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by Andrew Testa

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Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by Andrew Testa

Version: 7 | Updated: 06/25/2020


Welcome to my guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake! We have been waiting decades for this game (and for me, since the release of Final Fantasy VIII). This guide is a lascivious dream to Billy the Bum. Features of this guide include the following:

  • A full, complete, beginning-to-end walkthrough -- 28,000 words long -- and written in just a few days after release
  • Hundreds of images to support the writing and make the game come to life
  • Dozens of lists for key items, materia, and equipment to keep your checklists at bay
  • HTML format for easy reading, easy gaming, and easy living
  • Totally free to use, from your phone or PC, tablet or typewriter

Version Tifa -- Made corrections to formatting and added to a few appendix sections.

Version 3.6 -- Added chapter hyperlinking for easier navigating. Added videos. Still so much to do. Removed every instance of FF13 and replaced with more appropriate adjective.

Guide Info: 28,000 words (150 KB) of writing, 107 KB of appendices

Please recommend this guide if you found it helpful! Your rating is greatly appreciated. Thank you! :D

  1. Since 2002, Andrew Testa, MA, has written over 100 guides for free on series including Final Fantasy, Zelda, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Fallout, Halo, and Fable. Follow him on Twitter @andrewctesta