High Wall of Lothric Dragon Farming?

  1. I've been searching all day but I can't find anything about it...

    What happens if you don't kill the dragon in High Wall of Lothric?

    [My Farming Strategy]
    On the first encounter, near the stairs, I wait until he breathes fire down the path and then run through, kill that Lothric knight, and go through the building he comes out of, to the right, and up the stairs to unlock the Tower on the Wall bonfire.
    Starting from the Tower on the Wall bonfire, I go downstairs, wait for the Lothric knight to leave, kill that assassin, then stand in the doorway looking at the dragon.
    Then I ready my bow, shoot the dragon in the butt a couple times, then he turns around and blasts the whole area outside the door with fire, which leaves a burning damage zone that kills everything outside the door, including that Lothric knight.
    Then I wait for the flames to subside and go pick up any loot on my way down the stairs, where all those deserter soldiers are wandering around, where the dragon blasts flame down the side of the path, just touch the stairs and wait for the dragon to kill everything in front of him.
    This is a good 800+ souls with little risk or effort. Plus, the fire bombs, throwing knives, titanite shards, and possibly Lothric knight gear drops.
    If you go up the stairs, in front of the dragon, where he always blasts the area with fire and kills all the hollows, if you just wait for the fire to subside, you can run straight to the door and get inside where the mimic chest that drops the dark axe is. You can also open the barred door up the ladder to make it easier to get back next time...
    [End of farming strategy]

    Now that I have everything the dragon was (unsuccessfully) guarding, I don't see any purpose to kill the dragon... What happens if I don't? Does the dragon go somewhere else after it flies away? Possibly somewhere this strategy might be beneficial? Or possibly something else...?

    User Info: DistantLifeform

    DistantLifeform - 3 years ago


  1. I'm pretty sure even if you kill that dragon he respawns the next time you enter the Highwall.

    User Info: allbluebro

    allbluebro - 3 years ago 1   1

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