Where can i find the Crucibles for each individual character?

  1. I heard there was an area for each character where they could battle monsters, was wondering where that is.

    User Info: AzureMoon00

    AzureMoon00 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sorey - Meadow of Triumph
    Rose - Aifreads Hunting Ground
    Mikleo - Pearloats Pasture
    Lailah - Biroclef Ridge
    Edna - Westronbolt Gorge
    Zaveid - Hexen Isle
    Sorey + seraph - Zaphgott Moor
    Rose + seraph - Plitzerback Wetland
    Rose + Alisha - Alisha DLC

    User Info: yuidirnt

    yuidirnt - 5 years ago 8   1

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