Best weapons for dex build?

  1. What are the best and most fun weapons for a dex build? SoccerPro - 5 years ago - report
  2. Carthus Curved Sword is the best but not the most fun. This game isn't fun so that's a hard question to answer. UncannyOne - 5 years ago - report
  3. I didn't mean to ask for clarification I haven't used this site for very long pls jhelp eme,eme UncannyOne - 5 years ago - report

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  1. I beat the game/started NG+ today, and since I started playthrough #1 I ran a DEX build for both PvE and PvP.

    I'm going to list a few weapon categories, then list some (not all) specific weapons in each of those categories with at least a C level of DEX scaling. I'll share my opinions/favorites at the end.

    -Parrying Dagger
    -Rotten Ghru Dagger

    -Hollowslayer Greatsword
    -Astora Greatsword
    -Farron Greatsword

    Curved Swords:
    -Rotten Ghru Curved Sword
    -Sellsword Twinblades
    -Dancer's Enchanted Swords

    Curved Greatswords:
    -Carthus Curved Greatsword
    -Old Wolf Curved Sword

    Thrusting Swords:
    -Irithyll Rapier
    (Probably all fully reinforced rapiers, but I don't have them all yet.)

    -Black Blade (Reinforced only)
    -Chaos Blade
    -Onikiri and Ubadachi

    -Yorshka's Spear
    -Arstor's Spear

    Reapers (Scythes):
    -Great Scythe
    -Great Corvian Scythe

    (Probably all, but I don't have every one.)

    Fist Weapons:

    My favorite DEX scaling weapons are:

    -Hollowslayer Greatsword b/c it gives bonus damage to Hollows, it's pretty quick, and the Stance weapon art is useful against shielded enemies in BOTH PvE and PvP that don't know how to parry.

    -Astora Greatsword b/c it is great for PvE w/ both broad sweeps and pierce attacks, and the Charge weapon art is useful for some risky gap closing (risky b/c you can be interrupted). I presume you could even make this work in PvP if you just kick ass.

    -Farron Greatsword is possibly the most fun weapon for PvE b/c of its L1, but was a bad choice for me in PvP(you may be different). Every attack is a big swing and can be parried.

    -Dancer's Enchanted Swords will probably "fit" any build you try. By that, I mean that they will perform with a thorough, disappointing mediocrity and look really cool doing it.

    -Old Wolf Curved Sword is in my top 3(maybe 4). The weapon art cannot be parried; it spins you into danger then vaults you backwards away from it. The DEX scaling gets even better with reinforcement. When two-handing, the physical guard is 55.0 which is better than some light shields. If you want some heavy hits with decent->good PvP potential as well, this may be your best bet.

    -Onikiri and Ubadachi is another DEX scaling weapon, but it is probably better suited for a quality build (which I know is what you don't want) but I recommend it b/c the weapon art is not able to be parried. That alone gives it PvP potential. Combined with 34 Bleed buildup, the dual-wield typical, fast-hitting L1 can be used to chain a couple quick pokes and gradually boop your way towards triggering that Bleed buildup on your opponent. I think these guys are a contender.

    -Chaos Blade is my #1. When reinforced it reaches an S rank in DEX scaling, it can deal slash or thrust damage, it has the Hold weapon art common to Katanas which is great in PvP and good in PvE (the slash out of the Hold does great damage but the parry can be tough to get used to), it deals 36 Bleed buildup when reinforced to +5 (higher than average for Bleed weapons). The downsides are that every hit you land also damages you, both your Hold attack and parry use up FP which you may not have much of, and that armor with decent->high slash damage resistance is pretty common (this is mitigated by your potential chances to land Thrust attacks, but your Thrust attacks are only the running R1/2 attacks which can be easily predicted and dodged).

    Please note that if you have the Bloodbite ring, Great Corvian Scythe or Bloodlust are good possibilities as well. I would even say that if you wear some armor with good bleed resist on top of the ring, these could be fantastic options. (If you don't know, the cool thing about scythes is that you deal extra damage if you only hit with the blade and don't hit the enemy with the handle. I find it a fun challenge.)

    Anyway, I hope you found this helpful Soccerpro! Praise the sun!
    Pewpew247 - 5 years ago - report 14   3


  1. I used a Sharp Astora GS (sharp gives S dex scaling on it) for my entire ng, but it wasn't doing as well on ng+ so I switched to a bleed build with Hollowed onikiri & ubidachi. Carry something like a parrying dagger in the left hand, also hollowed. You want hollow infusion because it doesn't remove scaling and increases luck (while hollowed up to 15), which increases the bleed effect but it's a hidden mechanic, so you won't see the change on screen. Add anything else that will boost your bleed, keep some carthus rouge handy, and you'll be set to destroy everything in PvE AND PvP.
    I also kept my washing pole handy for certain situations where a long range thrust was it looks badass to have 3 katanas on your belt at once lol. Hope this helped despite being years late.
    After this switch, I was decimating everything in ng+.
    Supadave - 1 year ago - report 2   1
  2. Onikiri and Ubadachi works great. I played through most of the game with it and then played through NG+ with it too. It's a beast (especially the L1).

    Lothric Greatsword with Sharp Infusion does tons of damage, also very strong.

    As starting weapon i would use Uchigatana or Twinblades.
    babysbadnews - 1 year ago - report 1   1
  3. Sharp LKSS, Sharp SSTB, Sharp Crow Quills, and Sharp AGS. Not much else has superior scaling for Sharp infusion. Mactastic - 3 weeks ago - report 0   0
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