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FAQ/Walkthrough by KKW07ISG06

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 09/02/17

The Deadly Tower of Monsters
V. 1.00 - 2017
Guide by: KKW07ISG06 - AKA: "Fretz"


			Table of Contents:

		AA) Introduction
			AB) Controls
			AC) Combat
			AD) Equipment / Powers
			The Guide
		BA) Ape Village
			BB) Mega-Gorilla
			BC) The Tower of Eternal Solitude
			BD) Return to Ape Village
		CA) Tower Base
			CB) Engine Room
			CC) Outside the Engine Room
		DA) Nukular Ant Hive
			DB) The Giant Fan
		EA) PART 2
			EB) Data Processing
			EC) The Rocket
		FA) The Space Station
			FB) Enter the Gravorians' World
			FC) The Creature Gallery
		GA) Leveling
			GB) Trophy Checklist
		HA) Closing Thoughts / Legal

AA) Introduction:

Ya'll remember that old game Gex, way back when PSX was the hot stuff?  Well
this one's kind of like that, except instead of a lizard getting sucked
into a tv, you're an actor starring himself in a cheesey Sci-Fi B-flick, with
himself as the commentator in the background the whole "movie." You run through
the levels as segments of the movie, until the movie comes to a close, and
everyone can go home.  There's a total of 3 characters, each with their own
development and "cast," which the star comments on at different parts of the
game.  The premise is that the main character crashlands on an alien planet,
only to discover that the locals are enslaved by an evil emperor, and he wants
to help of course, as any main hero does.  Events take place, things go awry,
and the player gets a plot out of all of it.  That's about it, keeping 
spoilers to a minimum.  It's not a wildly impressive game, but it was free 
for PS+ members, so well worth it, if nothing else then for the comedic 
value, cause it's pretty funny I thought.  It's a top-down platformer, so 
it takes a specific taste to really have a good time with it these days, 
but most old schoolers with a sense of humor will probably take kindly to 
a game like this.  

Yes, I know that some locations on the ToC are out of order, that's because
of the order they are visited in, and what locations they are actually part
of in the game... just follow along, it makes sense if you play it.  As is
stated in the closing section as well, there is currently NO other material
to draw from posted, so ALL of this is from scratch entirely, gathered on my
first playthrough, so if you have something that may be useful, I would very
much appreciate the information to post in here, credited to the source of
course, and the contact information to do so is listed at the bottom.

AB) Controls:
 | BUTTON    | USES                                                          |
 | Start     | Pause Menu  						     |
 | Select    | Disabled by default 					     |
 | L. Analog | Move Selected Character				             |
 | R. Analog | Aim Ranged Weapon / R3: Toggle Minimap		             |
 | D. Pad    | Up: Swap Ranged Weapon			                     |
 |	     | Down: Swap Melee Weapon					     |
 |	     | Left: Previous Power					     |
 |	     | Right: Next Power					     |
 | Circle    | Roll Direction Facing / Parry With Weapon                     |
 | Square    | Melee Attack				                     |
 | Triangle  | Use Selected Special Power				     |
 | X Button  | Jump							     |
 | Center Pad| Teleport Console Menu					     |
 | L1 Button | Air Teleport			                             |
 | L2 Button | Disabled	by default					     |
 | R1 Button | Ledge Aim				                     |
 | R2 Button | Fires Ranged Weapon					     | 

I would have included diagrams in this, as I've done in the past with other
guides, but for a game like this, there really isn't a need for them.  Just
jump up, jump up, jump up... you'll be reading that a LOT throughout this.
Games like this always remind me of Pitfall on Atari, but if you had a weapon
and jetpack as you were goin through that forest.

AC) Combat:

Combat in this game is very basic, as it is in any platformer.  You want
the bad guys to not hit you, and you want to button mash them all to
death.  When you get swarmed and feel that you can't handle the horde all
at once, just back off a bit if space allows, and switch to ranged for
a bit, and start using some of the character powers a bit more diligently
and you should make it through.  Remember that you can also jump on top of
enemies to deal damage and get away.  If timed right, you have a parry
ability that applies to ranged attacks as well, which is worth at least
putting effort into mastering as the game goes on.  The parry can also
be followed up with a kick if you attack soon enough after a successful

During ledge battles, if you find yourself getting knocked back, or hit
too much, try strafing from side to side during the battle, to dodge the
incoming attacks.  The "aim down" function will only cancel itself if 
you try to move away, so strafing can be safe, and very useful throughout
the game.  Some projectiles explode on impact, as well as some monsters,
which become more difficult to dodge, but for the most part, strafing
helps to survive the longer battles.  Also worth noting, your default
weapon will always be an upgraded ray gun for these battles, and you can
just hold down R2 instead of mashing on the button over and over.

Some ranged weapons can also be charged up, like melee weapons, so each
new weapon you get, try them out for a few seconds to get a feel for 
what each weapon can really do.

Just a tip for when you start climbing the tower itself, try just running
and jumping off of the highest points you can find, you never know what
you'll find before teleporting back up to the ledge you jumped from.
With the jetpack, you can save yourself from fall damage, and find new
things you might have missed before, or not been able to reach.

AD) Equipment and Powers:

You start the game with a simple baton, and as the game progresses, you 
get a total of 12 ranged weapons, and 12 melee weapons.  You can only
hold 2 of each at any given time, so choose which you carry in your
loadout according to what suits your style best.  Any time that you get
a new weapon, the weapon in your second appropriate slot will be swapped
for the new weapon, but you'll always keep your slot 1 choice, so keep
that in mind as you ascend the tower and hunt for new toys.  All of the
characters will share equipment and loadouts as well, so there's never
any need to worry about who needs what, the only real difference is that
the powers each person has will vary.


Dick Starspeed:

Force Push - Pushes nearby enemies aside, providing more elbow room for
	the player during those ambushes.
Landmines - Places a landmine on the ground where the character is
	standing, which explodes after a few seconds in moderate damage.
	Also is how you take out the boulders located in the tower.
Atomic Dash - Dick dashes forward for minor damage, but at a highly
	increased movement rate.

Robot Co-Pilot:
Force Push - Same as Dick's
Time vortex - Creates a bubble around the area used in which GREATLY
	slows time for about 5 seconds, which has various uses.
Chain Lightning - Creates an arc of lightning that jumps from up to,
	several different targets.  Also activates the orbs that act
	as switches located throughout the tower.

Scarlett Nova:
Shield - Creates a bubble around the area used in, in which Scarlett can
	attack from, but enemies' attacks don't enter.
Scarlett Sprint - Scarlett trails a red shadow that damages enemies,
	and increases her movement speed.  Useful for getting out of
	ambushes, and up conveyer belts.

Aeronautical Disruptor - Throws a pair of scissors at the enemy's high
	tec strings, has varying effects from instant death, to stun,
	and for some enemies, it's the only way to fight them.
	*The scissors can actually be used by any character.*

BA) The Guide:

The Ape Village:

The opening sequence is rather short, so once that is done playing, it's "BAM!
Right into the action!"... As the commentator says it.  You have control of
"Dick Starspeed" pretty quickly, so feel free to play around with the 
controls and familiarize yourself here, but if you do so, stay on the 
platform where the disabled spacecraft is, as when you head down, you'll 
be attacked almost immediately.  Bust up the crates here for some chump 
change, and head down whenever you're ready and break 3 boxes on the next
platform before going on to your first fight.  Any avid gamer knows how
these games are, and little to no tactic is really needed on mooks like
the ones you'll find between bosses, for the most part.  Just mash on the
attack button, and dodge damage where you can.  The first area has 3
standard enemies with little pistols and batons that come at you when
approached, and then there's 2 guys on turrets behind them that will shoot
at you from their stationary position behind the first wave.  Clear the
platform of bad guys to continue along the catwalk.  At the end of the
catwalk you'll find 2 more generic enemies waiting on the corners, so bait
the attack, or just knock em down, but either way, when they're both dead,
the platform will collapse on you, prompting another cheesy line from the
commentary, as well as an aerial falling section, in which you control Dick
to fall in the target, which is into a hay stack... space hay I guess.
Anyway, just swivel the left analog until he's centered on the dot, and
then you can hold O to speed up the fall.  Once landed, run off the
platform to the north to find a silver cog hidden in the bushes (more on
these items later), smash up some vases for some change west around the 
vegetation if you're into that, and then head southwest to your first of 
this game's save points.  Use the satellite thing to save your game if you 
want to, but make your way north from here to find your first dinosaur 
enemies.  The first wave of little raptor lookin guys is pretty easy, just
deal with them in the same way as the guys back upstairs, and you should be
fine.  Pink ones are babies, and the green one's are tougher, but still not 
anything to worry about yet.  Farther north, you'll find another group of
these guys, and their mother with them.  Go ahead and take them out, don't
worry about momma just yet, and pick up the ray gun just past them... NOW
you get to deal with the biggun'.  Pick up the health on the right side of
the wall as you go north, and watch the mini scene for a tip on how to take
this one down.  Watch for the AOE range coming in from the stomp, shown as 
a hollow ring, and don't step on the mines yourself cause they hurt, and
knock you back.  Guide the dinosaur into the mines with your ray gun, and
make sure it hits them, and it'll be dead in no time - 2 mines, and 4
bullets... no problem.  Remeber that you have to hold down the right
analog while shooting to aim a bit better, otherwise, he just shoots in
the general direction that he's facing.
	Head north once the dinosaur is down, and through the gate to get 
local ape welcome wagon, and find out that their village is under attack!
pick up the health nearby if you need it, or save it for later, but head
north to smash some vases on both sides of the house, and grab another 
silver cog on the right.  Head south from here to encounter your first
ape bowman, who goes down with one bullet, so no worries still.  Here, 
you'll also encounter your first heavy ape, wielding a club, and doesn't
stagger from one hit like the others.  Charge your heavy attack by holding
[], and release it on him to knock him down, and get the blue cog.  Keep
going south through the next opening in the wall and prepare for another
ambush.  Smash the vases to the west, hit the save point, and unleash hell
on the apes here, but you'll have to shoot the one standing on the stump
in the center, or jump attack on him.  Clear the area for some coins, and
keep it moving around the houses, smash the vase on the southern part of
the house for some more coins, and watch the cutscene on how Dick stashes
his horde, before moving through the archway for 3 more piles, and don't
miss the vase hidden in the southern wall past the archway.  Head north
for another ape ambush, and follow through to the next clearing for 3
vases on the left, 3 apes to the north, and 2 more vases behind the apes.
Down south, you'll hear a piece on why apes are terrible actors, as you
see an ape on the roof to the right.  Shoot that ape down and wrap
around the wall down south and eastward for some more vases.  At this
point, I won't point out the vases unless there's something of particular
interest in one - I think you get the vase idea.  Anyway, continue north
to a another ambush, and take the two ranged apes first with your gun,
when you proceed far enough north, or kill the ape on the left building,
the gate to the cage will drop, and the dinosaurs will come out to play.
Rolling is effective here, but spamming [] for a charged attack is more
useful in my opinion.  If you're having trouble, just back up out of 
range, hold [], and let off to dash forward and knock them down - It's a
bit cheesier, but it'll get you through.  With the area cleared, go west
around the back of the cage for another silver cog, and then head through
the archway that has now been opened up.  Before heading up the stairs,
head to the right to find a nice little cache in the northwest area, and
backtrack to the checkpoint, and THEN head up the stairs for a boss fight.

BB) Mega-Gorilla:

Unfortunately, right off the bat, your hero will be captured!  Fear not,
the second of the main characters is here to rescue you, so watch the mini
scene where Scarlett Nova is introduced, before taking control of her 
instead.  The controls are basically the same, since it's too early on 
for any big difference between them anyway.  She does start with a little 
shield power she can use though, which only prevents damage if she is 
within the bubble.  Leave the bubble, and you're vulnerable to damage again.
	Anyway, throughout the fight, some of those nasty white apes, 
and dinosaurs will be coming in at you on the platform, during which time 
the mega-ape will not be attacking, save for his ground pound which just 
knocks you down, so at least you get a break from his onslaught.  Take 
them out with your favorite tactic, and watch the scene with the little 
brain pod thing to release Dick from the giant hand.... yea that happened.
Anyway, at this point you should get the "Dramatic Rescuer" trophy for 
saving Dick.  Watch the scene to continue with Scarlett's story for now.
When prompted, hit the center pad, and just hit X to leave the area.

BC) The Tower of Eternal Solitude:

After the scene with the emperor ends, you'll be at the top of another
tower, in a different area.  Grab the jetpack fuel at the southeast of the
platform for a brief tutorial on her booster, and then apply that knowledge
to jump off of the ledge and not die - just hold X for a second just before
you hit the ground.  Once safely on the ground, run around the tower until
you see her ray gun in one of the corners.  It equips automatically, so
just run around the tower again until you see the red orbs in the corners.
Hug the laser walls as close as you can get, and tap R1 to aim 
vertically down the tower at the next tier, and shoot the orbs from your
prison to lower the lasers and open the path (all 4 orbs must be destroyed).
Tap R1 to aim down a ledge, use right stick to move the reticle, and tap 
R2 to shoot.  Jump down once the lasers are lowered, and you'll be attacked
now, and yes these shoot back.  You can shoot the smaller pods, or wait
for them to approach your platform and melee them, but the brain pod will
stay his distance, at least at first, so take him down quickly with the 
ray gun.  When the lasers lower, make sure to grab the health pack before
jumping down again, and make sure the next platform is below you, it is 
possible to jump into the water at this point, and die.  Down on the lowest
tier, you'll hit a checkpoint first, but then 3 energy imps will appear
from the large orbs surrounding the platform.  If you melee attack these
guys, they will shock you for low damage, but it stuns you, so use the ray
gun to safely take them out.
	Head east from there to the red bridge, and you'll have a small
window that instructs you on longer jumping.  Basically, just time your
jetpack use to get across, letting off X in the mid section briefly and
holding it again to clear the gap.  If you fall here, you get a little
commentary about the giant fish monster.  Anyway, continue on east to find
that the emperor has locked the teleporter locations (gee, who'd have thought)
and that you have to unlock them manually.  Bust up the scenery for some
change, and hit the center pad to teleport out, and go to Ape Island again
to visit with Dick.  First, talk to Dick to open the area up a bit more
and once the reel is fixed, feel free to bust up scenery, but make sure you
use the booster to get up the 4 platforms to the west of where you entered
at, to get the silver cog at the top of the 4th tier.  At this point, you
can enter the Sleep Pod to change characters, or continue using her, you
can also switch between her staff, and Dick's rod... eh?  The staff has a
slightly longer reach, and hurts more, which the rod is quicker with shorter
reach, so up to you.  If you open the teleporter here, you'll notice that 
you can now teleport to any of the satellite checkpoints that you've been
to prior as well, so backtracking is possible between checkpoints.  Woo?
Both characters at this point will have the ever popular jetpack by the
way, so don't worry about one not being able to long jump.

BD) Return to Ape Village:

At this point, just pick whichever character you liked so far, and from 
where Scarlett returned to, next to the sleep pod, just go east to find a 
bridge.  Pass the bridge for now, and head west to find a new giant crab
type enemy.  Kill him for a silver cog, and continue west, past the giant
boulder that you can't do anything about just yet, and reenter the village
proper.  The friendly ape that's waiting just past the archway can be hit
(sorry little fella!) for your first Watch.  When you collect all 5, you
will get another trophy for the collection, so for platinum hunters like
myself, this is a good idea.  The watch hording apes will also be the only
friendly apes you can attack, so no worries on true friendly fire, those
watches are needed elsewhere!  Anyway, head back to where the huge boulder
was, and this time you can head back to the bridge for a mini scene on the
huge boulder situation, or continue north for a mini boss.  When you get
to the T-Rex, he's a lot scarier than he really is, just bait out the tail
swipe, hop over it to avoid damage, and pummel his side until he turns
and tries to bit you, roll to the side to avoid the bite, pummel the leg,
and repeat as needed until he's pushin up daisies.  
	With the T-Rex dead, head east and you'll come to an enclosed
house type of thing with the gate closed on you.  To get inside you need
to use your jetpack skills, so head up to the northern edge, and inch up
to the ledge where the water is.  Jump and jetpack around clockwise to
find a patch of land where you can sit while your pack refills.  From the
land you're on, continue around clockwise to land on the lower level of
the building, and hop up onto the second level, and then just jump over
the upgrade station into the center, where the friendly ape is waiting.
Once inside, grab the silver and gold cogs, and the ape will say he's
running late, and wonders about the time... TAKE HIS WATCH!  Anyway,
when you're all done here, the gate is lowered, so head back to the
circular platform where the T-Rex was.
	Hop up onto the circular platform, and proceed to the top of the 
platform to grab the new ranged weapon - The Electric Razor!  Note that 
the bronze statues here are breakable and usually have more coins in them.  
If you head west, you'll find a dead end  with some bats circling around 
a fire, and one of those white apes hiding in the corner, so take them 
out for some extra coins if you're into it.  With the area cleared, hop
up onto the right side of the ape face statue, and then onto the top of
the head using the jetpack.  From the top of the head, jetpack westward
and around the corner there for another blue cog, and stand in the red-
rimmed square to open the cell below for another gold cog!.  From here, 
mosey on east and find a similar situation, only over here, there's an 
ape up on a platform that you can boost to, and an opening in the wall 
where 4 apes will slowly exit from.  Up the mid section some more you'll 
find Dick's first power, Force Push... cause he's a Jedi now I guess.  
The friendly ape will warn you of the tower ahead, which you'll ignore 
of course, and continue up to find a teleporter pad, checkpoint, and 
sleep pod.  East of there you can find a nice opportunity for another 
trophy, if you use O to reflect each of the apes' ranged attacks, you 
can unlock the "Collateral Damage" trophy early on - it only takes 3 
-KILLS- so this is an easy target.
	Farther north of the mini maze, is the first flame trap you
encounter.  At this trap, yeti lookin things that like to throw stones
come out of the exits, and bats circle around, which is perfect for
the "Pyro-Shephard" trophy.  Just get 10 enemies to walk into the flame
jet, or turn the trap to the enemy if they just stand around.  Either
way, easy trophy.  Continue east to find a couple more shooting apes
in another mini maze, along with an adrenaline boost by a big block.
Adrenaline boosts will increase your damage, and decrease damage taken
for a short time.  Head up the ramp on your left to grab a health pack
after taking out a couple new plant type enemies, but mind the hole
in the wall in the back, a giant worm that you can't do anything with
will pop out periodically.  
	As you head up the next platform, you'll see another new mob,
complete with its own commentary.  These aren't anything to worry
about, they just have a tentacle slap, and an ink spit, but the ink
will deal continuous damage if you stand where it lands.  Keep goin
up to the next tier, and clear out the enemies found here on both
sides, for a blue cog, and to open the stairs that lead to the tower
entrance checkpoint.  Grab the blue icon on the platform here for a 
brief tutorial on air teleporting (L1 in the air), and follow the 
little display for another silver cog, and try to do so before the 
mobs heading out of the exit to the east make it to you, or just do 
it after, but don't set yourself up for a free ambush.  Clear the 
doorway and head in for another great chance for your pyro trophy
if you didn't get it before, and clear them out for another blue cog
before going east and around the corner.  Here you'll find a few of
those giant worms, and a scene where you have to shoot down the
edge again, but it's ants this time, so take them out at both
points where they climb, but be quick about leaving the ledge when
the last one is dead, cause you got apes coming in from the west.
If you get knocked off from the apes' jump attack, hit the L1
button to quickly get back up.  You'll also get a brief tutorial
on counter attacks, which have another trophy when you can get 20
of those landed.  
	From the eastern corner of the platform, if you look at the
minimap you'll see a shaded peninsula, and looking down is a silver
cog waiting to be taken.  You can jump down here safely in the same
fashion you escaped the prison tower with Scarlett, so do that.
Once you have the cog, backtrack west along the base of the tower
to find another silver cog up on the rocks, and keep going west to
find a blue cog bordering some lava... don't touch the lava, but,
if you jump across the lava, you can grab another gold cog, then
keep it moving west to find an elevator that will take you back up
to the area you jumped off of to set all that in motion at the
bottom to get the cogs.  Anyway, head around the next corner and 
up the first set of stairs, to aim off the ledge at the plant that's 
waiting to ambush you.  When the plant is dead, grab the cog here, 
and backtrack around the stairs, carefully, and then to the top of 
the stairs for another checkpoint, and your first upgrade menu.
Eventually, you'll want to get 3 melee weapons, and 3 ranged for
another trophy as you go, but for now, just pick your favorites of
whichever to upgrade, as you're limited.  Notice that you need those
cogs you've been gathering for the upgrades, as well as cash, so you
want to gather as much as you can of every cog for as many upgrades
as you can get.  The upgrades tell you on the right what is added,
but functionally, it just means higher damage, while some have a
slightly increased reach, speed, whatever.  For now, with no golds,
just upgrade the baton, unless you're good without, and move on.

CA) The Tower Base:

	Continue west to find a couple more friendly apes hangin
around, but go up the ramp for another blue cog, and continue west
again.  Come around the bend, and you'll find part of another of 
the cast of the game - the robot co-pilot.  Keep going and you'll
come to a wheel in the way, so jump up the wheel, but watch the out
for the plant in the mid section... just bait out the attack to 
proceed after in safety, or hop over it.  From the side of the 
wheel, inch up to the edge and look down to find a target way down
next to the water.  Shoot the target to fill some of the required
points toward another trophy.  Anyway, further up you'll find a
new plant type enemy that breaks into pieces before staying down,
so don't be fooled when you see parts of it fall off and die, there
are multiple sections of it to be killed.  Once you kill the plant
overlooking the edge, wait by the wheel to find a red switch
somewhere on it.  Stand on the switch to lower the gate around the
silver cog, jump back up and grab it, and then continue east
around the tower base.  Carefully dodge the flame trap in the
corner and go around the elevator for another plant monster and a
little cache before stepping onto the elevator.  Attack the switch
once you're on, and at the top there's another checkpoint, and
an upgrade terminal.  On the blue platform you'll find another new
ranged weapon, the Tesla Gun, but you can only have two of either
type of weapon at any given time.  To change your loadout, go east
to the green terminal - the Armory - and it will pull up the menu
for your current equipment.  Back at the blue platform, look over
the edge and you'll find another silver cog down there, so use
the air teleporter trick to grab that and get back up safely.  Now,
continue around the corner there's gonna be a worm, and a spinning
wheel with 4 plant monsters on it.  From behind the worm, shoot
all 4 of the plant monsters as they appear, jump to the wheel 
between worm attacks, grab the cog in the center of the wheel, and
continue east along the building, dodging another worm that comes
out towards the end.
	Around that corner you'll find the first red console, which
is used to see your trophies in game, and level up your character.
See the appropriate appendix for more info on leveling.  Note that
if you scoot to the edge by these consoles and friendly ape, you 
can shoot some flashing lights down the side of the tower, which
open the doors behind you where the gates are.  When you're done 
with your character, continue east up the tower by hitting the
lever on the elevator.  It gets pretty dark here, so if you can't
see very well, just hug the wall in front of you and go east from
there to the side of the tower that you can see, and keep going.
A barricade will come from the tower wall, and you'll be faced
with two of those brain pods coming up the tower side, so try to
get them first by shooting down the side before they get up to
you.  Continue around, minding those two big worm holes, and
from between the holes, shoot the beholder lookin thing (giant
floating eyeball) that's floating to you before crossing the
second worm hole.  On the next platform, you'll be prompted with
another edge shooting battle, but with beholders that try to
kamikaze ambush you from beneath, so take them out as quickly
as you can, and remember to L1 air teleport if you get knocked
down.  If the enemies reach your platform, you can [] them to
death with melee as well.  Head north when the area is clear 
and aim down the bridge when prompted, though this time it's
just the one brain pod.  East of there is another elevator, as
always, activated by attacking the level attached to it.  As
the elevator goes up, you'll be prompted with another shooting
warning, so aim down the edge of the elevator, and blast the
beholders from the moving elevator, and be sure to clear them
before moving north when the elevator stops.  Pass the pipe
around the corner for a mini scene that shows new lizard type
enemies, and you'll be flanked by little acid spitting plant
things.  Clear the area, and head west for a checkpoint
before heading up the ramp for another mini scene.  You'll
be prompted to shoot down the side, this time at some new
pterodactyl enemies that shoot fire for some reason, but way
at the bottom level, notice some targets.  Shoot the targets
while you're at it to get some points towards another of
those trophies you know you want.  Head up the ramp to the
door to enter the tower finally.

CB) Engine Room:

First, continue along the path to the blue platform and get
a new melee weapon - the Morning Star.  Then head over to
the armory station to equip it if you want, it's slow, but
a step up from what you got right now.  Continue west through
the corridor and talk to the two friendly apes you find there
next to the upgrade station, use the station if you want to
and go up the ramp to exit the engine room.  from the exit,
grab the goodies, and continue west to clear out an ambush
of mixed enemies.  Once the ambush is clear, there's a prompt
to take down a couple enemies coming up the wall, so take out
the two brain pods, but wait... what are those rings you see
way down on the right side?  Why that's another achievement
for you to collect.  Jump off the edge to initiate another
free falling scene like the one at the beginning, and make
sure you have your character go through the hoops to gain
points towards that achievement.  Hit L1 before hitting the
ground to avoid damage, and get back up to the ledge once
you have the rings.  Continue west now, and clear another
ambush to find a sleep pod if you feel like changing to
the other character at this point, or just keep going west
up the ramp to continue.  At the top of the ramp, you'll get
the Landmines power for Dick, which there's another trophy
for killing a certain number of enemies with, so be sure to
give them a shot at least every now and then.
	With landmines in hand, blow up both of the whoopee
cushion boulders, to expose another set of rings, which
you can't get to just yet, and a switch that lowers the 
gold ring up on the platform for you.  Now that the gates
all lowered, you can try for those rings; there's 5 total,
and you probably won't get all of them your first try, but
the teleports are free, so just keep trying until you have
them.  Now that you can see the corners of the dome above
those rings, you need to get to the opposite corners, so
jetpack around the statues along the way to just barely
reach them, and get to the side that'll be on the other end
of that gate where the switch was.  Notice the target you
land on in one of the corners, that'll come into play a
bit later on, since you can't shoot the ground.  Once you
get by the gate again, do the same thing with the second
dome.  Head back east to hit the checkpoint if you want.


DA) Nukular Ant Hive:

Teleport back to Ape Village South, and head east along the bridge.
Now that you have the mines, you can take out the boulder blocking the
end of the bridge and head in to wreak havoc on the ants that have
been pestering you this whole level.  Grab the flamethrower that's
immediately inside the entrance, and head south first to get the blue
cog waiting along the water.  Continue that path and head north to
open the checkpoint for this area, then back southeast to continue
through to find the co-pilot's body and a cutscene where you will be
captured again.  When you get control again, clear the ants in the
area (use the Time Vortex power if you need to) and head south to
grab a health pack if you need it, and continue east to grab a silver
cog waiting around the bend.  Continue east to a massive ambush, so
make the flamethrower your best friend, backtracking as needed to
refresh your energy, and ground pounding isn't a bad idea when they
group up either (jump + melee attack).  Further east is what appears
to be a toxic waste dump, where you'll encounter toxic slime that lob
toxic waste at you, so close the distance and lay into them before
they can cause too much damage.  The slimes will also hurt you if
you're in contact, so just light 'em up with the flamethrower at
arm's reach.  Once they're both dead, grab the health pack if you
need it, head southeast for a checkpoint, and northwest for an
armory, and upgrade station if you want to use them.  Head all the 
way around the base of the factory to grab the silver cog at the
other end, then backtrack to where you saw the elevator and take it
up.  Once at the top, watch the cutscene with the queen still
harassing your character.  BOSS FIGHT!
	The queen will mostly just sit around spitting acid at you,
while her cohorts climb up the wall and bite at you, so the whole
deal is, they're gonna be like ants, and try to swarm you.  Don't
bother aiming down the side and shooting the approaching ants, it's
just a distraction cause they keep coming anyway, and it sets up
your rear for a nice ambush.  Keep the queen in sight, and either
run around the spinning flame tower, or jump over/around the ant
pile to group them all up, and torch the hell out of them.  Rinse
and repeat as needed, simple as that.  If you happen to fall off,
you don't get a chance to teleport back, it just shoots you back
to the blue platform at the beginning by default, but you lose a
small amount of HP every time, so don't do that.  With her dead
and your character back, you have your team assembled, so you're
done here.

CC) Outside the Engine Room:

	Teleport to the engine room location on the map, and head up
from there.  Once back outside, head south this time, and use the mines
to blow up the two boulders, and continue east along the bridge.  At
the giant fist trap, wait for the fist to be retracting and roll through
to make it across, and continue along the path to the area between the
two plant monsters, and jump off to collect those rings we saw earlier.
Air teleport back up and keep goin, jump over the logs, and take out the
enemy that's pushing the logs down at you.  On this bridge, you can jump 
down under the bridge to a lower part and head inward, toward the tower, 
to a conveyer belt, where you have to time a jump to where you're barely
over the ground, and jetpack across the belt for another gold cog.  With 
the robot you can just slow time to make getting that much easier though.
With that business taken care of, go east just a few steps, and you'll be 
prompted to shoot down again - DON'T.  There are beholders that kamikaze 
you from the side if you do, so take them out first, and THEN shoot down 
the pterodactyls coming up 'atcha.  Head through the next fist trap, to 
be ambushed by lizard men, and white apes, but clear them out to get 
another blue cog, and continue through the next fist trap to find an ape 
shooting you from a platform behind you, so shoot him down and hop on up 
there.  At that platform, you have a nice vantage point to shoot down the 
two approaching lizard men trying to ambush you from the east side, so 
take them out from there before hopping onto the rotating platform to the
east.  Once across, you'll have another ledge prompt, and ambush, so take
care of that in the same way as you did the last time, though this one
adds in some slime monsters that come from the pips next to you.  Keep 
moving east along the path to another rotating platform with a similar
setup as the last one, and continue around to some flame traps.  Take out
the ape on the inner ledge, and just keep going around.  At the top, you
can grab the "Space Shiv" melee weapon, change your loadout, hit the
checkpoint, and upgrade equipment.  Note that once you obtain the space
shiv, at any point you can return to the temple entrance to where you
fought the T-Rex, and kill it with that melee weapon ONLY for another
trophy, and level.
	Head up behind the sleep pod, fight your way up to the bend.
From around the bend, more of those flaming logs will come down, but
at least they hurt the enemies here as well as you, so basically if you
just focus on not getting hit by the logs, the logs will do the rest!
At the log pile, hop over and smack those 2 losers dropping the logs at
you around to have that come to a stop, then head up the elevator found
just past them.  At the top you'll find yourself in an actual maze this
time, but no worries, it's really not so bad.  Go around to the west
perimeter of the platform, kill the 3 mooks there, head south for some
health if you need it, and then north again.  Go north past the sleep
pod, and jump off north to get that silver cog we saw earlier on top of
the cage, teleport back up, and then jump off the ledge north again, but
jetpack at the highest point you can, hugging the north side of the
raised platform to get that silver cog.  Head around to the next bend
to kill 3 more mooks, and go west for a blue cog behind a beholder.  
East from there and make sure to clear the area for another blue cog, 
before heading east.  As you approach the elevator, another of those
toxic slime things will fall down on the platform and attack, but from
experiences back with the ants, this shouldn't be a problem for you.
Head up the elevator when that's all cleared out, and at the top of
that area, the screen will start to "smudge" due to what they say in
the commentary.  It doesn't hurt you much, it's just kinda distracting,
so beat the apes into submission and continue east and up the ramp
to reach the next "leveling station," sleep pod, etc..., and be sure
to grab the blue cog on the western side of the platform.  

DB) The Giant Fan:

	If you go east to the giant fan, you'll be prompted to use the
Time Vortex powerup, so go back to the sleep pod, and change to the co-
pilot robot to get that, and go back with it.  Use the power, and head
through now.  Make sure you get the fan inside the bubble or it won't
count.  Come around the corner here over the bridge, and you'll face
a mini boss fight with two bigger robots.  All these guys do is float
up and summon white apes continuously, so just ignore the white apes
as best you can, run to the opposite side to avoid the apes, and hit
robots at the chances where they are back on the ground again, simple
as that.  Ignore the silver cog for now, and head up the elevator to
get some extra height before trying to land on that cog.  There won't
be time to use the air teleport, so try to get it the first jump or
you'll be here for a bit, use the jetpack if you need to.  Finish
going up the elevator when it returns again, and hug the right ledge 
to lean over and shoot another target further down the tower.  Head
around the blocks, to the other side of the platform, and use the
smaller block there to get up onto the bigger block in the center of
the platform, go across the makeshift bridge, and jump onto the spiral
snake platform.  Ride that up and about half way, you'll be able to
shoot some rising pterodactyls headed up at you.  As you shoot the
pterodactyls, notice that there's a target for you to shoot on the 
inside serpent too, make sure to get that for your trophy.  From the
top where the platform stops, you can jump down for 3 more of those
hoops needed, but when you use the air teleport, it will take you to
the bottom where the platform first started raising.  Finish gettin
the hoops, and jump down to the right side to step in the blue pad
on the ground there, which will take you all the way back up the
tower that the spiral platform was crawling up.
	From the top, head around the dome to find a sleep pod, which
unlocks the doorway next to the checkpoint, and head on in.  Once
inside, watch the mini scene, and head up as fast as you can, but
mind the giant ape to your left, cause he's gonna pound the bridge
you're on, causing it to fall behind you.  If you fall from, the 
purple net thing that rises with the ape will cause you to teleport
to a slightly further point on the bridge, at the cost of a small
portion of health, and a large portion of your pride, so don't do
that.  At the top of the first spiral, you'll come to a small cache
of coins in front of an elevator - DON'T STOP, run straight into the
elevator and go up for the next section, which has white apes that
try to knock you off along this next spiral.  You'll also notice 
some rings to the side of the bridge, but just ignore those til you
finish up with DK on this section.  Keep going up the spiral and
you'll find some beholders that are barely on the screen, so make
sure to keep an eye out for them and shoot them from a safe distance
so the explosion doesn't knock you off.  Keep heading up the spiral
to come to some plant monsters and just keep goin, don't stop to
entertain them.
	At the top of the next platform is where you'll finally be
fighting mega gorilla, surrounded by some lava.  He'll start to hit
the ground with his fist, which you can either shoot or melee hit,
but watch for the AOE ring that his fist makes, cause it'll knock
you down, and deal moderate damage.  Eventually, he starts to call
out to his ape brothers, and some white apes with clubs, yea the
annoying ones, will enter the arena, so now you have to kill those,
while dodging the fists, so use any dirty trick you got if you want
and remember that the fists will also hurt the white apes.  Every
now and then, mega gorilla gets mad at you, and flails with both
hands at once, which I found was highly advertised, but the problem
was location.  The sides of the arena usually are safe from this,
but getting to them was not, and it shows in the targets where he
will be attacking still, so it's fairly easy to dodge.  Once you
deal enough damage, the gorilla will lose his grip, smack you off
the platform with him, and initiate a free falling battle.  Just
shoot the pterodactyls that try to get in your way, and shoot the
gorilla in the head.  Once DK hits the ground, you'll get another
trophy, and from the belly of the beast, you can teleport back up
to the Gorilla's Lava Playground, to continue up the tower.
	From where you teleport in at, go to the right edge of the
platform and aim down to find those rings previously ignored.  Now
that there's no giant gorilla trying to kill you, you can safely get
those 3, which if you're following along should put you at 18.  Once
you're done here, head to the western portion of the playground, and
head up the elevator and head west before going up the ramp for one
of those elusive silver cogs.  Backtrack to the top of the elevator
and go up the ramp now, and head up to the top to find another set
of rings for you to hoopster through.  When you get all of the hoops
here, head west onto the next platform to initiate PART 2!

EA) Part 2 (Revenge of the Part?):

	Keep heading west onto the platform to initiate another scene
in which a new villain is introduced.  Head west up the ramps to grab a
new melee weapon - Bronze Scimitar, and run up the platform in front of
you if you want a better glimpse at what those two were talking about,
but head east off the platform when you're done.  Head up the cage to
start a boss fight with said mechameleon, and don't stop running east.
Use the sleep pod if you want, and grab the health pack if you need, but
keep goin east when you're done.  Notice the rings below the path as you
run along, but don't worry about those just yet.  On the next platform,
the green barrels here will explode if you hit them, so don't try to 
melee them.  As you approach the second barrel, an ambush of little
pods will pop out of the ground and start shooting, so use the barrels
now with some kind of ranged weapon to destroy multiple of the pods at
once, and when the area is cleared, you can access an upgrade station
and armory to the north, so swap back weapons if you don't like the 
scimitar, and keep headed east.  I kept the scimitar cause it has
decent everything, kinda like a general upgrade to the baton, but no
electricity attack... and it's fun to "go medieval on their posteriors."
Anyway, go east and take out the brain pod when prompted to aim down,
and once it's clear, you can get those rings we saw earlier finally.
Note that once you return to the platform, you will be attacked again
by another brain pod, so take him out too, and head up the ramp again.
With the ramp clear for now, aim down the inside (northern) of the
walkway to spot a gold cog.  Jump down the inside and jetpack to the
platform that has the blue pad on the ground, and you can walk over
to the gold cog and a couple of smashables for more money too.  When
you finish up down here, head over to the blue pad to be taken back
up to where you jumped down from, and head farther up the ramp.
You'll come to a scene with some robots in domes, but before entering
that arena, jump off toward the tower and jetpack across for another
blue cog.  Jump back and head in where an ambush is waiting, with a
new type of enemy.  You'll have those two robots in the domes, who
clearly mean business, two of those electric imps you saw back at the
tower of eternity, and some sword wielding mooks.  My ray gun was my
best friend for this fight, since everything except the sword guys
has range and shocks you, but handle it however works best for you.
With the area clear, the northern path will open for you to collect
the Machine Raygun, and use another checkpoint.  The machine raygun
doesn't charge like the ray gun does, it just shoots VERY quickly...
who'd have guessed... anyway, both east and west lead to dead ends,
so instead head back south and then east for another ledge battle
with a brain pod.  Keep it moving east and up the ramp, for a larger
ledge battle with a pile of mini saucers this time.  Once that is
taken care of, just head east and into the door to get to the next

EB) Data Processing:

	Go the only route available at the moment, and at the junction
go west to grab the Electric Whip melee weapon, which will lock you in
the small area for a chance to flail it about clumsily, cause Dick
definitely can't use a whip properly.  Anyway, with that area clear,
go east now to take out those fly guys for a blue cog, and hit the 
next checkpoint.  Keep moving up the spiral ramp, and you'll come to 
Dick's next power, the Atomic Dash!  Use the upgrade station or armory 
here if you want, I couldn't stand that stupid whip, so I did.  When
you're done here exit north to the exterior where the stop-motion
mechameleon will start its ascent up the tower.  Start runnin the
opposite direction, which is up, for some more comments on the beast,
and run into an ambush.  Take out the ambush and grab the health here
cause you won't be running down to get it later, and head up the ramp.
At the top of that ramp, you'll showdown with two more robots, who
are accompanied by two turrets.  Take down the constructs, grab the
cog in the center, and keep goin east up the next ramp.  At the base
of the ramp, you can aim down to find another target before heading
up if you're lookin for trophies.  At the top of the ramp on the inner
(north) side you can see a silver cog down under the platform.  Jump
down to get that, and from there run west along the path to come back
to where the first ambush was, and run back up from there.  When back
at the top, you'll see another sleep pod if you're interested, but
the area east of there will lock you in for another ambush with some
will just rotate pummeling you to death with no escape except counter
attacks.  Bait the dogs into charging into a wall or something, and
while they're recovering, lay waste, and mind the turrets lining the
borders of the arena, they'll get annoying and can be destroyed as
well.  When you get the dogs under control, a tank comes out of the
dome on the right, and these guys aren't as easy as most of the
enemies so far.  You have to get behind them, and hit the red light
on the backs to hurt them, and they're weak to shock damage if you
have something with that.  With the first one down, the second in
the northern dome with hobble out too, so take him down the same way.
	With that arena clear, head northeast and grab the health
pack waiting before heading east to some toxic barrels.  Farther
east you'll get another power for Scarlett, the Scarlett Sprint, as
an ambush comes out from the doors you just passed.  Take these guys
out with your favorite tactic, and give that sprint a shot if you
want, it's kinda cool as it makes her start trailing a red shadow
and hurts anything she runs into.  Hit the checkpoint, and head south
from there when you're done cleaning up, and you'll come to another
of those conveyer belts, only this time, you can use her new power
to just run across - teleport back with L1 if you run straight off
the other end - and head north to do the same thing.  You'll come
to another cage elevator that prompts you for another ledge battle,
but the ledge to shoot down isn't until after the elevator stops, so
don't let it fool you.  Clear out the pods there, and go east and
up the ramp.  At the top, if you go east there's a few enemies to
smack around, but if you go west to where the little lizards are, aim
down the ledge to find another target to shoot.  Clear out the
enemies along the rock face for a blue cog, and keep going around to
a sleep pod if you wanna change characters to Scarlett, and hop up
the moving platforms, use the jetpack to stall if you're having
trouble getting up.  At the top, head south to a conveyer and make
use of her dash power again to get through for another silver cog,
and head back down if you wanna change characters again.  Back at
the top where the checkpoint was, go the other way this time to an
armory, and past there you'll find another ranged weapon - the
Laser Gun.  Keep going east to an upgrade station and use that if
you got spare cogs at the moment.  At this point is where I got my
"Bigger Sticks" trophy, but if you focus on either weapon type, you
can get it sooner.  
	At the top of the ramp, you'll be locked in for another
arena fight on an elevator.  As the elevator goes up, keep an eye 
out for a target off to the side in the rafter.  Some of those monster
spawning robots will appear, and spawn beholders into the arena,
so take them out as quick as you can, before you get swarmed with
kamikaze monsters.  Once the platform reaches the top, and you
have the area clear, you're free to get the target, and look around
for some rings we'll come back to later.  Head east up the next ramp
for a checkpoint, and a blue cog, and continue up the ramp around to
another of those orbs that houses an electric imp.  Kill the imp and
aim down next to the east side of the orb to see another set of rings
to hoopster through, so do that real quick.  Keep goin up the ramp to
an empty pod, and aim down across from the console to spot the set of
rings that you saw on the elevator - now you can jump off to get them.
When you've gotten all the rings, hop across onto the pod for it to
start moving up.  As the pod reaches its highest point, jump north
onto another ferris wheel type thing, and then north onto the big
platform, but be ready for another ledge battle with a new type of
bigger pod.  Take all those pods out, and strafe around counter
clockwise, shooting down all the pods as they're prompted by the space
invader icon.  Grab the cog by the last ledge battle, and continue
south there to a checkpoint.

EC) The Rocket:

	With the rocket checkpoint activated, head back to the last dome
platform, and take out the 4 ledge battles again, which will unlock the 
2 side areas that lead north and south off of the main platform.  When
you approach the green lasers, 5 pods will drop on your head, so kill
them to unlock the path, to continue.  Hop onto the pod at the end of
the ramp to get to another large platform with a sleep pod on the left
side.  Hit the checkpoint on the right, and head north for another scene
with the emperor, and once he leaves, drop down from where his throne
was to grab a blue cog, visit another red station, and hop onto the pod
to be taken all the way up to another friendly ape, and a health pack.
Listen to the ape, and follow the road up, but don't let the mechameleon
smack you off when you start running.  At the end is one of those memory
game lookin things, and guess what?... It's a memory game, so watch the
prompts, and hit them accordingly - mine was light blue, dark blue,
purple, then pink, but I haven't confirmed if this is random from game
to game yet.  Hit the wrong light, and it'll show you the correct one
again, so do it til you get it right, and head up.  At the end of the
next path, you have to kill all of the enemies to unlock the green door
to the north, so do that, hopefully before the mechameleon gets there, 
but if not, just try to dodge his saw blades as best you can using O.
Head up the next elevator when you get that unlocked, and head west to
clear the enemies there, before backtracking east and continue along
the path again.  Clear the enemies at the end of the path again to
open the elevator, and be sure to grab the blue cog before going up.
Go east for a health pack if you need it, before going west to a
section of the bridge that likes to disappear.  Wait for it to be solid
before crossing, and use your jetpack about half way to make sure you
clear it to the other side, where another set of enemies is waiting.
Pass the sleep pod, or use it if you want to, and there's another
blinking bridge, so cross it in the same way - Note: you can actually
clear the gap without using the bridge if you time your jetpack jump
correctly. - and clear the next set of enemies for another blue cog.
Keep going west to a cage elevator, and ride that up.  Exit east and
since the chameleon starts almost right next to you, use the toxic
barrels to stagger him for a second while you clear the area.  Head
east from there to another memory game pad, and get that right to go
up again.  Mine was dark blue, light blue, purple, dark blue, to pink.
Exit east to clear more enemies, tougher robot enemies included here,
grab the health pack if you need it, and then up the elevator again.
Farther east you'll find an armory, and an upgrade station along the
path, so yay, you can change out that stupid laser gun finally!  Go
east from the upgrade station to find a ramp going up with another of
those blinking bridges, so head that way.  The bridges will stay as
you make your way across, but disappear once on the next platform,
which is where you'll fight mechameleon.
	Mechameleon will start off by playing air hockey on the 
platform with his saw blades, so just jump over them as they come.
Watch for the tail smack which has an AOE effect that will hurt, and
next he opens his mouth to expose a glowing orb that shoots smaller
glowing orbs at you - this is his weak spot.  You can use O to 
reflect the projectiles, or you can just dodge and then shoot back
at him, whichever works.  After enough damage, he'll do more passes
with the saws over the platform, and another tail will smack the
ground, so there's two AOEs to hop over.  Once the lizard has taken
enough damage, he'll lose his grip on the platform like the gorilla
before him, and you'll be on another free falling section, where you
have to shoot the orb in his stomach as you fall.  Once you hit the
ground, you'll get the "Fell For It!" trophy, and a new path will be
open, as the lizard's body makes an entrance for you.
	Head west from where you land for a commentary on the dino-
dome, and grab the Rocket Launcher you find there.  South from there
you can find an armory, and an upgrade station, but more importantly,
you can kill another ape for some new jewelry.  Hit the checkpoint
and head in, and get yourself swarmed with smaller dinosaurs.  Right
now is a good opportunity to get the "Show Me Your Moves!" trophy, or
at least get some points towards it, cause the dinosaurs here are
fairly slow.  Watch the heads of the dinosaurs when you get up close,
and time hitting O to parry their attacks to get the points.  At the
end of the first wave, I had 17/20 points towards it already.  Once
the area is clear, keep moving west to get ambushed again, and get
the rest of the points for the trophy, and then wipe them out in
whatever fashion you prefer.  When you hit the green fencing, you'll
have to clear out the white apes to continue, so do that, and then
proceed through the linear path until you come to another ambush.
By now, you should have upgraded a melee weapon to be strong enough
to just mow through these guys with little effort, but if not, try
using some powers to help make this a bit easier, and use the
landmine power when you get enough of the tiny pink dinosaurs on you
to get 3 kills with one, for the "Explosive Efficiency" trophy.  As
you clear the area, keep going west to find two of those giant
dinosaurs you saw way back at the beginning of the game, which by
now should be no problem... they just slam their heads into the
ground for an AOE attack, not a big deal.  Behind the two big guys
is another silver cog, so grab that and watch the cutscene that
	Head through past the two giant dinosaurs to another
checkpoint, and a commentary about not breaking eggs... so let's do
that.  The eggs are found in the round arena where the checkpoint is
already in, and are identified on the mini map as red circles, so go
ahead and smash em all, killing any dinosaurs that try to stop you.
once you have the circle cleared of eggs, head north to find the last
two, and with the last egg, you'll have the "...to Make an Omelet"
trophy.  Watch the mini scene that follows, head back to hit the
checkpoint, and make for that giant tube that just lowered itself.
At the top of the tube, you'll get the Chain Lightning power for
the robot, who is automatically swapped to the field.  Use the new
power to charge the 4 orbs in the platform, and finally find out
how to activate the orbs we've seen around the tower!  Before going
back to the rocket though, go to the temple foundation instead, and
make your way back to the bottom of the island where the lava pit
was found.  On the eastern side of the bottom, you'll find a cage
with a gold cog hidden inside, and two of those orbs you can now
unlock, so go ahead and charge those up to get the cog inside.  Now
that you have the gold cog, you can head up to the Rocket.

FA) The Space Station:

	Use the robot's new power to charge the rocket and blast off
to the next area.  Once there, you can use the sleep pod to swap out
Scarlett, head west over the conveyer (it takes 2 dashes), and grab
another gold cog.  Use the sleep pod again if you want, I did, and
this time go east to start PART 3!  Cross over the bridge in front of
you for another mini scene with Scarlett, after which, you'll be
ambushed on the platform and prompted for a ledge battle.  Keep an eye
out during the ledge battle for some more rings to hoop through, and
once the platform is clear, go ahead and grab those, which should be
42 at this point.  Head southeast to the next bridge and around the
corner  to get to a door, which you should enter.  Inside you'll get
a scene with the robot this time, and at the end of it is an ambush,
with another perfect opportunity for the trophy with the landmines if
you didn't get it earlier.  Clear out this arena for 3 more blue cogs
before heading up the tube to find the Frog Gun!  Grab the health on
the right, and head around the catwalk for another mini scene with
the robot again, hit the checkpoint on the right side, and exit out
the left.
	From the exit, step on the red circle on the dome to lower
the spikes on the lower platform, then drop down on the left side to
get a silver and blue cog inside the small observation room under the
ramps.  Head back out and go east for a health pack if you need it,
but make your way up the ramp and up the tube, for a scene with
Scarlett, introducing you to the atomic monkey army.  Fend them off
when you get control again, but watch out cause they explode when
they die.  Make your way counter clockwise to a ledge battle, where
you can find another target on the left, and the another ledge battle
just past that one, with some guys shooting you to the right.  Just
past the men shooting you is a sleep pod, an upgrade station, and an
armory, along with a locked door just across from them.  Using the
upgrade station here, I was able to get the "With Guns Blazing!"
trophy now, and again, you could get this sooner if you focused your
gold cogs differently.  Anyway, continue east to come to a health
pack and a checkpoint, which closes the circle.  Once the enemies
exit from the north, clear them out to be prompted for a ledge fight
and clear them out, which will prompt another one to the west.  At
this ledge battle, you can find another target, which will allow the
"Good Shot" trophy at this point.
	Use the sleep pod to swap to the robot and use his power to
open the red gate across, and swap back if you want, then head up
the now open path.  As you make your way up the stairs, you'll be
introduced to new enemies - the invisible men - with their own short
commentary.  At the top of the stairs, head east to find a silver
cog around a couple of well hidden barricades, so just go to
opposite ends of the catwalk to get around them, and watch for the
invisible man waiting to ambush you.  Head west from there and up
and over the raised platform to get to a checkpoint.  The area west
of here is a dead end for now, so get back to the raised platform
and hop onto the red walkway, but watch out for the asteroids that
flow through, they hurt.  On the northern side of the path, you can
aim over the side to find those 3 hoops we saw earlier, and hop down
to get them, but you have to jetpack a bit backward so that you're
under the asteroid belt.  Once you have those, follow through the
belt, dodging the rocks, to the SECOND pod that you find below the
belt.  Drop down onto the pod to get a gold cog, and teleport back
to the Tractor Beam checkpoint, and follow through again to the
first pod this time.  The pod will bring you up to where you saw
back in the scene, so head up the stairs for another checkpoint,
an Energy Sword melee weapon, and beat up the enemies here for one
of those blue cogs.  Farther left of the sword location is a silver
cog, so grab that, keep going west around the dish, and pick up a
film reel there, and then use the checkpoint and step on the red
button on the platform there.  
	From here, teleport back to the Tractor Beam checkpoint, 
and head back up the stairs, this time going west where it was a 
dead end before.  At the top of the stairs you'll be prompted for
a ledge battle, but take out the atomic monkey before aiming down
at the beholders.  When they're clear, head east for a health pack
if you need it, and keep going around the dome to find a ramp that
leads to a tube, so go up the tube.  At the top of the tube you'll
get a mini scene introducing new enemies, and when you get control
again, head west to get that blue cog you just saw in the scene.
With the area clear, you can go east for a sleep pod if you want,
or just hit the checkpoint and use the red terminal to level up.
Across from the checkpoint is a couple of pods, one has an upgrade
station, and the other has an armory, so put those to use if you
feel like it, and step on the blue teleporter pad when you're all
set here.  
	Head back to where the blue cog was, and this time, go
across the bridge here to the west to find some empty robots.  To
get them to activate, use the shock gun (Tesla's Dream when you
upgrade it), and they'll power up.  These guys are basically just
giant metal dreidels, but you have to hit the red eye part of them
to do any damage, so just keep dodging and shooting that when
you have an opening.  After the first one dies, 5 white apes will 
be dropped down via giant tube, so go kill them before tackling
another robot.  After the second robot, there will be a ledge 
battle prompt, so again, take care of that before ... 2 robots
this time!  Keep strafing left along the edge to avoid the dreidel
monsters' wrath, and when the pods are all dead, take out the
remaining 2 robots.
	With everything on the platform taken out, you can now
go southwest and up the ramp, finally, to the upper level.  Hit
the checkpoint here, and make your way back over the bridge,
to go up the stairs that have recently appeared over the sleep
pod area.  At the top of the stairs you can grab the Radio Wave
Gun just east of the stairs, before tackling the ambush.  The
mini boss here isn't impressive, he just kicks around and hits
the ground for an AOE attack, so take out the little guys first
to free up some elbow room to take him down in.  If you go
around the center far enough, you'll notice a second giant,
which can be taken out even easier than the first if you use
the center of the platform for some cover, and just charge up
the wave gun from a distance, his AOE won't even reach you if
you do it this way.  Finish clearing the area to lower the shield
around the button on the floor, step on it, and then head back
across to where the sealed tube was to go up that now.
	As you go up the tube, noticed the beholders that start
chasing you, so get to a ledge ASAP and take them out before
they can get up to you.  Past the sleep pod there, is ramp up
that you wanna take up to the next level where you'll meet a
new enemy type, which looks kinda like an arcade game shooting
lasers at you.  If you're using the Energy Sword, you can deflect
the projectiles back at them by attacking them by the way.  Once
the first area is cleared out, make your way around the corner
to be trapped in with some weird caterpillar lizard things.  This
enemy likes to charge at you, and if you get behind them, they'll
buck up and kick you with their legs, so stick to the sides and
bait out the charge if you want to play it safe.  They also have
a weak biting attack they try if you stay close in the front.
When all 5 are dead, you'll be prompted for a ledge battle, so
get to the southeastern edge, and shoot down at the beholders
and pods making their way up at you.
	With the area cleared out, head to the northeastern ramp
up and at the top there will be a couple of ape shooters next to
a turret, so take them out before making your way to the robot
in the center.  You're familiar with this robot enemy at this
point, but if you stand with it just barely in sight, you can
cheese him from a distance with a ranged weapon and he won't
even come at you.  Clear the turret and apes on the other side,
and head up the tube in the east center of the platform.  At the
top, there's a friendly ape that gives useless knowledge, and
another checkpoint.  Go east past the sleep pod, and drop down
from the ledge to find a blue cog, then teleport back up to the
platform.  If you head west, you'll come to an upgrade station,
and an armory, so use those if you feel like it.  Just to the
right of the bridge going south off of the platform, aim down the
side to spot another target you can shoot, and then head over the
bridge to take out some enemies.  With the two fly guys dead,
jetpack over to the adjacent platform, and grab the gold cog on
the opposite side to close the arena.
	When the replicator spawns, he will immediately spawn a
smaller replicator that summons guys with guns.  When the small
replicators have the yellow rings coming from them, they can't be
hit with ranged attacks, so use your favorite melee weapon to take
them down.  The boss replicator constantly spawns enemies, who in
turn spawn more enemies, so remember that the focus here is the
big guy, who doesn't actually attack himself.  Clear the smaller
enemies, or just go for the big guy (I suggest clearing the area
so it doesn't get over crowded), and when the boss is down, you
are awarded with the "Bad Science" trophy.  Watch the scene that
follows, which lets loose those two vacuum dogs you've been
eyeballin on the sides, and remember not to let them corner you.
	Now that the platform is clear, head back across the gap
and make for the center of the platform there, which will raise
up, but notice the target on the left side.  Jump on the rotating
platform at the top of the square platform, and aim down the north
edge until you can see the target to shoot it.  Jump off the south
side to get to the next platform where the checkpoint is.  Hop
back to the rotating satellite arm, and run down it this time to
the center, but stay at the base where it connects, and run to the
other side of it when it rotates down.  First go to the lower side
of the satellite, to the smaller yellow section, and from there,
you can finally jump down to get the 5 hoops that were seen by the
tractor beam area.  If you've been following, at this point you
should get the "Super Hoopster" trophy.  When you teleport up it 
will take you to the checkpoint on the platform, and you have to 
get back onto the satellite, so get back to the center again, jump 
on the raised box in the center of the section, and head up onto 
the cylindrical section, and at the other end of that is an 
elevator you'll take up.
	From the top of the elevator, activate the checkpoint on
the opposite end, and grab the health if you need it.  See the X
below you?  Wait for the platform to hover around to you, and 
jump onto it, and it follows the X >>> trail.  When it comes to
the sleep pod, jump across using the jetpack, to get a silver cog
and notice the target above you.  Jump back down to the platform
below, and make your way back up the satellites again, and this
time, stay on the platform as it passes the sleep pod.  From the 
moving platform, jetpack across to the second stationary pod
that you come across, which has a red button to step on and a
checkpoint.  Hop onto the second satellite, and run across to
the other side once it's safe, cause you'll start from the bridge
overlooking the moving platform if you miss, and jump to the
second moving platform at the end of the arm.  Hop to the next
big platform you come to for a cutscene with Scarlett which
initiates a boss fight.
	For this first part, all you need to do is run around
the octopus, dodging energy balls from the scientist and tentacles
from the octopus, and shoot the red lights attached to the rings
on the tentacles.  When you get all 7 of them, the doc will run
away, and the octopus will climb to the next level.  With that
out of the way, run south of the sleep pod, and right of the 
blue pad, aim down the southern side of the platform, and shoot
that target you saw earlier, then head west into the elevator.
On the next level, you'll find an upgrade station, and an armory
but more importantly, you need to run around the octopus again,
destroying the red lights again, and this time, the octopus can
shoot a barrage of energy orbs at you, so keep moving side to
side to avoid getting trapped in damage from that.  With all
red lights destroyed again, head south and up the next elevator
for the next section.  This sections just to drag out the fight,
5 brain pods will come up from below, shooting as they revolve
around the arena, while the octopus is shooting you from the
back if you stand still, so run opposite of the pod rotation
and catch them off the side as they come around to clear the
area before heading up the next elevator.  This section is just
3 apes with guns, but the doc pops out to shield them if they
huddle up around him, so melee them down off to the side, and
again, just head up for the last section.  from the top, more
pods will be coming up at you, and there are atomic monkeys here
as well.  Clear the area as you make your way around the platform
dodging energy blasts from the doc and octopus as you go, and
aim down the center of the ring to shoot the 5 WWII mine lookin
things that are by each tentacle.  With the last tentacle down,
the octopus will fall to its death, with no free fall battle this
time, and you'll get a cutscene followed by the "Cephalopod
Slayer" trophy.  Step onto the pod that appears once the scenes 
are done which will start PART 4.

FB) Enter the Gravorian's World:

	At the top, when the wall drops, step onto the next
platform for a checkpoint, and another mini scene.  When the
scene ends, go onto the orange platform adjacent to you, to go
up.  In the mid section of the trip up, you'll see a large 
circular platform, and on one side of it, is another target for 
you to shoot.  and grab a health pack from two new enemies if 
you need it.  Go west from here, and grab the Black Hole Gun 
ranged weapon, and give it a shot if you want, it deals 
continuous damage to any enemy that it hits, kinda like those 
acid / ink puddles that the enemies have.  East of where you 
entered, you'll find a sleep pod, an upgrade station, and an 
armory, and farther east you'll find the next elevator up, so 
take that up.  At the top here, you'll see more of those little 
aliens, and a level up station on the north side.  Use the 
station if you want, and then follow the little alien to the 
east to get swarmed by some new little alien things.  This is 
a perfect spot to get the "As in Games" trophy, for which you 
have to jump on the enemies' heads.  Clear them out for 3 
blue and 1 silver cogs, head around west for another silver 
cog, and then hop onto the orange platform at the end.
At the top, you'll be ambushed by several crawling brain
sperms, so wipe them out, grab the health if you need it, and
head up the next elevator.  At the top, ride the train to
the other side of the rail, and head up to be ambushed again.
Clear the ambush for another blue cog, and continue up to
another ledge battle, and then onto the elevator to go up
again.  As you go up this elevator, aim down the side that's
opposite of where you entered from, and find another target
as you make your way up.  You'll also find a silver cog
shortly after the target, so using the jetpack, drop down to
it, and jetpack back to the platform you just left.  Back
up the elevator, this time to the top you can see another
target off in the distance, facing straight out from where
you walk off the elevator.  Head to the center of the dome
for another scene, where some crocodile aliens come 'atcha.
	For a cheesier win, you can throw the scissors at
these guys for a one shot kill when you get them.  For now,
and for a more honorable fight as the level carries on, 
the crocodaliens can poke you with their spears, or shoot
fireballs at you from them, but either way, nothin to worry 
about.  Exit east when you're done cleaning house here, for
another scene with Scarlett, where you get the Aeronautical
Disruptor!.... which is just a simple pair of household
Scissors as a new power for Dick.  Head east onto a new blue
platform, and on the other side are some turrets that you
have to kill with said scissors.  Aim with the right stick
and hit /\ to cut them down from the strings, and then you
can melee them down.  Head north for a checkpoint, and an
armory.  South, on the other side, is an upgrade station,
with a blue cog on the other side of it.  Clear the area to
open the next elevator, and head up, and at the top of this
platform, you can go to both east and west sides, to find
targets off both sides, and a sleep pod in the center.  When
you're done here, head north up the stairs to find some more
of those crocodaliens blockin the way, so clear them out to
continue up.  Past the ambush will be a blue platform that's
going up and down, hop onto it when it approaches the bottom
and quickly go to the eastern side to jump on another one,
then west, then east, then northwest, and when that one is
at its highest, jump off north to another train.  The train
here is blocked by some boulders, so use the mines along the
blue platform grid to clear the path for it.  There's one
next to the train, then one a few grid spaces west with a
ledge battle.  Once you've cleared the second boulder, go
back to the train and hop in to ride it west for a cutscene
involving a ... less than appropriate magical tablet.
	Hit the checkpoint and drop down east for a mini
scene with some new slug type aliens.  These guys can shoot
at you from the lower section, and there's a ledge battle
from the other side past them, so pick your battle and try
to clear the area as quickly as possible.  Once the first
wave is done, there's some crocodaliens and brain sperms
that come in from both sides, so clear them as well.  On
the right side of the battlefield, if you aim down you'll
spot more of those rings below, in case you need more, but
if you followed along, you shouldn't, and you can't jump
down before clearing the area anyway.  On the western
side of the arena, you can jump down to a lower ledge, and
then jump east from there for a health pack if you need
it, and more importantly, a silver cog, before stepping 
on the blue pad to teleport back up to the arena.  When
you clear the area, the last platform to get to the 
silver cog,  will raise and bring a giant snail to the
field for you, along with another wave of mixed enemies
from the white tunnels.  
	The giant snail boss will first fire off a barrage
of energy orbs at you, so either dodge them, or attack
them with the Energy Sword to deflect them, and get up to
him for a beating he won't soon forget.  Up close, the
snail will headbutt at you, and also may use a tail swipe,
which was easily dodged, before he went down in seconds,
so don't let off the assault, and he goes down super easy.
With the snail boss dead, head west, and up the stairs
to another ambush with the locals, and onto the orange
platform to the west from there.  Up on the next platform
use the scissors to take down the statue, and clear that
area to get to the next elevator, and go up again.  From
here, do the same thing, then a third time, then a
fourth time, and finally at the top you'll find some
blue panels that flip after a couple seconds.  Make your
way up the panels, jumping if you need to (I did anyway
just in case), winding around to the other side where
a sleep pod is at.  From the sleep pod, go east to find
an upgrade station, then an armory, then next elevator
up, a checkpoint, and finally a leveling station.  Use
any of the utilities that you want, and when you're
done, head up the next elevator, and shortly after it
takes off, if you aim down the western side of the tile,
you'll find another target to shoot.  At the top, you'll
see a crab-turtle thing inside of a dome, and what do
you remember about domes?  Anyway, this thing can shoot
from its scorpion tail, pinch you with its pincers, hide
in its shell when it takes damage, dash while inside the
shell, heal itself from inside the shell, and.... die
very pathetically if you just shoot it from a distance.
With the death of the turtle monster, the fields locking
you in will disappear, so head to both of the adjacent
platforms for copycat battles, and the fourth opposite
of the one you entered on last for another fight, but now
with another giant snail monster.  With the snail down,
the elevator will unlock, but don't take the elevator up
just yet.
	To get another two trophies, just jump right off
of the last platform - don't be shy!  This is the 
highest jump off point in the game, which is why it's at
the bottom of the list, so as soon as you jump, go as far
away from the center of the tower as you can, direction
doesn't matter right now, but SAVE THE JETPACK.  Look for
2 things: A blueish translucent ghost ship floating by
farther down, and if that's not there, look for 2 grey
islands with a brownish island nearby, the brown one is
the target.  Once you approach whichever you're shooting
for, use the jetpack to save your life, and go back to
the top to get the other in the same way.  Both have a
gold cog, and both have a trophy.  Once you have both of
those trophies, head back to the Creature Gallery, and 
go up the last elevator.

FC) The Creature Gallery:

	At the top of the last elevator (phew, 5 hours of elevators has
 been enough!) you'll be treated to a cutscene when you approach the
north end where the aliens are.  LAST PART - FINAL CONFRONTATION!  This
is the boss of the game here, so no holding back.  He usually leads off
with a weird spinning kick thing that has a huge AOE ring at the end,
so dodge that before taking the offense and slashing at his face a few
times - he takes about 2 or 3 seconds to recover.  If you break off too
far, he can use a dashing punch to close the gap and hurt a bit (Falcon
Punch?), so watch for it, or bait it out.  If you engage too quick, he
can just swat you for minor damage, but it can interrupt your attack,
so it's better to bait the attack, dodge, and then let him have it.
	Once the first part is done, he will split into 3, 2 of which
are green shadows.  The shadows can attack independently, and have
their own individual health bars, but at least they use the same
attacks, so you still know what to look out for, there's just more to
dodge now.  When defeated, the shadows will drop medium health orbs,
but that's really not much incentive to drag out the fight, so I'd
suggest just going for the kill on the main boss.  If you do clear
the shadows first though, for a cheaper kill you can just run in
circles around the boss attacking with your melee (upgraded Energy
Sword worked for me) and it staggers him so he doesn't even attack.
	With the second phase dead, he jumps back onto his "throne
ship" ... thing.  Now he'll sit at the throne, which is a tease, as
you can't hurt him while he's sitting, and summon lesser minions
for you to kill, so do that.  Eventually, the side fins of the ship
will pop up onto the sides of the main deck, across from each other,
and then clap together - don't get caught in that, if you're in the
middle, just go to the southwest end of the ship.  Once they've
clapped, they'll turn up on their fingers and start "walking" to the
edge to try and knock you off.  The first time they do that, the
little Gravorians will float up and tell you what's really going on
here, so run off the right side of the ship, and you'll enter the
actual set of the movie, where you can hit the director, to be
transported back to the ship and repeat the process.  This time,
the hands will float to the sides of the throne, and try to swat
you down the sides, so stay in the middle, and after, they go to
the northwest/southeast, and punch across, so stay on the south-
west section of the map.  Go jump off the side and hit the
director again once the mirror comes back.  The last time, the
hands jump to the center of the ship, and walk in a circle, so
just stay on one of the sides, clear the enemies, and hit the
director again (even though he says not to) for a cutscene.
Watch the cutscene, listen to the comments, and roll credits.
Congratulations, and thanks for playing along!

		 _________    ___________   __     _
		|   ______|  |____   ____| |  \   | |
		|  |	          | |	   |   \  | |
		|  |___	          | |	   | |\ \ | |
		|   ___|          | |	   | | \ \| |
		|  |	          | |	   | |  \   |
		|  |	      ____| |____  | |   \  |
		|__|	     |___________| |_|    \_|

GA) Post Story Gameplay:

	If you load back in from the file you finished the game
with, you can continue the game as if the boss wasn't beaten, 
which allows you to go get some of the trophies that weren't 
gotten before, or just run around and spank some monkeys or
whatever, but at least you won't have to start another game.


You can "level" your character at any of the red stations found all
over the tower, and by doing so, increase their combat efficiency.
All 3 characters share the same personal upgrades given at the red
pods, awarded for completing "missions" (trophies), at a rate of 1
level up point per trophy.  Below is a key of how I organized the
level up options, of which you can only pick one per level, and then
a list of the levels, with which upgrades are available at each point.

The Key:
HP+ will increase your maximum HP points, increasing the punishment
	you take before being killed.
HP++ will increase you HP regeneration, as well as increasing the
	maximum HP of the character.
Hit+ will increase your melee attack power
Shoot+ will increase your ranged attack power
CD- will decrease the cooldown times of characters' powers
Energy+ will increase the amount of energy you have to spend on
	ranged weapon attacks.
Energy++ will increase energy regeneration speed.

level 1 - HP+, Shoot+, Energy+
level 2 - Hit+, CD-, Energy+
level 3 - HP+, HP++, Shoot+
level 4 - Hit+, Energy++, Energy+
level 5 - HP+, CD-, Shoot+
level 6 - Hit+, HP++, Energy+
level 7 - HP+, Energy ++, Shoot+
level 8 - Hit+, CD-, Energy+
level 9 - HP+, HP++, Shoot+
level 10 - Hit+, Energy++, Energy+
level 11 - HP+, CD-, Shoot+
level 12 - Hit+, HP++, Energy+
level 13 - HP+, Energy++, Shoot+
level 14 - Hit+, CD-, Energy+
level 15 - HP+, HP++, Shoot+
level 16 - Hit+, Energy++, Energy+
level 17 - HP+, CD-, Shoot+
level 18 - Hit+, HP++, Energy+
level 19 - HP+, Energy++, Shoot+
level 20 - Hit+, CD-, Energy+
level 21 - HP+, HP++, Shoot+
level 22 - Hit+, Energy++, Energy+
level 23 - HP+, CD-, Shoot+
level 24 - Hit+, HP++, Energy+

GB) Trophy Checklist:

This is the list of trophies that can be gained, in the order that they
appear on my PS4 console from the trophy menu.

Laundry List: Platinum
Complete all other missions

Missing Scenes: Gold
Find 6 missing film reels

Show me your moves: Gold
Parry 20 enemy attacks

King of the tower: Gold
Defeat Mega-Gorilla

Fell for it: Gold
Defeat the Mechameleon

Even better shot: Gold
Destroy 25 target boards

Super Hoopster: Gold
Fly through 50 hoops

Cephalopod slayer: Gold
Defeat the gigantic mutant octopus

Hoopster: Silver
Fly through 20 hoops

Good shot: Silver
Destroy 10 target boards

Watch out: Silver
Remove 5 apes with watches from the set

As in games: Silver
Kill 10 enemies by jumping on them

Collateral damage: Silver
Kill 3 enemies with parried projectiles

Bad Science: Silver
Destroy Dr. Schopenstein's replicator

Shiv-a-saur: Copper
Kill a large dinosaur with a dagger
*Note that the game description claims that this is no longer a dagger if
upgraded, so best to do this before you upgrade to ensure that you get it*

Bug off: Copper
Conquer the Nukular ant hive

Pyro-Shepherd: Copper
Guide 10 enemies into flaming turrets

With guns blazing: Copper
Max out 3 projectile weapons

...to make an omelet: Copper
Destroy all the mutant dinosaur eggs

Little island: Copper
Find the castaway ape

Bigger sticks: Copper
Max out 3 melee weapons

Explosive Efficiency: Copper
Kill 3 enemies with one landmine

Reach t' captain: Copper
Reach the captain of the ghost pirate ship

Dramatic rescuer: Copper
Rescue Dick from the Meta-Gorilla

HA) Closing thoughts:

	I've always been a big fan of Atlus games, and I've always loved
every one that I played.  Now having said that, this has to be hands down
the worst one that I played...and I played through Summon Night...twice.
I'm not trying to say this game was bad, cause like I said at the top,
it was pretty funny, but there's almost no incentive to play it through
more than once, there's really not that much content to it, all of the
"extras" can be done on the first run... it was just disappointing when
compared to the other stuff I grew up on from them.  Overall though, it
alright, and definitely worth the download from PSN.

	This guide is not yet complete, I admit that before even posting
it, but the whole story is here, so I wanted to get it submitted to help
out with others that might want a hand somewhere in theirs, and also
because there are currently NO other FAQs, walkthroughs, or such other
material to help new players, other than youtube videos, and trophy 
roadmaps.  So, I will continue to work on this as I find more of the 
hidden items, but if you have the locations and want to donate them, I 
would greatly appreciate that too, and would credit the information 


No section of this article may be reproduced, distributed, or 
transmitted in any form, by any means, including photocopying, 
recording, or any other electronic or mechanical methods, without the 
prior written permission of the author (myself - P. Frentz), except 
in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and 
certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.  Use of 
this guide on other web-sites or on public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  For permission requests, 
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