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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 0.97 | Updated: 05/30/17

Dishonored 2 - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 0.97 - May 28, 2017


Thank you for visiting my guide.

If you find yourself on this guide, then you're likely looking for help to complete a certain task or find a certain item. I spend hundreds of hours writing guides for fun, but my ultimate goal is to help people get through these games with ease. I love it when I receive emails from people saying they were able to complete a game because of my guide or simply have a question, so please feel free to contact me via the email in the Contact Information section of this guide.

My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Dishonored 2 with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. This means it will point out all Runes, Bonecharms, Blueprints, Paintings, and Coins while also covering any available Special Actions. The guide focuses on Low Chaos, as this is harder to achieve, but the information can easily be followed for a High Chaos run with the exception of killing all targets and enemies. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me.

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As a first-person narrative game, the controls of Dishonored 2 are different than other FPS games. These include the use of a stealth mode, supernatural powers, and weapons.

PlayStation 4Xbox OneDescription
Character Movement
Camera Movement
Weapon/Spell Shortcuts
Enter/Exit Stealth Mode
Pick Up/Carry
Lean (Hold)
Weapon Selection (Hold)
Use Left-handed Weapon/Spell
Use Sword
Use Spyglass
Open Journal

Game Features

The following covers the core gameplay features, not including general controls or combat, that make up the most important parts of the game. Mastering these features will help you with the game's difficulty and allow you to traverse the story with little trouble.

Health & Elixirs

Each protagonist begins with a different health pool (HP) that makes up their life, which will result in death when depleted. Health can be lost due to actions such as falling from a high ledge or running out of breath underwater, but the majority of health loss comes from combat with enemies.

There are two ways to restore health: by eating food sources and by using Health Elixirs. Food can be found on tables or on the ground and heal small amounts of health, while Health Elixirs are items that restore large amounts of health in a single shot. When at low health a shortcut to use a Health Elixir will appear on screen though you can use them at any time by opening the equipment wheel.

Special Abilities & Addermire Solutions

At the start of Mission 2 you'll meet the Outsider and be given the option to obtain special magical abilities. Unless you are going for a non-magic playthrough the special abilities will be a cornerstone of your play style, offering you different ways to approach any given situation. Each protagonist has their own set of abilities that are unique to them, so trying out both protagonists and finding the set of abilities that fits your play style is going to be important.

Activating special abilities draws mana from your mana pool (MP), with a slight amount restoring naturally provided another ability isn't activated right away. If a special ability is activated without the sufficient mana you'll automatically use an Addermire Solution, provided you have one, to restore a significant portion of your MP.

Low-Chaos vs. High-Chaos

All actions have consequences, and the Chaos System is the physical manifestation of those actions and decisions. Kill too many enemies and you'll gain High-Chaos, resulting in more enemies and civilians fearing you on sight, or avoid assassinating enemies and be merciful to remain Low-Chaos.

While there is very little effect to your in-game play based on your Chaos level, the ending of the game may differ considerably if your character becomes cynical due to High-Chaos. Note that there is also trophies/achievements attached to beating the game with both Low-Chaos and High-Chaos, so don't be afraid to choose the path that fits you.

Bonecharms & Runes

Bonecharms are items that can be found throughout the game and offers minor bonuses when equipped. Bonuses can be anything from offensive advantages to passive traits that help with stealth or HP/MP consumption. While most bonecharms will only offer a single minor bonus, Corrupt Bonecharms usually have a great bonus with the drawback of having a negative effect.

As you find more bonecharms throughout the game you'll quickly run out of slots to equip them to your character. When this happens you might want to consider purchasing Bonecharm Crafting from your abilities menu, which allows you to deconstruct existing bonecharms to learn their traits. Once a trait is learned you can craft new bonecharms with 2-4 traits, consolidating multiple bonecharms into a single slot. Note that Black Bonecharms and Corrupt Bonecharm traits can not be learned through deconstruction and each crafted bonecharm has a chance of corruption.

Runes are also items that can be found throughout the game. While their primary use is to purchase new special abilities or upgrade existing abilities, they are also used in crafting new bonecharms.


Each stage has a number of collectibles that include Runes, Bonecharms, Coins, Paintings, and Blueprints.

Runes and Bonecharms can be located by holding The Heart to mark all locations, but the remaining collectibles must be found by hand. Paintings are always framed and they count as 200 coins, in addition to being marked as their own collectible. The remaining coins are by far the hardest items to find, as they're usually located in well-hidden areas that are often not visible without scouring every nook and cranny. Note that many items, such as statues and charts, are also simply different versions of items that are converted to coins when picked up.

It is advised that you purchase Dark Vision and the upgrade Greater Dark Vision to spot hard to find collectibles.

The final type of collectibles are Blueprints, which offer unique upgrades to your weapons at any Black Market Shop.

Movement & Navigation

Dishonored 2 features a number of obstacles that blocks our protagonists from seeking revenge against the scheming dilettantes and supernatural beings that have overthrown the imperial throne. Whether choosing a stealthy approach or open aggression, the following should cover the basic knowledge on how to navigate Serkonos to fit your individual playstyle.

Stealth Mode

Walking around might seem like normal behavior that won't draw much attention from those around, but it has the potential to alert enemies close to your location. This prevents you from traveling through heavily guarded areas undetected, especially to collect key items, making it essential to master Stealth Mode for Low-Chaos playthroughs. Enter Stealth Mode, by pressing /, allows you to sneak within inches of enemies to perform a takedown or assassination. Be mindful that Stealth Mode will only protect you from audible detection and enemies can still spot you visually if you're in the open.


While Stealth Mode helps you sneak up on enemies and avoid detection, it won't get you anywhere fast. Sprinting, by pressing , will get you where you want to go quickly, but it also causes an excessive amount of noise that can be heard by enemies far away. This is fine if you've already cleared out an area or are in a neutral zone, such as civilian districts, but be careful when sprinting through buildings as it may alert enemies on floors above or below your location.

Climbing & Swimming

In addition to simply walking and running around, the protagonists can climb over ledges and swim through water.

In order to climb ledges and structures, jump by pressing / toward a ledge and the character will automatically grab on and pull themselves up. Note that the ledge must be low enough that your hands can reach up to grab on in order to pull yourself up, but additional abilities like Agility and Far Reach/Blink can help you access hard to reach areas.

Swimming is pretty simple, simply enter a section of water and use the to move while using the to navigate. Once underwater a new bar will appear near the Health Meter, indicating your air supply. Make sure to surface before you run out of air or you'll end up losing health and eventually drown if you stay under too long.

Combat Basics

Due to the hostile takeover of the throne, our protagonists are considered enemies of the new regime and are pursued by agents of Duke Abele at every turn. Staying out of sight or eliminating those that stand between you and your mission is an essential part of finding the truth and saving your loved ones.

Takedowns & Assassinations

Eliminating enemies that block your path is sometimes necessary in order to access your objective. Engaging enemies in open combat leaves your character vulnerable to death from a few enemy strikes, since they aren't built for the onslaught of damage, so sneaking up on enemies using stealth is preferred. Once you're behind an unaware enemy you can choose to perform an assassination (/) or takedown (/) in order to remove the threat.

Takedowns and Assassinations can be performed over ledges and through windows, provided the enemy walks within a close distance or is leaning against them, and you can also drop from above to perform takedowns and assassinations from above.

Blocking & Parries

When detected by an enemy you'll engage in open combat, alerting other enemies within earshot to join the battle. Combat with multiple targets is dangerous and you'll be unable to takedowns or assassinations, limiting your options and leaving you vulnerable.

In High-Chaos playthroughs you can attack the enemies with / or your equipped left-handed weapon, but Low-Chaos playthroughs will want to focus on blocking incoming strike with R1/RB. If an incoming attack is blocked just before the strike connects the enemy will become imbalanced, opening them up for a counter attack with a finishing strike (/) or choke hold (/). Note that if an enemy in a choke hold is attacked and killed by one of their allies it will count against you, so avoiding detection to begin with is the best route for Low-Chaos playthroughs.

Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJcaZ8livVwMVji0-BdPmT5i


A Long Day in Dunwall

Special Actions
Freedom of the PressProtected the printer of the Dunwall Courier newspaper from Duke Abele's agents.
Jessamine's WordsRe-played an old audiograph message from Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.
Time CapsuleFound a room boarded up since the time of the Rat Plague.
Coin of the RealmTook what gold you could carry from the Dunwall Tower Safe Room emergency reserves.
Dr. Galvani's SafeRobbed the safe of Doctor Galvani, a Natural Philosopher from the time of the Rat Plague.
The Ramsey FortuneLocked Mortimer Ramsey in the Safe Room with a fortune in gold, and a month's worth of food and water.

Escape Dunwall Tower

The story begins 15 years after the assassination of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, as her daughter, Emily Kaldwin, attends the honorary celebration of Jessamine's death. After the cutscenes, in which a new enemy usurps Emily's throne, you'll be forced to choose which of the protagonists you'd like to play, Emily Kaldwin or her father Corvo Attano.

The story is exactly the same for each protagonist, with the only difference being the powers obtained in Mission 2. Emily's abilities focus on crowd control and evasion with skills like Domino and Shadow Walk, while Corvo's abilities have more interaction with NPCs and creatures.

After waking up in the imperial chambers, examine the items in the room for some dialogue tidbits and read the documents for insight into the world of Dishonored 2. There are two types of documents: Findings and Lore Books, with findings being documents that revolve around current events and lore books consisting of stories from the past. All documents are added to your Journal and can be accessed at any point via the in-game menu.

There are four documents in the office:

  • A Letter to the Tyvian Trade Commission on the short table near the sofa
  • A Letter from Advisor Helmswater and Ship Launch Protocol on the desk
  • A Schedule for Middle Songs Eve on the floor by the desk

While I will be pointing out documents in this guide, they will not be bolded to avoid collectibles being lost in the text. Read carefully if you wish to find all documents, though only the ones on the Dreadful Wale will affect trophies/achievements.

Check the tall table next to the desk for a plate of fruit, which you can eat to restore Health, and then open the window near the sofa and climb out onto a ledge. Follow the ledge right to another open window and enter the Royal Quarters of Emily Kaldwin and then check the first cabinet on the right for a Light Pouch [10/1490]. You can now approach Alexi Mayhew, the woman who greeted Emily in the opening moments of the game, and pick up the Audience Request next to her.

Check the cabinet to the left of Alexi for another Light Pouch [20/1490] and then examine the objective marker for some additional dialogue. Making your way into the Safe Room is your main goal, but without the Signet Ring you'll be unable to access it at the moment. Head down the hall, past Alexi, and open the door on the left to find some Bathing Salts [35/1490] and then continue down the hall into the bathroom. Examine the Audiograph - Hard Times on the short table next to the bathtub and then listen to the message while you search the cabinets for Coin x3 [38/1490] and Bathing Salts x2 [68/1490].

Return to the hall and enter stealth before you exit through the door on your left, reading the tutorial on leaning around corners to avoid enemy detection, and then approach the guard for another tutorial on Assassinations & Takedowns.

If you're seeking High Chaos you'll want to perform assassinations, while Low Chaos players should avoid them.

Eliminate the guard with either method and loot his body for the Royal Quarters Key, which unlocks the nearby room, and then examine the pedestal against the railing for The Royal Protector lore book and Coin [69/1490]. You can now follow the carpet toward the stairs and turn right, just before the stairs, and search the cabinets for Coin x2 [71/1490].

Make your way down the stairs and check the table beneath them for a newspaper, Crown Killer Strikes Again!, and then search the cabinet for another Light Pouch [81/1490]. Carefully approach the doorway and peek around the corner to avoid walking straight into view of the guard that patrols the lounge area and then sneak up behind him to eliminate him. Make sure to grab his body and carry him back toward the stairs, dropping him anywhere near the stairs, to avoid having his body being detected and then search the table in the lounge for Coin x2 [84/1490].

When enemies discover the bodies of their comrades they'll rush over and investigate, becoming alert and breaking from their patrols. This makes it difficult to stay stealthy within that area and may result in detection.

Enter the throne room and pass along the right side of the column straight ahead and then stop behind the flowers to watch the conversation between Ramsey and the guards. Wait for Ramsey to exit the throne room and then follow him, eliminating him where the other two guards can't see and collect the Imperial Signet Ring and a Pouch [104/1490].

High Chaos: Return to the throne room to deal with the two guards and then make your way back upstairs to the Safe Room door in the Royal Quarters.

Low Chaos: Carry Ramsey upstairs to the Safe Room door in the Royal Quarters and then drop him on the other side of the door, locking it behind you.

Search the cabinet by the door for Coin x3 [108/1490] and then head down the stairs and check next to them for the documents Whispers from the Void By Barnoli Mulani (1) and Whispers from the Void By Barnoli Mulani (02). Search the first room to collect a Letter from Wyman, the Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector In Our Times, Part 01 lore book, and make sure to grab the Samuel Beechworth Carving.

The carving isn't worth money or counted as a collectible in the level's completion review, but it is important. This is one of a handful of items that can be collected for the 'Souvenirs" trophy/achievement and can be viewed on the Dreadful Wale.

Listen to the Audiograph - To my dear Emily located on top of the cabinet before you cross to the long desk and then collect the S&J Health Elixir, the Bonecharms lore book, and your gear. Across from the desk, on the sofa, is the Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector In Our Times, Part 02 lore book, and inside one of the safes in the next room is a Gold Ingot [258/1490]. You can now examine the steel door to exit Dunwall Tower and enter the hidden passages.

Collect the Old History Book on the bookshelf to the left and head straight ahead to a cabinet with the Painting - Custis, Morgan, and the Postulate Child [458/1490]. A few feet down the passage are two more books, The Tower of Dunwall and Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, and on some chairs and at the end of the hall are Coin x3 [462/1490] across from the door leading to Dunwall's streets.

Escape Dunwall

Drop down the roofs until you reach a ledge overlooking a small courtyard and then climb the stone wall to trigger a tutorial on perform drop assassinations and drop takedowns. Practice this on the guard that stops below the ledge and then loot his body for a Light Pouch [472/1490].

Rather than continuing up the stairs, climb back up to the roofs via the blue shelves and pipes and then turn around and jump to the roof of the building adjacent building. Cross left over the top of the building and drop off the other side of the building, where the words "KEEP OUT" are painted, and then follow the ledge of the building across some metal supports to a building across the street.

Drop through the floor to another level and collect the lore book, The Knife of Dunwall, in the next room and then eliminate the guard on the ground floor with a drop assassination/takedown. Collect the Coin x2 [475/1490] on a short shelf to the right of the safe before you exit the building and then climb the stone wall straight ahead. Watch the guard patrolling up and down the street and drop down when he begins to walk away from you and then quickly eliminate him. If done fast enough you'll be able to take care of him before he gets too close to the other guards further up the street.

Since you bypassed the first set of guards, as well as some coins, turn around and head back toward the barricades. There are three guards in this area: one patrolling the stairs to the left, one patrolling the street, and another standing at the end of the street. Wait for both the patrols to turn around before making your way along the right side of the the area, up a set of stairs to a group of executed civilians.

Climb the rocks and the wall when it's safe to get behind the stationary guard and eliminate him when both patrols walk away and then make sure to pick him up, looting his body automatically for a Light Pouch [485/1490], and carry him into the guard post behind you. Read the memo, Stay Ready, inside and head back down the side of the street the way you came up, via the area with the executed civilians, and then cross the street when the patrol goes looking for his buddy. Wait behind the guard box, the blue box with a white stripe, until the patrol on the stairs begins to walk back up and then eliminate him. You can now take out the final patrol, after he's done searching near the guard post and returns to the street.

Head to the building at the top of the stairs, that were previously patrolled by the guard, and peek through the keyhole to the City Watch Armory. Wait for the guard inside to look toward the door and turn away before you enter an eliminate him and then check the building for a Coin [487/1490] on the table, Captain Ramsey's Orders, a Copper Wire [497/1490], and a Grenade. You can now exit the building and head down the stairs to the guard box, turning left to enter the building next to the executed civilians.

Sneak through the building into an adjacent room to eliminate another guard and then return to the hall and search the cabinet for Coin x3 [501/1490]. The Painting - The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle [701/1490] above the fireplace in the lab hides the code for the nearby safe, containing Silver Ingot x2 [851/1490], and then make sure to collect the Copper Wire [861/1490] and Dr. Galvani's Journal on the desks.

Return to the street and enter the building on the right side of the barricade and then search the cabinet in the hall for a Light Pouch [871/1490]. Use the keyhole peek to check on the guard's position in the next room, waiting for him to put his sword away, and then enter and eliminate him. Activate the Audiograph - Robbed Apartment next to the dining table with a Lucky Sphalerite [886/1490] and then search the glass cabinet for Coin x2 [890/1490]. You can now collect the Umberwood Fish Statue [940/1490] from the desk and return to the main street.

Sneak along the left side of the street and head down the stairs, passing the guards undetected, and then head up the other set of stairs and veer left into an alley. Open the dumpster for a newspaper article, Dunwall Anticipates Sad Anniversary before you enter the building and then quickly take cover by the lockers. Wait for a guard that exits the nearby door to return to his patrol, since he'll pause to check the area due to the open door, and then follow him up the stairs and eliminate him.

Enter the door at the base of the stairs, where the guard exited, and ignore the door straight ahead that leads to the heavily guarded street. Enter the door on the right to find a small lounge area with a Umberwood Whale Statue [990/1490] on a short table and then return up the stairs until you reach the press room. Sneak inside and wait for the guard to threaten the Editor and then eliminate him and speak with the Editor to unlock the Trophy/Achievement: Freedom of Speech. You can now loot the body of the guard for a Light Pouch [1000/1490] and check the desks for some newspaper articles, Woes Plague Beleaguered Dunwall and Note from the Chief Editor and then check the records room for a Northern Star Chart [1050/1490].

Backtrack to the alley and pass down the stairs to return to the street, where you won't be seen, and then head down the stairs on the other side of the street. Climb the crates on the left and sneak behind the guards, carefully making your way toward the civilian on the steps, and then collect the Tower District Map on the wall next to him. You can now head into the alley and wait for the nearby guard to move up the stairs at the other end of the alley, into the Fish Market, and then search the dumpster for a Note to Beesley.

Head up the stairs and use the keyhole peek to spot the guard leaning against a railing and wait for him to walk right and then enter and eliminate him. The door leads to the stairs, but stop and search the cabinet/desk on the left for a Light Pouch [1060/1490], Letter to Laura, and Coin x4 [1065/1490] before you sneak down to the first floor.

There are two guards on this level: one standing near the body of Ichabod Boyle and another patrolling the back of the room. Wait for the patrol to begin examining the glass cabinets on the left, assuring he won't face the stationary guard, and then open one of the cash registers. This will distract the stationary guard long enough for you to circle around the room, enter the door on the opposite side, and eliminate both guards. You can now loot the guard near Ichabod Boyle's body for a Light Pouch [1075/1490] and check the nearby table for the document, Ichabod Boyle Case - Witness Statement.

Now that the area is clear, meaning noise won't alert anyone, search the building for the following items:

  • Coin x11 [1102/1490] in a large glass cabinet
  • Umberwood Hound Statue [1152/1490] in a small glass cabinet
  • Coin x3 [1156/1490] on the table in the back office
  • Coin x3 [1159/1490], Tyvian Ore [1179/1490], Coin x2 [1189/1490], and a Light Pouch [1199/1490] inside the safes of the office
  • Coin x2 [1201/1490] on the scales near the stairs
  • Coin x6 [1212/1490] in the cash registers
  • Lucky Sphalerite [1227/1490] in the glass dome by the desk upstairs

Exit back into the alley and head toward the Fish Market and then sneak up behind the guard standing at the other end to eliminate him. Collect the Processed Whale Oil [1237/1490] on the market table in the center of the area and the Coin x3 [1241/1490] on a table near one of the dead civilian, across from the alley, and then climb the blue bookshelf and pipes to find a boarded up window. Inside, search the building for Coin x4 [1246/1490] in a drawer, a Coin [1251/1490] next to the Old Diary, and Coin x3 [1255/1490] in the bathroom and before returning to the first floor of Ichabod Boyle's.

Head to the door facing the main street and use the keyhole peek to spot the guard facing away from you and then open the door, but don't walk out of the building just yet. The guard that patrols the street, as well as a civilian on the other side of the street, will spot you if you eliminate the stationary guard on the steps, so wait until the patrol walks away and then step outside before quickly backing up into the building. The stationary guard will walk around the corner, spotting you if you stand in the doorway, to take care of his business in the area below, allowing you can perform a drop assassination/takedown.

Return to Ichabod Boyle's and grab a glass from the office and return to the street and then wait for the patrol to stop nearby. Throw the glass across the street toward the stairs on the opposite side of the street, causing him to investigate, and then eliminate him and loot his body for a Light Pouch [1265/1490].

Cross the street and pass under the stairs of Ichabod Boyle's and then continue along the left side of the street. Sneak pass the guards and drop into the area on the opposite side, passing under more stairs, and then enter the building where you originally dropped in on the guard from the hidden path across the roofs. Pick up an empty bottle and return to the side alley beneath the stairs and toss the bottle against the wall of the second arch, causing one of the guards to investigate, and then quickly back up the stairs and drop assassinate/takedown him in the area between the two stairs. You can now eliminate the last guard on the street fairly easily, provided the civilians don't see you, and search the two guard boxes on the main street for Coin x6 [1276/1490].

Head toward the docks and lean around the boxes to spot the nearest guard, just outside the bar, and then move forward when he's not looking. Wait for him to lean against the boxes to eliminate him and loot his body for the Light Pouch [1286/1490]. You can now search the guard box behind you for another Light Pouch [1296/1490] and enter the door on the other side of the street to find some lockers containing some ammo.

Enter the Black Pony Bar on the left side of the street when it's clear and collect the Coin x3 [1300/1490] on the table straight ahead. Pickpocket the civilian by the bar for a Light Pouch [1310/1490] and then pass through the kitchen to also pickpocket the bartender for another Light Pouch [1320/1490]. The cash register contains Coin x4 [1329/1490], but be careful of being spotted by the bartender since he'll flee toward the guards if he catches you.

Leave the bar through the back door and climb the stone wall to spy on the Hatter gang and wait for the two men to split up. Drop assassinate/takedown the closest thug once his buddy is seated, so that he won't turn around, and then sneak over and eliminate the other thug and loot his body for a Light Pouch [1339/1490]. You can now check the tables for Coin x5 [1346/1490] and enter the cellar of the bar to find a Southern Star Chart [1396/1490], Coin x3 [1400/1490], and some Copper Wire [1410/1490].

Return to the street and cross to the other side, when it's clear, and then jump over the stone wall to a lower area. Approach the archway slowly to check if the guard is ahead, since sometimes he is stationary against the boxes and other times he is patrolling, and then stick to the right to sneak under the raised tank. If the guard is patrolling you can easily follow him up the stairs and eliminate him, but if he's stationary you'll have to eliminate him carefully since a guard to the upper right, barely visible over the stone wall, will look toward him once in a while. Either way, loot the guard for a Light Pouch [1420/1490] and then check the metal shelves to the right of the stairs for Copper Wire x2 [1440/1490].

Search the work yard for a bottle of Processed Whale Oil [1450/1490] on a workbench and check the crates on the other side of the area for Coin x3 [1455/1490] and then head up the stairs and climb the crates to reach the roof. Wait for the nearby guard to walk over to perform a drop assassination/takedown and then hide behind the tarp covered crates. From here you can peek around the corner to check on the street patrol, wait for him to walk away, and then search the tables on the other side of the street for Coin x3 [1458/1490]. You can now sneak into the guard post and take out the enemy inside, collecting the Coin x3 [1462/1490] and Order to Clear the Docks.

Exit the guard post and jump over the railing, to the right of the two blue boards, and sneak up behind the guard examining them and then head toward the stairs leading back to the street. Wait at the top of the stairs for the street patrol to walk away before quickly eliminating the stationary guard nearby and then follow after the patrol to clear the area. You can now search the table next to the stairs for Coin x4 [1467/1490] and a table across the street for Coin x3 [1470/1490].

Make your way back toward the docks and look for the patrol that walks from the right pier all the way to the stairs leading up to the street. Wait for him to stop in the area by the stairs to perform a drop assassination/takedown and then sneak along the left pier to eliminate another patrol. Search the short alley on the pier for a Coin [1475/1490] before heading back toward the street and then jump over the railing, after the first set of stairs, onto a small beach. In the back corner, on some rocks in a darkened area, you'll find another Coin [1480/1490]. You can now head down the right pier and eliminate the two guards with their backs to you and then swim over to the Dreadful Wale. Climb aboard, near the bow of the ship, and make sure to check the crates on the deck for a Copper Wire [1490/1490] and then speak with the captain.

Edge of the World

10283334 (3834)42
Special Actions
Black Market HeistObtained the black market shop key from the bloodfy-infested apartment.
A Fresh GraveSnatched a body for Minday Blanchard.
Hypatia's ApartmentExplored Doctor Alexandria Hypatia's apartment in the city.
Try to Unlock MeWon the safe shop contest.
The Nest KeeperPut down the Nest Keeper in the bloodfly-infested apartment.
Push Comes to ShoveSaved the merchant from incineration at the Wall of Light.

Cross the Floating Island

You awake in your cabin on the Dreadful Wale, but something seems a little off. Approach the cabin door and test it and then turn around to enter the Void. The path ahead is straight forward, so simply follow the objective marker until you trigger a scene. You're given the option to accept the Outsider's Mark, which will grant you special abilities, or refuse it to pursue a "No Power" playthrough.

Note that certain special actions and collectibles can't be accessed in a no-power run and the following walkthrough assumes that you've accepted the Outsider's Mark.

After accepting the Outsider's Mark you'll gain the new ability Far Reach or Blink, depending on your protagonist, and have to traverse the Void with your new ability. This acts as a tutorial section for getting a grasp on your new ability, so test it out and learn what the ability allows you to do as you make your way to the Heart. After another scene, follow the objective marker through the Void until you find an Outsider Shrine with Rune x2.

The Dreadful Wale

You awake in your cabin again, but this time everything appears to be normal. Search the desk for the document Goodbye, Karnaca - A Musician's Farewell, Bonecharm x2, and a Letter from Emily. Make sure to equip your new Bonecharms via the Journal menu and then examine the cabin door to obtain the Crossbow, Limited Resources memo, and 600 Coins [600/3834].

Note that the two Bonecharms and 500 coins obtained with the Crossbow are a pre-order bonus that increases the chapter total to 3834 coins.

Exit the cabin and collect the Maintenance List from the table in the hall and then make your way up to the deck. Equip the Heart to spot a Rune in the water below and then dive down to collect it. Return to the deck and check the luggage nearby for the lore book A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent (4) and then head back to the stairs. Head up to the helm to find an Addermire Solution and read the Dreadful Wale Accounting document before heading back down the stairs toward your cabin, but this time enter the hall past your cabin to reach the Engine Room with a note on Trying to fix the secondary engine.

Return to the hall and enter the double doors to the briefing room and search the room for the documents The Shindaerey Gift, A study, By Emora Clipswitch and Blood of the Abele House and then examine the images on the bulletin board for some additional dialogue. Examine the painting of Delilah nearby for more information on Sokolov and Delilah's past and then enter the cabin past the briefing room. Search Sokolov's cabin for the documents A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent (1), Sokolov's Notes - Bloodfly Study, and Anton Sokolov's Investigation Notes and listen to the Audiograph - Anton Sokolov's Abduction and then make sure to break the glass of the cabinet with bloodflies to collect the Dried Bloodfly Husk [605/3834].

Return to the briefing room and exit the open window and then follow the hull of the ship to another open hatch and enter. You'll need to enter stealth to crawl into the cabin and collect the Copper Wire x3 [635/3834], A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent (3) lore book, and some Incendiary Bolts and then you can slash the wooden plank blocking the door. You can now speak with Meagan Foster to learn more about your next mission before following her to the skiff.

Optional - Locate the Black Market Shop

After you land on the docks of Karnaca, head up the stairs and turn right to see two workers speaking and pickpocket the one at the table for a Light Pouch [645/3834]. Head along the pier and hop into the water, next to the man fishing, to find a sunken boat with Coin x4 [655/3834] and Ivory Scrimshaw [685/3834] and then return to the docks.

Near the worker with the Light Pouch is a man standing by the bulletin board, which you can pickpocket for the note Underground Shops, and on the bulletin board itself is a Note to Purlos and the Dockyard Quarter Map.

On the second pier are three men arguing over a late shipment of redshark and in the boat next to them is a Copper Wire [695/3834]. Make sure to grab the wire and head back up the stairs and then turn left to find the bar. A bald man in a purple shirt walks between the bar and ramp and he carries a Pouch [715/3834], so find him and then check the bar counter for a newspaper article, Former Empress On The Run!.

Head up the ramp and turn right to search the wooden crates for Coin x2 [717/3834] and then Far Reach/Blink to the balcony above the boxer. Search the flower pots on the left for Coin x3 [720/3834] and then head to the other end and Far Reach/Blink to the circular fan to find a smaller balcony. This leads to an artist's apartment with the Painting - The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell [920/3834], the Diary of a Witch, and a Pouch [940/3834].

Return to the pier next to the bar and examine the teeth of the dead whale for a Rune and collect the Raw Whalebone and Processed Whale Oil [950/3834] from the workbench next to it and then pickpocket two of the three civilians arguing about one of the Grand Guard seizing their shipment for Light Pouch x2 [970/3834]. You can now enter the smuggler's boat behind them and search for a Pouch [990/3834] under the bed, a Whaling Territories [1040/3834] chart, and the Audiograph - Miner Recruitment.

Return to the docks and follow it past the whale, searching the table for Coin x2 [1042/3834], and then check the water next to the smaller dead whale for a Raw Whalebone and a Copper Wire [1052/3834]. From the whale, look out into the ocean and locate the buoy positioned by the carriage track support and then swim over to it and dive into the water to locate a hidden stash of useful ammo and mines. The location of this sunken treasure is marked on a map you can purchase as the Black Market, but why purchase it when you can just collect it now.

Return to land near the large whale and head up the stairs nearby to reach the main street. Search the trash on the side of the street for a Raw Whalebone before you turn left and then follow the blood-filled gutter and check some crates near a lamp post for a Copper Wire [1062/3834].

Enter the building and pickpocket the man searching the dead guard for a Pouch [1082/3834] and then search the first floor for a Copper Wire [1092/3834] in the first alcove and a beggar with some minor items in the second alcove. Note that if you take the items from the beggar's home he'll refuse to speak with you and won't offer tips on how to pass the Wall of Light in exchange for 5 coins, but this is minor information.

Head upstairs and jump through the window to speak with Mindy Blanchard, activating a side mission to retrieve a body from the Overseer Outpost in Canal Square, and then return inside and check out the Black Market Shop. The Black Market Shop offers a number of items for sale, as well as upgrades to your weapons and equipment slots.

All Black Market Shops can be robbed of their physical items, but upgrades must be purchased. Always purchase any upgrades before you rob a shop and never waste your coins on purchasing items unless you are in immediate need. Note that if you plan to work on the "Songs of Serkonos" trophy/achievement you must never rob a Black Market Shop, so choose between the trophy and getting 100% of the items in the game.

Optional - Rob the Black Market Shop

Exit the Black Market Shop via the door on this floor to find a patio area with three people talking about the bloodfly infestation and then check the tables for a newspaper article, Bloodfly Situation Worsens, and The Fishmonger's Cookbook. You can now head up the stairs and loot the body in the window for a note on Clearing Bloodfly Nests before entering the infested building.

Bloodflies swarm anything and anyone who ventures close to a nest, but they'll back off once the nest is destroyed. This means that the nests should be your focus when you encounter bloodflies nests, so slash your way through the first nest and then check the tables beneath it for a book of Traditional Serkonan Songs (1) and Coin x3 [1096/3834]. Grab a flammable liquor bottle near the dead worker in this room before you jump over the bar and then toss the bottle at the bloodfly nest in the back office, which drops a Blood Amber [1121/3834]. Make sure to search the back office for Coin x2 [1124/3834] and a Lucky Sphalerite [1139/3834] and then head toward the stairwell and clear the dead body of bloodlfies before looting the Heavy Pouch [1169/3834].

Grab another flammable bottle from behind the bar and head upstairs, tossing it at either of the two bloodfly nests, and then grab another flammable bottle from the box at the top of the stairs to clear the other. There is a bottle of Processed Whale Oil [1179/3834], a Bonecharm, and piece of Tyvian Ore [1199/3834] for you to grab on this level, so make sure to collect them before grabbing another flammable bottle to clear the bloodfly nest in the stairwell, which drops another Blood Amber [1224/3834].

Grab one last flammable bottle and head up to the third floor, tossing it at the bloodfly nest inside, and then search the ground for a Heavy Pouch [1254/3834] and Ivory Scrimshaw [1284/3834] and then creep through the hole in the wall and destroy the bloodfly nest next to the stairs for another Blood Amber [1309/3834]. Make sure to clear the small closet to find some Pied Avocet Feathers [1319/3834] before breaking through the boarded up door that leads to Canal Square, but don't bother heading out onto the balcony (you'll reach Canal Square a different way, this just provides a shortcut if you need one).

Return upstairs and climb over the bookshelf near the piano to access the blocked off section of the stairs and carefully sneak up to the fourth floor. Inside the room is a Nest Keeper, a human that is immune to bloodflies they'll also call bloodflies to attack you when seen. Sleep Dart the Nest Keeper and destroy the bloodfly nest above and then check the small table by the couch for a Letter from Mr. Weatherby. Check the bed for the Bloodfly Experiment Notes and destroy the small nest inside the glass cabinet and then collect the Black Market Shop Key inside. This key will allow you to rob the Black Market Shop, but before you backtrack there you'll want to head around the corner and check the desk for some ammo and a Dried Bloodfly Husk [1324/3834].

Backtrack toward the first floor, making sure to grab the Note to Neighbors before you jump over the bookcase on the third floor, and then exit the building and Far Reach/Blink to an open window to the upper right. Inside the abandoned apartment you'll find an Abandoned Diary - 2nd Day, Month of Wind, 1851 and some Silver Dust [1334/3834] and out the opposite window and across some the pipes you'll find the entrance to the apartment above the Black Market Shop. Search the upstairs for some Withered Ryegrass [1354/3834] in the bedroom and an Ivory Scrimshaw [1384/3834] near a crate of Addermire Solutions and then head downstairs. The first room contains some ammo and mines that you can stock up on, provided you have space, and on a nearby desk is a Pouch [1404/3834] and Letter to Mr. Weatherby.

Exit the apartment and head downstairs and then jump through the window to unlock the back door of the Black Market Shop. You can now search the shelves for ammunition, grenades, Copper Wire x4 [1444/3834], and Processed Whale Oil x2 [1464/3834] and don't miss the cash register with Coin x5 [1475/3834] and the Silver Ingot [1550/3834] next to it, as well as the Rune and Location of Sunken Supplies Map on display.