I found out the highest possible defense?

  1. So after I got the ringed city dlc I came across the ring of steel protection plus 3 and decided to try to get the highest possible defense in the game. So I got the steel protection ring, lloyds defense ring, full smooths set. Weapon with perseverance, iron flesh, and deep protection. With every single defense bonus I got up to 89% damage reduction. Well on average. Slash defense was in the 90s thrust 87 and I forgot the other one. I had a friend use the dragons
    Ayer great axe which he normally does roughly 400-700 damage to other players. He was doing about 180 or less damage to me. Are there any other defense bonus items I missed that will stack? I might be able to make it higher. Btw we were both level 150

    User Info: kingofstuff

    kingofstuff - 4 years ago

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