Few summon signs and unable to be summoned?

  1. I found a problem with summoning in Dark Souls III. First of, I'm no noob. I know all about cinder mode, level range and weapon levels. Me and a friend is trying to co-op on our new characters, and his seems fine. However I find very few summon signs, and my friend cannot see my sign. We go through all the settings, and they all seem right. We have co-oped on other characters before and it has worked flawlessly. But now i cannot play co-op on any of my characters. I don't think i've been banned as i've not recieved any messages about banns.

    Anyone has a similar problem, or a solution?

    User Info: Beastex

    Beastex - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Not sure if you joined your friend is DS3 yet wasn't clear.In other versions it was a pain to join but now it's easy, level ranges and all that do not matter because of the password system, From have made it 100% easier to play with friends.
    In network settings make sure you and your friend are online firstly with matchmaking on, both you and your friend put in the same password in the section in networking the password is case sensitive. Then write on the floor with the white sign soapstone and only your friend should see it or vice versa. A couple of important points though

    1. If you are the one summoning (writing with the soapstone) you need to be embered but your friend does not and vice versa.
    2. Who ever is summoning (writing with soapstone) must not have killed the boss on the level you are summoning for. The person who is helping can have this is what your problem might be with not seeing many summons on a certain lvl if you have killed the boss.
    3. There are areas that you can not summon at all but the soapstone is usually greyed out during these times.
    4. Make sure you are not in conflicting covenants, it is best for you and your friend to remove any covenant items before trying to summon.

    A good way of checking if your online is if you can see player messages or leave messages, if for some reason your playing offline you won't see any messages and the option to write messages will be greyed out. Also after playing with your friend remove the password if you want to see other players summon signs again and put on any covenant items you removed. Hope this helps and wasn't patronising.

    User Info: Kohrok

    Kohrok - 3 years ago 0   0

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