How to beat the final boss?

  1. Ok, I know that I shouldn't have to have played it till the end and well..I did but now I'm at the end and I'm clueless on how to beat the final boss.

    Did some research on how and apparently, you're suppose to get dragon skills? So how'd you'd do that? Also, I got this nomin that gives you 15% dragon skill and what not but I can't summon him near the final boss and I'm not getting the equipment to boost dragon skill...

    I'm lost at this point.
    Capnvideogame - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you still need help on this maybe try:

    Acquire better gear. Try running through crucibles with a two person limit to farm for better gear. The more of the same enemy you defeat the more likely they are to drop gear.

    Max out your Lord of the Land. Where you decide to farm items should definitely get some LotL investment. Each Lord has 2 separate drop boosts on them which will make it less painful to grind for items.

    Fuse. After you have done a ton of grinding and have many items try sticking some together. You mentioned you have a normin for dragon % damage increase. How equipping normin to a Lord actually works is that it increases the likelihood for a skill to appear on a drop not actually give you a flat percentage increase to a stat. You must equip the skill in a weapon to get it it won't simply appear because you collected a normin.

    Grab herbs. You can increase the stats of your characters by running around gathering herbs. It's slow going but definitely makes a difference. My Sorry is at least 1k HP above all my other characters.

    Anomalous orbs. There are many larger creatures on the map and in dungeons. These will drop orbs for you to collect which will give your team an increase in HP.

    Hopefully that gives you a better idea.
    DCxValkyrial - 1 year ago 1   0

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