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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 06/23/16

Table of Contents

  1. Dark Souls 3 - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Basics
    3. Character Creation
    4. Combat Basics
    5. Advanced Combat
  4. Video Playthrough
  5. Walkthrough
    1. Cemetery of Ash
    2. Firelink Shrine
    3. High Wall of Lothric
    4. Undead Settlement
    5. Road of Sacrifices
    6. Farron Keep
    7. NPC Quests (1)
    8. Cathedral of the Deep
    9. NPC Quests (2)
    10. Catacombs of Carthus
    11. Smouldering Lake
    12. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
    13. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (2)
    14. Irithyll Dungeon
    15. Profaned Capital
    16. Anor Londo
    17. NPC Quests (3)
    18. Reaching Lothric Castle
    19. Consumed King's Garden
    20. Archdragon Peak
    21. NPC Quests (4)
    22. Untended Graves
    23. Lothric Castle
    24. Grand Archives
    25. NPC Quests (5)
    26. Archdragon Peak (2)
    27. Endings
  6. NPC Quests
    1. Hawkwood the Deserter
    2. Ringfinger Leonhard
    3. Greirat of the Undead Settlement
    4. Yoel of Londor
    5. Yuria of Londor
    6. Holy Knight Hodrick
    7. Cornyx of the Great Swamp
    8. Irina of Carim
    9. Eygon of Carim
    10. Siegward of Catarina
    11. Anri of Astora
    12. Horace the Hushed
    13. Sirris of the Sunless Realms
    14. Orbeck of Vinheim
    15. Unbreakable Patches
    16. Karla
  7. Covenants
    1. Way of Blue
    2. Warrior of Sunlight
    3. Mound-makers
    4. Blue Sentinels
    5. Watchdogs of Farron
    6. Rosaria's Fingers
    7. Aldrich Faithful
    8. Blade of the Darkmoon
  8. Merchants
    1. Shrine Handmaiden
    2. Ludleth of Courtland
    3. Yoel (Sorcery)
    4. Greirat
    5. Yuria (Sorcery)
    6. Cornyx (Pyromancy)
    7. Irina (Miracles)
    8. Orbeck (Sorcery)
    9. Patches
    10. Nestling
    11. Karla (Dark Magic)
  9. NPC, Summons & Invaders
  10. Items & Equipment
    1. Tools
    2. Materials
    3. Key Items
    4. Sorcery
    5. Pyromancy
    6. Miracles
    7. Melee Weapons
    8. Ranged Weapons
    9. Catalysts
    10. Shields
    11. Armor - Head
    12. Armor - Chest
    13. Armor - Hands
    14. Armor - Legs
    15. Rings
  11. Bestiary
    1. Normal Enemies
    2. Bosses
  12. Trophies & Achievements
  13. Contact Information
  14. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  15. Copyright & Disclaimer

Dark Souls 3 - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Current Version: Ver 1.04 - June 23, 2016


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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Dark Souls 3 with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. It will point out all item locations, NPC quest lines, enemy & boss strategies, and a full trophy guide. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

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The controls for Dark Souls 3 are similar to the previous games in the series, with minor variations that incorporate new game elements carried over from Bloodborne. The following is the controls for each system and what each does in Dark Souls 3.

PS4Xbox OnePCDescription
W, A, S, DCharacter movement
-Camera movement
Arrow KeysUp: Switch equipped spells
Down: Switch consumable
Left/Right: Switch equipped weapons
SpaceWhen pressing direction: Roll, Sprint (Hold)
When not pressing direction: Backstep
RUse consumable
FWhen near an action: Change action (read message, examine, etc)
Duel-wield right-handed weapon
Duel-wield left-handed weapon (Hold)
Right ClickWhen equipped: Attack with left-handed weapon
When duel-wielding: Guard with right-handed weapon (Hold)
Left ClickWhen equipped: Attack with right-handed weapon
When pressing forward: Kick
Shift + Right ClickParry
When duel-wielded: Weapon skill attack
Shift + Left ClickWhen equipped: Strong attack with right-handed weapon
SpaceWhen dashing: Jump
QWhen enemy is nearby: Lock-on
When enemy is not nearby: Resets Camera
EscOpen menu
GOpen gesture menu


Because Dark Souls 3 tosses you in with little in the way of a tutorial the basics of gameplay can only be learned through the messages in the Cemetery of Ash. To resolve this I will be covering the general info you'll need to know to make it through the beginning of the game.

Health & Death

Your character's health is determined by your Vigor, with the red gauge at the top left of the screen indicating your overall health. When your health reaches 0 your Champion of Ash will die and return to the last bonfire you activated, dropping your Souls on the ground.

There are a few ways to regain your health:

  • Rest at a bonfire to refresh your HP, FP, remove status ailments, and repair your equipment (provided it has not reached a durability of 0).
  • Use a healing potions known as an Estus Flask. These items are automatically refilled each time you sit at a bonfire, though they are limited.
  • Cast a spell that restores your HP.
  • Use an Ember to increase your max HP pool, if you are running around unkindled, and heal you to full HP.

Note that death while Embered will result in becoming unkindled, losing a large portion of their max HP pool until you become human again. While this may seem horrible, learning to fight on the limited HP will make you a better fighter and it also protects you from being invaded by other players. Get used to dying and playing unkindled, saving your Embers for when you want to fight Dark Spirits or need the addition HP.

Souls & Leveling Up

Souls are the form of currency in Dark Souls 3, used for purchasing everything from items at the Merchants to leveling up your character. They are obtained by killing enemies or using items and will be stored on you until you use them or you die. If you die, your Souls will drop on the ground near the area of your death, marked by a glowing green bloodstain, so make sure to pick them up before you die a second time or you will lose them forever.

In order to level up you'll need to hear to Firelink Shrine to speak with the Fire Keeper, who will allow you to exchange a certain amount of Souls for 1 point in any stat of your choice. Each time you exchange Souls for a stat you'll be required to exchange more the next time, no matter which stat you are leveling, as your overall character Level determines the cost.

Saving & Loading

Dark Souls 3 uses the auto-save feature, saving periodically at random points in the game. This means that if you die you can't simply reload the game and try again, as the game saves after the death, and you'll need to fight through the area again. The only exception to this is backing up a save file to an external device, such as a USB Flash Drive. This will allow you to beat the final boss, obtaining the ending trophies/achievements, and then overwrite the save file with your old file to complete another ending, without having to play through the whole game again.

Weapons & Equipment

Weapons and other equipment makes up for the majority of your character's combat abilities. Without weapons you'll be unable to fight the foes in the game and without armor you'll take heavy damage from enemy attacks. Use the details page when equipping new items to determine how they will effect your characters stats and which ones best suit your play style, such as using light gear will result in a fast character with little defense.

Unlike other role-playing games that have equipment, Dark Souls has a stat known as Equip Load that is determined by you character's Vitality. This stat will effect the mobility of your character based on the combined weigh of each item you equip, from weapons to rings.

Equip Load %Effect
< 30%The fastest state, your rolls and backsteps will be extremely fast
30.1 - 70.0%This is a normal state, with your rolls and backsteps being a normal speed
70.1 - 100.0%This is a slow state, where your rolls and backsteps will be slow and your Stamina regeneration is decreased
> 100.1%The slowest state, you will be unable to roll or even run


There are multiple types of "weapons" that you can equip to your Champion of Ash, each serving a different function. Standard weapons such as swords are your primary form of attack for melee characters and are usually equipped to the right hand, while shields are often equipped to the left hand so you can block and attack at the same time. In addition to those two obvious weapons you can also use ranged weapons, such as bows, and catalysts, used for casting magic. All of these "weapons" must be equipped to either the right or left hand and can be switched quickly through shortcuts during battle.

Weapons have basic stats that can be increased by reinforcing your weapons with upgrade materials or infusing them with gems that enhance a type of attack. Both of these options can be performed by visiting Andre the Blacksmith in Firelink Shrine and each has a material/gem and Soul cost dependent on the item and level. Note that only certain weapons can be infused with gems, as some are unique in their design, so be careful when upgrading a weapon if you plan to infuse it later.


Armor is equipped to four slots that make up your general defensive capabilities: Head, Chest, Gloves, and Legs. Each piece of gear will effect your overall defense either positively or negatively, but most will also effect your resistances to things like Poison and Fire. In general there are two types of armor: light and heavy, determined by their weight vs your Equip Load. Remember that heavy armor will result in limited mobility in exchange for added defense, while light armor has less defense.


Rings are unique pieces of equipment that offer a wide range of supportive abilities, as the cost of very little weight. You can equip up to four rings at a time and other than a non-magic character using magic boosting rings, there is no wrong choice. Experiment with multiple different rings and don't be afraid to switch them up on a case by case basis.

Character Creation

This section refers to the different elements that make up a character, including their original creation at the beginning of the game and the Stats that make up how they ultimately play.


The class of your character determines their starting Stats, but you'll quickly customize these stats to your liking as you level up throughout the game. In the end the class you begin with is fairly meaningless, but you might want to read the back story of each for some a thematic selection.

Knight9121011151312997Long Sword, Knight Shield, Knight Armor Set
Mercenary81112111010161089Sellsword Twinblades, Wooden Shield, Sellsword Armor Set
Warrior714612111698911Battle Axe, Round Shield, Northern Armor Set
Herald91210912121181311Heal Aid, Spear, Talisman, Kite Shield, Herald Armor Set
Thief5101110991310814Bandit's Knife, Short Bow, Iron Round Shield, Deserter Armor Set, 30 Wood Arrows
Assassin1010141110101411910Spook, Estoc, Sorcerer's Staff, Target Shield, Assassin Armor Set
Sorcerer69169771216712Soul Arrow, Heavy Soul Arrow, Mail Breaker, Sorcerer's Staff, Leather Shield, Sorcerer Armor Set
Pyromancer8111210812914147Fireball, Hand Axe, Pyromancy Flame, Caduceus Round Shield, Pyromancer Armor Set
Cleric710149712871613Heal, Force, Mace, Cleric's Sacred Chime, Blue Wooden Shield, Cleric Armor Set
Deprived1101010101010101010Club, Plank Shield, Loincloth


The stats of a character make up everything from how much Health and Stamina they have to how much damage their attacks do. These stats can be increased 1 point by collecting Souls from enemies, using items, or selling things to Merchants and then speaking with the Firekeeper in Firelink Shrine.

Vigor (VIG)Vigor governs the maximum HP or Health of your character, as well as your resistance to Frost.
After 20-25 pts in VIG the amount of HP gained is marginal for each pt, although your resistances will continue to increase.
Attunement (ATN)Attunement governs the maximum FP of you character, as well as the number of spells you can equip at one time.
After 24 the FP and Attunement gained is marginal for each pt.
Endurance (END)Endurance governs the maximum Stamina of your character, as well as your resistance to Lightning and Bleeding.
After 40 pts in END the amount of Stamina gained is marginal for each pt, although your resistances will continue to increase.
Vitality (VIT)Vitality governs the Equip Load of your character, as well as your resistance to Poison.
This stat has a steady growth, always gaining roughly the same for each pt.
Strength (STR)Strength governs the amount of damage output by weapons, specifically heavy weapons, as well as your resistance to Fire.
After 40 pts in STR the amount of damage increased is marginal for each pt, although your resistances will continue to increase.
Dexterity (DEX)Dexterity governs the amount of damage output by some weapons, specifically bows, as well as the duration to cast your spells.
After 40 pts in DEX the amount of damage increased is marginal for each pt, but casting speed will not cap until 50.
Intelligence (INT)Intelligence governs the potency of your Sorceries and Pyromancy, as well as your resistance to Magic.
After 40 pts in INT the potency increase slows down for each pt, but it won't hit a brick wall until you hit 60.
Faith (FTH)Faith governs the potency of your Miracles and Pyromancy, as well as your resistance to Dark.
After 30 pts in FTH the potency increase is marginal for each pts for Pyromancy, though you can push it to 60 for Miracles.
Luck (LCK)Luck governs the amount of Item Discovery, as well as slightly affecting Bleeding and Poison damage and Hollow Gem infused weapons.
This stat has a steady growth, always gaining roughly the same for each pt.

Combat Basics

Combat is the most important part of Dark Souls 3, with intricate features that can be the difference of an area being easy or difficult. Mastering combat is going to be the deal breaker of whether or not you like this game, with many people finding the harsh punishments for failure as a reason to give up.


Stamina is used for everything from attacking and rolling to dashing and backstepping, so you need to make sure that you use it appropriately in order to prevent death due to the inability to avoid an attack. Luckily, Stamina regenerated naturally if you're not using your Stamina, so make sure that you give yourself time to recover in between attacks or battles.


When near a target you can lock-on, allowing you to backstep and side-step easily around them. If there are multiple targets you can switch targets or unlock and then lock a new target. While this can be great for aiming your attacks, there are a few cases in which you may wish to not lock on. When?! Well, the lock-on for most enemies is their head, meaning that when fighting large enemies with weaknesses in their arms or legs you may want to avoid lock-on to focus on their weaknesses.

Attacks & Backstabs

There are two types of attacks, not including weapon skills, basic and strong attacks. Basic attacks are weaker, use less stamina, and can be chained together easily. Strong attacks are much slower and can be charged to do significant damage, but don't chain well with basic attacks. In addition to the above, all weapons can be two-handed to do additional damage and access Weapon Skills.

Sneaking up behind enemies, or getting behind them mid-combat, will give you the chance to backstab them with a normal attack. This lethal form of attack will deal massive damage and kick the enemy to the ground, or off a ledge if they are silly enough to stand by one. Use this to your advantage, sneaking up behind tough enemies, but don't fish for these mid-combat and prolong a battle.

Ranged Attacks

Ranged weapons and some tools offer you the chance to attack enemies at range, which many enemies are unable to perform. While crossbows can be used off-hand, bows must be two-handed to perform an attack and you can either aim to fire or lock-on and then fire the same way you'd perform a normal attack. No matter your build, having a bow equipped to you character is great for pulling enemies or dealing free damage before a target reaches you.


Magic is a strong form of attack that uses FP to cast spells and deal massive damage to enemies, unless they have high Magic resistance. Casting requires Attunement slots to equip spells, Catalysts to use the spells you have equipped, and Intelligence and/or Faith to increase potency of the spells. Note that if you are a spellcaster you'll want to allot your Estus' to a mixture of Estus Flask and Ashen Estus Flasks, to allow for HP and FP healing.

While builds that focus on magic require a lot of your levels to be devoted to Intelligence or Faith, any melee unit can benefit from at least some INT/FTH and one attunement slot. Why?! Take a place like Farron Keep, which has a poisonous swamp that constantly deals damage over time, a Miracle like Caressing Tears, which heals status ailment, will only cost you 12 Faith and 1 Attunement slot while saving you a ton of Estus Flasks.

Advanced Combat

In addition to the basic combat features there are some additional advanced combat features that more advanced players will want to explore and master to help them while exploring Lothric.

Weapon Skills

Weapon Skills are a carry over from Bloodborne's trick weapon feature, making each weapon a bit more unique. There are a variety of skills, most of which do more damage or give you an advantage in battle, but most skills have a FP cost attached to it. This means that if you are a magic user you will likely avoid weapon skills and save your FP for spell casting, but don't forget that FP can be recovered by consuming an Ashen Estus Flask.

Shield Parry

Some shields have the ability to parry and if timed right you can stun the enemy during their attack, allowing your to perform a critical attack to them. While parrying was a critical part of the previous Souls games, the addition of Weapon Skills has removed Parry from some shields. Experiment with shields to determine if you want one with Parry or not. For players who had trouble with parrying in the previous games, you now have the option to gain something else by equipping a different shield type.

Status Ailments

When you encounter a status ailment a status bar will appear in the middle of the screen, slowly filling up over time until it is completely full. Once full the ailment will take affect and the bar will begin to diminish rather than rise, counting down until the ailment is removed. Some of these ailments can be deadly unless cured, so keeping curative items on your hotkey bar is a very good idea when you know the ailment is encountered in an area.

Status AilmentEffectCure
CurseCurse is the only ailment that will instantly kill your character-
BleedingTake damage equal to a percentage of your maximum HPBloodred Moss Clump
FrostbiteReduce defense and Stamina regenerationRime-blue Moss Clump
PoisonInflicts a small amount of damage over time, based on your max HPPurple Moss Clump
ToxicInflicts a large amount of damage over time, based on your max HPBlooming Purple Moss Clump

Video Playthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJdC8QWmS1y98mj9JLEX12Kj


At the start of the game you'll need to create your character, choosing their Gender and Appearance. The most important part is the Class of your character, as this dictates the starting stats of your characters. You should view the Stats section of this guide before choosing which Class you want to make sure you are completely happy with whatever you select.

Make sure to review the Combat Basics section of this guide for more information.

Cemetery of Ash

After being summoned from ash, make your way forward toward the steam while reading the handy messages that act as the tutorial for the Souls games. You'll quickly come up on your first enemy, a Grave Warden, who doesn't pose much of a threat as long as you guard or evade their attacks.

Grave Warden - The most basic enemy in the game, Grave Wardens are not very dangerous unless you find them in groups or underestimate them. Be wary of their chaotic attacks that can tear through your newly ashen skin, as you will likely take significant damage in the early game.

Drops: Cleric's Sacred Chime, Fading Soul

Take the side path to find a dead end with a Soul of a Deserted Corpse, which can be used to obtain additional souls, and then backtrack and continue forward. There is a Grave Warden sitting between you and the glowing item ahead, so take the initiative and attack him before he can stand up and then collect the Ashen Estus Flask.

The path split here, with a Grave Warden on the right being the tutorial for backstabbing and a Grave Warden to the left charging you as the tutorial for parrying. Backstab the Grave Warden and then cross the way and take out the other before you head down the middle to deal with the Grave Warden with a crossbow. There are two more Grave Wardens in the water near a side path, so attack the nearest while it sits and then roll back to avoid the attack of the other.

The side path in the water leads to a Ravenous Crystal Lizard, which is a one-time enemy that drops fixed items, but be wary as they are very difficult. The trick is to learn its attack patterns; the most deceptive of which is when it crawls away from you only to slash across the space in between. Take your time and attack when you have the opportunity, but don't get greedy or you'll find yourself in danger. You'll gain a Titanite Scale when the lizard is dead and can then collect the Soul of an Unknown Traveler before returning to the main path.

Rest at the bonfire when you reach it for the "Rest" gesture and continue down the hill, defeating some Grave Wardens around the corner. There is a path near the cliff's edge that leads to a Grave Warden carrying a shield, as well as one with a crossbow, and then collect the Firebomb x5.

Head back up toward the bonfire, but take the right path instead of the left toward the bonfire to spot a lower section with an item on a stone coffin. You'll need to dash and jump to reach the top of the coffin for the Titanite Shard and then you can plunging attack the Grave Warden below. You can now kill the final Grave Warden with a crossbow before you enter the boss arena and pull the coiled sword from his chest.

Boss: Iudex Gundyr

Stage 1

As soon as you pull the sword from the boss' chest you can attack to inflict damage, even though the health bar is not displayed to reflect this. Iudex's attacks are extremely heavy and will tear through any Stamina you have while blocking, so focus on dodging while your weapon is two-handed for additional damage. Most of his attacks can be avoided by rolling under them, but any that are vertical will result in taking damage from Iudex's body. Keep your stamina topped off and wait for the openings to perform a nice 2-3 hit combo.

Stage 2

At about half health Iudex will begin to transform into a mutated beast of black ooze. In addition to his previous attacks he'll now use his newly grown claw and beastly mouth to attack you, but the majority of his new attacks are medium to long range. Stick close to him and he'll primarily use his Jumping Slash to try and come down on you, which is easy to spot because he'll use his mutated claw to push himself upwards, and the rest of his attacks you should be used to by now.

List of Iudex Gundyr's attacks:

Stage 1
Lunging AttackMediumStabs forward with his halberd, often the start of a combo of 2-3 attacks
Fast Sweep AttackMediumSlashes across the area in front of him, usually performed in a combo
Backhanded Sweep AttackMediumA slower version of the Fast Sweep that is never performed in a combo
Downward SliceMediumSlashes down into the ground, followed by pulling the halberd upward
Shoulder PlowShortArches back and then rams his shoulder forward, pushing you backwards
Jumping Slash/StabLongJumps across the area and slashes or stabs downward into the ground upon landing
Stage 2
Claw SweepLongRakes the ground from back to front with his mutated claw
Claw PunchLongPunches the ground in front of him with his mutated claw
BiteMediumBites across the area in front of him with a sweep of his mutated head

Drops: 3,000 Souls, Coiled Sword

Open the double doors on the other side of Iudex's boss arena and collect the Broken Straight Sword straight ahead. Take the ledge on the left side of the path that leads to two Grave Wardens and a Homeward Bone and then head up the stairs to find two more Grave Wardens sitting in the grass near some tombstones. Be careful when fighting these enemies since there is another Grave Warden nearby with a crossbow.

Backtrack a bit and search the right edge of the cliff to find a Grave Warden looking out on the landscape, allowing you to backstab him and kick him off the ledge, and then continue up the steps. The archway straight ahead leads to Firelink Shrine, but rather than entering you'll want to head down the path to the right to find a Starved Hound and Ember.

Starved Hound - These wild beasts attack quickly and although they are weak on their own they can overwhelm you when encountered in groups. Watch your back as they can easily flank you and keep your shield up, blocking their initial attack and then countering.

Drops: None

Head back across the front of the Firelink Shrine and continue to the other side of the area. Take the first set of stairs to grab the East-West Shield and then turn around and kill the two Grave Wardens before taking the stairs. This path will lead to an Ember and a dead end with a Homeward Bone behind a large tombstone. You can now backtrack to the other side of the shrine and head up the stairs to the right, leading to the Sword Master adversary.

The Sword Master is your first encounter with a skilled adversary, similar to PvP encounters, and he duel-wielding a katana. With powerful lunging attacks and combos, the Sword Master can kill you with only a few strikes. Lure him into a charged attack and then go in and perform a long combo, making sure to save enough Stamina to roll away at the end of your combo. Don't be afraid to back up and heal when you get an opening, making sure that the Sword Master is not charging forward, and you should be able to defeat him (Uchigatana, Master's Armor Set).

Firelink Shrine

On your first trip to Firelink Shrine you'll need to place the coiled sword into the center of the area to create a bonfire. Introduce yourself to your surroundings and the NPC's that make it their home: The Firekeeper will exchange collect souls for an increase in one stat attribute of your choice; the Shrine Handmaiden serves as the primary merchant until you recruit other NPCs; Andre the Blacksmith will upgrade and infuse weapons, allow you to change the ratio of Estus to Ashen Estus Flasks, as well as upgrade your Estus Flasks; and Hawkwood the Deserter sits on the steps near the entrance and will offer information on your objectives, as well as some items after key bosses.

Once you are done exploring the area, place the Coiled Sword in the center of the chamber to create a bonfire and travel to High Wall of Lothric.

High Wall of Lothric

Open the doors and head down the stairs to find the first bonfire and two paths on each side of the area. The path to the right is a dead end that should be explored first, so look for a crack in the wall and kill the Hollow Soldier with a crossbow hiding on the wooden platform.

Hollow Soldier - Basic foot soldiers, Hollow Soldiers are equipped with basic weapons and have some combat knowledge. Attacking with a flurry of weaker strikes, keep your shield at the ready and counterattack when the opportunity arises. The most annoying of the group is the shielded foes, as attacking their shields will result in a counterstrike, so bait them before you strike or use a weapon that can piece through shields.

Drops: See the Bestiary

The area below contains multiple praying Hollow Soldiers that won't attack, making them easy targets for soul farming, and two Starved Hounds. Try and lure the hounds individually to avoid being flanked and then move forward to encounter your first major foe, a large variation on the Hollow Soldier with a Halberd. Watch your back for another Large Hollow Soldier with a Greataxe that comes up the stairs, as it can be a shock if you take too long to defeat the first one, and then take the stairs down to find a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and another basic Hollow Soldier resting against the wall.

Large Hollow Soldier - Heavy damage dealing enemies with slow attacks, these Hollow Soldiers should be taken with caution. Bait them into attacking before you counter and watch out for the large sweeping attacks of the Halberd. Time it right and you can roll behind them during an attack, giving them a nasty backstab to deplete a majority of their health.

Drops: Halberd, Greataxe, Titanite Shard, Raw Gem

Head back up the stairs and take the other set of stairs to the left to find a Hollow Soldier with a crossbow and some more praying. Although you might think that your target should be the one with the crossbow, there is actually a dangerous foe hidden within the praying soldiers. Rush up the stairs and attack the praying soldier at the back of the group on the right, near the crossbow one, as it stands up and defeat it before it has the opportunity to transform.

Pus of Man - These transformed beasts are deadly in the early game, using wide sweeping attacks that can tear through your health and stamina. It is best to avoid them or defeat them before they transform, but in the worst case scenario you can always attack them with ranged weapons or Firebombs.

Drops: Ember, Titanite Shard

If you fail it will become a Pus of Man, transforming into a black oozing beast similar to Iudex Gundyr. Finishing off the other Hollow Soldiers shouldn't be difficult and then you can grab the Longbow with some Standard Arrows nearby, equipping the bow if possible. You can now return to the bonfire and head to Firelink, where you should buy at least 99 Wood Arrows for an upcoming ranged battle.

Head down the other set of stairs and take out the first Hollow Soldier behind some more praying ones before you move forward. The soldier carrying the lantern will call others to attack if you give it a chance, making your life a lot more difficult in later encounters, so taking it out quickly before it calls in all surrounding soldiers to the fight is a priority. Grab the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then take the stairs up to courtyard with another lantern wielding Hollow Soldier.

Unlike the previous area, there are plenty of Hollow Soldiers that will be alerted if given the chance. Rush in and defeat the soldier quickly or use a spell like Spook to sneak up on him, since the remaining soldiers will remain seated. If the other Hollow Soldiers are alerted, back up to the stairs and bottleneck them while avoiding fire from the crossbow above. You can now head up the stairs to find the Binoculars and then check behind the dragon's tail on the lower level to find a ledge that leads to Gold Pine Resin x2.

The window drops you into the building you would have entered if you took the stairs down, rather than up to the courtyard above. There are a few more Hollow Soldiers and Firebomb x2 under the table, so clear out the area and then take the ladder downstairs. Collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then carefully exit the building to find more Hollow Soldiers.

There is a crossbowman in the back, who fires on you while you try and fight the shielded soldier, so take him out and then back up to avoid the fire of another crossbowman further down the alley. As mentioned before, attacking through a shield with a pierce weapon like the Estoc's Weapon Skill or baiting the shielded enemies to attack first is the easiest way to defeat these enemies. There's no need to defeat the enemies in the alley just yet, so head up the stairs until you see an dragon come flying down and return down the stairs.

The dragon will breath fire on the area above, killing all the Hollow Soldier, and you can bait it to breath fire on the alley below to finish off the soldiers you ignored. The dragon can be defeated rather easily with about 80 Wood Arrows by standing near the top of the stairs with your head below the ground level, shooting at its body until it flees (Large Titanite Shard). You can now enter the upper courtyard to collect a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse, Club, Ember, and Claymore.

Enter the tower and head down the stairs to find a treasure chest, but don't open it as it is a Mimic. Mimics are strong enemies that pretend to be treasure chests, but devour you upon opening them. Start out with a strong attack and them use up the majority of your stamina while it stands up, leaving enough to roll away if needed. There are three primary attacks, two of which are deadly to you this early in the game:

  • At close range the Mimic will slash forward with its right arm or arch its back with both arms to devours you. While the arm attack can be easily avoided by rolling to the side, the grab attack can still get you unless you roll away.
  • At medium or long range the Mimic will either kick forward with one leg or do a jumping spin kicks that deals heavy damage that will likely kill you. Be careful of both of these attacks and try and stay close to avoid having to deal with them.

Defeat the Mimic to obtain the Deep Battle Axe and then take the ladder and open the gate.

A Lothric Knight patrols from the opposite building to the stairs on the right, while two Hollow Soldiers on either side of you prepare to attack you from behind. Deal with the two soldiers first and then focus your attention on the deadly fast Lothric Knight. These enemies have great defense and excellent combat tactics, switching between using their shield or two-handing a weapon to penetrate yours. Roll past their attacks and get behind them to start a combo, but be prepared to roll out of attack range at any moment when they go to attack.

Lothric Knight - There are three types of Lothric Knights: the aggressive sword/shield and greatsword ones and the more defensive spear/greatshield. While some versions are deadly than others, all three should be handled with caution. The aggressive versions need to be dealt with by rolling under their attacks and then performing an attack combo, while the defensive greatshield version needs to be baited to attack before you can bypass their heavy shields.

Drops: See the Bestiary

Collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and enter the next tower, being careful of the Hollow Assassin to your left that can throw knives or rush in when your back is turned, and then cross the beam to grab the Firebomb x3. You can now exit the tower and take the stairs up to find a Titanite Shard and bonfire.

Hollow Assassin - These stealthy assassins are not dangerous, when you see them coming! Their strength lies in the fact that they are often placed in corners and dark alcoves with the element of surprise on their side.

Drops: Dagger, Deserter Trousers, Throwing Knife x5, Titanite Shard, Raw Gem

Enter the tower again to kill the Hollow Assassin across the room and then take the stairs down to deal with two more assassins, one walking around the room and another behind some barrels. Take the ladder down, dealing with the Large Hollow Soldier, and take the only path into a room full of barrels. There is a Hollow Soldier on the other side of the room, preparing to toss a Firebomb into the explosive barrels, so bait him before you go in and clear the room. You can now collect the Throwing Knife x8 in the room and then enter the next room with a Hollow Assassin and Mail Breaker. If you follow the path you'll find a locked cell with an NPC behind it, but at this point you'll be unable to unlock the door.

Return to the ladder and make your way out the other side of the tower to find some more praying soldiers, but be careful of the Hollow Soldiers that climb up to try and ambush you from behind. Grab the Soul of a Deserted Corpse near the exit to the tower and then stop next to the ladder leading down to the rooftops. There is another Pus of Man in the praying group ahead, so rather than go down in fight it you should pull out your bow and deal with it from a distance. This should allow it to actually transform into a Pus of Man, granting the better drops when you defeat it.

Cross the roof and pick up the Firebomb x3 and then rush around the outside of the rooftops to spot a Crystal Lizard (Raw Gem). These creatures drop fixed items upon death, but given the opportunity they will flee and vanish until you refresh the whole area. You can now collect the Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse on the roof before taking the nearby ladder.

Take out the Hollow Soldiers on one side of the building with Firebomb x3, since they are an annoyance, and then search the opposite side for Black Firebomb x3.

Enter the building near the ladder you originally came down and then enter the room on the left, killing the Hollow Soldiers inside. Attack the pots to find a corpse with Undead Hunter Charm x2 and then check the back balcony for a Titanite Shard, with even more enemies ready to ambush you. Backtrack to the main part of the building, where a Lothric Knight patrols, and collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse before heading further into the building.

A room on the left has a Hollow Soldier ready to strike when you pass, as well as a Broadsword, and if you continue down the stairs you'll come to a room with more enemies. Head around the upper level to kill some minor enemies and open a chest with the Silver Eagle Kite Shield and then deal with the Starved Hound and Large Hollow Soldiers in the room below individually. With the area clear you can now grab the Titanite Shard under the stairs, Estus Shard from the anvil, and Cell Key from the stairs.

If you exit the opposite side of the building you'll be able to shoot the Winged Knight from the balcony above, allowing you to ignore actual combat with this enemy type for now. Head back through the building and when you reach the room where the Broadsword was turn left to find a hidden path behind some boxes. Grab the Green Blossom x2 at the end of the path and then roll through the barrels to find a chest with an Astora Straight Sword. You can now drop into the courtyard where the Winged Knight was to grab the Rapier and Ember x2 below.

There are two exits from this courtyard: one is a dead end with a ladder that leads back up, while the other leads outside. Turn right and kill the Hollow Soldier hiding behind a pillar before dealing with the crossbowman on the stairs and then take the stairs. There is another set of stairs on the right that leads to a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a Ring of Sacrifice, reached by jumping to the wooden awning, and then return to the stairs and head straight. In the courtyard, kill the Hollow Soldier and then back up into the building to prepare for the ambush. You can now grab the Green Blossom x3 near the exit before taking the lift in the opposite building, grabbing the Throwing Knife x6 at the top.

The gate is a shortcut that leads back to the area near the first bonfire, where you encountered the Starved Hounds and Large Hollow Soldiers for the first time.

Firelink Shrine

Make sure to turn in your Estus Shard at the blacksmith, granting additional Estus Flasks, and then head to highest throne to find Ringfinger Leonhard. Leonhard will only hand over Cracked Red Eye Orb x5 for now, but remember his location in Firelink for later. You can now return to High Wall of Lothric, but instead of heading to the first bonfire choose the Tower on the Wall bonfire instead.

High Wall of Lothric Cont.

Head all the way down the tower, taking the ladder down to the Large Hollow Soldier, and this time make your way to that locked cell mentioned earlier. With the Cell Key you obtained earlier you can now free Greirat of the Undead Settlement, who will ask you to find a woman named Loretta, and give you the Blue Tearstone Ring.

Return to the bonfire and travel to the first bonfire in High Wall of Lothric and take the shortcut once again, rushing through the area to avoid being ambushed. Head straight toward the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then lure over each of the Lothric Knights individually before entering the church behind them. Emma is the priestess that protects the entrance to Lothric Castle, but for now she will provide you with the Small Lothric Banner and the Way of Blue covenant.

Exit the church and take a left, encountering another Lothric Knight, and then pick up the Lucerne. You can now follow the stairs down pass some shielded Hollow Soldiers to a boss arena.

Boss: Vordt of Boreal Valley

Stage 1

The first half of this fight is pretty simple due to Vordt's slow sweeping and overhead strikes that can be easily avoided by rolling under him. Vordt's attacks cause Frostbite, which weakens your defenses, but it isn't especially deadly. You should easily be able to get under his belly and behind his back to pull off a long combo, but be wary when he hops back since he sometimes follows this up with a strike to the ground. Never deplete your stamina fully, leaving a small bit for at least one roll in case of emergency, and you should plow through the first half of his life bar rather easily.

Stage 2

At half health Vordt will slam his mace into the ground and roar, indicating that he has entered the second stage. This will always be followed by Vordt jumping back and performing three charge attacks, which you'll need to roll under, but as soon as he finished the third charge you'll want to charge him and perform a devastating combo to interrupt his Ice Breath attack. After this predictable opening he'll switch up his attacks with dual combo attacks and slams throughout the remainder of the battle. While Vordt does perform a single Charge Attack, this version is hard to predict since he won't jump back beforehand.

List of Vordt's attacks:

Stage 1
Sweep AttackMediumSweeps an attack in front of him, easily avoided by rolling under him
Downward SlamMediumSlams his mace lengthwise into the ground, so roll right or left
Sideway SlashMediumRakes the ground from back to front in a wide sweeping attack
Jumping SlamLongJumps a short distance and slams the top of the mace into the ground
Stage 2
Triple ChargeLongCharges back and forth across the area three time, must be rolled under
Ice BreathLongA deep breath followed by a deadly ice breath, can be interrupted
Body SlamShortSlams his whole body downward into the ground, preventing your from hiding under him
Dual RamMediumRams forward with his body twice, left and then right
ChargeLongSingle charges attack forward, this attack is hard to predict due to no telegraph

Drops: 3,000 Souls, Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt

Undead Settlement

Exit Vordt's boss arena toward the broken road and raise the flag when indicated to teleport to the Undead Settlement.

Check the opposite side of the rampart for a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then head down the stairs toward the main gates. When the gate begins to rise you'll want to back off, as multiple Starved Hounds will enter the area and begin to kill the praying Hollow Soldiers. Lure each of the hounds individually or pull them with your bow and then head down toward the gate, but turn around and head down the road.

There are two more Starved Hounds hiding behind the overturned carriage, guarding Alluring Skull x2, and at the far end is a large ground of pilgrims. One of the pilgrims on the right wall is Yoel of Londor, an important NPC that needs to be recruited in order to achieve one of the four endings to Dark Souls 3, so accept his service before you return to the gate. You can now use the nearby lever to raise the gate, defeat the Peasant Hollow, and then light the bonfire beyond it.

Peasant Hollow - These enemies are slow and weak like the Grave Wardens, but with some additional health that is closer to that of Hollow Soldiers. Hollow Peasants are often found in groups that make them deadly, especially if the additional foes contain anything other than other peasants. Take the initiative and attack them before they attack you and you should take them out without ever allowing them a chance to fight.

Drops: See the Bestiary

Defeat the two Peasant Hollows near the building entrance and then knock down the corpse with a Small Leather Shield. Head down the stairs and walk toward the Charcoal Pine Bundle x2, quickly turning around to deal with the Hollow Slave that drops from the rafters above.

Hollow Slave - These little buggers are kind of cute, especially when they wield an oversized sword, but don't let that fool you. Hollow Slaves are deadly due to their speed and element of surprise, but they are still weak in defensive and offensive capabilities. Keep your guard up, blocking their first attack, and then counter with your own to quickly deal with them.

Drops: Thrall Axe, Flamberge, Thrall Hood, Titanite Shard

Head outside to defeat a Peasant Hollow guarding some Repair Powder x2 and then knock down the corpse hanging from the roof. Check out the courtyard below to spot the trouble ahead and then use your bow to deal with the large enemy, a Evangelist, kneeling before the burning tree. Head back inside and look across the rafters to spot another Hollow Slave across the way, shooting it with your bow to draw it over, and then clear out the two on the bottom floor. You can now grab the Charcoal Pine Bundle x2 in the corner before exiting outside.

Grab Loretta's Bone off the corpse you dropped from the building and then carefully deal with the peasants around the area. Check the area for a Soul of an Unknown Traveler, Estus Shard, and Ember and then head down the steps to find some more peasants. The hall on the right side of the building has two Hollow Slaves inside, which will ambush you later if you don't kill them now, and then collect the Titanite Shard before entering the building.

As you approach the Charcoal Pine Resin x2 use the lock-on feature to spot a Cage Spider masquerading as an environment piece and then knock down the corpse with a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse above the stairs. Back upstairs, find a hole in the floor that leads to the Warrior of Sunlight covenant and an Estus Soup, which will heal you for free, and then unlock the door. Pass down the hall, dealing with the Cage Spiders, and then defeat the red-eyed Hollow Peasant at the end.

Cage Spider - Blending in with the environment of Undead Settlement, these foes seek to trick you by getting you close and then wiggling their limbs in an attempt to hurt you. Use the lock-on to spot them and then deal a heavy strike, but stay close as they can also spew balls of nasty liquid if you stand at range.

Drops: Fading Soul x5

Hug the right side of the building and roll through the gap between the two building to find a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. As you head down the road you'll need to deal with some Peasant Hollows while avoiding the ranged magic of the Evangelist in the background, but be wary as you approach the boarded archway at the bottom of the hill. Defeat the peasant that breaks through the archway and then enter the building, dealing with the Hollow Slave that drops from above, and then grab the Whip.

Hide from the Evangelist by standing under the ledge, dealing with the Peasant Hollow carrying a large hammer, and then check the side path near the cliff edge to find a Titanite Shard. The Evangelist is a pain to fight on the small ledge above due to its sweeping attacks, so defeat it from the ground with your bow and then head under the ledge and up the ladder on the left to find another Titanite Shard.

The rooftop across from the ladder leads to an area overlooking a bonfire, an item on a wooden ledge, and a Crystal Lizard. Drop down and deal with the Crystal Lizard first, obtaining a Sharp Gem, and then circle back through the building to the same rooftop and this time jump to the Rusted Coin x2. You can now drop down and like the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire and head to Firelink if you wish to gain some levels.

If you are embered you'll encounter the Mad Spirit Holy Knight Hodrick at the bonfire, but don't go out seeking this NPC. Instead, pull Hodrick back toward the bonfire to avoid dealing with him near other enemies and prepare for a battle. Hodrick is a decent fighter that switches between his shield and two-handing his weapon for maximum damage, so lure him into attacking before you unleash a combo on him to deal a flurry of attacks before backing up. If you succeed in defeating Hodrick you'll obtain a Vertebra Shackle, which is for a covenant you current have not encountered.

Make sure to rest at the bonfire before moving on toward the large Hollow Manservant with a large machete and proceed with caution. These hulking enemies have wooden planks on their backs that protect them from being backstabbed and they are hard to stagger, so don't get greedy with your attacks. Lure them into attacking and watch their attack patterns to pick up where you have the opening to perform a long combo and then go in for the kill.

Hollow Manservant - Large enemies with wooden planks on their backs, Hollow Manservants can't be backstabbed and pose a series threat due to their poise. The good news is that these enemies are slow and predictable, allowing you to roll away from their attacks and counter.

Drops: Great Machete, Rubbish, Titanite Shard

As you progress into a graveyard ahead you'll notice large arrows sticking into the ground with some corpses impaled. Be wary as you move forward and listen carefully to the sound of incoming arrows. The first will always strike the group of Peasant Hollows straight ahead, as a warning, and then they will begin to follow you. Don't bother fighting the peasant and lure them into the arrows, but make sure to time your rolls to avoid damage to yourself.

Grabbing the items in this area can be dangerous due to having to stand still when you pick them up and the Undead Bone Shard on the small island to the right is even harder, due to the fact that a single arrow impact can fling you off the ledge. Carefully grab the Fading Soul, Ember, Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse, Young White Branch x3, and Reinforced Club and then head to the back of the graveyard. A Hollow Slave will ambush you when you try to grab the Blue Wooden Shield and Cleric's Armor Set, but the item you want to make sure to get is the Mortician's Ashes.