Can i get All gestures, miracles, sorceries and rings in 1 playthrough?

  1. Im currently in new game plus and just about to finish the other ending for the trophy. I understand only some rings can be found in new game ++ so i'll be getting all the rings (following a guide) but am i able to get all gestures, miracles and sorceries in the one playthrough? what worries me is npc quests and whether you have to pick one npc over the other which in turn fails their side quest.


    The guide im using if anyones interested
    adam2173 - 5 years ago - report

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  1. I can confirm that you are able to get all gestures, miracles, sorceries and rings on one character, got all of my achievements at the mid-end of NG++. There are 21 new rings in NG+ and 16 in NG++, so make sure you don't miss out on any of them. Try to do Sirris questline in NG+ if you didn't already in your first playthrough and then Leonhard's storyline in NG++ (since Sirris questline will stop once you talk to Rosaria). Also for the Miracle: Emit Force you have to progress in Siegward's storyline. (DON'T activate the Irythill Dungeon bonfire before talking to Siegward in the kitchen, or you will not get the Miracle from him). Try to make a checklist what items you still need so you can see what Boss Souls you might need to make the related Spells/Miracles/Rings/Pyromancies. Vyronator (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 3   0


  1. Edit: I'm in NG++ now and I have access to ALL the rings, even the ones from NG+. Vyronator (Expert) - 5 years ago - report 0   0
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