Anris summon sign won't appear for the Aldrich fight?

  1. So I have done Anris storyline all the way up to aldritch and i want to get summoned into her world but I can't because the sign doesnt pop up and all i can see is the prism stone. how can I fix
    Topspartan - 4 years ago - report
  2. Did you kill the pilgrim at Church of Yorshka in Irythll of the Boreal Valley before she moved from there? Gtehbee - 4 years ago - report


  1. If you have not killed Horace the Hushed in Smouldering Lake, Anri's summon sign will not appear at the double doors before Aldrich, simply go to Smouldering Lake and murder the poor fellow to resolve this. Gtehbee - 4 years ago - report 9   0
  2. In order to summon anri, you will have to have killed the pilgrim in the corner of the yorshka church before killing pontiff Sullivan. His death marks the point where either anri or hollow king path is set in stone. Jputt85 - 3 years ago - report 11   2
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