Is PS Plus necessary for invading and co-op?

  1. I've bought this game yesterday and realized that i can not play in multiplayer mode?
    Just curious if i really need PS Plus for invading and stuff or do i need to buy some addons
    Kinda sucks since i want to join my friend's world and beating boss together
    BruhMomento9678 - 3 weeks ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, unfortunately, console players require a premium subscription (PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold respectively) to access online features like invasions and co-op with other players. Without a subscription, you'll be limited to offline NPC invasions and NPC summons. Only PC players are able to play online without having to pay extra. Kelayr - 3 weeks ago - report 3   0
  2. Yeah, PS plus has become mandatory for all manner of multiplay these days. From the various Souls games to Call of Duty and onward. I think the FF14 is safe from it, but that's only because they charge their own subscription rates. Kinda sad really. Jputt85 - 3 weeks ago - report
  3. Damn this is really sucks, but anyway thanks for answering my question. BruhMomento9678 - 3 weeks ago - report
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