How is Shinra evil?

  1. Other than stealing the life from the planet? How are they evil? (This is a throwaway because this question is probably stupid)

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    aguywithstupidq - 1 month ago

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  1. They also have a private military at their beck and call, create monsters and weapons of mass destruction, they're willing to sacrifice hundreds of innocent lives to snuff out a small terrorist cell, and they conduct inhumane experiments on people by infusing them with alien DNA to create super soldiers for their Soldier initiative which lead to the creation of Sephiroth who literally tries to destroy the world.

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  2. Sounds like the executive branch of the USA

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  1. Answered it yourself: "Other than stealing the life from the planet?"

    Play on for now.

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  2. Or pickup FFVII (original PS1 available on PS4) when next on-sale at the Store ($7.99?). You could probably finish it before the next remake installment comes out (on another platform).

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  3. Shinra has down countless horrible acts, not just by them, but the people that work and are associated with them. Here are some of them (I would recommend playing the original, because it goes into a lot more detail, as of now) (also MAJOR SPOILERS)

    1:Stealing the life from the planet (but also since the livestream is technically were people's souls go when they die, they are using peoples souls as energy)

    2:Starting a war with Wutai, a previously peaceful nation.

    3: Basically every single action that Professor Hojo has done in his entire life

    4 Shutting down the space exploration program in favor of using Mako Reactors, crushing Cid Highwind's dream to go to space.

    5: Dropping the sector 7 plate on innocent civilians, killing most of them.

    6: Mistreating Aerith and trying to manipulate her, due to her heritage.

    7: Killing Zach Fair and leaving Cloud to die on a cliff near Midgar, due to them escaping experimentation from Professor Hojo, leaving them in really bad shape.

    8: The entirety of the Jenova Project.

    9: Burning Corel (Barret's hometown) to the ground after making an agreement to build a Mako reactor there

    10: Killing and destroying most of Gongaga, due to a Mako reactor explosion.

    11: Using the Turks to due Shinra's dirty work (Kidnapping Killing, etc.)

    12: Attempting to free the real Sephiroth from the crystal his was trapped in, causing the Northern Crater to erupt with Mako, causing the WEAPONS to be unleashed.

    13: The SOLDIER program.

    14: Attacking Fort Condor, and killing an innocent Phoenix, who was sleeping on top of a Mako Reactor.

    15: Attempting to collect and use the Huge Materia to destroy Meteor and using the Mako canon to destroy the barrier around the Northern Crater. (Although this could be seen as a good deed, but still did cause some destruction).

    16: Building the city of Junon directly above a small peaceful town, causing pollution.

    User Info: C-Man

    C-Man - 1 month ago 1   1

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