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by Violet_Shadow

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Violet_Shadow

Updated: 05/02/16

Dark Souls III

Complete Guide by Violet Shadow


Greetings. To anyone unfamiliar, my designation is Violet Shadow. I write walkthroughs when I have opportunity, though only for games I personally enjoy. I have chosen to write one for Dark Souls III, the best Souls game in my opinion and I have enjoyed them all, including BloodBorne. I should also note that I only play these games OFFLINE and, therefore, this walkthrough will not take into account the various aspects unique to online-play. I shall waste no more time on this section and move on to the guide itself. Some spoilers are unavoidable, so you are forewarned.

Story Walkthrough & NPC Quest Guide

Here, I will do my best to guide new players through this awesome game. I will be including tips and strategies, as well as pointing out the locations important items. Also note that I shall also be covering every NPC Quest during the Story Walkthrough. Also, Dying is to be expected in this game, like its predecessors, so try not to let it get to you. Now, Let us begin.

Character Creation, Build Examples

Following the Introduction to the game's setting, you are taken to the creation screen. Here, You will choose a gender, default class, burial gift, and name, as well as customizing their face and physical build. These have no effect on gameplay, however, your gender DOES affect a certain NPC: Anri of Astora is either male or female, opposite your character's gender. For more information on this, it is covered in the Walkthrough.

Also, You will have to approach the early game differently based on your default class, but you can build your character as whatever you want through playing the game. That said, Think carefully about what playstyle you prefer or just try out different ones to get a feel for each and then choose.

Now, For some example builds:

Stealthy Ninja
Default Class: Any (Assassin/Thief)
Equipment: Sharp Uchigatana, Black Bow of Pharis, Shadow Set, Carthus Milkring, Carthus Bloodring
Spells: Spook, Aural Decoy
Stats: Heavily focus on Dex for the Katana and Bow, put points into End for Stamina and Vig for H, Att boosts FP and allows for more usage of the Katana Skills. From here, it's your choice how to build the stats.
Advice: Learn to dodge, rolling is generally a better defense than blocking. Also, Try to learn the Hold-Skill's Parry so you won't need a shield except for certain instances such as unparriable foes and those immune to backstabs.
Heavy Tank
Default Class: Knight
Equipment: Heavy Greatsword, 100-physical reduction Greatshield or Shield, Silver Knight Set, Havel's Ring
Spells: Iron Flesh, Flash Sweat
Stats: Heavily focus on Str for Greatswords, Vig for HP as you're gonna take a few hits, End for Stamina so you can block a lot, Vit is a neccessity for being able to equip these heavy accoutrements. If you want to use a bow, I suggest going full-tilt and using a Greatbow. That's all for Stat-tips, up to you from here.
Advice: Be ready to block, A LOT. This build is for wading through enemies and surviving. Very hard in a Souls game. Unless you get your Equip-Load VERY high, you probably won't be rolling much. *Fat Roll* gets me killed using this build.
Flame Swordsman
Default Class: Pyromancer
Equipment: Pyro Flame, Chaos Rapier, Cleric's Candlestick, Cornyx's Set, Sage Ring, Saint's Ring, Deep Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring/Witch's Ring/Ring of the Sun's First Born (dependent on Spell-type you favor)
Spells: A LOT! Fireball, Fire Surge, Carthus Flame Arc, Heal, Homeward, Soul Arrow, etc. Really, This is dependent on your own preference.
Stats: Heavy focus on Int and Fai to make full use of the plethora of Spells this build has access to. You can opt to focus this build into a *Cleric* or *Sorcerer* from the start, but I went continued with something that can use all three types of Spells. You'll also want to invest in Att for extra Spell-slots and the much-needed FP-boost. Also, Some points in Dex for the Rapier, I always go with a Hybrid with Mage-Builds. You'll need to find your own focus from here.
Advice: A lightly-armored magic-type that I have only experimented with. The Pyromancer default allows to build toward any style of mage, thus I chose it. The armor is only a random choice as I haven't used this build much. You'll definitely need to learn evasive techniques as you likely won't have the Stamina for blocking heavy attacks even if you can equip a decent shield.

That's it. May add more in the future.

Ash Cemetery

Following the initial cutscene, you'll gain control of your character. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the basic controls and then begin advancing forward. Read the tutorial messages on the ground, like the one you soon come across, to get additional tips and soon you'll meet your first enemy. NOTE: If playing online, you're likely to see messages left by other players as well. This will be the only online note I provide as I don't play online, personally, so I can't really provide further online information.

Now, Back to the Walkthrough: First enemy ahead on your right. This guy is a generic Hollow-like mook who is little threat to most players. His attacks are slow and telegraphed so you should be able to dodge around them and deliver some slashes, or bashes if your starting class has a blunt weapon. Also, You may want to practice getting behind and delivering a backstab or, if you're not afraid to, even attempt to learn parrying and riposte. If playing a mage-build, I don't advise using magic against mook enemies, especially early-game, at least until you've built-up a significant reservoire of FP. After defeating the enemy, take the small side-path near his starting-position to see an item-glow, examine it to receive a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORSE".

Continue down the main path and you'll see what appears to be a passive hollow-mook holding his head, some *enemies* like this one are completely passive and will not attack and others will. I recommend killing them, regardless of whether they're immediately hostile or not. This enemy will attack when you draw close to it, so take it out as you did the first. Examine the item-glow at the base of the broken fountain to receive "ASHEN ESTUS FLASK" which will allow you to replenish your FP in the same way your Estus Flask replenishes HP, and are refilled by resting at a Bonfire. On the right, you'll find an enemy with his back toward you so you can practice a little stealth by slowing approaching him from behind and pressing the attack-button for a free backstab which will decimate this mook's health, if it doesn't outright kill him.

To the other side of the fountain is another hollow-mook and an annoying crossbow-hollow. These crossbow-hollows will fire flame-tipped bolts at you that can really damage you at this point. A starting class that has a shield will have a slightly easier time here as you can block most of the crossbow-damage as you approach to take them both out.

Now, You have a choice: either advance to a Bonfire a little further ahead, or take the path guarded by two hollow-mooks. If you choose the latter, then note that the message on the ground is not overstating. After taking down the two mooks, then traverse the narrow passage until it opens up into an arena-like area. You'll notice an item-glow and an imposing Giant Crystal Lizard. The Lizard is akin to a Miniboss and is quite the tough fight at this point in the game, also nigh-impossible as a mage-build. Nevertheless, His attacks are deadly but dodgeable so, if you're confident in your evasive abilities, then you may not find him hard so much as time-consuming to kill. Note that some of his attacks, his roll and leap, create crystal-shards around him. He will also be left open for a swipe or two after one of these attacks, but don't get greedy and back off before he chomps on you. He also has a breath-attack that spews in an arc in front of him, but gives you an opening for a couple swipes if you get behind him in time. Be VERY cautious while fighting him and, should you come out on top, you'll receive a "TITANITE SCALE" and can loot the item-glow you saw earlier.

Back on the main path, you'll see quite a nice view as you come upon the top of a small hill, where you find your first Bonfire. Light it to receive your first trophy: "ENKINDLE". Upon resting at the Bonfire, your HP and FP will be restore, as well as your Estus Flasks(both types). You'll also receive the "REST GESTURE". However, Do note that resting at a Bonfire also revives any defeated enemies in the area with certain exceptions (i.e. - Hostile NPCs and Invading Phantom NPCs).

Continuing along, you'll come across another hollow-mook ahead. Defeat him as you have previous ones and you can spot two more to your right that are sitting down and holding their heads. They will aggro as you get near them, so you may want to approach the closer one first and finish him off before getting the other's attention. After they're down, turn right past their previous position to meet another hollow-mook and then follow it down to a spear-and-shield hollow-mook, flanked by another crossbow-hollow. If you have a shield, you can block the spear attacks which will often result in him raising his shield for a few moments. Use this oppotunity to kick his shield aside and step close for a critical stab, then take out the crossbow-hollow and pick up the item-glow for 5 "FIREBOMBS". Return to where you fought the two sitting mooks that were holding their heads and go back up as though you're returning to the Bonfire, but turn right and you'll find a message about jumping. Just below, you'll see an item-glow atop a coffin so get a running-start and jump toward it to land on the coffin and pick up the item-glow for "TITANITE SHARD". Drop off the next ledge onto an unsuspecting hollow-mook, executing a drop-attack if you can will likely kill it. Be aware that there's also a crossbow-hollow ahead and possibly one other mook, but take out the crossbow-hollow anyway and head through the archway behind where he was standing to see what looks like a statue kneeling in the center of this arena-like area. Approach the *statue* to see a sword stuck through it and examine it to have your character draw the sword from the statue and trigger the first BOSS FIGHT of the game.

Be sure to evade his huge sweeping attacks with his spear or, if you're confident enough, try parrying him and delivering a riposte. Learn his sweeping swings and long-distance thrusts and try to strike during his recovery-animations unless you use the parry-and-riposte method. Once you take about half of his health, he becomes an actual threat as a mass of black goo erupts from his shoulder and turns him into a far more hideous creature. The basic strategy of dodging and waiting for an opening to deliver a slash or two still works, but the parry-and-riposte one you should forget. You can also use the Firebombs from before to shave off large chunks of health as the black mass is very weak to fire. If you are a Pyromancer, you probably won't need the Firebombs. The first time I fought this guy, I started with a Knight class and I didn't struggle even slightly in this fight, nor did I use a single Firebomb. I actually couldn't believe that I was literally swiping away huge chunks of his health with each slash of my longsword, and he quickly died as he failed to even get fully transformed.

Upon your victory, you'll receive "COILED SWORD", you will also become Embered which will increase your maximum HP. You'll also earn two Trophies: "EMBRACE THE FLAME" and "IUDEX GUNDYR".

Light up the Iudex Gundyr Bonfire and open the double-door to enter the last leg of this area. Firstly, Look to the left to see an item-glow and examine it to receive "BROKEN STRAIGHT SWORD" and follow the ledge to take out two hollow-mooks(one shield-and-spear), then reach an item-glow to obtain a "HOMEWARD BONE". Back the middle path, Approach the right side see a hollow-mook standing on the cliff-edge and gazing out at the sea. He never becomes hostile but you can lock-on to him, walk up behind him, and use the kick for awesomeness. To the left of the main path, there are two hollow-mooks sitting in the grass and approaching them will aggro them as well as two more a little further ahead, one of which is a crossbow-hollow. Carefully defeat this small gaggle of mooks, then continue up the main path a bit before veering to the right again to follow the ledge until you encounter a hollow-dog and defeat it, then continue to find item-glow tucked behind a coffin which gives you an "EMBER".

Now, If you don't mind another little challenge and want to acquire the Uchigatana, then head to the left of the entrance to Firelink Shrine and follow the path around, killing two *passive* hollow-mooks on some stairs and picking up an item glow by a tree for the "EAST-WEST SHIELD", until you reach a locked gate with a naked uchigatana-wielding Hostile NPC standing in front of it. This guy, Sword Master, is a tough customer and I had to try several times before I managed to defeat him on my first playthrough. If you've become adept at parrying, then he can be parried-and-riposted like any other human-type NPC. Ranged, I hear, works pretty well also. If you manage to take him down, you'll acquire the "UCHIGATANA" and "MASTER'S SET". NOTE: Master's Set consists of Master's Attire and Master's Gloves only. Return to the entrance and enter Firelink Shrine.

Firelink Shrine

You have now arrived at the hub-area of Dark Souls III. Nearby you'll notice this game's *Crestfallen Knight*, only his name is actually Hawkwood and talking to him will gain you the "COLLAPSE GESTURE". Talk to the woman near the center who happens to be the Fire Keeper and responsible for your Level-Ups. You'll expend Souls to Level-Up by selecting it from her talk-menu and choosing what stats to spend those Souls on. Now, Examine the Ash-bowl next to the Fire Keeper to lodge the Coiled Sword in it and create the Firelink Shrine Bonfire. On one of the Thrones is Ludleth of Courland, one of the Lords of Cinder who didn't leave with the others... possibly because he has NO LEGS. He'll be useful later, but let's move on. You will also find an old woman in chair who calls herself the Shrine Handmaid, she's the basic go-to shop with a lot of different items for sale and you can also sell her unwanted items. She'll also mention bringing her Umbral Ash should you find any which will expand her inventory further. Finally, The large blacksmith who you've obviously seen hammering away on an anvil named Andre, so talk to him to get an overview of his services and receive the "HURRAH! GESTURE". Andre upgrades weapons and repairs broken ones, as well as infusing weapons using Gems and also changing your Estus Ratio (i.e. - Mage-builds may want more Ashen Estus for instance). He also upgrades your Estus Flasks when you bring him Estus Shards and he'll mention Coals which you can bring to him to expand the types of Infusion he can perform.

Now, Head upstairs in the main-room of the Shrine and find a set of three openings side-by-side that lead outside. Go out through either one and you'll spot a Giant Tree (reference to Dark Souls II), which will occasionally net you a Seed of a Giant Tree so check back here from time-to-time. Also, Pick up the item-glow for a "SOUL OF DESERTED CORPSE" and take note of the locked tower-gate, this requires the Tower Key sold by the Shrine Handmaid for 20,000 Souls. Head down and find a place near some coffins to drop down to find an "EMBER", then drop down again to reach the place where you met the hollow-dog. Head back inside Firelink Shrine and rest at the Bonfire, then select Travel and head to High Wall of Lothric.

Return to Firelink Shrine and you should find another NPC leaning against the large central throne, talk to him, his name is Leonhard, and he gives you 5 "CRACKED RED-EYE ORBS" used for invading other players online. I really doubt you've grinded out enough Souls to purchase the Tower Key, but if you have then you can explore the Tower next to the Shrine. I'll cover this later in the Walkthrough.

High Wall of Lothric

You spawn in a small room, so head out the main door to find yourself on the ramparts. Head down the stairs and you'll spot the first Bonfire of the area, light it and find a broken section of wall near some stairs. There's a wooden scaffolding through this break with a sleeping crossbow-hollow soldier in the corner so quickly take him out, preferably as he's waking up. Look below on the pathway ahead to see two hollow-dogs, there's also a nearby set of stairs to the left of the pathway that have a large hollow-axeman patrolling up-and-down and at the far end of the pathway, there's another set of stairs leading up that have a large halberd-hollow patrolling. If you started as a class with a bow, you can find good use for it here to lure the dogs and take them down before moving to the downward stairs with the axeman. Get his attention and draw him back up the previous stairs where you have more room. This big guy's attacks are slow, but deal heavy damage so you want to dodge, if possible, and get around behind him following an attack. He takes a while for recovery too, so you should have enough time to get in a backstab or create distance to fire off a spell. Once he's down, you can then go down the stairs he was patrolling to find a hollow-mook soldier and take him out. There's also an item-glow down here to examine for a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and a locked door that you'll be opening later from the other side.

Back up on the pathway, head to the far stairs and lure the halberd-hollow down to you. Like his axeman brethren, this guy hits hard and slow. Unlike the axeman, however, his reach is much longer and he attacks often with sweeping swipes. Same basic strategy applies, however, dodge around him for a backstab(melee) or create distance for spells(mage). Once he's down, he up the stairs he was guarding and ignore the crossbow-hollow soldier and quickly kill the *passive* that starts to get up as he will transform into a monstrosity reminiscent of the later part of the Iudex Gundyr Boss Fight. But, If you slash him quick enough, he'll die like the other generic hollows as long as it's before he manages to transform. Take out the crossbow-hollow soldier now and loot the nearby item-glow for "LONGBOW" and 12 "STANDARD ARROWS". Otherwise, This is a dead end, so head on back to the Bonfire and rest. At this point, I advise building up some Souls and heading back to Firelink Shrine to buy up a full-stock of the cheapest arrows as well as putting enough points into Dex in order to wield the Longbow, you'll see why soon enough.

Time to take the other path and head down some spiral stairs. Ahead, You'll notice a bunch of *worshiping passive hollows*, a patrolling soldier on your right and lantern-bearing soldier in the distance. Take down the nearby soldier first and note that the lantern-bearer will call-in reinforcements upon seeing you, though if you're fast enough to kill them, you can mostly prevent this. It varies how many of his buddies you may have to deal with, depending on how fast you kill him, but there is one enemy that always comes running from upstairs near the dragon's corpse. Take him down and notice another enemy down the short stairs below the dragon's corpse, unless he's already come up to say hi. Now, Grab the item-glow on the pathway for a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and head up the stairs wear the dragon's corpse is to quickly rush another lantern-bearer, then find some stairs leading up as there is another hollow soldier that you'll have to deal with, plus one sitting against the wall halfway up the stairs. At the top, you'll find an item-glow that nets you "BINOCULARS". Head back to the dragon's corpse and maneuver around its left side to find a ledge you can drop down to, this leads into the room below the dragon's corpse but to a spot you can only reach this way with an item-glow that contains "GOLD PINE RESIN" and allows you to drop into the main section of the room where you would be by going down the small stairs beneath the dragon's corpse.

You should notice a hollow soldier sitting to the left and another behind some crates across from you, take out the sitting hollow first and then head over to take down the would-be ambusher. The item-glow contains 2 "FIREBOMBS", take note of the bridge beyond the blocked door and then head down the ladder to a lower room with an item-glow that grants a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and a door to the outside. Right outside, there are two immediate threats: a crossbow-hollow soldier and a spear-and-shield hollow soldier. Try to lure the spear-wielder to the room and take him out without be peppered by crossbow-bolts, then either exchange fire with crossbow-hollow or run out and cut him down, but quickly run back to the room if you choose the latter unless you like to be roasted as the dragon will heat-up the lower pathway.

After the two enemies are down, head back up the ladder and approach the blocked door which ultimately will make the dragon roast the upper walkway of the bridge and the hollows on it, but the fire can't reach you. Once the enemies are dead, head back down the ladder and run out to get the dragon's attention, then back away to avoid the fire breath. Immediately afterward, run up the stairs partway and get onto the wooden scaffolding. At the end of the small scaffolding closest to the door you just came out of, you'll be completely safe from the dragon's fire so equip that Longbow along with the 99 Wooden Arrows and the 12 Standard Arrows. Now, Don't just fire off arrows randomly, wait until the dragon's head is stopped and fire an arrow into it which will usually result in either it moving its head around a bit or blasting the bridge with fire. Wait for another opportunity and fire another arrow. Hopefully, You'll be doing 10-13 damage per arrow and, being careful to not miss, you should be able to deal enough damage to cause the dragon to fly off, gaining you a "LARGE TITANITE SHARD". It'll likely exhaust your arrows and the dragon won't die, but it won't be able to roast you anymore so you're free to collect the items on the bridge up the stairs: a "CLAYMORE", "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE", "CLUB", and an "EMBER".

Now, Enter the building beneath where the dragon was and find a chest. DO NOT open the chest, attack it instead to reveal that it's a Mimic. These guys take a beating to kill and have some powerful attacks including a grab-attack, but they're actually very simple to kill by circling them and slashing once, then continue circling then slashing once. Generally, They'll just keep turning as you circle without usually even attacking. If you defeat it, pick up the "DEEP BATTLE AXE" it drops and head up the other ladder, open the door at the top. Outside, There'll be two hollow soldiers sitting on either side that can be taken out quickly, but be aware of the Lothric Knight that comes out of the building across from you. I hate these guys because they're incredibly cheap, like Boss-level cheap. They have great range, long attack-strings, do huge damage and can use their shield both to break your guard and smack you if you get behind them. You *can* parry-and-riposte them if your timing is good enough, but backstabs aren't really worth the risk. Once you manage to take him down, no small feat at this point in the game, grab the item-glow for a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and enter the building he came from. To your left is a hollow-thief that will toss knives at you or dart in close to slash at you with his dagger. Ultimately, These are just more mooks with a different weapon.

Don't take the stairs yet and instead head out the other doorway to climb some stairs to where you'll find a second Bonfire and an item-glow containing a "TITANITE SHARD". Light the Bonfire and then head back into the building, being careful of the respawned enemies if you rested at the Bonfire. Back inside, carefully walk out onto the beam to the item-glow for some "FIREBOMBS". There are two more hollow-thieves downstairs, one of which is sitting in a corner so head down and take them out, then climb down the ladder to face another large halberd-wielder. Once he's down, take note of the locked gate and then head out the open path, quickly passing by the barrels to a firebomb-tossing hollow soldier and take him out promptly, then pick up the item-glow in the room for 8 "THROWING KNIVES". Now, Through the door near where the enemy was and to your left is another hollow-thief which you may be able to backstab as he starts out facing the wall, take the item-glow for a "MAIL BREAKER" and go through the next doorway to a cell containing a prisoner. You can't help right now, but you know where he is for when you have the means of getting him out. Head back to the ladder and climb back up, then take the doorway outside.

Two hollow soldiers appear after you exit the building and approach the ladder ahead, so deal with them and find an item-glow that will net you a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". Descend the ladder that one of the hollow soldiers climbed up earlier and start across the rooftops to a gaggle of *worshipers*, one of which will aggro and stand up. Unless you can quickly get to him and cut him down, he will transform into another monstrosity so be careful. There's also an item-glow on this roof that contains some "FIREBOMBS" and then climb down another ladder, turn left to see an item-glow that contains a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and around the corner to find a crystal lizard that drops a "RAW GEM" if you can kill him before he vanishes.

Head across the awning to an item-glow that houses 3 "BLACK FIREBOMBS", then return to the ladder around the corner of the building opposite the ladder, you can take down a crossbow-hollow soldier with another a distance behind him, exchange fire with the second one or rush over toward him and take him down. Be warned that the latter causes to mooks to climb up over the railings to attack so deal with them as well. Grab the item-glow for some "FIREBOMBS" and double-back to the ladder. Next to the ladder is a doorway and inside is a patrolling Lothric Knight with a spear, so head inside and defeat him then loot a nearby item-glow in a corner for a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". There's another small room in here near where you entered from and inside is a crossbow-hollow up some short stairs as well as a lantern-bearer to the left and a mook sitting behind the urns. Once they're all dead, the urn holding a corpse should've be broken, revealing an item-glow that contains 2 "UNDEAD HUNTER CHARMS". Another room along will house a hollow-thief and an item-glow which gets you a "TITANITE SHARD". Now, Back to the room you fought the Lothric Knight in and head through the door he originally came through to reach the upper area of a large room with several enemies below. Turn right and roll through some barrels to make your way to a balcony containing an item-glow that gets you 2 "GREEN BLOSSOMS", then return to where you entered from and continue forward slowly. There's a room to your left with mook in the doorway so take him out and grab the item-glow in the room for a "BROADSWORD". Head through the next door and downstairs to second floor of the large room, turn right and enter a room to find a chest with a hollow-thief sitting next to it, take out the enemy and open the chest for a "SILVER EAGLE KITE SHIELD". Find an enemy sitting on the edge of the walkway and take him out before returning to where the stairs lead down into the main part of the large room.

The enemies downstairs will slaughter you if you go down and fight them, so our trusty Longbow comes into play again if you still have a few arrows. First, Shoot the dog to lure it up to you and take it down. Next, Choose one of the large enemies to lure with an arrow to the face and take him out on the second floor walkway as well, then do the same for the next enemy. The last big enemy then can either be lured or you can simply fight him downstairs, take note that there's another dog enemy down a short set of stairs the one big guy was patrolling up-and-down so take it out as well then head back upstairs to the third floor and follow the long walkway to the end. Drop down to reach a split-off section of the second-floor walkway that has a chest which holds an "ASTORA STRAIGHT SWORD". Now, Back to the bottom floor where the enemies were. An item-glow under the stairs holds a "TITANITE SHARD", an "ESTUS SHARD" on the table, and down the short stairs where the second dog was is the "CELL KEY". With this in-hand, make your way back to the prisoner in the cell and use the key to unlock the door to his cell, then speak with him and agree to his request to deliver a "BLUE TEARSTONE RING" to a woman named Loretta in the Undead Settlement. After agreeing to his request and receiving the ring, he'll be teleported off to Firelink Shrine where he'll act as another shopkeeper with a different inventory to the Shrine Handmaid.

Our next destination is the plaza where you saw the fat Winged Knight patrolling so return to the ladder near where you killed the two crossbow-hollows and descend it. Two mooks will attack so deal with them and head into the plaza to face the Winged Knight. This guy has a halberd with large sweeping attacks and your best bet is to go for backstabs, he packs a whallop if he hits you and will take multiple backstabs to defeat. Alternately, Should you be a ranged build(archer) with a good stock of arrows, then you can stay up on the awning where the Black Firebombs were and snipe him until he dies. Once he's down and you're in the plaza, there's a hollow in an alley near an item-glow so take him down and grab the "RAPIER", there's two more item-glows in the plaza that each contain an "EMBER". As you leave the plaza, a crossbow-hollow will fire bolts at you from your right, up the stairs and a mook to the left of the said stairs. Take them both down and go up the first set of stairs, turn right and access a rooftop with an item-glow that nets you a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". You can also jump across to an awning with an item-glow that contains a "RING OF SACRIFICE". Return and continue up the second flight of stairs to an area with a soldier and four lesser mooks. Take them down and check behind the left side of the doorway you came through for an item-glow to get 3 "GREEN BLOSSOMS", then enter the far doorway to find an elevator that takes you up to the locked door not far from the first Bonfire of the High Wall of Lothric and open it from this side to create a shortcut back to said Bonfire. There's also an item-glow near the elevator that contains 6 "THROWING KNIVES" before taking it back down to continue from where we were.

Head toward the courtyard and pick up a "SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" on the left before entering. Dead ahead you'll see two patrolling Lothric Knights on alternating routes, one has a spear and the other a straight sword. Try to get only one's attention at a time and lure him to you, then take him down before drawing the other one. Once both are down, then take out the two mook spear-guys on the stairs leading down. Opposite where you entered from is a pathway with yet another Lothric Knight so defeat him and grab the "LUCERNE" from the item-glow on the pathway. To the left of the large building is a small set of stairs leading up to a Red-Eyed Lothric Knight who's deadlier than even the regular Lothric Knights so fight him very carefully and, should you defeat him, you'll gain a "REFINED GEM". Now, Enter the large building and talk to the old woman sitting in a chair, this is High Priestess Emma and she gives you the "SMALL LOTHRIC BANNER", as well as the "WAY OF BLUE COVENANT ITEM" by talking to her a second time. You'll get the Trophy: "COVENANT: THE WAY OF BLUE".

Now that we have that, head down the stairs where you defeated the two spear-and-shield mooks to find a crossbow-hollow off to the right and take him out. Continue down to the bottom of the stairs and, if you're Embered and defeated Sword Master outside Firelink Shrine, his Summon Sign will appear here. Summon him for the upcoming Boss if you wish and proceed forward. At the other end, a scene triggers to start the Boss Fight.


The huge man-beast Boss uses a giant mace which he swings in wide arcs as well as slamming it into the ground. Each hit you take will deal massive damage and cause Frost build-up, blocked attacks still cause Frost build-up. Getting behind him, you can attack until he spins around and scurries away, thus forcing you to chase him down and get behind him again. Sword Master can help by distracting him at times to allow you to deliver a few slashes. When you get him down to about half health, he'll perform a charging attack back-and-forth, followed by a cold breath attack in an arc from his left to his right so try to get behind him before the breath attack starts. Deliver some slashes to his back during the breath attack. Be careful, though, as he also becomes faster and more aggressive at this point. Continue trying to stay behind him and attacking, but be cautious.

Eventually, He'll go down and you'll receive "SOUL OF VORDT OF THE BOREAL VALLEY" and the Vordt of the Boreal Valley Bonfire will appear as well as the gate opening. You'll also obtain the Trophy: "VORDT OF THE BOREAL VALLEY".

Light the Bonfire, then exit through the gate and approach the ledge for a prompt, press the button for a cutscene that transports you to the Undead Settlement.

Undead Settlement

You start atop a rampart tower near a Bonfire, light it and head to the other end of the rampart to find an item-glow to get a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". As you head down the stairs, the gate ahead will open briefly to allow a group of dog-hollows out who begin ripping into the gathered hollows. With the Longbow, you can lure the dogs to you one at a time and defeat them, there are three of them in total. Now, finish descending the stairs and turn away from the gate to head toward the opposite end, there are two more dog-hollows around a carriage so kill them and loot the item-glow on the corpse for a 2 "ALLURING SKULLS". Further ahead, you'll find a large number of dead Pilgrims and, as you wander around them, you'll hear the voice of one so find him and talk to him to learn that his name is Yoel and will offer you his service, accept to send him back to Firelink Shrine. You learn the "BECKON GESTURE" from him when you talk to him at Firelink Shrine and he becomes a shop that sells a few Sorceries. Talking to him at Firelink Shrine will also cause him to offer to *Draw Out Your True Strength*, this is part of his side-quest but it has consequences so refer to the NPC Quest Guide to find out if you want to do this or not. I, personally, skipped this one on my first playthrough and don't overly care for it, but it is an important Questline that is a prerequisite to one of the Endings.

NOTE: If you choose to do the Yoel/Yuria questline, then have Yoel draw-out your true strength and die several times until you obtain 5 Dark Sigils. Then reload Firelink Shrine by warping somewhere else and come back to find Yoel dead and Yuria standing near his body. You'll be interacting with her for the remainder of this questline and she'll hand over the "LONDOR BRAILLE DIVINE TOME". NOTE: If you're attempting to get the "MASTER OF MIRACLES" Trophy, then you'll have to at least go this far into the Yoel/Yuria questline and get the Londor Braille Divine Tome.

There's an item-glow in the general area where you met Yoel that contains 2 "HOMEWARD BONES".

Now, Approach the gate and pull the lever to open it, then enter the actual Settlement. Immediately upon entering, you'll encounter a hollow-villager with a cleaver and a lantern. Take him out as you have other mooks, as he's merely a stronger mook. Parry-and-riposte works well if you get the timing as do backstabs and standard combat, though they are capable of much higher damage than earlier mooks. Advance along the road and enter a building to the side with another Bonfire for you to light. Return to Firelink Shrine, if you haven't already, and speak with Yoel as well as turning in the Estus Shard to Andre to upgrade your Estus Flask uses. Back in the Undead Settlement, advance toward the next building to encounter two more hollow-villagers, one with a pitchfork. Take them down and enter the building they came from, cut down a corpse on your right and pillage its item-glow for a "SMALL LEATHER SHIELD". Before heading down, break through the debris and jump to the other side where you'll encounter a small bugger who I'll call mini-mook. These tiny guys are quick to move and attack, they also fire blowdarts from a distance but are ultimately extremely easy to kill. After dealing with him, examine the item-glow for 2 "CHARCOAL PINE BUNDLES" and head out onto the balcony to see a gaggle of enemies gathered around an evangelist enemy. Also on this balcony, you should take out the nearby villager and cut down the corpse with an item-glow, then venture around the corner to find an item-glow that gets you 2 "REPAIR POWDERS". Now, Start down the stairs in the building and look down to see a mini-mook that you can drop down on with a drop-attack that's likely to take it out, there's another off in a corner so go deal with him as well and there's still one more clinging on the wall near the doorway ahead so shoot it down and then dart over to finish him off. An item-glow in the room will net you another 2 "CHARCOAL PINE BUNDLES" and exit the building then carefully engage the enemies, preferrably one by one.

Once you've dealt with the many mooks, then you can engage the evangelist which is basically just a fat woman with a large spike club and a flaming grab move as well as dark miracles that she casts form a distance. Backstabs work well again, as do skilled parries-and-ripostes, so take her out. Afterward, Check the item-glow at the base of the tree the enemies were gathered around to collect an "ESTUS SHARD" and another corpse around with an item-glow that grants you a "SOUL OF AN UNKNOWN TRAVELER". Another item-glow corpse is hanging from the large tree so equip your Longbow and shoot it down, then examine it to obtain 9 "KUKRIS". A corpse with an item-glow behind is behind the tree which grants you an "EMBER" and, lastly, check out the item-glow of the corpse you cut down from upstairs earlier to get "LORETTA'S BONE". There are two paths you can take from the tree: one is a bridge leading off to the right and a path leading to two more buildings ahead. I'm heading across the bridge first, a villager will be patrolling the bridge so take him down and another will exit the building ahead so kill him too. Head inside the building and defeat two pitchfork-villagers, then locate an item-glow to the left that grants a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". Head on through into the next building a mini-mook with a greatsword will drop in, he's slower than his brethren but is capable of more damage. Still, He's very easy to take down so do so and then open the large door. Look to the roof of the building you just exited to see another mini-mook, shoot him down if he doesn't drop down to attack you. Either way, finish him off and examine the item-glow to obtain a "CADUCEUS ROUND SHIELD", then head back through the buildings you just came through to the bridge. Face the first building and maneuver around to the right of it to find a somewhat hidden path, proceeding forward carefully as another mini-mook is clinging to the side of the building with two more further ahead on rooftops. The distant mini-mooks will fire blowdarts at you as you engage the closer enemy, so be careful of that and be mindful not to fall off the narrow ledge you're fighting on as you take down the first mini-mook. You can then use your Longbow to take down the distant mini-mooks before advancing, slowly, as there are two more mini-mooks lying in wait: one will climb up the ledge and the other is waiting just around some large rocks ready to ambush you.

Now that the enemies are down, let's grab the items: a glow near the ladder holds a "FADING SOUL", one on the roof of the house the greatsword mini-mook was in holds 6 "FIREBOMBS", then locate a small path between the two houses that the mini-mooks were on top of to find another item-glow with a "PLANK SHIELD". Near that is a friendly living-cage you can talk to, he mentions some seemingly random stuff that applies to a large saw-wielding enemy you may see patrolling in the distance. Head back to the ladder and climb up it, where you'll find another item-glow that contains 2 "HOMEWARD BONES". Dropping down in the direction of the patrolling saw-butcher and head towards him. You'll notice he has an empty cage on his back and isn't hostile, so head past him to cut an item-corpse down from a tree and grab the "FLAME STONEPLATE RING", then approach the butcher from behind and you'll notice that you can examine the cage. Do so and you'll get a scene that results it you being transported to a different location that resembles a large pit. Talk the NPC here, Holy Knight Hodrick, and he asks if you're a Hollow. Regardless of your response, he offers to let you join his Covenant and gives you the "MOUND MAKERS COVENANT ITEM". You'll earn Trophy: "COVENANT: MOUND MAKERS". He'll also give you a "HOMEWARD BONE" and you can loot an item-glow for a "WARGOD SHIELD". Now, Use a Homeward Bone and make your way back to the path-split at the large tree.

Head back across the bridge and through the two buildings to the second bridge. Look up at the building to the right on the other side of the bridge and snipe the three hollow-villagers from about midway of the bridge. Cross the bridge but stop at the end and looks off the bridge down to the right to see a ledge path below with a hollow-villager looking over the edge. Don't just drop down to engage him recklessly as he has a buddy hidden under the bridge with a pitchfork so be mindful when you drop down and take out both of them. There's a item-glow corpse beneath the bridge that holds a "TITANITE SHARD", so grab it and follow this ledge as it leads under a building where you'll find another Bonfire to light, do so. Head out the other side of the building and follow the path up to where you sniped the hollow-villagers, take them out again in the case that you rested at the Bonfire and spot a hanging corpse with an item-glow that you can shoot down for a "PARTIZAN". At the corner of the building where the one hollow-villager somewhat to itself was is an NPC trapped in a cage, talk to him to learn that he is Cornyx, a Pyromancer. Agree to his offer of learning Pyromancy and he'll be teleported to Firelink Shrine. Head back down to the base of the building and find a pot-carrying version of the butcher-hollow with his back toward you. You can NOT backstab this enemy as he's wearing a large wooden shield on his back so get in a good slash to his back and then carefully take him down while dodging his pot-slams. These enemies don't flinch easy either so I reiterate to fight CAREFULLY. Now, Head up where he was facing which is the area directly across the bridge from where you originally entered this area. There's an item-glow on a corpse at the guillotine that grants you a "SOUL OF AN UNKNOWN TRAVELER". Behind this is a broken walkway with a mourning hollow at the end, so go over and kick him off then loot his dead buddy for the "FIRE CLUTCH RING". Now, Head back to where the butcher was and continue down the stairs carefully, as there is a procession going on down here, led by an evangelist along with hollow-villagers: a pitchfork, a cleaver, and a hammer. There are also a couple of dog-hollows, one hidden behind a tree near the opposite set of stairs. Cautiously take the enemies down, sniping some of them with the Longbow from up the stairs may be preferable.

Before going down the stairs, there's a small path around the side of the building that leads to an item-glow that holds a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE", but you'll be attacked by a mini-mook who climbs up from the ledge so kill him, then go down the stairs and finish up whatever enemies you didn't take down before. There's an item-glow hidden around the tree where the one dog-hollow was that you can loot for an "EMBER". The stairway leads to a Boss and also connects to the other path from the big tree from earlier. Instead, Head back past the other stairs(the ones you came down) to reach a small bridge, but don't cross it, and find a doorway to the right with a dog-hollow in it. Take out the dog and enter the door, sliding down the latter into a sewer. Kill the three rats ahead and loot a corpse for the "CAESTUS" then continue toward that mist to spawn a couple more small rats and a large rat. Kill these guys too to be rewarded with the "BLOODBITE RING", then contines past the mist and climb a ladder to open a door that leads to another Bonfire so light it as well. Return to the small bridge before the sewer and snipe the first pot-butcher to draw him across the bridge where you can take him out one-on-one, then repeat with the further pot-butcher. With them both down, cross the bridge and take out the lone hollow-villager on your left then turn right and you'll see a third pot-butcher, so snipe him to get his attention and take him down when he comes over to say hi. Once he's down, find a small set of stairs near where he stood and take them up to the ruined house, loot an item-corpse for a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE" and head around the house. You'll find two more dog-hollows back here that you can take out to loot another item-corpse for 3 "ALLURING SKULLS". Back to the bridge, continue up the path where the second pot-butcher stood and soon you'll spot an armored NPC with a large hammer/mace. He's not hostile, so you can talk to him but he's not particularly nice. Near him is a cell-door, behind which you can see a female NPC in cleric-style robes.

Nothing you can do here right now, so head into the tower and move toward the elevator ahead to see it go up as an onion-looking knight appears from below on the same elevator. Talk to the onion-knight to learn he is Siegward of Catarina and exhaust his dialogue in regards to the elevator, then ride it down and kill as Outrider Knight... which is NOT easy. This guy has massive range and is capable of heavy damage, his attacks also cause Frost build-up and the speed of his attacks can surprise you. He is best fought by constantly circling to try and stay behind him, hitting him only when you're certain you have an opening. Once you finally down him, you'll gain the "IRITHYLL STRAIGHT SWORD" and can then open the doors behind where he was to find the next area you'll be going to later. Light the Bonfire and travel back to Firelink Shrine.

Okay, First turn in Loretta's Bone to Greirat and he'll be saddened, but he'll let you keep the Blue Tearstone Ring. Talk to Cornyx and he'll give you a "PYROMANCY FLAME" and the "WELCOME GESTURE", he also now serves as a Pyromancy Trainer that you can buy spells from. Also, Turn in your new Estus Shard to Andre to upgrade your Estus Flask with another use. Level-up if you can, restock arrows, the usual and then head back to Undead Settlement. Quickly travel back to Firelink Shrine and find Greirat curled up on the floor, *talk* to him to receive the "CURL UP GESTURE".

Now, Travel back to the Road of Sacrifices Bonfire and take the elevator up one floor, then step on the elevator again but get off before it goes down. It reveals another elevator that you can ride all the way to the top, where you can find a "SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER". Head upstairs and you'll meet a Giant Archer, talk to him and select *Make Peace* to be gifted a special "YOUNG WHITE BRANCH", he will now act as an ally though this only means he won't shoot you when you're in certain locations. Return to the elevator and start down, but roll off partway (around where you hear Siegward) to find an exit outside where you'll again meet Siegward. Exhaust his dialogue about the Fire Demon in the distance, then head down to engage the creature and Siegward will come to aid you. Upon defeating the monster, you'll receive a "FIRE GEM" and you can talk to Siegward again. Exhaust his dialogue to receive the "TOAST GESTURE", a "SIEGBRAU", and then he'll fall asleep. *Talk* to him again to receive the "SLEEP GESTURE".

Explore this burning area to find a "HOMEWARD BONE" on a corpse, then shoot down two more item-corpses to obtain a "PALE TONGUE" and the "NORTHERN ARMOR SET". There's another item-corpse lying by a tree that contains a "LARGE CLUB" and then find the entrance to building near the pyre. Inside, Grab the item-glow for some "RED BUG PELLETS" and head upstairs. There's an item-glow up here that contains 2 "ALLURING SKULLS" and grabbing it triggers to living-cages to drop and attack you. These guys are weak to thrust attacks, so hopefully you're carrying something with a thrust attack. Continue on and you'll come to another living-cage that you'll need to take out, there are also two dog-hollows in the next room so kill them as well. In the room where the dogs were is a chest that contains 4 "HUMAN PINE RESINS", but it will trigger four living-cages so take them out. Upstairs from this room are two evangelists and I suggest you snipe one to either draw it down to you or exchange fire with it until it dies, then head up to confront the other one. Exit onto the roof and search around for an item-corpse that contains "FLYNN'S RING", then drop onto an overhang and then to a tower where you can find an item-corpse for 2 "HOMEWARD BONES" and a doorway. If you look down, you can see a small scaffolding across the tower to your left and, if you're skilled at running jumps, you can line yourself up to run and jump to that small scaffolding. If you make the jump, you can then drop down and loot two item-glows(one hidden behind crates) to obtain the "CLORANTHY RING" and the "MIRRAH ARMOR SET". We're actually near the Boss room again, but we're not quite ready to take it down just yet. Use a Homeward Bone and head back to Firelink Shrine.

Leonhard will be here if you still have the Pale Tongue in your inventory, so speak with him and exhaust his dialogue to receive the "TOWER LIFT KEY". With this in-hand, travel to the Tower on the Wall Bonfire and go down to the locked gate, unlock it with the Tower Lift Key and take the lift down. You'll come to a small arena with a single darkwraith in the center with his back to you. You can safely get a free backstab and then be prepared to fight as he's no pushover. Once you take him down, you'll receive the "RED EYE ORB" and be able to report back to Leonhard to receive the "APPLAUSE GESTURE". Now, Store the Pale Tongue because we won't be needing it and travel back to the Undead Settlement Bonfire.

Fight your way back to the congregation at the large tree and take out the enemies again. Time to go the other way.

With all of the hollow-villagers down, look into the entryway near the cliffs. Head down the hall and you'll find two mini-mooks that would've ambushed you had you took the left entrance instead. Take them out but don't drop down the hole. You can find an item-corpse with a "TITANITE SHARD" and open a door to find a room full of caged corspe-piles, one of which is a living-cage that will attack when you near the item-corpse so kill it and grab the 2 "CHARCOAL PINE RESINS". Move to the stairs and cut down an item-corpse that contains a "LARGE SOUL OF DESERTED CORPSE", then find a hole in the floor and drop into it. In here, you'll find a pot of Estus Soup which will heal you like your Flasks and on a table you find the "WARRIORS OF SUNLIGHT COVENANT ITEM" which earns you the Trophy: "COVENANT: WARRIORS OF SUNLIGHT".

Move over and open the door which will put you back at the base of the stairs. Continue along and you'll find more living-cages and you may see a red-eyed hollow-villager with a sickle in the distance. Take out the living-cages and red-eyed sickle-villager and forge ahead. Outside, You'll find yourself in a narrow pathway heading down, there are several villagers along this pathway as well as an evangelist waiting on a walkway above a little further along. Slowly advance or draw the villagers toward you one-at-a-time and take them down, then snipe the evangelist to take her down before proceeding down the path, there's also an item-corpse to the side of the path that holds a "SOUL OF AN UNKONWN TRAVELLER". Now, Continue down the path to cause a hollow-villager to burst out of a nearby building on the left so take him out and then enter the building he came from to deal with another mini-mook, then loot the item-corpse for a "WHIP". Head off to the side of the main pathway to find a tiny path leading along the cliff to an item-corpse housing a "TITANITE SHARD". Head to the other side of the walkway the evangelist was standing on and find a ladder leading up to said walkway where you'll find an item-corpse with a "TITANITE SHARD". Head over the rooftop to the right of the ladder and you can look down to see a Bonfire(you lit this one earlier after unlocking the door from the sewer). Nevermind that and find an item-corpse in a windowsill that holds 2 "RUSTED COINS", then look down to spot a crystal lizard you can kill for a material(I can't remember what, though). Heading toward the Bonfire via the previous pathway, you'll be invaded by Holy Knight Hodrick if you're Embered... didn't we just meet this guy as a friendly a while ago? Anyway, He's no joke so take him seriously as you would any invader or hostile NPC and, once you take him down, you'll gain a "VERTEBRA SHACKLE". If you're low on HP or stocks, head to the Bonfire to heal up and go back to Firelink Shrine if you need stocks such as arrows.

When ready to proceed, head up the path to encounter a saw-butcher. Like the pot-butchers earlier, this guy has a shield on his back and can't be backstabbed so carefully fight him while dodging his attacks which do heavy damage and cause Bleed build-up. Once he's down, continue along through an archway covered in massive greatarrows, obviously having been fired by the Giant Archer. Continue forward to see some hollow-villagers coming from the opposite direction and, as you draw closer, they'll get blasted by the Giant's arrows. As you advance through the graveyard, more hollow-villagers will appear and the Giant will take them out as well so you likely won't have to fight many of them yourself. There are three enemies in the building ahead, including a hammer-villager and a sickle-villager, so take them out too. In the graveyard area, you can find the following items around the white tree: an "EMBER", "YOUNG WHITE BRANCH", "YOUNG WHITE BRANCH", "YOUNG WHITE BRANCH", "REINFORCED CLUB", and a "LARGE SOUL OF A DESERTED CORPSE". That's not all, however, as you can go left from the small building and find an item-glow that holds the "CLERIC ARMOR SET" and "BLUE WOODEN SHIELD" and another item-glow near a tree that contains the "MORTICIAN'S ASHES". Enter the small building and head upstairs, turn around and jump across to reach a balcony with an item-glow that yields a "GREAT SCYTHE". Returning to the stairs and continuing up the path will lead you to the Boss area so head back down into the graveyard and look across from the white tree to see an item-glow on the piece of land. Get a running start and jump the narrowest section of the gap to land on the *island*, then grab the item-glow for an important "UNDEAD BONE SHARD". You can't jump back across as far as I know so use a Homeward Bone and return to Firelink Shrine.

Burn the Undead Bone Shard in the Bonfire and give the Mortician's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid. Purchase the "GRAVE KEY" and travel back to the Cliff Underside Bonfire.

Take out the enemies again until you can get into the sewer where you'll have to kill the rats again, then use the Grave Key to unlock the gate on the left and go through to some underground graves. To the right is an item-corpse that holds a "LOINCLOTH" which matches well with the Master's Set. Also here is a statue of Velka, Goddess of Sin, that you can pray to for absolving your sins(such as attacking friendly NPCs). Heading down the tunnel opposite the statue will lead to a small room with an item-corpse that grants you a "RED-HILTED HALBERD". Continuing on, Be aware that certain piles of bones will recombinate into skeleton enemies that you'll have to kill to move on. You can also find a "SOUL OF AN UNKNOWN TRAVELLER" on an item-corpse before continuing along. Outside, You'll be in the ravine below the small bridge and there'll be a crystal lizard nearby so take it out quickly and pick up the item-glows for "TITANITE SHARDS", but beware that one of the pot-butchers may drop down to try to add you to his pot. Find a hanging item-corpse and shoot it down to gain a "BLESSED RED AND WHITE SHIELD +1". Enter the other opening to find a single rat, engaging him will summon out his buddy-rats so kill them all until they stop crawling out. Pick up an item-glow for a "SAINT'S TALISMAN" then climb the ladder to find the white-robed woman you saw much earlier behind a cell-door. Her name is Irina of Carim and will ask you to touch her. Agree and she'll gift you the "PRAYER GESTURE", then she'll ask if she can serve you and teleport to Firelink Shrine where she'll become a Miracle Trainer that sells spells. Open the cell-door and you can talk to the armored man, Eygon of Carim, to learn that he was tasked with protecting Irina. He'll grumble a bit but state that you're allies... as long as you are protecting Irina. NOTE: If you're doing the Yoel/Yuria questline and received the Londor Braille Divine Tome, do NOT give it Irina unless just *want* her questline to turn out poorly.

It's finally time to tackle the area's Boss. Head to the large Cathedral-like structure via either available route and snipe some peons before approaching the large tree-thing to trigger the Boss Fight.

This fight is a nuisance! The Boss is invincible everywhere except the *egg-sacs* litted about its massive frame. The creature moves slowly and its main attack is kicking at you, however, it will also slam its rear down or leak out some ooze-stuff if you're close. Okay, There's a huge egg-sac on the thing's crotch that you can smack with your weapon or fire arrows or magic at. Magic is difficult to aim, however. Elsewise, There are egg-sacs on different parts of its body that you'll need to smash with ranged attacks in most cases. More annoyingly is that hollow-villagers will also keep spawning to hound you during the fight, though the Boss' attacks will often kill several of them. Once you've dealt enough damage or smashed enough egg-sacs, the Boss will smash the ground, dropping you and it into the Pit of Hollows where you met Hodric earlier. The good news is that you won't have to deal with anymore villagers so it's just you and the Boss now. Continue moving and sniping the egg-sacs, but do note that a large white arm will erupt from the Boss when the main egg-sac on its crotch is destroyed which will grant it some new attacks. Like I said, This battle is a nuisance but, as long as you're careful and dodge its attacks while damaging the egg-sacs, you'll eventually manage to chop it down.

Upon defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, you'll gain the "SOUL OF THE CURSE-ROTTED GREATWOOD" and the "TRANSPOSING KILN". The Pit of Hollows Bonfire will also appear for you to light. You'll earn the Trophy: "CURSE-ROTTED GREATWOOD".

Head back to Firelink Shrine and give Ludleth of Courland the Transposing Kiln and he can create special items from Boss-Souls and certain Miniboss-Souls. These range from weapons to spells to rings. While you're in Firelink, Talk to Hawkwood (the Crestfallen Knight) to receive a "HEAVY GEM". Restock and prepare then use the Bonfire to travel to the Road of Sacrifices.