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by optimusmart

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Trophy/Achievement Speedrun Guide by optimusmart

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/25/16

Trophy/Achievement Speedrun guide
35-45hrs Skill dependant)


I have created this guide for those who want to play through the game in the most time efficient manner by keeping all backtracking to a minimum.

Rather than guide you through the game step by step, I will be listing everything that needs to be done in each area in the order you would come across it in the game. Because of this, it is a casual Speedrun of sorts so you will still be able to enjoy the game! Compared to most of my other guides, this guide is more of a Checklist/Guide hybrid that instructs what needs collecting/doing in each area. The path through the game is instructed, with everything listed in the order you encounter it, backtracking is kept to a minimum and this is the most I can reduce it.

Due to the nature of this guide only aiming to push you to Platinum, I will not be explaining every single part of something within the game. As long as you follow this guide as you play through the game, you should not have any problems regarding Trophies. For users of versions with achievements, translate the word 'Trophy' into 'Achievement' where necessary.


Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth, to create such a in depth guide.

If you DO wish to donate anything:

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You in no way should feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.



Melee will always have to be used for the first 2/3 of the game, ranged combat (Sorcery, Pyro, etc.) just don't become powerful enough until later on when you character is nearing level 100. This is because INT and FTH have a reverse cap, meaning they see more gains in the 40-60 range than below that. Whereas the other stats gain more in the low levels and hardcap at around level 40.

If you are wanting to go for a ranged build, first you want to put some levels into Vigor, Endurance and perhaps some in Vitality, ignoring Strength and Dexterity obviously. Then at about 1/3 into the game, begin putting some levels into Attunement and either Faith/Intelligence or both, ignore Luck. You would put levels into Strength/Dexterity or both for melee builds. By the way, Vitality also increases Physical Defense, quite a lot in fact!

For a Pyromancer, you want to level Intelligence and Faith, you will not begin seeing good damage though until your about 30/30 with it hardcapping at 40/40. Just bear in mind, a ranged build is very useful for farming later in the game for some Covenant items, it will speed it up significantly.

Melee weapons can still be powerful with a Magic/Pyro build with hardly no points in Strength or Dexterity but you will need to infuse the Weapon with a Gem that eliminates scaling. And later on, if you are developing a ranged build, you will find Coals that allow you to infuse your weapons with Gems that allow scaling from Int/Fth. But, just because you have eliminated Scaling on a weapon, it doesn't make it useless, a Gem with scaling vs a Gem with no scaling actually wont have much difference early on. Just keep upgrading your main weapon/s when possible.

The basic Straight Swords in the game are very good and should not be underestimated, especially the Longsword that is a starting weapon for the 'Knight' build. Also, because you keep any upgrades on a Weapon permanently, re-fusing a Weapon for a certain area can be more beneficial than upgrading a completely different weapon. I will provide a list of some enemies that drop each Gem.

Rings are also very important for your build, with the right rings equipped you can be doing much more damage, especially ranged builds.

With that all said, I will give you my personal preference for a build that keeps things simple and makes it easy later on (well, sort of easy);

Pyro/Melee build;

Pick the Knight as your starting class and choose the Fire Gem as your free gift.

When you reach Firelink Shrine, infuse your Longsword with the Fire Gem (btw, this will be your main melee weapon for the game). Go through the game upgrading your weapon as you go and levelling the following roughly in this order;

  • Vigor to 25
  • Endurance to 20
  • Vitality to 15 (or 20 possibly)
  • Attunement to 24 (for 4 spell slots)
  • Faith/Intelligence to 50 each

As you level these, only level Str or Dex slightly if you need to for a specific weapon you want. Dexterity also speeds up your cast time slightly. Make you sure upgrade your Pyromancy Flame as well once you acquire it and as you progress. Cornyx gives you this, as shown in the guide. As you progress through the game, you will discover various Rings. Some are very important to this build and all would need to be equipped to achieve max potential, I will tell you how to find them in the guide.

These are the Rings;

  • Great Swamp Ring (Road of Sacrifices. Increases Pyro Dmg by 12%)
  • Sages Ring (Road of Sacrifices. Increases casting speed by 30, there's a +1 and +2 variant in NG+ and NG++)
  • Witch's Ring (Catacombs of Carthus. Increases Pyro Dmg by 20%.

These next 2 Rings will be equipped depending on what your using, Dark Pyro or Fire Pyro. These will also affect Dmg on your weapons;

  • Dark Clutch Ring (Irithyll Dungeon. Increases Dark Atk by 15%, but increases received Phys Dmg by 10%)
  • Fire Clutch Ring (Undead Settlement. Increases Fire Atk by 15%, but increases received Phys Dmg by 10%)

The 4 main spells you use are as follows;

  • Great Chaos Fire Orb (Cornyx once you give him the Izalith Pyromancy Tome which is found in Smouldering Lake)
  • Chaos Bed Vestiges (Purchased from Ludleth with the Old Demon King Soul)
  • Black Fire Orb (Karla, once you give her the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome which is found in Catacombs of Carthus).
  • Power Within (Grand Archives)

That's pretty much the build. You wont reach its max potential until you have the stats and gear I mention, but you can start using Pyro before hand. Just remember not to infuse your Longsword with any Str/Dex scale Gems for obvious reasons, but feel free to change Infusions as you go through the game (forget about buffs).

I will mention what troublesome enemies/bosses are weak to. The Fire Orb is very good for enemies weak to Fire, and the Black Orb for enemies that aren't. On average you will be looking at approx 800-1000 Dmg, sometimes more sometimes less. When you use the Power Within buff, it will greatly increase your damage output.


There are a LOT of missables in this game, you need to pay very close attention to the steps throughout the guide. I could list complete details of all NPCs questlines here and other missable information but you will not be able to keep track of it all. The steps I guide you to throughout the Guide will direct you on what to do and when. Just be sure to follow what I say and you will be fine.

If by any chance you do miss anything I say in the guide or make an error somewhere then don't worry as you have 3 playthroughs to clear everything up.

New Game+ & New Game++;

Because you will be clearing almost everything up in the first playthrough, NG+ will literally be a speedrun. There is absolutely no point in going out your way to collect everything in NG+. This is because in NG++ there will be even more for you to collect so you can collect them together in NG++ to save time. Some of the +1 Ring variants could be collected in +1 to aid you, but they really do not provide a big enough boost to warrant wasting time collecting them. Besides, at this point, you may just want to clear up on the Platinum and be done.


Although I'm guiding you through each NPCs questline that affect Platinum, I will also guide you along some other NPCs questlines to allow access to their Shop Inventories. I will mention anything important about a NPCs questline in the guide where that particular NPC may be affected so don't worry about that.

Also, this perhaps doesn't need mentioning, but do not attack any NPCs!!

Whenever I ask you to talk to an NPC, make sure you exhaust their dialogue. You will know when you have when they keep repeating themselves. This is very important because if you don't, an NPC may not move onto the next step of their questline.

Boss Souls that are required to purchase Spells/Rings

Here is a list of Boss Souls that are needed to trade with Ludleth. Any other Boss Souls, feel free to consume or trade for Weapons;

  • Soul Of Rosaria; Bountiful Sunlight MIRACLE
  • Soul Of A Dancer; Soothing Sunlight MIRACLE
  • Soul Of Lords; Sunlight Spear MIRACLE
  • Soul Of A Nameless King; Lightning Storm MIRACLE
  • Soul Of Aldritch; Lifehunt Scythe MIRACLE
  • Soul Of A Crystal Sage; Crystal Sage Rapier WEAPON (This is not required for a Trophy, but it very useful for farming Covenant Items, so create this first and then the SORCERY below later on NG+ or NG++)
  • Soul Of A Crystal Sage; Crystal Hail SORCERY
  • Soul Of The Deacons Of The Deep; Deep Soul SORCERY
  • Soul Of Consumed Oceiros; White Dragon Breath SORCERY
  • Soul Of The Old Demon King; Chaos Bed Vestiges PYROMANCY
  • Soul Of High Lord Wolnir; Black Serpent PYROMANCY
  • Soul Of A Stray Demon; Boulder Heave PYROMANCY
  • Soul Of A Stray Demon; Havels Ring RING
  • Soul Of Champion Gundyr; Giants Chain RING
  • Soul Of Vordt; Pontiffs Left Eye RING

Enemies that drop Gems

Here is a list of some enemies that drop each Gem;

  • Dark Gem; Pus of Man (High Wall of Lothric)
  • Raw Gem; Hollow soldier/Assassin (High Wall of Lothric)
  • Refined Gem; Red-Eyed Lothric Knight (High Wall of Lothric, next to Dancer bonfire)
  • Blessed Gem; Large Winged Knight (High Wall of Lothric, patrolling around fountain)
  • Crystal Gem; Sage's Devout/Pentice (Road of Sacrifices, Magic enemies near Orbeck's initial location)
  • Hollow Gem; Corvian Storyteller (Road of Sacrifices, Sage Crow just before Halfway Fortress bonfire)
  • Deep Gem; Hollow Slaves (CoTD, the small nimble enemies)
  • Poison Gem; Rotten Slugs, Ghru (Farron Keep)
  • Heavy Gem; Rotten Slugs, Ghru (Farron Keep)
  • Sharp Gem; Skeleton Swordsman (Catacombs of Carthus)
  • Chaos Gem; Demon Cleric (Smouldering Lake)
  • Fire Gem; Ghru, Smouldering Slugs (Smouldering Lake)
  • Blood Gem; Irithyllian Slave/Soldier (Irithyll of the Boreal Valley)
  • Simple Gem; Jailer (Irithyll Dungeon)
  • Lightning Gem; Serpent-Man/Large (Archdragon Peak)

Covenant Item Farming

You need to rank up a few Covenants in order to acquire certain Spells/Rings required for trophies.

You rank up Covenants by offering certain Items, these items can be acquired from certain enemies or from online play while a specific Covenant Item is equipped. Some of the required Items can also be found naturally within the world and you would have collected these if following the Guide. When farming any of these items, you need to maximize the time of your farming cycles (so you want to be killing the enemies in 1-hit) and max your ID (item discovery). It's more important to max your farm cycle speed first and ID 2nd. Here are the Covenants that need levelling with details;

Warriors of Sunlight

The Altar to turn in Covenant Items is in a room just before the Dragonslayer Armour Bossfight in LOTHRIC CASTLE. To rank up this Covenant you must offer SUNLIGHT MEDALS which can be obtained for summoning a Sunbro for a bossfight (the yellow summon signs) and defeating the Boss, or by placing your summon sign down as a Sunbro and helping another player defeat a Boss. Rewards you require;

  • 10 offerings - Sacred Oath
  • 30 offerings - Great Lightning Spear

Farming enemies;
The Lothric Knight enemies in LOTHRIC CASTLE drop these.

Fastest way is to begin from DANCER OF THE BOREAL VALLEY bonfire. Head straight up the nearby ladder, carry on straight ahead into Lothric Castle and kill the few Lothric Knights here you encounter as you follow the path around to the LOTHRIC CASTLE bonfire. Once you reach the bonfire, rest here then retrace your steps back to the DANCER OF THE BOREAL VALLEY bonfire killing the Lothric Knights on the way. Rest at the bonfire once you reach it and just keep repeating this method between the 2 bonfires.

Farming online;
Before entering every Boss Gate, make sure you are in EMBER form, and use 2 Yellow summon signs. This will summon 2 Sunbros, you don't want to summon more as the Boss gains more HP the more coop partners you have, and you don't want to summon only 1 in case 1 of them dies. No matter how many you summon, you will only acquire 1 SUNLIGHT MEDAL as a reward once the Boss is defeated. Because the can do this without wasting much time and defeating the Boss in your game as well, I strongly advise this method.

Spread this method across all 3 playthroughs you must complete, and you will gain enough SUNLIGHT MEDALS easily. Alternatively, you can equip the Covenant Item and leave your summon sign down to help other players kill Bosses, only this wastes more time due to not actually causing any progress in your own world.

Sunlight Medals in the world;
There is 1 SUNLIGHT MEDAL that naturally occurs as a pickup within the world. It is found in Lothric Castle just before the Dragonslayer Armour Boss fight. It is in the doorway of the building that contains the WOS Altar. Make sure you collect this in each NG, meaning by the time you reach NG++ you would have acquired 3 meaning only 27 need farming.

Rosaria's Finger

Rosaria is found in the Cathedral Of The Deep next to the ROSARIA'S CHAMBER bonfire. To rank up this Covenant you must offer PALE TONGUES. These are acquired by equipping the Covenant Item, then invading other players and defeating them. Rewards you acquire

  • 10 offerings - Obscuring Ring

Farming enemies
The Darkwraith enemies in the game drop these. The best place to farm these is at the FARRON KEEP PERIMETER bonfire in Farron Keep. From the bonfire, head out towards the Boss area, and kill the 2 Darkwraiths walking up the hill to your left. Run back to the bonfire, rest, repeat. Farming online Pretty straight forward, just equip the Covenant Item, invade other players and defeat them or their Phantoms. It's best to invade Farron Keep or the area between the PONTIFF SULLYVAIN bonfire and ANOR LONDO bonfire. Players in this area will be invaded by other Covenants so you should have some players on your side.

Pale Tongues in the world
There are 3 PALE TONGUE'S, 2 can be found in Cathedral Of The Deep and the other in the Undead Settlement. Please refer to the Cathedral of The Deep section to see where. By the time you reach the end of NG++, you should have acquired 9 of these, so not much farming is required. You could just farm the Darkwraiths for the remaining few.

Blue Sentinels/Blade of the Darkmoon

These are 2 separate Covenants, but provide the same functions.

  • Blue Sentinels can be joined when you talk to Horace on your first visit to the ROAD OF SACRIFICES bonfire.
  • Blade Of The Darkmoon is joined by talking to Yorshka on the small tower next to the ANOR LONDO bonfire.

To rank up these Covenants, you must offer PROOF OF CONCORD KEPT (pock) to Yorshka in the small tower in Anor Londo where the PRISON TOWER bonfire is. To earn the POCK, you must be auto-summoned to help a WAY OF THE BLUE/BLUE SENTINEL/BLADES OF THE DARKMOON member against an invader. In Anor Londo to help defeat a Aldritch Faithful invader, you will receive a PROOF OF CONCORD WELL KEPT which is the equivalent of 2 POCK. Rewards you acquire

  • 10 offerings - Darkmoon Ring
  • 30 offerings - Darkmoon Blade

Farming enemies
Just up the stairs from the ANOR LONDO bonfire are 2 Silver Knights, these drop POCK. Sprint up the stairs, kill only these 2, then rest at the bonfire and repeat.

Farming online
Getting auto-summoned for this can be very hit & miss so is very hard to provide a definitive method. Since you acquire a POCK when defeating a Aldritch Faithful member, I advise to equip the Blades Of The Darkmoon Covenant Item while farming the Silver Knights, and hopefully you will be getting auto-summoned as you are farming the enemies. You could just have either of these Covenant Items equipped throughout the game, but because of how inconsistent this is, its much more efficient to be have a different Covenant equipped and work towards their requirements.

PoCK in the world
There are 2 of these in the world. The first can be found next to the CHURCH OF YORSHKA bonfire in Irithyll of The Boreal Valley and the 2nd can be found behind the 3 Deacon enemies up the stairs in the long hallway in Anor londo leading to the Boss area.

Mound Makers

To join this Covenant, you must interact with a certain caged enemy un Undead Settlement before defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood Boss. You will then be teleported beneath the Boss area, talk to Horace here to join. You also turn in Covenant items here as well, at the shrine along the back wall. You offer VERTEBRAE SHACKLES to rank up this Covenant. You acquire these by equipping the Covenant Item, then place either a red or white soapstone down and when summoned defeat any player to acquire 1 of these. Rewards you acquire

  • 10 offerings - Bloodlust
  • 30 offerings - Warmth

Farming enemies
Warp to the CATACOMBS OF CARTHUS bonfire, head forward into the nearby zombie boulder corridor, turn right then take a immediate left. At the end of this corridor, you will find 2 Skeleton Swordsman on your left. Kill these, then run back to the bonfire, rest and repeat.

Farming online
Just place a red or white summon sign down while you have the Covenant equipped and then kill any human player when summoned. Perhaps best to place a sign near a bonfire, then continue through the area and hopefully you will be summoned while also progressing through your world.

Vertebrae Shackles in the world
You will find only 1 of these per playthrough, and it is acquired from Undead Settlement. Kill the invader Mad Knight Hodrick when he invades near the DILIPADATED BRIDGE bonfire to earn a VS.

Watchdogs of Farron

You will find a friendly Wolf in a tower in Farron Keep, talking to it will let you join. To rank up this Covenant you need to offer WOLF'S BLOOD SWORDGRASS. You acquire these from being auto-summoned to defeat any trespassers in Farron Keep while having the Covenant equipped. Rewards you require

  • 30 offerings - Wolf Ring

Farming enemies
Warp to the KEEP RUINS bonfire in Farron Keep, and on the bridge behind are 3 Ghru enemies. Kill these then rest at the bonfire and repeat. Farming online Just equip the Covenant and wait to be auto-summoned. You can be summoned from anywhere in the game, but may be more likely if your in Farron Keep. Best to just equip this Covenant as soon as you discover it and keep it equipped as you go through the game until I tell you otherwise. A good idea to wear this while your farming the Ghru enemies in this area as well.

Wolfs Blood Swordgrass in the world
Only 1 can be found and thats in Farron Keep. Its found at the base of the tower, around the back in a corner.

Aldritch Faithful

This can be joined by talking to the Archdeacon in the secret area in Anor Londo where the WATER RESERVE bonfire is. You rank this up by offering him HUMAN DREGS. This is another auto-summon Covenant, with the Covenant equipped, you will be summoned to kill trespassers in ANOR LONDO, defeat a trespasser to acquire one. Rewards you require;

  • 10 offerings - Great Deep Soul

Farming enemies
You have 2 options here; from the PONTIFF SULYVAHN bonfire, head out into Anor Londo, up to the top path with the Deacons. Kill all these then warp back to the bonfire and repeat. Or; from the ALDRITCH, DEVOURER OF THE GODS bonfire, run down to the long hallway and kill the 3 Deacons at he bottom of the stairs, then run back to the bonfire, rest and repeat.

Farming online
Just equip the Covenant and hope to be summoned. You may have more chance of getting summoned in the ANOR LONDO area. You only need 10 of these and you will acquire 3 from within the worlds. Perhaps best to just wear this Covenant item while your progressing through the game sometimes or while your farming POCK in Anor Londo.

Human Dregs in the world
Only 1 can be found and its in the same area where you join the Covenant.


1st Playthrough (NG)

Remember to always try to summon 2 Sunbros (the yellow summon signs) for Boss Fights when you can.


  1. ITEM: Ashen Estus Flask
    Continue forward from the start and you will see it shortly after in a central area next to a basin.
  2. BONFIRE: Cemetery of Ash
    Keep following the path forward from the start, and you will eventually come to it on a hill.
  3. GESTURE: Rest
    You will acquire this the first time you rest at a bonfire, so probably on the step above.
  4. BOSS: Ludex Gundyr
    Weakness: Frost
    Strengths: Dark/Bleed/Poison/Toxic
    Attacks: Physical
    Fairly straight forward, you cant change your gear being so early in the game. As soon as you pull the sword out initially, hit him as much as possible during the animation.
  5. BONFIRE Ludex Gundyr
    Appears after defeating the Boss.


  1. NPC: Andre The Blacksmith
    Fuse your LONGSWORD with the FIREGEM and talk with him to receive the 'Hurrah' GESTURE. Located at the end of a arched tunnel next to the central area.
  2. NPC: Hawkwood
    Will be sitting on the steps around the central area. Talk with him to receive the 'Collapse' GESTURE.
  3. NPC: Fire Keeper
    Level up what you can and talk with her. Can be found around the central area.
    Place COILED SWORD in bonfire in the centre and then use to warp to High Wall of Lothric.
  5. BONFIRE: Firelink Shrine
    Is created from placing the COILED SWORD in the central bonfire


  1. BONFIRE: High Wall of Lothric
    Located just outside the initial spawn area
  2. BONFIRE: Tower on the Wall
    Can be found at the top of the tower that is located behind the Dragon
  3. ITEM: Deep Dark Axe
    In Mimic chest in a room beneath fire breathing Dragon. Entrance is at the back. -
    NOTE; This weapon isn't a requirement, I just advise picking it up because its good against early enemies that are strong to fire.
    From the Tower on The Wall bonfire, head down through the doorway below, drop down in front, turn around and enter the doorway and cross the roof area to the ladder in the far right corner. Descend this ladder, enter the nearby doorway where a Lothric Knight will be patrolling inside. Carry on through here and you will eventually reach the bottom decorated area which has 3 Hollow Soldiers and a Dog. The ESTUS SHARD can be found in here on a small altar.
  5. ITEM: Cell Key
    Located slightly down a ramp in same room as ESTUS SHARD above.
  6. RING: Ring Of Sacrifice
    From the decorated room where you collected the ESTUS SHARD and CELL key, continue on and you will eventually have to fall down into a courtyard that has a large enemy patrolling around the fountain in the center. Continue left through this area (not the route that leads back to a ladder), through the doorway, turn immediately right, head forward up the stairs and take another immediate right at the top of these stairs. You will see another set of stairs, continue up these onto a roof that overlooks the courtyard you were just in. If you explore the roof, you will see a Item on a ledge that you can jump to. Jump to this ledge and collect the RING OF SACRIFICE. -NOTE- You will find a few of these RINGS throughout the game, just make sure you ALWAYS keep at least 1 in your inventory as you will need them all at once for a TROPHY later. I will not be explaining how to find any others.
  7. NPC: Emma, High Priestess of Lothric Castle
    Can be found in the Church on the opposite side to the Boss area. Talk with her to obtain the LOTHRIC BANNER but do not damage her.
  8. COVENANT: Way of Blue
    Acquired when talking to Emma above
  9. BOSS: Vordt of Boreal Valley
    Found at the end of this area
    Weakness: Dark
    Strengths: Slash/Thrust/Bleed/Toxic/Poison
    Attacks: Physical/Frost
  10. BONFIRE: Vordt of the Boreal Valley
    Appears after defeating Vordt of The Boreal Valley
  11. NPC: Greirat
    Use Vordt of The Boreal Valley bonfire and warp to Tower on The Wall. Head right to the bottom of this Tower and navigate this area to find Greirat in a Cell. Unlock it with the CELL KEY and talk to him, agree to help and you will receive the BLUE TEARSTONE RING. Afterwards he should warp to Firelink Shrine.
  12. STORY:
    Warp to the Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire, open the door at the end here, walk over to the edge of the cliff and use the LOTHRIC BANNER.


  1. BONFIRE: Foot of The High Wall
    This is near where you spawn.
  2. NPC: Yoel of Londor
    From the beginning, make your way down the stairs to the long street area with a large gate ahead, proceed in the opposite direction to the gate. You will find a lot of statues praying, one of these is Yoel of Londor, he is on the right. Speak with him agreeing to help until he warps to Firelink Shrine.
  3. BONFIRE: Undead Settlement
    Just through the gate in a open cabin
  4. ITEM: Lorettas Bone
    Enter the building near the Undead Settlement bonfire that has the Hollow Slave enemies inside (small fast enemies that wait on walls before ambushing you). On the balcony for this building will be a hanging body, attack it so that the LORETTAS BONE attached falls down below. Make your way out the bottom of the building and then around it to collect LORETTAS BONE of the floor.
    Next to the campfire in the center of the area where LORETTAS BONE was found.
  6. COVENANT: Mound Makers
    Take the route along the wooden bridge closest to the building you just exited that had LORETTAS BONE attached to a corpse on the balcony. As you pass the bridge, keep hugging the right edge and keep following this route around the building in front and you will come to some more buildings with some Hollow Slaves sniping you from the roofs and attacking on ground. Climb the ladder here to the roof of one of the buildings and head right from the ladder to the edge of the roof, you will see a Hollow Manservant patrolling the area below with a treesaw in hand and a large cage on his back. You need to wait for him to begin walking away, and then sneak up on him and EXAMINE the cage on his back by pressing X when prompted. Once done, this will warp you to the MOUND MAKERS COVENANT area. Talk to the NPC here Hodrick to join the Covenant. He will also give you 2 Homeward Bones to warp back to last bonfire rested at.
  7. COVENANT: Warriors of Sunlight
    From the area you acquired LORETTAS BONE, follow the left wall around and enter the first building you come to. Inside will be a hole in the corner, drop down here into the room below. Inside the WARRIORS OF SUNLIGHT COVENANT item can be found.
  8. BONFIRE: Dilapidated Bridge
    Follow on down the path from where you found the WARRIOR OF SUNLIGHT item, and eventually you will come to an area with a Hollow Manservant. Trun back on yourself and follow the side of the building past the Crystal Lizard and the Bonfire can be found next to a bridge. Mad Spirit Holy Knight Hodrick also invades near here if your in Ember form.
    Defeat Mad Spirit Holy Knight Hodrick that invades near the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire when your in Ember form.

Ignore the area just past the Dilapidated Bridge Bonfire where you will be hit by Giant Arrows for now and warp to 'Undead Settlement' bonfire

  1. BONFIRE: Cliff Underside
    Head across the bridge next to where you collected LORETTAS BONE, but this time, instead of taking the right path, take the path in front through the building. Open the door at the end and you will shortly come to another bridge. Look down below near the other side of the bridge and you will see a path beneath the bridge, drop down here and follow the path to the bonfire in the building.
  2. NPC: Cornyx the Pyromancer
    From the Cliff Underside bonfire, make your way out and up the slope to the roof, keep climbing here and you will reach the walkway with the Firebomb throwing Peasant Hollows. Cross the walkway to the balcony of a small building and follow this around to meet Cornyx who is suspended in a cage. Talk to him agreeing to help until he warps to Firelink Shrine.
  3. RING: Fire Clutch Ring
    In the area where you found Cornyx is a raised platform with bodies hanging above it, just behind here is a small broken bridge which leads RING.
  4. RING: Flame Stoneplate Ring
    Not far from the Cliff Underside bonfire and almost directly below where Cornyx was is a long open area that has a bridge at the end (a sewer area can be seen below) next to Cornyx and a large set of stairs at the opposite end with various enemies patrolling in between. Cross the bridge here, make your way through the enemies and you will come to a
  5. NPC: Eygon of Carim.
    Face in the opposite direction to the doorway next to him and look up, you will see a body hanging above with a ITEM on it. Shoot the body with a Bow that you should have collected along your journey (It doesn't matter if your stats don't meet the requirements for the Bow, you can still fire an Arrow). The RING will drop from the body once it lands next to you.
  6. NPC: Siegward of Catarina
    Behind Eygon is large doorway (not the small one beside him) that leads to a elevator. On your first visit here Siegward will automatically come up on the lift and stand next to you. Talk with him agreeing to help, exhausting his dialogue.
  7. BONFIRE: Road of Sacrifices
    Take the elevator where you met Siegward down and follow the route through the door at the end straight past the Boreal Outrider Knight enemy. The bonfire is just past the doorway.
    TIP; The troublesome enemy here you have to pass cannot travel through the doorway that leads to the bonfire. You can safely kill him here without having to worry about him reaching you, he may still catch you with an attack though so be careful.
  8. NPC: Giant Slave
    From the Road of Sacrifices bonfire, head back into the nearby building and head back up the lift. Send the lift back down but quickly get off it and stay on the same floor. Another lift will come down, ride this up to the top where you will find the Giant Slave. Talk to him and be friendly and he will aid you slightly at various points in the game.
  9. NPC: Siegward of Catarina
    From the Giant Slave, ride the lift back down and keep an eye out for a ledge as it descends. You need to jump of onto this ledge as the lift is descending. Siegward can be found here sitting on a ledge, talk to him again, doesn't really matter what options you choose. After exhausting his dialogue, drop down here and make your way to the nearby area that you can see a large Stray Demon patrolling, you must defeat this Demon. As you engage with the Demon, Siegward will come to help. Defeat the Demon with Siegward and then talk with him afterwards exhausting all options, you should receive the 'Toast' and 'Sleep' GESTURES.
    TIP; Fire is obviously very weak against this enemy, use the Dark Deep Battle Axe you found earlier or a different weapon.
    Can be found in the area where you fought the Demon with Siegward. On a body hanging below a balcony at the side of the central area, climb onto the very small roof to reach it and cut it down with your weapon.
  11. RING: Flynn's Ring
    In the area where you fought the Demon, make your way up to the roof of the building where you found the PALE TONGUE. The RING can be found on a small raised platform on the roof.
  12. RING: Chloranthy Ring
    The roof where you collected FLYNN'S RING leads to a small tower in the corner that you can drop down to. Make your way into this small tower and the CHLORANTHY RING can be found inside.

Now warp to the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire

  1. ASHES: Morticians Ashes
    From the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire, make your way forward past where Mad Spirit Hodrick spawned earlier and the Hollow Servant that's patrolling. You will come to an area next to a white birch tree where the Giant Slave you met earlier is firing down arrows. Now you have made friends with him, the arrows wont harm you. Navigate around to the left of this area and you will find MORTICIANS ASHES.
    NOTE; You will give this to the Shrine Handmaid later.
    In the area where the Giant is shooting arrows, you will see a ITEM on a broken slabbed platform nearby. You must jump across to this ledge and grab the UNDEAD BONE SHARD of it.
  3. BOSS: Curse-Rotted Greatwood
    Can be found at the top of the area where the Giant is shooting arrows or at the top of the stairs located at the end of the long open area next to the Cliff Underside bonfire. - Weakness; Slash/Thrust/Fire
    Strengths; Poison/Toxic/Bleed/Frost
    Attacks; Physical
    TIP; You must attack the eggs on his body to damage him.
  4. BONFIRE: Pit of Hollows
    Appears after defeating Curse-Rotted Greatwood.

Warp to Firelink Shrine


  1. NPC: Greirat
    Can be found down the stairs to the left of Andre The Blacksmith. Talk to him giving him LORETTAS BONE. Keep talking and agree to let him pillage the Undead Settlement. After exhausting his dialogue, quit the game and reload. Talk to him again and you should receive the 'Curl Up' GESTURE. Quit and reload again. He should be gone now to pillage Undead Settlement, if not, repeat 1 more time.
  2. NPC: Shrine Handmaid
    she can be found in between Andre the Blacksmith and the Firelink Shrine bonfire. Talk to her and give her MORTICIANS ASHES. Now buy the GRAVE KEY from her.
  3. NPC: Leonhard, The Ringfinger
    He can be found leaning against the large throne at the top of the inner stairs around the Firelink Shrine bonfire. Keep talking till you exhaust his dialogue agreeing to whatever he asks. You will acquire 5 Cracked Red-Eye Orbs and the LIFT-CHAMBER KEY.
  4. NPC: Cornyx The Pyromancer Cornyx
    can be found down the stairs to the right of Andre The Blacksmith. Talk with Cornyx to receive the 'Welcome' GESTURE and PYROMANCY FLAME.


  • ITEM: Red Eye Orb
    From the Tower On The Wall bonfire, head all the way to the bottom floor of this Tower and open the locked door at the bottom with the LIFT-CHAMBER KEY. Continue through the door along this route and you will come to a Darkwraith enemy, defeat him for the RED EYE ORB.

Warp back to Firelink Shrine


  • NPC: Leonhard
    Talk to Leonhard now that you have the RED EYE ORB and a PALE TONGUE and you should receive the 'Applause' GESTURE.

Warp to Cliff Underside bonfire


  • RING: Bloodbite Ring
    From the Cliff Underside bonfire, move up onto the roof and then make your way downwards to the bridge at the end of the long open area that leads to the Elevator where you met Siegward. Next to this bridge is a small tunnel in the wall, follow this into the sewer area where you will find a Large Hound-Rat at the end. Kill this Large Hound-Rat for the BLOODBITE RING.
  • NPC: Irina
    Next to where you fought the Large Hound-Rat in the sewer will be a few gates along the wall, one of these will open using the GRAVE KEY. Proceed through here and follow this path and you will eventually come to Irina in a building. Talk to her agreeing to help until she warps to Firelink Shrine. Also unlock the nearby gate and exhaust Eygons dialogue just outside.

Now warp to Road of Sacrifices bonfire


  1. RING: Morne's Ring
    Continue on through this area from the Bonfire and you will eventually come to a bridge with a Corvian Storyteller and some Corvian enemies guarding it (The Crow like enemies, the Storyteller variant uses magic atks). Look beneath the bridge on the Undead Settlement side and you will see a ledge you can drop down to. Drop down here and follow the path and to find MORNE'S RING.
  2. TOME: Braille Divine Tome of Carim
    Can be found next to MORNE'S RING.
    NOTE; You will give this to Irina later
  3. BONFIRE: Halfway Fortress
    Proceed over the bridge where you dropped down, and carry on along this route and you will shortly reach the Bonfire in a large circular area.
  4. NPC: Anri and Horace
    Can be found leaning against a wall next to the Halfway Fortress bonfire. Talk to Anri and Horace exhausting all their dialogue and agreeing to help.
  5. COVENANT: Blue Sentinels
    You will acquire this from talking to Horace above.
    Head into the Swamp area from the Halfway Fortress bonfire, and keep following the right wall. You will pass some Poisonhorn Bugs (mushroom type enemies) and 2 Lycanthropes (tall enemies with a large wooden cross on their back) and eventually reach a doorway that leads to a locked door and a corridor. Carry on left through here, past the Black Knight and you will find the FARRON COAL at the end.
  7. TOME: Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome
    Carry on to the doorway that leads to where you found the FARRON COAL, but instead of entering the doorway, keep following the wall around the swamp. You will come to a large tree and the GREAT SWAMP PYROMANCY TOME can be found just behind it.
    NOTE; You will give this to Cornyx later.
  8. RING: Great Swamp Ring
    There will be Giant Crab enemy next to where you collected the GREAT SWAMP PYROMANCY TOME. Kill this enemy and you will receive the GREAT SWAMP RING as a reward.
  9. INVADER: Yellowfinger Heysel
    Make sure you are in Ember form and he will invade you in the area where the GREAT SWAMP PYROMANCY TOME was found, Kill him.
  10. BONFIRE: Farron Keep
    If you keep following the wall along where you found the GREAT SWAMP PYROMANCY TOME, you will come to some stairs leading to an entrance guarded by 2 human enemies. Proceed through this entrance and you will find a ladder leading down, descend this ladder and you will find the bonfire at the bottom.
    NOTE; The 2 human enemies guarding this entrance do not respawn

Now warp to Firelink Shrine


  1. NPC: Sirris
    Now you have reached Farron Keep, Sirris should be on the steps next to the bonfire. Talk to her exhausting her dialogue.

Now warp back to Halfway Fortress bonfire


  1. BONFIRE: Crucifixion Woods
    Straight across the swamp opposite the entrance to the Farron Keep bonfire is a raised part of ground overlooking the swamp. The bonfire is on top of this. If you are coming from the Halfway Fortress bonfire, make your forward to the swamp and follow this left to the raised part of ground overlooking the Swamp. Make your way up to the top of this to discover the bonfire.
  2. RING: Sage Ring
    From the Crucifixion Woods bonfire, look at the swamp and to the left, you should see a small passage along the wall that the swamp leads into. Proceed through this passage and it will lead into a square room and the SAGE RING will be in a corner.
    From the Crucifixion Woods bonfire, looking out towards the swamp, head left staying on land and following the swamp-line. You will shortly come to some ruins with a path leading between two buildings. Follow this path all the way to the end and you will find the ESTUS SHARD against a wall.
  4. NPC: Orbeck
    From the CRUCIFIXION WOODS Bonfire, head left on land along the swamp-line as if you were heading towards where you collected the ESTUS SHARD. But instead of following the path in between the 2 buildings, enter the building on your left. Follow the path through the building and up the stairs and you will come to a small bridge that crosses to the other building. Carry on into the other ruined building and take the door on your left. Proceed through here up the stairs and you will come to a higher level that overlooks enemies below, Orbeck can be found up here on your left. Talk to him and agree to help to send him to Firelink, but read the NOTES below first.
    NOTE 1; Orbeck will only join you if your Intelligence is 10 or higher.
    NOTE 2; If you send Orbeck to Firelink now, if you kill 4 Bosses without giving him a single Tome/Scroll, he will disappear for good. So if you do decide to talk and send him to Firelink Shrine now, you must make sure you give him each Scroll when you find them in order to keep him happy and at Firelink Shrine.
    NOTE 3; Alternatively, if you do not require any Sorcery early on because that is not the build your using, you can avoid talking to him here altogether and leave him here right till the end of the playthrough when you have defeated the last Boss. He will still be here and that way it will be completely safe because you will not have to worry about giving him Scrolls/Tomes at the right time, just don't forget.
    NOTE 4; Later in the game or even end-game, whenever you have given Orbeck 2 SCROLLS and purchased 40,000 worth of goods from him, talk to him again to receive the 'Silent Ally' GESTURE, the SLUMBERING DRAGONCREST RING and the YOUNG DRAGON RING. DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!
  5. BOSS: Crystal Sage
    Just keep following the path in the ESTUS SHARD/Orbeck area and you will eventually reach this Boss.
    Weakness; Physical/Poison/Toxic
    Strengths; Magic
    Attacks; Magic/Physical
  6. BONFIRE: Crystal Sage
    Appears after defeating Crystal Sage.

Warp to Firelink Shrine


  1. NPC: Irina
    She can be found at the end of the tunnel next to Cornyx. Talk to her to receive the 'Prayer' GESTURE and give her the BRAILLE DIVINE TOME. Also, purchase the SAINTS RING from her.
  2. NPC: Cornyx
  3. NPC: Greirat
    He should be back now, talk to him.
  4. NPC: Hawkwood
    Talk to him exhausting his dialogue.

Warp to the Crystal Sage bonfire


At this point, begin saving up 20000 Souls to purchase the TOWER KEY from the Shrine Handmaid.

  1. BONFIRE: Cathedral of the Deep
    Follow the route past the Crystal Sage bonfire and you will eventually find this.
  2. ASHES: Paladins Ashes
    Next to the Cathedral Of The Deep bonfire is a path leading down. Head down this path and PALADINS ASHES can be found at the bottom.
    NOTE; Give this to the Shrine Handmaid.
  3. BONFIRE: Cleansing Chapel
    Head up the hill in front from the Cathedral Of The Deep bonfire, through the next area past the enemies and you will eventually come to a Chapel. The bonfire can be found inside.
    Just outside the Cleansing Chapel, are a group of enemies praying around a monument, the ESTUS SHARD can be found beside the monument.
    Near where you discovered the ESTUS SHARD are 2 paths, 1 that leads to a drop and another path that leads upwards into a graveyard like area. Proceed through the graveyard area and you will eventually come to a bridge that crosses the narrow swamp like area below. Cross this bridge to the cemetery area and you will find the UNDEAD BONE SHARD close by on a part that has more items and overlooks the narrow swamp area below.
  6. RING: Poisonbite Ring
    Next to where the UNDEAD BONE SHARD was found in the cemetery is a small structure with a ladder inside that leads to the area below. Or you can take the route from where the ESTUS SHARD was found that leads downwards. Explore the bottom area beneath the cemetery, and you will come to a Giant Crystal Lizard enemy. Just to the right of the enemy is a very narrow path through the wall. Carry on through here and you will come to a small square area with a enemy where the POISONBITE RING can be found.
  7. RING: Lloyds Sword Ring
    From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire (I'm assuming you've opened the furthest shortcut door from the bonfire), head through the furthest shortcut door and up the elevator. Head forward and out onto the platform that follows the wall around overlooking the Giant and the swamp below. Follow this platform around, being careful of the Giant and LLOYDS SWORD RING can be found in the centre part of the wall.
  8. MIRACLE: Seek Guidance
    Head to where you found LLOYDS SWORD RING where the Giant attacks you, but follow this path all the way around and enter the doorway at the end. Head down the stairs and take your first left which leads to a narrow platform area that overlooks the seated area below. Follow this platform around to find the SEEK GUIDANCE Miracle.
  9. TOME: Deep Braille Divine Tome
    Past the Giant and through the doorway where you turned left down the stairs to find the SEEK GUIDANCE Miracle, instead of turning left head straight down and you will find a Avaricious Being (Mimic) in a corner. Kill the Mimic and you will receive the DEEP BRAILLE TOME.
    NOTE; This TOME must ONLY be given to Karla !
  10. RING: Aldritch's sapphire
    Continue on down the path from where the Mimic was and you will enter a seated Church area. The doorway straight opposite in the centre leads to a large square area where a large Spider like enemy will drop down (Deep Accursed). Kill this enemy and you will receive ALDRITCH'S SAPPHIRE.
    TIP; Once the Spider has dropped down, go back through the entrance you entered from and you can kill the Spider without it being able to follow you. Be careful though, some of its attacks can still reach you.
  11. RING: Deep Ring
    From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire (assuming you have opened the nearest shortcut door), head through the nearest shortcut door and use the lift in the room on your left. Follow this route, up the ladder and you reach a enemy that uses Magic (Deacon), kill this enemy to receive the DEEP RING.
    From where you killed the Deacon and obtained the DEEP RING, there is a narrow roof you can drop onto. Drop onto this and head upwards to a long walkway that runs alongside the roof. The PALE TONGUE can be found right at the end of this walkway.
  13. ITEM: Red Sign Soapstone
    At the area where you obtained the PALE TONGUE on the roof, there are 2 doorways that lead to some rafters above the rest of the area. Enter through the doorway furthest from the PALE TONGUES location, and make your way to the wall directly opposite this entrance. Look below and you will see a ledge you can drop onto. Drop down here and then follow the path defeating the Manslug-like enemies. Once you reach the 2nd room full of these enemies, there will be a Manslug stationary at the opposite side, kill this Manslug to acquire the RED SIGN SOAPSTONE.
    TIP; On the rafters, bait the Knights around the narrow ledges and they will eventually clumsily fall down, try not to do the same yourself though
  14. BONFIRE: Rosaria's Chamber
    Enter the door right next to where you collected the RED SIGN SOAPSTONE, the bonfire can be found inside.
    VERY IMPORTANT; Ignore the NPC (ROSARIA) in this room for now, do not interact with her at all!
    Can be found next to the feet of the Giant by the stairs
  16. BOSS: Deacons Of The Deep/Archdeacon Royce
    Follow the path upwards past the Giant next to the stairs and you will eventually reach the Boss area.
    Weakness; Physical
    Strengths; Magic/Dark/Poison/Toxic/Bleed
    Attacks; Dark/Fire/Physical
  17. KEY ITEM: Small Doll
    You will acquire this from defeating the Boss above. This is needed to access Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
  18. BONFIRE: Deacons of The Deep
    Appears after you defeat the Boss.

Warp to Firelink Shrine