Who does cloud love more Tifa or Aerith?

  1. In the remake the scenes between Tifa and aerith individually seemed like unclear to who cloud likes more

    User Info: Mo-mo12

    Mo-mo12 - 4 weeks ago

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  1. There's no right or wrong answer, honestly. They might canonize one or the other but I think they're going to avoid that to keep fans from getting soured by it.

    User Info: Syrant

    Syrant - 3 weeks ago 2   0
  2. FF7R won't answer that. I agree that they will avoid that topic in the context of OG 7 because it was never really addressed.

    However, Advent Children and Before Crisis do add some extra facets to that entire conversation. So if any material from "the compilation of final fantasy 7" gets pulled in... then it gets less neutral.

    User Info: forgecat

    forgecat - 3 weeks ago


  1. Which one? Well in the original the person Could goes on a date with (Golden Saucer) is based on your conversation choices. You can even go on a date with Barret or Red. So I'd hope they will allow the same freedom for the players once the GS is introduced in game 2.

    User Info: Kale_82

    Kale_82 - 3 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Their won't be definitive answer because unfortunately, SE want fans to live with their delusion instead of telling them to grow up.

    Remake is just Midgar and it's very early, there isn't anything serious atm. In the OG, the game pushes Aerith very hard in this stage of the game because you know she *spoiler* soon but those are mostly come from NPCs, Cloud himself never says he loves anyone in the entirely game. I'd say they had reduced Aerith's moments significantly in the remake.

    Everyone has their own answer but I personally don't think it's up to player' choice, it never was. It's up to player to choose whom Cloud should date in Gold Sauer because he wasn't himself. You could say he acted as player's avatar during this period and be whatever you wanted him to be. Affection system is just a fun mechanic.

    After Whirlwind maze, Cloud regains his memory, becomes real Cloud and there's no consequential choice anymore. If it was up to your choice, some people would skip Lifestream and Highwind events but they could not.

    User Info: DenpaKen

    DenpaKen - 1 week ago 0   2
  3. Thats a question thats asked Since the Original Game. And it will probally trigger another Shipingwar inside the Community here. Square made sure that cloud spends the same amount of time with aerith and Tifa. And u have the Choice to go with the woman u Prefer.

    Nomura Himself said in April:

    I don't get why so many freaks care who cloud Ends up with, he's a fictional charakter and ff7 gave u the liberty to choose, but Cleriths and Clotis are at war and kill each Other.

    And i don't wanna any more goddamn Cleriths begging me to make there s... cannon to end the shipingwars.

    I don't give two f.... about it.

    So basicily its up to u which girl u Prefer and u can,always go Bromance to if u want

    User Info: AuraLaura

    AuraLaura - 4 weeks ago 2   5
  4. I really doubt that he said that.

    User Info: traviscurtis

    traviscurtis - 3 weeks ago
  5. I sended u the link per PN so u can check his Statement yourself

    User Info: AuraLaura

    AuraLaura - 3 weeks ago

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