Is there a way to fix a broken cutscenes to the Forest Zone?

  1. I know that after you leave the village and head to the big comercial facility, a bit of dialogue between 2B and 9S is triggered on the bridge and then once you get there there is a cutscenes, battle ensues, the access point opens. But while 9S was talking, I got a random transmission from 6O for a subquest. I went and completed it, saved because I didn't think anything was wrong and then went back, but now I can't trigger the cutscenes or the rest of his dialogue. I tried restarting the game and dying, but nothing worked. For now, I've just started the game over because there's nothing I can do about it. Is there a way I can fix it?

    User Info: SaekiRi

    SaekiRi - 2 years ago

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