds, which drop the Complex Gadgets you need for the quest. Don't worry, all of the items you need are right here. Now it's time to tackle the Supply Trader's request. Similar to the Weapon Dealer's request, head over to the marked area to the west of the Resistance camp and kill the enemies to get your items. Not much to say honestly. Once you're done, return to the camp and hand over the items to both. You'll get the following for doing the Supply's sub-quest: Warped Wire x3, Medium Recovery x2, Amber x2, 3000G, and 50 EXP; and Beast Hide x5, Rusted Clump x5, Crystal x5, 5000G, and 50 EXP from the Weapon Dealer. The Item Shop has many more new items for sell, here's the updated shop list:

Small Recovery100GHUD: Text Log500GAuto-Evade500G
Medium Recovery200GHUD: Mini-map500GAuto-Program500G
Melee Attack Up (S)100GHUD: EXP Gauge5000GAuto-Weapon Switch500G
Ranged Attack Up (S)100GHUD: Save Points500GWeapon Attack Up500G
Melee Defense Up (S)100GHUD: Damage Values500GMelee Defense500G
Ranged Defense UP (S)100GHUD: Objectives500GRange Defense500G
HUD: HP Gauge500GHUD: Control500GMax HP Up500G
HUD: Sound Waves5000GHUD: Fishing Spots5000GAnimal Bait100G
HUD: Enemy Data500GAuto-Attack500GSatchel1000G
HUD: Skill Gauge500GAuto-Fire500G

There are many items now, specially the new Plug-ins. Personally I bought the Weapon Attack Up Plug-in and the Beastlord from the Weapon Shop. I also upgraded my Virtuous Contract to Lv. 2 so that's all good. Now go speak to Anemone once again to get a sub-quest. Remember the desert area near the beginning of the area? Where the shop was where we couldn't shop? Yep, that's where we have to go.

The Machine Surge

  • Eliminate the machines in the desert.

As we're leaving we get an e-mail and some info from our Operator. If you read the e-mail the Commander tells us that we can go back to the Abandoned Factory to pick up our stuff from before the explosion! Thank goodness we can get it back! Now, let's go get our stuff back shall we?! Start by heading to the very first Access Point we activated (in the southwest corner). Just north of the Access Point you can see part of a highway all broken down. There's a truck on the right side of it that helps you climb up here. Climb up and follow the path all the way to the end to find a chest near the edge with Medium Recovery. Behind the truck on the left side you can find another one of those locked chests. Go over to the left to find more Small Stubbies attacking an Access Point. Activate it and read the email if you haven't done so. Now go up the stairs next to the Access Point and we're back at the Abandoned Factory.

Move south and pick up your Large Sword (Katana) Virtuous Treaty. Also check your corpse to find all your items plus the Auto-use Item +1 plug-in, which allows you to use items automatically if HP falls under 30%. Very nice. You can go back in the Abandoned Factory but I really don't see the point. Anyway, I'll see you at the entrance of the desert (where the shop is)! This guys has some new wares in store for us!

Small Recovery100GHUD: Text Log500GAuto-Evade500G
Medium Recovery200GHUD: Mini-map500GAuto-Program500G
Melee Attack Up (S)100GHUD: EXP Gauge5000GAuto-Weapon Switch500G
Ranged Attack Up (S)100GHUD: Save Points500GDown-Attack Up500G
Melee Defense Up (S)100GHUD: Damage Values500GResilience500G
Ranged Defense UP (S)100GHUD: Objectives500GCounter500G
HUD: HP Gauge500GHUD: Control500GCharge Attack500G
HUD: Sound Waves5000GHUD: Fishing Spots5000GAnimal Bait100G
HUD: Enemy Data500GAuto-Attack500GSatchel1000G
HUD: Skill Gauge500GAuto-Fire500G

Buy any plug-ins if you need them/want them (Counter is phenomenal), save your game in the Access Point and now enter the Desert area properly.

The Machine Surge

  • Eliminate the machines in the desert.

As you come in, we have a short notice about mankind. Yay! You also get to see a new enemy, the Multi-tier Type, which is like a Small Stubby only that it doesn't attack. It just moves around with no limbs. Poor thing. Put them out of their misery. From the entrance go right and you'll see that you're at the edge of a cliff. You can go north down the cliff and then move south to go even deeper. You'll find a cave down here and now we're under the sand? What?!

Entrance to the underground desert.

Anyway, move along the path and you'll have a couple Medium Bipeds coming at you. Nothing too hard. Go north a little bit and we'll have three paths to go now. The northern path is locked by a gate so that's a nono. Go right first and we'll find several enemies down here. Don't worry they are all Small Stubbies. After killing them, go down-right all the way until you get to a chest (outside) with Animal Bait. Return to where the Small Stubbies were and go up this time. This will take you to a chest with a ton of items: Broken Battery, Small Gear, Rusty Bolt, Severed Cable, Dented Socket, Stripped Screw and Crushed Nut. Now that's a lot of items! Now return to the first fork.

Go left and then down. You'll find a chest with 2000G on a little nipple on the earth (sorry, that's what it looks like). Continue down the path and you'll be back outside. You have a locked chest and a regular one. Still impossible to open them up so open up the other one to find Gold Ore x2. Nice find! Return to the previous fork, go left to find a chest with Medium Recovery. Go up this time, kill the Medium Bipeds and follow the path until you reach yet another chest with Memory Alloy x2. Very nice. We've explored the underground of the desert, now let's check the top, shall we?

From the entrance to the desert, you'll spot a large boulder that resembles a letter G on the mini-map. There's a cave on the right side and you can usually find Sparkly Items in here so check it every once and again. Be careful because there's a hole that takes us to the underground part that we just explored. To the east of this rock formation is a building that has absolutely nothing, but go southwest from here, kill the enemies in this small area, then go east and south to find a chest with Ranged Attack Up (S).

Now go speak to your Resistance contact called Jackass... seriously. Anyway, she blows up the path to the inner part of the Desert. Move through the really small path (note that you can go underneath the sand "waterfall" for some sparkly items) and you'll reach a really large area where a little scene triggers showing you around. Not much to see. If you open up your map you'll see that you have 4 red areas plus a destination mark...

If you go to each of the red areas you fight some Stubbies and Bipeds. To the northwest (next to the red area) is an Access Point. Open it up to see a little bit more of the desert! In the red area north of the Access Point there are some debris of what looks like buildings. There's a chest among all this with Melee Attack Up (S). There are also a couple new enemies, well they're the same old enemies but they have some sort of scarf over them. Their attack pattern is pretty much the same honestly. We do have a completely new enemy, the Small Exploder. These run at you when they see you and detonate themselves, exploding causing large amount of damage. They have very little HP so you can easily shoot them before they get too close!

After finishing all the enemies in the three red areas, head over to the destination marker and fight the little Biped. Out of nowhere it runs away so it's time to go chase him. Watch the little scene afterwards and you'll now be in the Desert Zone: Housing Complex.

The Machine Surge

  • Eliminate the machines in the desert.

This area looks huge, but don't worry, I'll guide you through it. You'll see a red area on the map so start by heading there. There's an Access Point before it and those are always welcome! Update your map and if you go northwest into the dead end you can find another locked chest

The little Biped you're chasing runs away once you reach the red area so take out the other enemies that appear and go up the fire escape ladder to the north of your position to find a chest with Fang of the Twins, a new weapon. There's another fire escape ladder to the south (right in front of the other fire escape ladder) of this small area that contains Titanium Alloy x3 in a chest. Now continue chasing the little Biped and soon you'll be attack by many enemies (easy of course) but we also get a new enemy, the Goliath Biped. It has a ton of armor so your bullets won't be as effective but close-quarter combat does the trick! It doesn't have that many attacks besides swinging its arms around or trying to smash anything in front of it, but it's slow so you can easily dodge. It also likes to enter its "tank form" and shoot a blast of energy orbs, which are also slow but does a lot of damage if you're up close to it.

Continue south to find the little Biped once again. Continue following him until you go into an opening and what looks like underneath the Housing Complex. The camera angle changes so now we're in sidescroller mode. Now much to do in this mode so simply follow the path until it breaks under you and you go down to an arena! After the weird events, we are now left to battle an infinite amount of Small Stubbies. We fight both the Desert-type ones and regular ones. They won't stop coming so I recomend you grab the money they drop and items (the latter if possible) and soon enough, a little scene triggers (WTF is going on?) and now we're in a boss fight!

Boss: Adam

Lv: Varies

Alrighty, this enemy is... something else! He reminds me of Sephiroth from FFVII haha. Anyway, he starts out as a Lv.1 and doesn't attack at all, but as you and 9S attack him he grows stronger and stronger. He gets to a point in which he can start deflecting your bullets and parrying your attacks! He also gets some new moves as he grows stronger, but all in all, he's a really easy boss. Here's a list of his moves and how to counter them.

  1. He encircles himself in energy (black-ish) and starts deflecting your bullets. He then releases the energy, damaging everything surrounding him. Dodge at the right time when this happens or get away from him before he releases the energy.
  2. The same as before, but now he just releases (shoots back) all the bullets you shot at him, dealing massive damage. Stay behind him at all times when these two attacks are taking place.
  3. He has a horizontal kick, with little to no range. Simple dodge it.
  4. Teleports. He teleports to locations out of reach to you and starts doing one of the following two attacks:
    1. He starts shooting large energy orbs at you. Stay locked-on to him so you can easily dodge these orbs.
    2. He creates pillars of energy from underneath you, dealing some serious damage. You can tell where they're coming out from because a small light appears on the floor. Easily dodgeable as well. Note that you can keep shooting at him while he's far away to keep the damage going. You can even use your Pod's Laser Beam attack to speed up things.
  5. Upper kick. He kinda falls backwards and then kicks up. Like always, stay behind him at all times.
  6. Downward kick. He jumps and falls with an energy-infused kick! Does lots of damage but luckily he likes to target 9S all the time.

Watch the awesome scene at the end of the fight and now we have to flee. Yay! There's just one path going up so go up this path and soon we'll have to report back to command! Aight! Dont' jump in the sand river just yet! Move to the top of this area and push the block blocking your way! Now before jumping in the river sand, note where the opening on the north side is and then double jump from the sand onto the upper ledge. This leads to the area right outside the Housing Complex and a locked chest. Another one for later.

The opening you're looking for.
Trophy Unlocked

You'll earn the It's a Healthy Baby Boy! Trophy upon defeating Adam.

After 9S speaks to the Operator, we now have to return all the way back to the city, to the area just before entering the Desert. Speark to the Supply Trader here to receive some goodies for clearing up the Desert: Small Recovery x3, 1000G. Very nice. 9S now wants to regroup and do maintenance on our bodies so we can either continue fighting or head back to the Camp. Head back to camp for now. Before going though, it's a good time to get another Trophy out of the way. the Animal Rider Bronze Trophy. Simply use some Animal Bait on a Moose, ride it and start running around. It's only 5 KM so you can leave the controller upside down and have 2B and the Moose run in circles until you get the Trophy. Very simple really. Make sure to press your Dodge Button so the Moose can run faster!

Trophy Unlocked

You'll earn the Animal Rider Trophy upon completion.

As you enter the camp, you're told, once again, about sub-quests and what the markers on the map look like. Go speak to Anemone and she'll give you a room for you and 9S. Oooh :). Proceed to the room, watch their little conversation and open the chests in here to find Volt-Proof Salve and Small G Luck+. Use the beds in here to save your game and now use the Acceess Point to return to the Bunker.