Can people give me "Proof of Concord Kept"?

  1. So if anyone has gotten the dark moon blade you know the pain I'm going through. I need that spell, but spells can't be dropped. So I just need to ask, if someone wants to be a life saver, is anyone willing to give some of the Sentinal convenient item? If so, then you would save me probably another 15-20 hours farming. Thanks.

    User Info: Sylar_Green

    Sylar_Green - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Covenant items and spells can be dropped, though you will be unable to pick them up. This was done to prevent people from getting spells too early and using them in pvp against new players. As for covenant items, this was likely due to the spells rather than the items since you can drop the covenant rewards that are weapons or rings.

    Unfortunately, this particular covenant is a pain in the ass. You're best bet is to hang out in Anor Londo and kill the Silver Knights on the stairs while wearing the Darkmoon Covenant in the hopes of being summoned against a Aldrich Faithful invader, as they grant the Proof of Concord Well Kept (which gives 2 normal concords).

    User Info: Krystal109

    Krystal109 (Expert / FAQ Author) - 3 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. People can drop covenant items, though I have no idea why because no one will be able to see them or pick them up. To be fair, that kinda WOULD be extremely cheap don't you think?

    Sorry for your problem. All I can say is equip a Gold Serpent Ring, A Symbol of Avarice, a Crystal Sage Rapier if you have one, and get to work on those Silver Knights in Anor Londo. Good luck

    User Info: DrSpicy97

    DrSpicy97 - 4 years ago 0   0

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