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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 02/12/16

Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Zestiria - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Video Walkthrough
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Prologue
    1. Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
    2. Elysia, Home of the Seraphim
  6. Part 1: The Path of the Shepherd
    1. Aroundight Forest
    2. Lakehaven Heights
    3. Ladylake, the Aquapolis
    4. Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct
    5. Ladylake, the Aquapolis (2)
    6. Lakehaven Heights (2)
    7. Galahad Ruins
    8. Ladylake, the Aquapolis (3)
    9. Falkewin Hillside
    10. Ladylake, the Aquapolis (4)
    11. Roundtabel Palace
    12. Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct (2)
    13. Heading to Marlind
    14. Rayfalke Spiritcrest
    15. Falkewin Hillside (2)
    16. Marlind, the City of the Great Tree
    17. Dumnonia Museum
    18. Marlind, the City of the Great Tree (2)
    19. Bors Ruins
    20. Marlind, the City of the Great Tree (3)
    21. Optional Section - Part 1
    22. Glaivend Basin
  7. Part 2: The Burden of the Shepherd
    1. Volgran Forest
    2. Tintagel Ruins
    3. Volgran Forest (2)
    4. Lamorak Cave
    5. Lastonbell, City of Artisans
    6. Meadow of Triumph
    7. Malory, the Patinal Forest
    8. Pearloats Pasture
    9. Gaferis Ruins
    10. Pendrago, the Blessed Capital
    11. Cambria Caverns
    12. Lastonbell, City of Artisans (2)
    13. Biroclef Ridge
    14. Yder Cave
    15. Gododdin, the Forgotten Village
    16. Biroclef Ridge (2)
    17. Gododdin, the Forgotten Village (2)
  8. Part 3: The Trials of the Shepherd
    1. Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial
    2. Pendrago Shrinechurch
    3. Pendrago, the Blessed Capital (2)
    4. Optional Section - Part 2
    5. Aifread's Hunting Ground
    6. Weylish Ruins
    7. Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial
    8. Returning to Hyland
    9. Optional Section - Part 3
    10. Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial
    11. Westronbolt Gorge
    12. Ganglen Ruins
    13. Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial
  9. Part 4: The Duty of the Shepherd
    1. Pendrago, the Blessed Capital (3)
    2. Aifread's Hunting Ground (2)
    3. Great Camelot Bridge
    4. Zaphgott Moor
    5. Trizolde Cave
    6. Lohgrin, the Tower Remains
    7. Zaphgott Moor (2)
    8. Optional Section - Part 4
    9. Plitzerback Wetland
    10. Arctus Ruins
    11. Lhitwerg Woods
    12. Lohgrin, the Tower Remains (2)
    13. Optional Section - 5
    14. The Beginnings of War
    15. Glaivend Basin (2)
    16. Optional Section - 6
    17. Remains of Merchior
    18. Aroundight Forest (2)
    19. Elysia, Home of the Seraphim (2)
    20. Optional Section - 7
    21. Depths of Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
    22. Optional Section - 8
    23. Depths of Mt. Mabinogio Ruins (2)
    24. Camlann, the Origin Village
    25. Artorius' Throne
    26. Optional Section - 9
    27. Artorius' Throne (2)
  10. Post Game
    1. Hexen Isle
    2. Calix I
    3. Calix II
    4. Calix III
    5. Calix IV
    6. Calix V
    7. Calix VI
    8. Calix VII
    9. Calix VIII
  11. Optional Content
    1. Crucibles
    2. Discovery Locations
    3. Monolith Locations
    4. Normin Locations
    5. Skits List
  12. Titles List
    1. Sorey's Titles
    2. Alisha's Titles
    3. Mikleo's Titles
    4. Lailah's Titles
    5. Edna's Titles
    6. Rose's Titles
    7. Dezel's Titles
    8. Zaveid's Titles
  13. Items & Equipment
    1. Consumables
    2. Snacks
    3. Weapons
    4. Accessories
    5. Armor
    6. Rings
    7. Shoes
    8. Valuables
    9. Fashion
  14. Enemy Data
    1. Beasts
    2. Crustaceans
    3. Amorphous
    4. Apodous
    5. Winged
    6. Therian
    7. Armored
    8. Undead
    9. Fiends
    10. Dragons
    11. People
    12. Unknown
  15. Trophies
  16. Contact Information
  17. Version History
    1. Current Version
    2. Older Versions
  18. Copyright & Disclaimer

Tales of Zestiria - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 2.6 - Feb. 11, 2016


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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Tales of Zestiria with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. It will cover all treasures, sidequests, sub events, skits, boss strategies, and a full trophy guide. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

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Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJerms0SWNyf0eahXlbNlXzr


Upon starting up the game you will be asked to select a language and then you'll have to confirm your Options settings. Note that these settings can be changed at any time from the game menu, including the difficulty, so don't feel obligated to make the perfect selections if you aren't sure. Once you have confirmed your Options that game will introduce you to the story of the Shepherd legend through a cutscene.


Mt. Mabinogio Ruins

After the into cutscene you'll get a quick overview of the controls, but you shouldn't have very much trouble with them if you've played a JRPG before. Control the unknown boy around the circular paths until you reach a small set of steps near the objective marker and make your way to the mural for another scene. The boy, named Sorey, and his friend, Mikleo, discuss the nature of the mural and then decide to move on when thunder begins to rumble. You can choose to follow Mikleo to continue to another scene or head back the way you came, but the road will quickly crumble and you'll be forced to head the other way.

After entering the lower section of the ruins you'll now have the ability to check your Menu and learn valuable information through the in-game tutorials. In addition, anytime you have another character following you on the map you can speak to them for additional dialogue or hints as to where to go next in the game.

It's worth taking a look at your characters each time you gain a new one and optimize them for your play style. Note that you can change the Support Talents of your characters depending on your needs and many Support Talents also have skits attached to your proficiency level with them. For now, I suggest you change Mikleo from "Snack Preparation" to "Treasure Detection" until you get your next party member.

If you need any advanced information on the tutorials given in the game you should find more information in the Gameplay section of this guide.

Before heading to the save, check the plant on the south side of the straight path for a Sage, which will allow you to permanently raise a character's maximum HP by 10. These plants will appear throughout your journey and are often easy to miss because they appear to be common environment items, so make sure to keep a close eye out for the sparkling aura around them. You can now head to the purple orb, which will unfurl into a golden dragon symbol to represent that it is now active, and save your first file of the game before exiting the area.

After another scene that sets up your next destination, as well as some questions, head west toward the large cobweb and hit Square to activate Sorey's map action. Continue through another cobweb while you listen to some dialogue and when you try to attack the next cobweb a scene will occur that pushes you into your first fight.

Follow the tutorial to perform martial artes and chain them together to defeat the spider with Mikleo's help. After another scene that describes the enemy as a Hellion, open your Menu and check the Artes section for more details about martial artes if you haven't already.

Destroy the cobweb and enter the next room to find a chest on the west side with some Ancient Earrings and then check if these are any better than your current earrings, either due to stats or due to additional skills. To the south is a stone rock, which Sorey should point out if you haven't changed his Support Talent from Point of Interest Detection, that you can check to activate your first Monolith and then open the chest to the east for an Apple Gel.

Continue through the door and downstairs to the next large room with the save and make sure to open the chest in the northeast corner for another Apple Gel. At the save you should be able to watch the skits The Cause of Thunder and A Mysterious Monolith and then you can check the Monolith on the south side of the area for another AP boost.

Make your way upstairs via the southern passage and flip a u-turn in the large room to spot a cobweb blocking a chest with an Ancient Circlet for Mikleo. The next area has an objective marker on the chest to your left, which contains an item that you will receive later no matter what you do here, and if you take the thin passage to the north you'll find a Lavender. You can now take the stairs to another Monolith, a chest with a Life Bottle and walk to the edge of the platform where the objective marker is for a scene. Guess you have no choice except to backtrack to the save, so get a move on!

Walk to the edge of the pit for a scene that will prompt you with a decision that simply determines the upcoming skit and then walk to the center of the bridge and examine the bridge to discover The Invisible Bridge. Depending on the decision you made a second ago the skit that follows will be one of the following:

  • An Incredible Bridge (Discovered by Mikleo) - Choose "Yup, there's a staircase..."
  • An Incredible Bridge (Discovered by Sorey) - Choose "Who would have thought..."

You can now walk up the girl for another scene and then exit behind the large statue to leave the ruins, since there is nothing else here at the moment.

Elysia, Home of the Seraphim

After another scene you'll be on your way to the town, but rather than head straight for it you'll want to take the scenic route to collect the many treasures in this area. Start by heading around to the north side of the ruins' entrance to spot another Monolith and then check the northwest corner, to the left of the large boulder, for another Life Bottle. If you circle around the boulder you can find a Saffron in the grass and then you'll want to head down the steps to the east by backtracking a bit.

Grab the Ice Pop from the dead end to the north and then make your way south, staying on the east side of the crumbled wall to find a Rosemary near the tree. You can now circle around the south side of the wall for a chest with a Life Bottle and check the Monolith to the southwest, near the steps leading back up.

Head southwest from the ruins and you should spot some goats, which you can check for the Hyland Goat discovers and The Elysian Goat skit, and then continue south to a save point near another Monolith. You can now make your way north toward the objective marker to reach the village for another lengthy scene that's pretty funny.

Head north toward the Inn marker to activate the save and open a chest with a Natural Waistcoat and then make sure to grab the Verbena from the grass to the south of the pool of water, near some white flowers. Don't enter the house marked on the map to the north, since this will activate a scene, and enter the alley between the buildings to find some steps to discover the Elysalark Nest and watch the Elysalark Fledglings skit. You can now enter the house to check in with Gramps, who isn't all to please that a human has been brought to the village.

There isn't much left to do in the village, so head back to Sorey's house to get a scene with Mikleo and the item that he snagged in the ruins. Head back outside to speak with the girl, who still hasn't come to your house, and then watch another scene to learn more about her hometown.

In the morning you'll head out to hunt the Prickleboars for supplies while Mikleo deals with his own business, so head back toward the ruins. After a scene with your first Prickleboar, followed by a fight, you'll need to find and defeat more Prickleboars to collect all the hides. You'll know when you've reach the required number due to post-battle dialogue, so keep fighting around the ruins until you get this and then return to the village.

Stop by the save outside Sorey's house for the Battling the Prickleboars skit and then enter your house for another scene about the state of the world below. In the morning, talk to the girl again for another scene and then make your way to Gramps' House to let him know that she will be leaving in the morning. After another long scene, in which you learn Alisha's name, you'll need to hunt down the Hellion that has invaded the land by making your way to the objective marker near the ruins.

Boss: ??? (HP: 1,113) - Unknown

Weakness: Water

Resistance: Neutral, Wind

This is a tutorial battle for hidden artes, but that doesn't mean this boss is a pushover. The good news is that between Mikleo's water-based seraphic artes and Sorey's newly acquired Heavenly Torrent you should be able to dish out a lot of damage quickly, but don't go all out and get yourself in too much trouble.

The key to this battle is to exploit the enemy's weakness to water by opening up a combo with Heavenly Torrent, which will allow all of your remaining hits in the combo to be Power Hits. This allows you to do maximum damage and boost any attacks that other party members dish out alongside you, no matter their element. Make sure to block when your combo is complete, since the boss likes to use Blazing Ax to push you back while inflicting a lot of damage, and don't be afraid to back up when you need to be healed by Mikleo's Resilient Aid.

Drops: Windmaster Talisman: Tempest

After another long scene, which goes well into the middle of the night, you'll gather your belongings and can leave the village toward the south exit for another scene. This will end the prologue section of the game and you'll be able to finally view the intro to the game.

Part 1: The Path of the Shepherd

Aroundight Forest

The forest is quiet and it's almost a straight shot to the other side, since you don't have the map action that breaks the large boulders. Make your way through the forest while checking both sides of the road for vines that you can cut through with Sorey for a Life Bottle, Battle Boots, and Chamomile.

Lakehaven Heights

This is the last field before you reach Ladylake and unlike the forest it is infested with Hellions, so be on the lookout. Head east to the save point to watch the skit To the Outside World and then follow the southeast wall along the outskirts of the area until you find a chest with a Life Bottle. The boulder nearby, with the signpost in front of it, can be climbed to discover the Natural Lookout Point and watch the First Trip to the Land Below skit and if you head downhill and cross the stream you'll find a Monolith on the other side.

After a quick scene at the objective marker continue downhill, but don't approach the carts by the bridge just yet. Instead, swing right to head south across a different bridge and then hug the right wall to find the Beautiful Butterfly discover near the waterfall. After watching the skit following the discovery head directly south to find a Verbena by a small tree and a chest with a Soft-Serve Ice Cream just beyond that. You can now grab the Monolith on the other side of the road and return to the cart near the entrance to Ladylake.

There are numerous people you can speak to here, including a dog that has a pretty funny conversation attached to it, but your main objective is to speak with the Sparrowfeathers. If you speak with them again after the scene Rose will offer to purchase Alisha's Royal Knife for 1,000 gald and you can choose to sell it or not.

Sell the knife if you want to get a fashion item later, since you can get the knife back, and walk away from the Sparrowfeathers to overhear some rumors from the nearby people. You can now speak to the guard on the bridge for a scene and then can enter Ladylake for another scene.

Ladylake, the Aquapolis

After the scene, turn around and check the small alcove near the entrance to the city for an Apple Gel in the chest and then head into the small alley between the closed Equipment Shop and the Inn for another scene at the objective marker near the rug seller. Turn around to collect the Amber Waistcoat from the chest next to the NPC and then return to the main street and continue southeast. There is a large waterwheel on the south path, which you'll investigate later, but if you check the water's edge near the waterwheel you can get the discovery Ladylake's Great Waterwheel and watch the Wonderful Water Wheels skit before heading northeast to the marketplace. Watch as the kid tells off the old man and then follow him back into the alley to the west to learn his true identity.

Return to the marketplace and head toward the church for some dialogue and then check each side of the crowded entryway for a Monolith and Rosemary. If you stand at the back of the line you should be able to unlock the Great Sanctuary of the Sacred Blade discovery and watch the Sanctuaries, Blessings, and Hellions skit before leaving.

If you didn't encounter the Hellion in the alley or follow the kid back into the alley you'll get the Sanctuaries and Blessings skit instead.

To the west is an objective marker for another scene with Hellions, which blocks access to a Monolith, but if you bypass them and head down the stairs you'll find a Void Ring at the bottom. Continue down the path to another set of stairs with a Life Bottle at the top and then backtrack the way you came and leave to the south of the Marketplace to reach the Noble's District. Make sure to grab the Saffron next to the entrance before you head toward the objective marker for another scene.

You'll need to follow the dog closely, as it will die if you lose track of it for too long, so run back through the Noble's District to the Marketplace and then down the alley where the Hellions were fighting.

Boss: ??? (2) (HP: 1,717) - Unknown

Weakness: Water

This is similar to the previous fight, but this time the enemy has more HP and is a bit stronger. Use the same tactic of exploiting the boss' weakness to water and sidestep or block his attacks after a combo. Don't be afraid to use an Apple Gel to heal or a Life Bottle if someone dies and you should be okay.

Drops: Blessing Orb

As the assassin's suggest it is about time you head to the Sacred Blade ceremony. Head back to the main entrance of the Sanctuary, getting the Monolith that is no longer blocked by the Hellions fighting, and then watch the quick optional scene before returning to the alley.

The guard won't let you in at first, but if you have Alisha's Royal Knife you can show it to get in. If you sold the Royal Knife to the Sparrowfeathers you'll have to head down the steps and bribe the group with 1,000 gald or an item worth 1,000 gald. If you still want the fashion item, give the Sparrowfeathers Gramps' Pipe to enter the back of the Sanctuary.

After another scene, make your way toward Mikleo to trigger the next scene with Alisha and once she leaves you can return to the main hall to continue the story.

In the morning, Lailah and Mikleo will fill you in on what happened while you were out and you'll obtain the Divine Artifact: Fire, Sorey's "Shepherd" title, and Lailah's "Prime Lord" title. Speak with the Innkeeper for a scene and then leave the Inn for another small scene. You'll now need to slowly follow Lailah to enter the area past the waterwheel, which you ignored before.

There is a chest with an Amber Staff and a locked silver chest, that you'll need to come back for later, to the right of the entrance and then you can follow Lailah up the steps to learn more about the Shepherd's mission. The copper chest to the east is also locked, until you get the Copper Key in a bit, so turn around and check the Monolith for an AP and make sure to grab the Chamomile next to it before returning to the Inn.

After another scene, in which you'll gain Sorey's Shepherd's Outfit, you can leave the Inn and check out the newly opened Equipment Shop for some great items and check out the Fusion system. Before heading off to thank Alisha you should make sure to return to the Inn and watch the skits The Conscientious Mikleo and Shop for Equipment! at the save point, but don't forget that sleeping at the Inn will also unlock skits. Make sure to sleep at the Inn now to unlock the skit Feasting at the Inn, about Seraphim not needing to eat, and then you can return to the Noble's District.

Head to Alisha's house, where you encountered the fox-man, and talk to Alisha on the terrace for a long scene. There is a locked chest in Alisha's courtyard, but for now you'll want to head back to the Inn and rest to get the Memories of Elysia skit.

The next area will require Alisha's Royal Knife, so if you sold this to the Sparrowfeathers you'll need to get it back by heading to the Marketplace and agreeing to do a job for Eguille. Depending on the job you may get some unique Valuables:

  • Job 1: Deliver some Weapon Parts to the Equipment Shop while walking very slowly.
  • Job 2: Deliver a Work Order to the attendant in the back alley of the aqueduct area, past the waterwheel, and return the Work Report to Eguille.
  • Job 3: Head to the Inn to memorize what dishes the Inn is selling and select the correct answers from a list.

If you bribed the Sparrowfeather with Gramps' Pipe they'll also give you the Ten Gallon Hat as compensation for the price difference.

If you didn't sell the Royal Knife you can skip all of the above and head straight to the aqueduct area to meet your first Turtlez, who will offer to sell you maps of the surrounding areas. This is the beginning of a sub-event that spans across the whole world, so purchase the Adventure Map: City of the Lake for 100 gald and then speak to the Worker behind him. You can now check the large door to the south to enter the aqueduct.

Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct

The group will discuss Sorey's growing power and then you can head down the staircase for a scene.

Boss: Slime Glutton (HP: 1,398) - Amorphous

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: Water

Slimes are weak to Lailah's fire-based artes and this will allow you to exploit the weakness and create Power Hit chains for Sorey's attacks, which are useless without the exploit. Consider waiting for Lailah to attack with an arte before blowing your SC on the enemy or take command of Lailah yourself and open up on the boss to maximize the AI's damage on Sorey. Watch out for the boss' Maul attack that it likes to spam when it gets low health, eating Sorey and causing a lot of damage, and keep the combos going to quickly end this fight.

Drops: Blessing Orb, Copper Key

After another scene you'll finally be able to explore the ruins, but first you should leave the aqueduct and open the copper chest on the area outside the aqueduct for some Amber Boots.

Return to the aqueduct and ignore the first set of steps leading into the water, since this is a dead end. The large door in front of you is locked, but after a short scene you'll be able to present the Royal Knife to unlock the seal and check the Monolith on the other side. There isn't anything on this level, except enemies, so slide down the slope to encounter the Dark Turtlez Emporium and open a chest with a Life Bottle.

Grab the Amber Paper and then make your way to the objective marker to learn more about the Shepherds and Seraphim to obtain the Red Iris Gem: Tre. Check the large sword to discover the Altar of the Sacred Blade and then watch the The Sacred Blade Altar skit. You can now make your way to the next objective marker to unlock Lailah's map action, allowing you to use the flames of purification on the torch to open the door.

Follow the path west to a split with two chests to the north containing an Apple Gel x2 and Amber Tiara and then continue southwest. You'll want to ignore the objective marker for a moment and check the dead end to the west for a Soft-Serve Ice Cream and then backtrack for a scene. Fight off the large number of slimes and don't be afraid to back up to avoid being surrounded until the tutorial kicks in that teaches you how to armatize. Armatization is a huge part of the game and it allows you to combine Sorey's attacks with whatever seraphic artes the seraph he armatizes with naturally uses, in this case it will allow Sorey's attacks to be fire-based and allow him to cast her artes.

After the scene you can continue north to a Monolith and then take the eastern stairs to find another Monolith and a chest with a Void Ring. Light both torches with Lailah's map action and then head east toward the ladder, since the door to the west is locked from the other side. Make sure to get the Sage near the ladder before you knock it down and then exit the ruins.

Ladylake, the Aquapolis (2)

Before you return to Alisha's house you'll encounter the aqueduct workers for a quick scene and if you stop by the Inn you'll also get a scene about Mikleo. You can now return to Alisha's house for a scene with Alisha and Lady Maltran and then follow her to begin another scene. After the scene you'll need to head back to the Sanctuary to catch up with Alisha for another scene that will make Alisha your Squire and obtain her "Princess Disciple" title.

Before leaving town you should stop by the Inn and rest to see the Meeting the Seraphim skit now that Alisha has joined the party and possibly buy her some better equipment.

Lakehaven Heights (2)

Stop at the save, just beyond the bridge to Ladylake, and watch the A World Teeming with Malevolence skit before you head off to the Galahad Ruins.

The ruins are to the far northwest, but without a map action you get later in the game you'll need to take the longer path to the north of Ladylake. Start by crossing the small bridge to the north and head up the hill, u-turning around at the top to find a chest with the Sunglasses fashion item.

Follow the road to the west while looking north to spot a Lavender by the trees, just south of the abandoned village of Kylfe, and then open the chest in the northwest corner of this area for a pair of Amber Boots. Head south to the save and across the stream to spot a Monolith before looking west to spot a large wolf with yellow accents on his head. This is a field boss, strong Hellions that roam many of the fields and dungeons, and should be avoided until later in the game when you are much stronger. Check the south slope for an Apple Gel and then head directly west, stopping to get the Sage near the large rock on a hill, to find the entrance to the Galahad Ruins.

Galahad Ruins

Start by using Lailah's map action to clear the malevolence at the entrance and then check the Monolith for an AP before taking the eastern branch. There is another Monolith in the next room that you can collect and if you clear the malevolence at the end of the hall you'll find a chest with a Mango Sorbet. You can now backtrack to the entrance and take the western path to a dead end with a chest containing a Life Bottle. Continue toward the objective marker for a scene and then return to the altar and examine it to discover the Altar of the Bow, followed by The Arrow Pedestal skit.

In the next room with a Monolith you'll encounter another split, but this time you want to take the western path first. Check the dead end to the right to gather the Rosemary near the crumbled wall and then exit down the staircase to the southwest to reach a new part of the ruins. This area is a dead end, so explore it to find a locked chest, Amber Garment, and Earth Ring and then return to the previous floor and take the eastern path to another staircase.

Head all the way south first, through a set of large double doors, to reach a dead end with an Apple Gel and then backtrack and continue west. When you reach the save you'll want to continue west to a dead end with a Saffron before you backtrack and continue to the objective marker.

Boss: Giant Centipede (HP: 1,030) - Crustacean

Weakness: Water

Resistance: Fire, Earth

The first stage of this battle is more about survival than defeating the enemies, since they are resistant to your armatized attacks. Keep slashing them with your attacks in the hopes of keeping them occupied, but don't be afraid to back off and heal the party with your Burst Gauge if needed. After some time a scene will occur and then you'll enter round two.

Armatize straight away and stay at range while using your water-based attacks to push the enemies back. If an enemy gets too close you can cast Bubble Arrow to create a row of bubbles in front of you, but the main thing you want to focus on is not getting cornered.

After beating the boss Mikleo will join the party and you'll obtain the Divine Artifact: Water and Mikleo's "Sub Lord Friend" title.

There are three skits that require you to create a certain snack item with Sorey, Mikleo, and Alisha's "Snack Preparation" Support Talent while all three characters are in the party, so equip this Support Talent on each character to get each skit (one per character). In addition, you'll obtain Mikleo's "Sweet Tooth" title by eating 20 snacks and you can unlock the higher levels of this title by continuing to eat snacks throughout the story.

Take the eastern path to a Monolith and Amber Circlet and then backtrack and take the western path to a dead end with the Devil Wings. You can now continue to the objective marker to obtain the Holy Water of the Falls and automatically return to Ladylake.

Ladylake, the Aquapolis (3)

After the scene you'll be on your way to find Father Breunor, but first you'll want to stay at the Inn to get the following skits:

  • Fushion Sounds Like Fun! ...Except for That Part. - Lailah will gain the "Fusion" Support Talent (you must have used the shops' Fusion system 10 times)
  • Champions on the Road - Lailah and Mikleo will talk about traveling with companions
  • What's the Deal With Turtlez? - Sorey and Mikleo will talk about the Turtlez origins
  • Alisha's True Name - Sorey and Alisha will talk about Alisha's true name
  • Local Cuisine - The group will discuss the local specialty Grilled Sweetfish (you must order Grilled Sweetfish from the Inn)

Lailah's "Fusion" Support Talent can be leveled to unlock a skit, so it's a good idea to switch to this now.

Head into the alley behind the Inn to the objective marker to find Father Breunor and then head to the Sanctuary's save point to watch the skit The Lady of the Lake. You can now leave Ladylake and take the southern exit in Lakehaven Heights to reach Falkewin Hillside.

Falkewin Hillside

Falkewin is a pretty small area, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of goodies here. Head south to find a Monolith and then follow the north wall to a dead end with some Chocolate Gelato. Ignore the objective marker near the water and head south to find a Verbena and Amber Spear and then backtrack to objective marker for a scene.

Boss: Oroboros (HP: 3,387) - Apodous/Dragon

Resistance: Earth, Wind

Both fire-based attacks and water-based attacks do the same damage against this enemy, but the range provided by armatizing with Mikleo is extremely helpful in keeping your party alive. Stay back and combo your attacks to keep the boss off balance, preventing it from attacking, and use your Burst Gauge as needed to either heal or do additional damage. When he reaches low HP the boss will begin to use the skill Oroborus, which heals it, and it will start to spam Rising Coil Attack, which can be easily avoided by backstepping as it approaches. This won't be a quick battle, but if you keep on attacking and avoiding the coil attack you should be able to beat it with ease.

Drops: Anomalous Orb, Windmaster Talisman: Gale

Ladylake, the Aquapolis (4)

After the scene that follows in Falkewin Hillside you'll want to return to Ladylake and head for the Sanctuary for another scene to obtain the Ladylake: Proof of Rejuvenation and Alisha's The Pride of a Knight: Alt. Color. Uno will agree to become Lord of the Land and you'll get your first chance to check out the Boons that he offers, though you'll need to fight within the seraph's domain to earn grade and unlock many of them.

Make sure to check the save point in the Sanctuary for the Choosing the Right Offerings skit and then head to the Inn and rest for the skit Blessings and the Lord of the Land. You can now head to the Noble's District to reach Rountabel Palace for a scene.

Roundtabel Palace

Follow the rude guard to a room on the western side of the palace and then head to the bookcase near Mikleo to discover the Rountabel Palace Bookshelves to obtain Sorey's "Curious Cat" title, followed by watching the The Palace Library skit. You can now talk to everyone in the room, including the guard, to advance the story.

Follow the guard once again to meet with Chancellor Bartlow in the main hall for a long scene. After rejecting Bartlow's offer you'll engage in combat against some of the guards, who are very weak, and then another scene will occur. After this you can finally enter some of the rooms in the palace for items, while engaging the guards despite earlier comments.

Head to the eastern section of the palace and check the rooms to find a Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Chocolate Gelato, and Life Bottle and then return to the western wing. There isn't anything in the rooms, so follow The Scattered Bones to the room at the end of the hall to reveal a secret passage, but make sure to check the pot next to the lever for a Rosemary before leaving the palace.

Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct (2)

Check the Dark Turtlez Emporium before heading to the dead end to the west for a Monolith and then check the first cell to discover the Ancient Underground Dungeon, followed by the skit The Underground Dungeon, and then grab the Life Bottle inside. This area is pretty linear, so head east to a dead end with two cells containing an Anthem Ribbon Tie and Lavender. Backtrack a bit and take the northern path and check the cells as you go for the following: a Monolith, Verbena, Apple Gel, and Elven Crown. You can now continue north until you activate another scene.

Boss: Echidna (HP: 3,393) - Apodous

Resistance: Earth, Wind

Armatizie with Mikleo to allow you to attack quickly at range or go in with Sorey and simply lay into her with martial artes, since she can easily be interrupted with standard attacks. The trick is to keep the boss busy while your allies work on the Lamia minions, since she has the ability to do massive damage with her artes and Screw Driver attack. Don't be afraid to use your Blast Gauge to heal anyone that does get hit with her Screw Driver attack and keep the pressure on when she gets low health.

Drops: Anomalous Orb

After the scene you'll need to light the nearby torch with Lailah's map action before continuing north. There is a silver chest to the west at the split, but you'll need to come back for later. Head east and light the second torch you'll enter a familiar part of the aqueduct, so make your way east to the ladder to reach the exit and return to Ladylake.

Heading to Marlind

Return to the Inn in Ladylake for a scene and then rest some additional times to get the skits The Shepherd and the Squire, discussing the palace ambush, and Black Crystal Armor, discussing Alisha's armor (occurs 50% of the time when resting). You can now exit the city and check the save for the skit The Scattered Bones, the Assassin's Guild before walking south to Falkewin Hillside.

After Alisha's leaves to check with the nearby villagers head to the save for the Fixing the Bridge skit and then head toward the objective marker to meet Neif. You can now check in with Alisha for another scene before you leave for Rayfalke Spiritcrest to the south.

Rayfalke Spiritcrest

Pick up the Sage at the entrance and then make your way to the save to watch The Spiritcrest, the Dragon's Lair skit before you save. A few steps to the north is a Monolith and just beyond is a boss fight with a Mountain Troll, but your objective is to merely survive for a short time before a scene triggers.

Boss: Zaveid (HP: 4,509) - Person

Resistance: Earth

Like the previous fight with the Mountain Troll you're not intended to dwindle this boss' HP to zero, but just to deal enough damage that a scene will occur. Armatize with Mikleo and keep your distance as you lay attacks into him, but save your Blast Gauge for healing since you won't have time to pull off an attack with it. The key thing is to not allow Zaveid to get too close since his attacks can stun you, so keep moving by backstepping or sidestepping his attacks when he gets in too close.

After the fight you can choose to bury the poor man that Zaveid "saved", but make sure you chest the side of the large boulder for a Chamomile before moving on. The path is fairly linear, without a wind seraph's map action, so continue along the path until you encounter a Male Assassin. This fight shouldn't be a hassle, since the assassin is merely a human, so defeat it with a chain of artes or by armatizing with Lailah for a scene.

Continue up the mountain, hugging the left wall to find a Monolith, and when you reach the the small shrine with an objective marker you'll want to head south. Here you'll find an Armadillo that triggers an event with Lailah, so make sure you kill it and watch the Lailah's Perfectly Normal Obsession skit before grabbing the Saffron. You can now head to the small shrine for a scene and then check it for the Rayfalke Shrine discover and The Small Shrine with Flowers skit.

Continue up the mountain for another Monolith and make sure to stop at the save point for the skit The Mysterious Seraph before you continue for a scene. You'll be dumped into a battle with the dragon of Spiritcrest, but you have no hope of winning and should just Escape via the battle menu. Afterwards you'll meet Edna and can then head back down the mountain.

If you buried the man that Zaveid killed then Edna will be waiting for you, if not you will bury him now and then Edna will appear. Either way, watch the scenes that follow to obtain the Divine Artifact: Earth and Edna's "Grown-up Child" title and then make your way back to Falkewin Hillside, automatically getting the Sorey's Internal Comedy Routine skit before you leave.

Falkewin Hillside (2)

As you make your way back to Griflet Bridge you'll encounter the female assassin boss, who challenges you to a battle.

Boss: Female Assassin (HP: 2,626) - Person

Resistance: Neutral

While you can run from this fight for a different scene afterwards it is possible to beat the assassin.

Start the battle by armatizing with Lailah and wait for the assassin to run toward you before you backstep or sidestep to avoid her attacks. Once she is in a chain of attacks facing away from you, or finishes her attacks, unleash a combo on her and then immediately backstep when you're done. This will allow you to avoid her attacks at the beginning and end of your own combos and avoid the majority of damage. If you do find yourself getting hit and needing to heal you can either pop an Apple Gel or sidestep her attacks and quickly heal with the Blast Gauge. Be careful, rather than careless, and you should be able to defeat her.

Another option is to let Sorey die and have your seraph kill the assassin, as she is unable to see the seraphim.

Return toward Griflet Bridge for a scene that shows off Edna's dry humor and then check the save point for the Another Seraphic Mystery. You can now head to Neif and decide if you'd like to perform your magic in front of the crowd or wait until midnight. The outcome will only change the reaction of the people to Sorey, but it isn't that vital a decision. After the scenes Neif will ask you to deliver some Plague Medicine to Marlind and you'll be on the other side of the river.

Head straight for the save point to watch the funny skit, When Alisha Met Edna, and then make your way south. About halfway along the road you'll notice a rock with the Falkewin Squirrel discovery, followed by The Falkwein Squirrel skit, and then continue south a bit more to find a Chamomile.

Since the south path will drop you into the main area just outside Marlind you'll want to backtrack to the save and take the northern path this time to cover the whole area. From the save, head north to a chest with an Apple Gel and then start heading east to a small shrine, which you can examine for the Roadside Guardian discovery and The Roadside Shrine skit.

To the south you should notice a large eagle covered in malevolence, which is the field boss Horus, so avoid it by hugging the left wall to reach the Monolith and then head southwest. There is a Verbena on the western wall that you can gather and to the south is a chest with an Amber Ribbon Tie. Make sure to check the Monolith on the other side of the area and then head south into the next large area. There is a Lavender on the east side of the road, just as the road expands into the large area, and if you head directly west of the save point you'll find the Backpack fashion item. You can now return north and enter Marlind to the south of the boss.

Marlind, the City of the Great Tree

You arrive at night and after a scene and fight with some Hound Dogs you'll have to start to work on cleansing Marlind. Turn around immediately and use Lailah's map action to purify the Hell Hound at the entrance of Marlind and then make your way to the Inn to view the following skits by sleeping there:

  • Just Let Her Have This - Edna gains the "Fusion" Support Talent (you must have proficiency lvl 12 with Lailah's Fusion)
  • Good Food, Good Friends - Sorey and Alisha discuss the braised beef and potatoes at the Inn (you must order Pork and Potatoes from the Inn)
  • The Wallflower Princess - Mikleo, Lailah, and Alisha discuss Alisha's training and past (occurs 50% of the time when resting)

If you've seen the skit "Just Let Her Have This" then you can switch Lailah to "Snack Preparation".

Check the Inn's back room for a Strawberry Waffle and then exit the Inn and head south to a Monolith. Check out the Equipment Shop for new items and fuse anything that might have dropped from enemies. You can now head south to the save and then west to a dead end with another Hell Hound that need purification and a chest containing a Calcite Sword.

As you head east from the save you'll see an exclamation point on the map that indicates another Turtlez that you can purchase a map from, so pay the 200 gald for the Adventure Map: Town of the Woods and then continue east to purify another Hell Hound. Ignore the Sanctuary for a moment and enter the large field to the east, purifying the Hell Hound straight ahead, and check behind the root of the great tree for a Monolith. There is a Rosemary on the other side of the great tree's root and to the south is another Monolith, next to the chest with Life Bottle x2. You can now continue east to find the final Hell Hound on the south side of the road, a Lavender by the stone wall, a Monolith at the bottom of the steps, and a locked chest in the southern courtyard.

Back at the Sanctuary's entrance you'll find a Verbena by one of the trees and in the graveyard is a chest containing Alisha's Shabby Spear. You can now enter the Sanctuary, but make sure to grab the chest with a Calcite Circlet just instead the Sanctuary gates. After the scene you can head to the save in the middle of town to view The Scholarly City of the Holy Great Tree skit and then make your way to the roots of the great tree to encounter the Drake.

Your party is no match for the Drake and seeks shelter in the Sanctuary again and after a rest period you can return to the middle of town and talk to the woman with some books for a scene. Follow the woman to the graveyard near the Sanctuary and speak to her and then leave for another scene to obtain the Library Key. You can now head to the large building in the east for a scene and then check the save to watch the skit Coexisiting with the Seraphim before entering.

Dumnonia Museum

Examine the Monolith in the lobby for an AP and then take the south exit, since the eastern door is blocked from the other side. Enter the southern room with an Apple Gel behind some cobwebs and head into the adjoining room with another Shabby Spear for Alisha. As you head toward the next door a painting will fall off the wall, revealing a sinister poem that you'll have to read to exit, and then attack the cobwebs blocking the western door. Exit to the east and enter the northern room for two chest with an Apple Gel and Life Bottle and then return to the south and collect the Saffron under the stairs before heading up to another Monolith.

Open the chest with some Calcite Boots and then examine the statue on the other side of the room for another creepy message. Exit north twice into another room with a Calcite Hairband behind from cobwebs and make sure to check the bust statue to discover the Statue of the Conqueror, followed by watching the A Statue of a Noble Being skit afterwards. You can now return to the previous hall and exit the western door to reach the main staircase that leads to the lobby.

Clear the cobwebs from the doorway and grab the Soft-Serve Ice Cream from the north wall before checking behind the staircase for a Monolith and the south wall for a Rosemary. You can now head up the southern staircase to a new area with a single room to reach the objective marker.

Boss: Knight Arthur (HP: 7,621) - Armored/Fiend

Weakness: Neutral, Earth

Resistance: Water

You'll want to switch to Edna as your seraph by using down on the D-Pad and then armatize with her to exploit the armor's weakness. This enemy is strong and will quickly take your characters to zero health if you give him the chance, so cast Rock Satellite around yourself and go in for a combo with Edna's gauntlets. Don't be afraid to unleash a Blast Gauge attack at the end of each combo to inflict massive damage with Divine Basalt Blow and only back up when you need to get a heal from your allies. In no time you should have this boss on his knees, without any losses unless your AI does something stupid like attack at low HP.

Drops: Anomalous Orb

After the scene you'll need talk to Atakk multiple times as you walk out of the museum to learn more about what happened and when he's done you can return outside.

Marlind, the City of the Great Tree (2)

If you cleared all the Hell Hounds from Marlind then Edna will tell you to head to the roots of the great tree for a scene. Once Edna returns with Atakk you're suppose to head south to Neif's house, but you may want to visit the Inn first and rest to activate some skits:

  • The Unspoken Bond - Sorey and Mikleo discuss nothing... yes, the skit is just them talking about nothing in particular
  • The Shocking Truth About Normin and Skills - Mikleo and Edna discuss Atakk's name and the normin

You can now head to Neif's house for a scene that will bring the Drake down and allow you to enter combat with it.

Boss: Drake (HP: 7,075) - Dragon/Winged

Weakness: Wind

Resistance: Fire, Earth, Water

The Drake is difficult due to the fact that it is resistant to most of the elements you have access to with armatization, but that doesn't mean you can't use martial artes to exploit the fact that it is a winged/dragon enemy. Focus on spamming Sorey's Trihawk and Earth Dragon Fang martial artes, view his artes chart to learn how to perform these, and only armatize if you want to perform a Power Hit combo or heal with the Blast Gauge. The main thing to watch out for is the Drake's tail swipe and flame breath, both of which can take your HP down pretty quickly, but if you stick to the above martial artes you should keep it locked down until the battle ends.

Drops: Blessing Orb, Windmaster Talisman: Nimble

With the Drake purified to obtain the Marlind: Proof of Rejuvenation you can now access the Lord of the Land and then talk to Atakk to learn of the existence of other normin in the world. This triggers the beginning of a sub-event in which you must track down all 49 Normin located throughout the world.

Head to the entrance to the Sanctuary to find Reziss and then head to the save in the middle of town to watch the Putting Slots to Use and Lailah and Edna's Skill Lecture before continuing west to the bridge to spot Difens on the railing.

Spend the night at the Inn to recover and in the morning you'll meet some old friends, who'll let you know about some mercenaries in town. Stop at the save on the way to meet up with Lucas at the objective marker for the Lailah and Edna's Skill Lecture: Groups skit and then pay Lucas 5,000 gald to protect the city. You can now return to the save at the Inn to rest for The Woodsmen skit and leave town through the southwest exit.

Make sure to check to the southwest of Marlind to find Mynd near a bush on the south wall, just before the exit.

Bors Ruins

Check the Monolith at the ruins entrance and then take a left at the first split and follow the dead end to a chest with the Hanging Hair (left) fashion item. Backtrack the long way to the split, since you still don't have Edna's map action, and continue northeast to the next clearing where a Sage hides next to the boulder in the north.

There's only one way to go, so head southeast to the crumbled ruins and examine it for the Husk of an Ancient Structure discovery and Crawling with Hellions skit and then open the chest to the south for an Elixir, which will automatically trigger the Score! It's Elixir! skit. You can now follow the path southwest to another split and head north first to collect a chest with the Bamboo Stack and then make sure to speak with Spirri at the dead end to add them to your Lord of the Land.

Backtrack the way you came and exit to the south and then take either path to the clearing with a Monolith and Apple Gel. Continue to follow the linear path again to find a Monolith and in the northwest corner you'll find a Thorny Vest. You can now make your way to the objective marker to encounter the Hellion that is causing all the trouble.

Boss: Evil Plantasm (HP: 4,755) - Apodous

Weakness: Neutral

Resistance: Fire, Water

The smaller plants should be the focus of your attacks, since they feed off the boss' power to increase their own through Power Linking. Set your party to "Spread Out" so that they all focus on the minions first and once those are defeated you can focus on the boss. Due to the resistances of this boss you'll probably want to stick to martial artes, rather than armatizing, and make sure to guard whenever you're not on the attack and try to attack from behind when possible to avoid the boss' wide reach.

Drops: Anomalous Orb

Watch the scene that follows and then use the Lord of the Land to warp back to Marlind to view the outcome of your efforts.

Marlind, the City of the Great Tree (3)

This is your last chance to complete any skits and events that involve Alisha, so proceed with caution. Some skits you might be missing include:

  • "A Childhood Favorite" - After Sorey creates a Soft-Serve Ice Cream with Snack Preparation
  • "The Elements of Cuisine" - After Mikleo creates a Fruit Frappe with Snack Preparation
  • "Chilled Luxuries" - After Alisha creates an Ice Pop with Snack Preparation

The first thing you'll want to do is check the roots to discover the Flowers of the Great Tree, followed by the Blossoming Flowers of the Great Tree. You can now speak with Lucas and rest at the Inn, since this will unlock some of the sub-events around town. After the scene, check the save for another Lailah and Edna's Skill Lecture: Bonus Skills and then leave the Inn. You can now head to the great tree and speak with Rohan for a scene to obtain Edna's Sweet Girl: Alt. Color and Mikleo's "Remedy Preparation" Support Talent.

Since Alisha is no longer in the group you can switch Sorey to "Point of Interest Detection" and Mikleo to "Treasure Detection".

If you head back toward the Inn you'll trigger another scene and then have one last chance to speak with the members of the city and begin some sub-events. Notice some blue dots on the map or purple stars over certain individuals, well these indicate sub-event NPCs that you should talk to in order to begin or continue a sub-event.

The man next to Rohan and the child in the middle of town will speak about some shiny stone in the Bors Ruins, but ignore this for now. The traveler near the center of town will mention that Neif may have info about Iris Gems, so head back to the great tree and speak to Neif to the south. You'll automatically return the Library Key to Neif, who gives you permission to take the Green Iris Gem: Eins from the Sanctuary. Head over to the Sanctuary and pick up the gem to automatically trigger a scene and the skit Watching the Earthen Historia - 1.

Make sure to check the save in the middle of town for the Alisha and Maltran and Thank You, Lord of the Land skits and then speak with Lucas for a scene and select "Yes". After the scene head to the save point for the skits The Way of the Shepherd and Lailah and Edna's Skill Lecture: Elemental and then speak with the Sparrowfeathers standing nearby for another scene.