Anris straight sword bleed buildup?

  1. I started my first bleed build today using anris sword as my primary because of luck scaling and regen. My question is how good is the bleed build up with rouge? I heard on forums that it can bleed bosses in 2-6 hits and the same in pvp. Yet I've been unable to bleed any bosses this play through besides the dancer obviously and the few invaders that came after me also didn't bleed even though I hit them quite a bit and I always end up just killing with normal damage. I heard it got nerfed but couldn't find specifics, could it be a hit on the bleed? Or am I doing something wrong? Also I'd like advice on a side weapon also bleed capable. I like having a fast weapon( anris sword) and a slow weapon which I'm still looking for. I heard of carthus curved greatsword and corvian scythe as possible choices? Any advice on either subject is appreciated.
    Stats- quality build dex/luck with 30 faith for dark moon blade

    User Info: Pyrometheus

    Pyrometheus - 3 years ago

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