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Free ps+ dlc Deluxe upgrade? Tech Support *new* 1 16 hours ago
How is Shinra evil? Plot 3 1 month ago
How to get tifas dress to count for trophy? Side Quest 5 2 months ago
Do KO'd party members get exp? Build 1 2 months ago
Done all side quests but missing a manuscript in chapter 14? Side Quest 1 3 months ago
Exp Up materia functionality? Build 4 3 months ago
Why isn't it suspicious to Jessie's mom that Jessie & friends show up with guns and military gear? Plot 1 3 months ago
How to find this character? Tech Support 2 3 months ago
How to find the cat? Tech Support 2 3 months ago
Do I meet and get this person after the event? Plot 2 3 months ago

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