How to beat Hell house on hard mode?

  1. What’s the best strategy to beat hell house on hard mode? I can usually get him down to his final phase with about 5k go left before he wipes both my characters out. Usually by this point I’ve run out of mp and can’t replenish it quick enough to heal/raise characters

    User Info: Desbrina

    Desbrina - 1 year ago
  2. If you can get him to the 3rd part. He's usually ice very quickly hit him with fire 1 or fira 2 not lv 3 it takes to long to cast.

    When he changes elements hit him very quickly with aero lv1 or 2 lightning lv 1 or 2...he usually turns very quickly from ice to fire and heals or he will start as lightning or wind hit him fast with many lv 1 spells.
    Anything that won't heal him. Opposites are better but anything will work. He will usually counter an opposing atk by switching fast to heal.
    If done right in 3 to 4 hits he will fall staggered. Kill him asap before the robots get a chance to strike.
    I used magnify-lighting lv 3 just in case the robots where off to the sides.
    Also i use revival items and Aeriths silver staff and clouds mythril saber cause they have trade off.
    Don't forget elemental in items heal at max or makes you immune to 1 element.

    User Info: Luxfer

    Luxfer - 1 year ago

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  1. As soon as the House ejects some Tomberries, use Triple Slash. This will kill them on the spot and make things MUCH easier.

    User Info: TaticalWarrior

    TaticalWarrior - 1 year ago 10   1
  2. Yup. Try and anticipate when hell house will spit them out. They take a while to stand up so wait until all three are out before triple slashing. Don't let them spread out.

    User Info: Ryugo77

    Ryugo77 - 1 year ago
  3. tripple slash is not working everytime, the tonbys are near the house, and cloud is not really smart most Times he will hit the house...

    User Info: AuraLaura

    AuraLaura - 1 year ago
  4. Braver is what I used. Wait for all to be active and boom.

    User Info: arcanic87

    arcanic87 - 1 year ago
  5. I used infinity's end because it takes out all 3 and damages the house if you do it right.

    User Info: Glsabre

    Glsabre - 1 year ago


  1. My take, have cure and revive on both and give Aerith magnify. Prayer and chakra can replace cure but I had no issues getting MP back with soul drain. Steadfast block on both and any ATB assists you have but HP & MP + is more important.
    I gave both fire & elem on their armor and start spamming him with fire towards the end the moment his windows turn white which was often. Best to time the hits right during his attacks while God mode is down. This also allowed his jet stream to heal me.
    Stay close but mid-range and use Aerith spamming him with Tempest every chance u get. At this distance he seems to use jet stream a lot making the first 3 parts a breeze.
    When tonberries show hit the first or center with Tempest then triple slash with Cloud. Use focus strike if only one left.
    The end is tough but if you saved limits and have ascension now is the time. If you have any limit boosting accesories equip them.
    It's really important to watch his attack and move accordingly. The tough ones were double rocket blast but easy to avoid by strafing right or left once he starts shaking and the last one is a great chance for Aerith's Ray attack. The other one was when he rushes forward clawing then bites doing tons of damage. Block the swipes then roll sideways for minimal damage.
    When he goes heavansward don't stop moving and stay as far as possible.
    Taking out the sweepers helps but not needed. If you do, build up atb first then tempest, focus strike, focus strike, disorder, attack mixed with triple slash amd they go down fast.
    Do not roll unless absolutely necessary. Running is faster and you get no ATB while rolling. Run and block. Only roll to dodge that one bite or if you find him on top of you.

    User Info: ThaiGold

    ThaiGold - 1 year ago 4   0
  2. Slow and cheap method = poison it

    Even using the low level Bio seems to work, I just constantly check to make sure the Hell House is in poisoned status and quickly work to refresh if it isn't. Then it's simply a matter of waiting for it to die.

    Tonberries are my kryptonite so that is the only time I went down in the fight. As others have noted, get close (but not too close) and triple slash them to death with Cloud. I did have Revival Materia on both Cloud and Aerith just in case.

    Once the House is down to around 25% HP, there's a Cutter and Sweeper and that is when I like to summon Bahamut to help soften them up for me.

    The rest of the time I'm just playing conservatively and trying to prep ATB. Manawall helps to reduce damage. I found Haste to be even more useful. I don't like using MP to heal so I equipped Pray on both Cloud and Aerith. I found it amusing to spam Lustrous Shields all over the battle field too as I had the Gotterdammerung (see below) and used it at the start of the battle with the Refocus limit.

    As it does for most battles, the Gotterdammerung further simplifies the fight. I immediately start with Refocus to make ATB generation simpler for Aerith. Plenty of opportunities to cast Planet Protection. It's not a particularly efficient or flashy way to take down Hell House but you can be sure I was sneering like a cheesing bastard when covered with Planet Protection and a metric ton of Lustrous Shields all over the coliseum as the Hell House slowly was poisoned to death :)

    User Info: darrvao777

    darrvao777 - 1 year ago 3   0
  3. It's a hectic tough fight, but here's some tips:

    -You can poison hell house
    - Destroy adds ASAP
    - Hell house will do friendly damage to adds take advantage of this when the house charges at you
    - Use chakra and pray materia for healing
    - only use MP for gaurenteed magic damage and revive spells
    - Aerith is seriously OP. Take advantage of soul drain and the 2 ward spells to maximize magic damage and conserve ATB
    - Control Aerith most of the time because her basic magic attacks do way more than Clouds attacks.
    - use the time when hell house circles the arena to buff up, etc haste, barrier, heal
    - if your MP pool is too low from the jump, restart the chapter and don't use any MP at all until that fight. Remember, chakra and pray are way better for healing... When leveled up.

    Hope this helps!

    User Info: OGgamerdad

    OGgamerdad - 1 year ago 9   7
  4. Here's how I beat it:

    Prepare: Equip Aerith with her best weapon for magic power and these materias: healing, fire, ice, thunder, wind and fill the rest with multiple hp up, mp up and magic up materias.
    Equip Cloud with his best weapon for physical damage and these materias: poison, healing, steadfast block and fill the rest with hp up/mp up.

    Fight: Build enough ATB to be able to use 1 ability for Cloud and 1 for Aerith, then get closer (but not too close) and use Sourcerous Storm and Triple Slash to wipe the Tonberries. Repeat when Tonberries return. Control Cloud and damage the house with Punisher mode and abilities (Triple Slash, Focused thrust). Switch to operator mode to dodge the attacks (such as the plush bombs). Block chair salvo. Use Bio on the house and refresh it when it ends. When Aerith is able to cast a spell from the opposite element, do it (especially after a Barrier shift) and cast the weaker spell, it will fill the stagger bar quickly and you won't waste you mp on stronger spells). Don't worry about casting Arcane Ward, moving her to the right spot is a waste of time. In phase 2 when it charges, be sure to control Cloud (Aerith is too slow to dodge), block the charge then immediately dodge to the side. You will dodge a nasty 3k attack. For Double Rocket Charge, run away from the house and then to the side (it will charge 2 more times). Keep attacking and healing, cast your elemental spells right after God House Mode and you'll beat it easily. Using this method, it went so well that the adds didn't have time to show up. If they do, either deal with them with thunder spells or finish the house.

    User Info: cloud83

    cloud83 - 1 year ago 2   0
  5. You have to keep something in mind, this is THE most important fight of the chapter. Save MP for it to the best of your ability, and use MP on it with no regard, there is no harder fight after it on Chapter 9.

    IF Aerith runs out of MP, just use absorb, her ATB gauge should be constantly full since you'll constatnly get the chance to attack HH with normal attacks from her.

    Bio. Hell helse can be poisoned, and this goes to all enemies too, aside from a selected few, most enemies have a status effect they are weak to, Bad Breath and other debuffs WORK so use them as you see fit.

    Have Cloud cast protect on Aerith and himself (that order) when he can. Protect cuts physical damage in half, and hell house ain't using magic.

    When HH summons Tonberries, build ATB with Cloud by hitting it, it usually summons 3 them. Then, go behind the tonberries, line up with the front of HH where it spit them from, and use Blade Charge. At level 50 it should be more then enough to kill them off.

    Bring Thunder to the fight, At low health HH summon a unique Sweeper type enemy. Arcana ward + Thundaga should fry it no problem.

    At some points attacking with Cloud just ain't worth it, have him on buff and heal and switch to Aerith for offensive. Tempest if possible.

    Bahamut for your summon, and keep moving, ALWAYS. Most attacks can be dodged, so get alway from, or get out of the way of HH as the situation deems fit.

    Worst comes to worst just use the acessory from defeating pride and joy, and remember, Aerith Second Limit Break makes your party immune to anything HH tries.

    User Info: jstoru216

    jstoru216 - 1 year ago 2   1
  6. Only use level one magic spells. You can either have both cloud and Aerith with them or spread the four elements between them. When tonberries spawn, focus on them primarily. Have both party members have revive on them. Save limit break for the final form (don't waste it before that - the boss has hp cut offs meaning you can't damage below a certain amount.)

    Use the assess key to slow down the action (center button on controller to confirm weakness). Always have atb available.

    I had my summon out quick to deal with the second round of tonberries. If at the end the sweeper and cutter manage to spawn, you only have to kill the house to win.

    User Info: Strider515

    Strider515 - 1 year ago 3   3
  7. 2 main things.
    1. Have all element materia on aerith
    2. Set subversion with warding linked on cloud. Warding needs to be maxed. This is so cloud doesnt instadeath from knife or gloom and doom ranged instadeath.

    Materia i used was revive max on both, chakra max both, warding and sabotage on cloud maxed, i didnt use magic with cloud because i wanted to save his mana for haste and reviving aerith if necessary, hp and mp materia, bahamut on cloud carbuncle on aerith, no poison because it causes the house to switch phases at unexpected times wasting good attacks.

    It helps to have everything maxed out with mp and hp plus materia. Cloud def needs steadfast block. Switching between aerith and cloud during different types of attack modes helps. Focus on beating it down with cloud during the beginning phase and just casting base spells with aerith when it's weaknesses are obvious or with fire when no weaknesses are obvious. When you get to the phase with the arms stay on cloud and hold block until it stops moving then dodge to the side to not get scythed. Always try to switch to cloud when the house is about to throw chairs so you can block and absorb a lot of the damage.

    User Info: Glsabre

    Glsabre - 1 year ago 0   0
  8. With Difficulty.
    1st get to HH with as much magic as possible

    You need to know your elements
    Wind- counter lighting- crackling blue/purple will charge at player.
    Lighting- counters wind- the green lights that open the door and suck you in.
    Fire - counters ice- the blue/white frosted windows
    Ice- counters fire- the red burning house.

    Ok real easy use mythrial or twin blade and the silver staff for 50% magic regen /reduction and revive.
    1st round hit 3 to 4 times at max magic atk
    If he summons toneberry you want wind or lightning on your multi/all matera take them all out asap
    2nd use low lv wind spells for speed casting to stop his lightning charges
    round hit with absorb magic while his shield is up
    And strike with the element hes weak to while hes Aeriths super heal or invincible shield till you need it...use cloud to strike when HH breaks.

    3rd round dont die...plays the same as round 2
    make sure you have magic ....seriously use Aerith magic absorb whenever possible

    4th round HH takes to the air.
    The fastest easiest way to win this is to hit HH with the opposing element ...1st lv fast cast spell ...knock him out of the air and he will be weak enough to beat to death before he summons the robots.

    This is harder than it sounds he will switch elements very fast if you miss he will heal
    The robots require lightning to kill them and make life hell by trapping you. Aerith should use invincible LB if equipped.
    Try to focus on the house its life is so low it should die fast...if you can at any point knock it out of the air with the opposite element it will enter that stunned pressure mode for the win
    If the robots dont kill you 1st.

    Good luck

    User Info: Luxfer

    Luxfer - 1 year ago 0   0
  9. Poison it and keep your distance

    User Info: 2009

    2009 - 4 months ago 0   0
  10. I'm reminded of the advice given to catcher trying to catch a knuckleball pitcher: don't catch the ball and wait for it to hit the ground and stop moving.

    I wish this fight was optional in hard mode.

    User Info: BraskasStaff

    BraskasStaff - 3 months ago 0   0
  11. so, basically.

    i had revive on aertih and cloud, prayer on both(maxed prayers), one of each element, steadfast block on cloud and heal/magnify on cloud too. keep aerith's planet protection as a side use when it's up, it'll keep you going during all the stupid times when you can't take the barrage of nonsense.

    use her arcane move, basically use her alot and when you need a break, do damage as cloud to get rid of the tonberries. if you use aerith, you can get rid of those other stupid sweepers asap, they don't last long in the arena if she blasts them with thunder like in her arcane thing. make sure, you have time materia and poison.

    in the second phase when it comes after you, have aerith cast stop on it, so you can avoid that whole BS and move to the other side of the house. bio will likely be what finished the house off, not your attacks.

    User Info: kitphiroth

    kitphiroth - 1 year ago 0   1
  12. I split up the elements 2 each for cloud and aerith, keep an eye on hell houses element and use it's weakness you should only have to use 1st level magic, then pound on him some with clouds punisher attacks try to destroy the arms but don't worry too much about it. Save aeriths 2nd limit break for towards the end for guaranteed win once it's flying around its down hill from there if you have her limit break and just focus hell house. Using some gear like atb boost limit break helps too if you're having trouble building it up. I put the mp one on cloud since he was mainly just tossing level 1 elements and revives.

    User Info: DrgnZomb

    DrgnZomb - 1 year ago 1   3
  13. -Only use basic magic spells
    -Use prayer when possible to heal as no mp consumption(maxed out aerith heals for around 3k health)
    -Tonberry's need to be killed asap usually with triple strike works best
    - early stages of the fight constantly pound on him with clouds punisher attacks
    -switch to characters at least 30 secs at a time switch when needed
    -equip first strike to both characters
    -When Hell House tries to use Double Rocket Charge hit him with blizzard before he charges.
    When Hell House uses Heavensward Hit him with aero before he dives. He will drop and stagger. Use ascension as soon as he hits the ground. You wont even need to deal with the sweeper
    - when he's staggered use braver from cloud and ray of judgment from or two soul drains if low on mp from aerith aerith the stagger gauge will fill much faster than usual
    -block the flying chairs, very little dmg will be dealt and will fill up your atb gage quickly
    - when you see the pressured text under the house use focus strike from cloud and ray of judgment from aerith the stagger gauge will fill much faster than usual
    - save clouds limit breaks for when the house is staggered
    - in stage 3 once the house is at about 1/6 th health or the mechs come out use planet protector. And summon bahamut
    -The mechs basically do no damage and are super easy to mop up with cloud if he has the elemental lightning on his weapon.
    - when the house runs after you go around in a large circle with cloud try not to roll
    While using cloud use quick commands to to cast spells with aerith they usually won't be interrupted
    revive earrings on aerith and cloud

    -use R3 to lock on the correct target/ have a camera view of the house

    took me several times to beat it
    Must have materias
    -mastered revive materia on aerith and cloud
    -prayer materia on aerith and cloud
    -lightning attached to magnify on aerith
    -First strike materia on aerith and cloud
    -time materia is helpful but not essential
    -mp up and magic up on aerith
    -poison materia Hell House can be poisoned
    -Planet protector limit break makes the fight easier
    -i like having cloud equipped with elemental and fire on armor to absorb jetfire
    equip ice,poison,wind on aerith

    -steadfast blocker materia on cloud
    Bahamut summon near the end of the battle when hell house brings the sweeper and cutter
    this is what got me through

    User Info: isobu_shukaku

    isobu_shukaku - 1 year ago 0   2
  14. Must have materias
    -healing and revive on both characters
    -prayer materia on aerith
    -cure attached to magnify on arerith
    -steadfast blocker materia on both characters
    -time materia on at least one character
    -mp up and magic up on aerith
    -poison materia
    -Planet protector limit break makes the fight much easier
    -i like having cloud equipped with elemental and lightning
    If you have a second elemental materia equip aerith with a different element

    Basic strategy:
    -Only use magic to heal , revive or cast haste.
    -Use prayer when possible to heal as no mp consumption(maxed out aerith heals for around 3k health)
    -Tonberry's need to be killed asap usually with triple strike works best
    - if you let a character get sucked into the house the tonberry's won't spawn
    -block the flying chairs, very little dmg will be dealt and will fill up your atb gage quickly
    - save your summons for the third stage if the fight
    - when you see the pressured text under the house use focus strike from cloud and ray of judgment from aerith the stagger gauge will fill much faster than usual
    - save clouds limit breaks for when the house is staggered
    - in stage 3 once the house is at about 1/6 th health or the mechs come out use planet protector. The mechs basically do no damage and are super easy to mop up with cloud if he has the elemental lightning on his weapon.
    - when the house runs after you go around in a large circle with cloud roll as needed it shouldn't hit you
    - the ai usually targets the character that you have selected so have cloud selected most of the time and only use aerith as needed to fill her atb gages . While uou have cloud selected use the X => L2 command to select aerith to cast her spells they usually won't be interrupted and usually they will leave her alone
    -use R3 to lock on the correct target/ have a camera view of the house

    Beat it pretty easily on hard only died once with this strategy. ( i beat it on hard multiple times to get the quests, trophies and manuscripts)

    User Info: BlueManticore

    BlueManticore - 1 year ago 3   6
  15. If Aerith is low on MP at the start just use Soul Drain a bunch of times before you start attacking the house and go into phase 2... boring, but it made a huge difference for me. After that, I just pummelled it with spells and hit it with Ascension when it staggered. Triple Slash the Tonberries and Sweepers, and use Planet Protection near the end to make it easier to smash. Not too difficult really.

    User Info: GGB

    GGB - 1 year ago 1   4
  16. I covered a good portion of Hell House strategy in my No/Low Materia Challenge post. Some of this you might find useful in addition to the tips mentioned above:

    User Info: codemann8

    codemann8 - 1 year ago 1   5
  17. My best tip is this-
    Double Rocket Charge is always fire element. so have Aerith hit him with blizzard before he charges. He will drop and stagger allowing you to whomp on him.

    Heavensward dive will always be lightning element. So have Aerith hit him with aero before he dives. He will drop and stagger. Use ascension as soon as he hits the ground. You wont even need to deal with the sweepers

    User Info: Fhenrin

    Fhenrin - 1 year ago 2   6
  18. I did this fight with 4 mp on Aerith. You don't need to restart the whole chapter. Just spend the first phase using soul drain until you have about 30 mp with her. Make sure Aerith is always effected by haste throughout the fight.

    User Info: Fhenrin

    Fhenrin - 1 year ago
  19. Yeah soul drain is a lifesaver for sure.

    User Info: Ryugo77

    Ryugo77 - 1 year ago
  20. Just kill the house before he get mad, same strategy from original FF7

    User Info: TropicalAngel2

    TropicalAngel2 - 1 year ago
  21. To beat Monster house (more importantly the Tonberrys) as soon as they all came out I cast Blizzaga on the one in the middle to rock all of them then finished them all off and combined MP absorb with my ice materia, in an attempt to maintain my MP, then just winged the rest of the fight.

    User Info: DBlack25

    DBlack25 - 1 year ago 0   4
  22. Before u cast with aerith use the 2x cast ward if u Want easy Mode, beat the secret Boss in chapter 17. Equip the assecoire u get to aerith, use her second limitbreak, and get immun to everything the house is throwing at u.

    User Info: AuraLaura

    AuraLaura - 1 year ago 0   8

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