What i'm running is a strange build and wanna hear your thoughts?

  1. So it's a wierd build and gonna need some work but i wanna hear your thoughts.
    Vig: 25 Att:14 End:20 Vit: 30 Str:40 Dex:40 Int:12 Faith: 10 Luc: 8 and I'm using for my right hand weapons longsword +5 wolfknights greatsword+5 shortbow+5.

    Off hand weapons are shield of want +5 sorceres staff +5 and pyromancers flame +5.

    Spells in use is magic weapon and the firesword spell( don't remeber it's actually name at the time I made this)

    Armor is the fallen knight set.

    ( the reinforcement may increase later on)

    User Info: James_king2002

    James_king2002 - 2 weeks ago

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