• Level Select (Easy)

    To unlock Chapter Select and Debug Mode quickly at the start of the game, complete the very first boss at the warehouse. 9S will appear and tell you he'll go to scout out the area. At this exactly this moment do not proceed any further and turned out to the lone 2 pair of three barrels at the back of the warehouse and input the following code while holding R2 (default control scheme):
    D-pad: Up, Down, Up, Right, Left
    Square, Circle, Triangle, Cross

    Note that you must be standing directly between the barrels while the code is being inputted. Easier done while the game is paused with the touchpad (pausing with options will not work).

    The game will fade to black and immediately skip to the post credits screen of a theoretical third playthrough, unlocking Chapter Select, Debug Mode and the Debug Room!

    Level Select and Debug Modes UnlockedR2 (held): ↑↓↑→←□○△☓

    Contributed By: Anddo.

    6    2


  • Arcade

    Complete the game's initial playthrough and once you start route B after returning to the bunker, go to the access point to unlock arcade which lets you redo hacking minigames

    Contributed By: NekoTwili.

    10    5

  • Debug Mode

    Have a save file with all 3 stories cleared. A confornation message will be displayed letting you know the command to go into the mode upon completion of your 1st A2 playthrough.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Debug modeClear 2B,9S,A2 story mode

    Contributed By: sighn02.

    13    9


  • Buying Trophies from the Strange Resistance Woman

    After clearing Route C, the Strange Resistance Woman will sell you the game's PSN Trophies. Talk to the masked member of the Resistance Camp that's sitting down near the entrance.

    Contributed By: Rango.

    7    5

  • Fast Level Up

    In Route C/D, as 9S, go to the Amusement Park and attack the golden statue. Eventually it will come alive and begin attacking you. Hacking it will get you thousands of EXP at once and defeating it will get you even more than that. This enemy respawns infinitely. You can go from level 60 to 99 in around 30 minutes.

    Contributed By: Xaldin0011.

    21    14

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