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by codebreak1337

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FAQ/Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/11/19


Foreword On Souls:

For those that are interested in Why Dark Souls III specifically has become one of if not the best game I have ever played. I would first like to mention that I started with Demons Souls. I skipped Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. I have played and beaten Bloodborne, and I am on my fourth playthrough of Dark Souls III and I have purchased the game on two consoles.

Starting with Demon's Souls and huge thanks specifically to Gamefaqs and Reddit.com for the communities superb taste in video games. I honestly would have never tried the game if it wasn't for the people on the forums of both of these fantastic websites, so thanks to the board of course.
Demon's Souls left an impression on me. At my age a ripe 32-year-old, born in the era of Mario ( 1985 ). I have played some of the best at a starting point. I was captivated by the Isolation of Metroid and Super Metroid. The Blood Tasting Brilliance of the Castlevania series. The Legend that is Zelda, The bomb we call the Fallout series and the coup de grace that is the Elder Scrolls. There may have been a few more games that really got me, Metal Gear Solid should also be noted.

Demon's Souls has been the last game to immerse me in a way where things felt Weird. Weird in this amazingly interesting and new way. The artwork was so realistic to me and the ideas behind the game left literally in this other world. It's actually funny how hard Demon's Souls was not in terms of combat but in terms of what is going on. I didn't even know how to get the ball rolling in that game. However, in the Souls and Bloodborne series of games, not knowing anything was done with taste and perfection. The pure psychological immersion of the game, that's just one of the beauties of Soulsborne games and From Software.

If I may I still have some more I would like to talk about. The artwork of the items, the spells that are deep with lore. Miracles that make players feel as if their character truly had these powers, or perhaps you were so immersed you felt the thrill of using a "Miracle" for the first time yourself.
I can go on about the combat mechanics, the differences, and originality of the game compared to many others. Many already know how this is superb. But the one thing that makes me find that this game is over the top. The one thing that makes it top my beloved, Castlevania series specifically Symphony of the Night. Is the over the top brilliance of the games Replay Value. Do I stand Corrected?

Version 5.55 : Ringed City Downloaded:: Journey #3

- Legendary Items Added
- Flash Work Begins
- Lore additions
- Bestiary section
- Edited Version - Updates Continue! 12/19/17

I just want to say how fun and amazing this game is. If you haven't tried any of the souls games including Demon's Souls, you can easily start with Dark Souls III. It easily has the most content of all the games combined into one. If you are going for the cryptic story or the various lore on the intertwining ideas of this game, then just play them all! People claim Dark Souls II is different than Demons Souls, Souls I and Souls III.

I haven't put much time into that game, but it is a slightly different experience due to a different lead developer on that game. I still suggest starting with Dark Souls III and working your way to all the games including Bloodborne. I hope this guide picks up, as it is very late since release of the game, but I feel it was so fun and greatness deserves noteworthy efforts.

Created By : Andrew Turelli Jr. ( Codebreak )
Hosted By: Gamefaqs.com
Firelink Shrine art created by Zedotagger my friend from deviantart!

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