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Close X Guide and Walkthrough (PS4)
by GoldenSun

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Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by GoldenSun

Version: 1.00.00 | Updated: 05/31/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2020


Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Starting up the game, Chapter 1 will begin automatically. You'll find yourself in the train station.

The Train Station

Moving forward, you'll be attacked by two enemies, Security Officers. The game's tutorial will teach you how to defeat them, using the [Square] button for basic attacks. Doing so will earn you the Warming Up Trophy, for winning your first battle. And so it begins.

Continue forward to the stairs, and you'll be attacked by two more Security Officers. The tutorials will continue, explaining the ATB gauge. For those new to Final Fantasy, this gauge is basically a timed ability for your special attacks. It will refill over time and by attacking enemies, as the tutorial will explain. To use an ability, press the [X] button (PS4). This will slow time (but not freeze it completely!), allowing you to pick an ability. You currently have two, 'Braver' and 'Focused Thrust'. Both require one bar of the ATB gauge to use.

Pick an ability and select it. Pick an enemy to attack and kill them, and then take out the other enemy.

After the battle, the game will explain how to access the Main Menu and Map. These were not accessible a moment ago, so feel free to check them out and familiarize yourself with them.

It will also explain how to 'jump' over things (Cloud will automatically jump over things when close enough). To move forward, run up to the marked ticket gates and jump over them.

When you do, another three guards will appear as the tutorials continue. This one will teach you to Guard and Evade. Guarding will also charge your ATB. Practice a bit, and then take out the guards.

Head up the stairs, and you'll find your first Chest. Open it, and you should obtain a couple of Potions. Before proceeding forward, turn to the left and go the to other corner of the room. You'll find a second Chest tucked away next to the vending machines.

Move forward, and the game will introduce you to Shinra Boxes. These are just small crates with the Shinra logo on it. They're smashable, and contain useful items that can replenish your HP or MP (Potions or Mako Shards). Smash both sets of boxes (there are two!) and continue forward.

Meet the Team

You'll see a man with a Quest Marker over his head. Move toward him to trigger a short cutscene.

After the cutscene, feel free to talk to Wedge before heading to your next Quest Marker (Barret, your fourth party member, standing a short distance away). Walking to him will trigger another cutscene.

When you're in control again, head down the short staircase and you'll find three more enemies. Two of them are Guard Dogs. The game will teach you how to lock onto them, so feel free to practice. Before leaving this room, snag the Chest, off to the north (check your map if you need to orient yourself).

Opening the Chest will cause another Security Officer and Guard Dog to appear. Take them out and continue forward.

You'll find more Shinra Boxes in the next room, and an elevator to take you up a platform. Smash them and use the elevator to get to the next area. In the room up ahead that you catch up to your group, you'll find two more sets of Shinra Boxes. Smash them and move to follow your team.

Before you can, you'll be attacked by three more enemies. Kill them all and continue forward. You'll find another Shinra Box as you move through the gated area.

In the next area, you'll find two more enemies. Kill them, and open the Chest before moving forward. Interact with the lever to open the door, and keep moving forward, following your party. A cutscene will trigger.

Talk to Biggs to open the door. You'll be attacked by four enemies. The game will instruct you to try out Punisher Mode (you may have used it already), which allows Cloud to rage and attack faster. He moves slower though, so make sure you're close to your enemies!

After you defeat all four enemies, your party will enter the room. You'll now need to talk to Jessie to open the door.

Follow your party into the next room. You'll find more Shinra Boxes and another Chest. Claim them and talk to Jessie again. Jessie will ask you to push a button. Do so to trigger a longer cutscene.

Barret and Cloud

Barret will now join your party, allowing you to control him in battle. He has ranged attacks, allowing him to hit things that are out of reach for Cloud and his sword. Take out the three Sentry Rays and switch back to Cloud to defeat the three Monodrives, on the ground.

Move forward to find Jessie. You'll now need to move through a laser grid. It's not difficult, just time your movement correctly and you'll be fine. Move forward through all three. At the end, before going down the stairs, be sure to smash the Shinra Boxes in the corner.

Downstairs, work through the next three lasers. These ones are a bit different, requiring you to wait a bit longer. At the end, smash the next Shinra Boxes and open the Chest.

Follow Jessie downstairs, and you'll find a new enemy, a Sweeper. This enemy is basically a large mech, and takes a bit more work to take down. Before attacking it, backtrack and claim the hidden Chest next to the stairs.

To defeat this enemy, you'll need to use Magic. Cloud knows a 'Fire' Spell, but Barret knows 'Cure' and 'Thunder'. Use 'Thunder'; the Sweeper is weak to it. This will give you the 'Weakened Resolve' Trophy for exploiting an enemy's weakness.

After a couple of blasts, you'll have defeated the Sweeper. Move forward, following Jessie. Don't forget to heal, if you need it! To do so, you'll need to press [X] and select 'Items'. For whatever reason, you can't use Items straight from your Inventory in the Main Menu.

Continue following Jessie, down the first ladder. You can quickly slide down the ladder by holding R1 or R2.

At the bottom of the first ladder, you'll find some more Shinra Boxes. Smash these and continue forward. You'll find another Chest up ahead, and some more Shinra Boxes. Claim them and continue forward, down the ladder.

Up ahead, you'll find three more Monodrives and a Sentry Ray. Clear them out and continue forward.

You'll see more enemies ahead, past the ladder you're supposed to be climbing down. Go ahead and take them all out, and claim the Chest and Shinra Boxes they were guarding.

Once you've done that, backtrack and go down the ladder.

Move forward, and you'll trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene, you'll be allowed to choose how much time to give yourself to leave, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. There aren't any Trophies or anything special for doing it in 20 minutes, you just get an Ether and two Hi-Potions as a reward. So feel free to set it to 30 mintues, if you feel like you'll need it.

The Scorpion Sentinel

After choosing the time, you'll be attacked by the Scorpion Sentinel, the first boss. This will require a bit more skill compared to the enemies you've been fighting, so be careful! Don't forget to heal and dodge.

As Cloud states, Lightning Magic will be your best attack here. Be sure to use it!

After taking off about 1/5 of the Scorpion Sentinel's HP, it will protect itself with a Field Generator. You'll need to shoot this directly (strafing around the arena will help, don't just stand still) to disable it. In order to take it out, you'll need to attack the Scorpion Sentinel from the rear. Cloud will do the most damage here, but being that close can be dangerous, so do whatever you feel is best!

During this battle, the Scorpion Sentinel will likely 'Bind' Barret or Cloud at some point. Hitting the boss hard at this point will free your ally, and you'll get the 'Bonds of Friendship' Trophy for freeing a bound ally.

After a bit, you'll be taught how to use your Limit Break move. This is a strong attack that will come in very handy here. Use it to take out a large chunk of the Scorpion Sentinel's HP.

When you get about halfway, the Scorpion Sentinel will start firing powerful lasers, and you'll need to take cover behind some debris. This part of the battle is much easier than the first half, because it isn't protecting itself. Just be careful of the missiles!

When you get the HP bar down to about 1/5, the Scorpion Sentinel will start slowly healing itself. You'll need to attack the front legs to cripple it, opening it up to further attacks. Just keep hitting it, with everything you've got, and you should defeat it without too much more trouble.

Escaping the Mako Reactor 1

Upon defeat of the Scorpion Sentinel, you'll now need to hurry out of the Reactor, in either 20 or 30 minutes (whatever you chose earlier). Backtrack, following Barret, back up to Jessie. You'll find a couple of enemies along the way.

When you're thrown off the platform and find yourself hanging onto a pole, just push upward to move forward. There are no secrets if you backtrack along the pole, so just make your way over to Jessie. After helping her, follow her down the ladder.

On this platform you'll find more Shinra Boxes to smash. Do so and keep following Jessie. Before the next ladder, you'll find another Chest. Open it an follow Jessie until you meet up with Barret again.

You and Barret will now be fighting a few more enemies. It's easy after what you've been through. Clear them out and move forward, to find yourself fighting another Sweeper. Use Lightning and you should defeat it pretty quickly, now that you've done it before.

Moving forward, you'll find a few more enemies at the top of the stairs, next to some more Shinra Boxes. Kill them and smash them, and keep going. You'll find another set of Shinra Boxes upstairs, too.

You'll now fight a Shock Trooper. He's a pain to fight, because he'll dodge most of your attacks. If you can stagger him, you'll be able to attack him normally, though. Try using Cloud's 'Fire' Spell to do so.

After defeating the Shock Trooper, head upstairs and you'll find two Shock Troopers, with two Sentry Rays. Clear them out and continue to the elevator.

Call the elevator and a cutscene will begin, showing the bomb going off. Nice job!

When you're back in control, just follow Jessie. Another cutscene will trigger, and you'll finish Chapter 1, earning yourself the 'Onetime Gig' Trophy.