How do you switch between armatize ?

  1. How do you switch between armatize like the bow and the sword?

    User Info: demon666

    demon666 - 6 years ago

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  1. By default, you can't switch between Armatizations without cancelling it first. That means that switching requires a BG each time you do it. So if you're fused with Lailah, and you want to switch to Mikleo, you have to hit L1 to cancel Armatization and switch seraphs using the D-pad, then hit L1 to re-Armatize. There are battle skills that make this easier, like ones that will let you survive with one 1hp if you die Armatized. Then you can dodge away, switch, and Armatize again.

    User Info: KojiAsakura

    KojiAsakura - 6 years ago 3   0


  1. When you press L1 you use Armatization with the Seraph you're partnered with. So if you are partnered with Lailah and you press L1 then you'll have the sword. To change your partner use the D-Pad. Up for fire, left for water, right for wind, and down for earth.

    Mikleo is the one with the bow, to have him as your partner you must press left on the D-Pad, and then you can press L1 to Armatize and you'll have the bow.

    User Info: Rosenpunkt

    Rosenpunkt - 6 years ago 0   2

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