Where do i find missing Skits?

  1. Playstation 4
    001Edna Talks About Her BrotherSub-Event: Siblings ??? S, E, R, Z
    025The Truth of Hexen Isle - Hexen Isle??? E, L, S, M, R, Z
    026The Earthpulse ActivatesHexen Isle???Z, M, L, E
    045Maltran, the ValkyrieSub-Event: The Blue Valkyrie
    ??? (likely in Lastonbell at some point by not talking to the man on the terrace)S, M, E, R

    How to achieve these Skits in Playstation 4 search the web no information im stuck someone please anyone give me information how get skits

    User Info: VinDieselStark

    VinDieselStark - 1 year ago


  1. New game plus will allow you to view all of the at Katz corner.

    User Info: DCxValkyrial

    DCxValkyrial - 1 year ago 0   0

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