Why are there 2 interaction points in Jessie's Dad's room where nothing happens?

  1. In Jessie's Dad's room, there's the letter with the tickets to the GS, then there's a picture of Jessie on a shelf. You triangle those and Cloud does something / there's a scene.

    However, there's also some paper on a desk and another item on a different shelf - where there's an interaction triangle, but Cloud just says, "let's go" or something like that and the interaction disappears.

    What gives?

    User Info: mikelight77

    mikelight77 - 1 week ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I think they're just meant to be red herrings. You're in there to look for his acess card and that means searching everywhere in the room. It's meant to suck the player in.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 - 1 week ago 2   0

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