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by Azure725

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Guide and Walkthrough by Azure725

Version: 0.31 | Updated: 02/21/2017

Tales of Berseria FAQ/Walkthrough

Current Version: 0.31 - 02/20/2017


Hello everyone thank you for visiting my guide on tales of berseria, i will be updating as i play as i have to keep up with university.
This is my first guide on gamefaqs and i hope it will be usefull to you. The purpose of this guide is to guide you throught the story of tales of Berseria while covering the sidequests and achievements in the game. Also i´m planning to add a bestiary since most of the equipment in this game is obtained from field monsters. The guide is played with japanese audio and as such may hear some terms (daemon/gouma) used interchangeable. The playthrough is started on hard and will ramp up the difficulty until chaos as the story proggresion unlocks them, as such if you are on the lower difficulties the guide will still be helpful to you, however keep in mind that some items (and item effects) will be influenced by difficulty and might not activate. As a last note this guide is being made as i play through the game and as such will be updated as I progress (right now im on chapter 4) and locations added as i cross them. This guide is to be kept spoiler free (aside from bosses) until such a time marked spoilers become a necessity. As an aside there is already a skits faq and as such i wont cover those until i'm done with the rest of the walkthrough.

P.S: I will avoid referencing zestiria to avoid spoiling the game to people who might not have played it.

Gameplay Basics

I will skip the controls in this part of the guide as the in game tutorial explains how to play, however there will be some in deph info on how the game works,combat mechanics and some not readily aparent information.

Battle Mechanics

I will explain battle mechanics piece by piece by adding a layer of complexity trying to keep it in order with game progression.

To those familair with the tales series it is known that all titles have a common battle system (Linnear Motion Battle System - LMBS for short) and then some modifications to it that results in each game having its own quircks and changes that make the combat feel unique. Berseria´s no execption to this and follows the Liberation - LMBS, it is essentialy the rules of the game and manages every aspect of combat.

Artes Part 1

Artes are essentially the offensive actions you can take to deal damage to the enemy, they vary in damage, range, number of hits they deal to the enemy and SG consumption (this is explained below) . Also artes have 2 main attributes: Elements and Species, (arte´s may have more than one of these e.g: fire and water, Armored and Fiend) which are used to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Combat is played by assigning up to four artes (arte chain) to a button (four buttons) and pressing them to continue and alter the chain; when the chain ends it can be restarted again. Keep in mind chains are not combos, combos are made by succesfully hitting a chain and continue when the chain is restarted.

Ok so now you know fight in Berseria, however you can´t just spam moves indeffinitely until the monsters die, here is where the Liberation in this game takes effect and works as such:

Soul Gauge

Your soul gauge is the little diamonds (from now on we will call them souls) to the left of your characters hp bar. Initially each fight starts with three souls for each character and souls can be lost or gained by performing certain actions (minimun of 1, maximum of 5, up to 8 later in the game), however depending on battle conditions you may start with more or less souls (and progress through the game increases starting amount).

Souls control your arte usage in two ways: the number of souls equals the number of artes in a chain; and each soul is worht 30 SG points. Artes and dashing subtract from both at the same time but don´t consume them; defending hits subtract SG and if guard is broken also consumes a soul. This leads to your combo ending by running out of souls or not having enough SG to perform an arte; hitting enemies with no SG avaialble tends to break combos and deal decreased damage.

Soul Management
Action Effect on Souls

Favorable Encounter/Risky Encounter

Start the Battle with +1/-1 Soul
Stunning/inflicting a status ailment/getting stunned or afflicted+1 Soul/-1
Killing an enemy+1 Soul
Getting KO´dDrop Souls which must be picked up to use
Performing a perfect Dodge (once per enemy per battle)Drop 1 Soul which must be picked up use
Breaking an enemy´s guard/getting guard broken+1/-1 Soul
Using Break SoulLose 1 Soul, enemy gains one Soul
Performing a Mystic ArteLose BG (MA Lvl dependent) gain Souls (1-3) depending on MA Lvl
Using Switch BlastLose one BG, subbing character receives one Soul

*Mystic artes are unlocked by story progression, also keep in mind some bosses can use mystic artes and most enemies can inflict ailments.

Artes Part 2

Ok now that you know how the system works, lets go a bit more in-depth on Artes. As explained above, artes are your characters offensive and defensive abilities, the can be separated into 3 main clasess and then into some subclasess and specializations.

Main ClassesMarial ArtesMostly melee attacks, they are quick to execute, have cheap SG costs and are easier to combo to and from. Great to start a combo or just continue it.
Depend on user´s attack and enemy´s defense
Hidden ArtesThis tend to be magic infused attacks, they cover a wider area the martial arts, have higher SG costs and increased power. Great to end a combo with and significantly harder to follow up in the middle of a combo; some can be good initiators by attacking at range or closing the distance.
Depend on users lowest ofensive stat and enemies lowest defensive stat, as such it is "great on balanced characters against imbalanced enemies"
Malak Artes (Spells)This are Berseria´s Spells, they are very powerful and hit in a wide area (offensive) or grant heals and buffs (defensive). Stronger Artes take longer to cast, however casting them in quick succesion or afer a few artes in a combo reduce casting time. Finally holding the button used to cast them allows you to stall when they como out and double tapping guard cancels them.
Depend on user´s arte attacka and enemy´s arte defense. Getting hit while casting has an increaded chance to be stunned.
SpecialDefensive ArtesThis isnt a class per se, but all artes in this category are either heals, buffs or counters. Once you have characters capable of casting these artes it is recommended to keep at least one in the party (specially for boss fights) or to switch them in when running low on health before it is too late.
Break ArtesThis are activated every time a character uses their Break Soul and their triggers are enabled. They deal damage in an area (exept for Laphicet) and deal increaed damage compared to other artes. They tend to break through enemy defenses and increase combo limits.
Mystic ArtesA signature from the Tales series, they unlock through story progression; essentially finisher moves, they always come with a small cutscene. Expect them to be incredibly flashy and deal outrageous amounts of damage to any opponent at any stage in the game. Since damage increases with combo lenght and MA´s break the combo limit, always try to use them at the end of your combo, preferably after using some Break Souls as MA´s give you at least one soul back.

Break Soul

This is the battle feature that distinguishes Berseria from other tales games and is a godsend for the comboing system, it is a rather integral part of gameplay and your strategy will change depending on its availability (and safety). Harder difficulties will test your ability to manage your Souls and effective use of your BS. Lastly, Break Souls vary by character but they have a couple of traits in common.

  1. They requiere more than three souls to use
  2. Using a Break Soul consumes a Soul upon use (enemy receives one SG)
  3. Tend to have a condition to activate
  4. Resets your SG upon use allowing you to extend your combos
    1. Keep getting souls and you can potentially keep a combo running until the enemy dies.
    2. Watch out on bosses since they tend to free themselves form stunlock
  5. Restore a small amount of HP on use
  6. Make you stun immune when activated
    1. Clear all status ailments on the character that used it
  7. Recharges your Blast Gauge by a small amount

Since you cant keep more than 5(8) souls on you at any given time it is almost always recomended to use your Break Soul when full, you´ll most likely recover it either by a astun or a kill. However when you have 3 souls it is best to let your combo end unless you are sure you can recover your SG fast enough. NEVER let yourself to 2 souls in a boss fight or God forbid 1 soul as your damage drops drastically, and your blocking and dodging capability decrease. Lastly, you may struggle to recover a soul during some encounters, however get a few hits in and you will most likeley get one back.

Break Soul Triggers:
Hit an enemy to enter daemon mode. End a combo to unleash a powerfull Break Arte.Receive a hit to activate a counter.Grant a damage reduction aura to the party (no condition).Use BS when an enemy is knocked down or stunned.Use BS to interrupt enemy spells (Malak Artes). Absorb enough and unleash a powerfull wide area spell.Launch the enemies into the air (no condition)

Velvet and Magilou´s Break Souls


Velvet´s break soul is unique because instead of being one powerfull attack or efect, it is essentially a super mode. When therion form/daemon mode is activated velvet gains a boost (dependent on the enemy type) for the duration and is considered to be in a break soul state, and as such she can´t be knocked down or stunned, additionally she cant be KO´d in this state. While therionized velvet´s HP will continue to fall at an increasing rate until it hits 1HP (ends the combo and activates a Break Arte) or she ends her combo by running out of usable souls (earning souls and using another BS can allow for more combo resets), additionally damage continues to increase as her hp decreases (stacks with low hp item skills). On the other hand, being in a therion state counts as an ailment and as such velvet cant be healed.

When her Break Soul ends Velvet will unleash a Break Arte, they are essentially beefed up Artes that deal a lot of damage in a rather large area. Which Arte is unleashed depends on the type of enemy which was "consumed" (? Type enemies will give a random Break Arte and boost).

So essetially this is a double edged sword, it increases damage output considerably at the cost of survivability. HOWEVER! (and this is the reason why Velvet is called easy mode or OP) If you can keep getting souls you can spam her Break Soul and become essentially immortal as long as you can sustain it.

Lastly if you can spam it in a short time and end therion form quickly you will recover hp faster than it drains and as such can be used to top off your HP midbattle giving you a significant advantage that can be a lifesaver against bosses in higher difficulties.


If Velvet´s break soul embodies flexibility and encourages a berzerker aproach to battles, Magilou´s embodies single minded purpose and encourages tactical use. See, against most enemies her break soul is essentially a combo reset and casting speed boost, but when faced against mage type enemies this becomes essentialy a mage killer capable of shredding the entire field.

When used, Spell Absorber does just that, it interrups all anemy Malak Arte casts and absorbs them to fill a bar next to magilous portrait, obviosuly higher tier spells fill more. Each time the bar is filled Magilou unleashes a Super Spell on the enemies. The super spells come in a cycle with each spell being stronger than the last and the bar filling slower for each.

Since most casters are easily stunned/have paper thin defence, recovering SG is a piece of cake. Rinse and repeat and you can take control of the battlefield´s tempo and deny all enemies magic. This becomes specially usefull against dangerous encounter with mage heavy compositions.

Be aware that against bosses it may be better to conserve a Soul to increase combo lengh as a single spell wont fill the gauge ever.

Blast Gauge

As you progress through the game (End of Chapter 1) you will unlock this feature. At the beggining it is capped at 3 (later 8) and can be increased with titles and potentites. Your BG determines when (and which) Mystic Arte you can use and the possibility of switching characters in battle. There are two main ways to regain BG points and 100 points equals 1 BG, the easiest one (and most frequently used) is to activate Break Soul and a portion of the meter will fill with each activation. The other method is to start a battle, this way you receive BG points equal to the number of stars in your arte´s masteries; gain double for advantegeous encounters and 0 for risky ones. Always try to keep it full when you feel a boss fight aproaching (or when you follow this guide).

You gain BG when:
You start with 3 BG Max 8
Gain BG every time BS is usedvaries with every BS
Start a battle in the overworldTotal Arte mastery/100, double for advantageous encounters, 0 for risky ones
You lose BG when:
Every time your are KO´dThis will reduce your BG heavily by a % (difficulty dependent), can be prevented by certain titles
Switching charactersThe character exiting uses 1 BG, entering character receives one Soul
Using a Mystic ArteLvl 1 uses 3, Lvl 2 uses 4, Lvl 3 uses 5
Switch Blast

This is related ability to swap characters in combat, when entering they will perform one of three actions depending on what action you hold while they switch in.

StandardGuardBreak Soul
Perform character specific Switch BlastEnter the battle guardingWill perform a BS upon entering (very usefull to continue combos)

You can switch any character in combat (not just the one you control) for any of the two substitutes (portraits above and below the character they will be swichtching) by expending 1 BG. Keep in mind unless you change strategy in the menu, the computer can and will use it, although preferably on for random battles to avoid a KO, turn it off if you want to save BG for Mystic Artes. Finally switched out characters will begin recovering HP at a slow pace; KO'd characters recover at a significantly slower rate and revive when the heal completely.


The way shops work in this game might seem rather simple, but there is a little hidden complexity. Basically, shops evolve as you progress through the game, they sell better inventory in accordance to the areas you have access to; Simple right? However they only sell equipment made from standard materials (amber, calcite, fluorite...ect) and rarely other items (mostly accesories).

To expand the selection of items they sell you must first own the item; seems illogical right? Thing is, this is to encourage you to hunt monsters until they drop their unique item, once you obtain it Ta-Da shops will add it to their selecion. But, that doesn´t mean it is for sale, it now has to enter the shops current rotation of items. To change the rotation you must fight a number of battles, then the following happenes: items on sale will be dropped; those that are common in the selection are more likely to drop out it; items that weren´t swapped out may go on sale; items not on the selection get a chance to enter. You may influence this by selling items to the shop, however the effect isn´t very noticeable.

Lastly shops have something akin to a frequent customer system: the more you buy at shops the more progress you get towards the next level. Every level offers a discount (becomes more noticeable the more expensive items get) and gives the player an item:

Shop RankGald RequiredDiscount (%) GainedItem
21000+2%Wanderer´s Ventite
319,477+4%Silky Touch Garment
443,072+6%Adept's Glacite
580,952+8%Warrior's Ventite
6140,626+10%Wizards Ventite

Item names are missing as i haven´t unlocked those, however gald required and percentages can be found online.

Finally near the end of Chapter 1 you will meet a White Turtlez; essentially a traveling merchant that will set up shop in dungeons. Usefull to sell extra items, and upgrade if necessary. Do keep in mind he might leave after you progress the story by leaving the dungeon. If you want to farm shop equipment for reforges these guys are the best as they can be found in or near rooms full of monsters so you can reset their stock to your hearts content.



Berseria´s aproach to the concept of buffs isn´t new. Nevertheless it is very interesting as, depending on who cooks there is a secondary buff to be gained. Yes that is the simple explanation to coooking in this game :) Cooking works by selecting a recipe (vast majority earned through expeditions) and deciding to prepare it while you have the necesary items on hand. Each dish offers a different main buff with better buffs requiring higher lvl recipes and/or harder to get ingredients.

To eat any dish all you have to do is prepare it in the menu and eat it, the buff will be available next battle. Doing this can be tiring, if all you plan to cook is a specific dish you can select auto cook to keep preparing the same dish after every battle. A counter will appear at the lower right portion of the screen indicating how many more you can keep cooking until one incredient runs out. When that happens just go back to the menu and select another dish.

Recipes classified into ranks (1★) going from 1★ to 5★, obviosly better effects come from higher ranked recipes. Nevertheless lower ones can still find value even when you have better recipes on hand (power leveling cooking rank, lack ingredients for a higher rank with similar effects).

Characters earn cooking levels by preparing dishes (if the ingredients are comon i.e found in shops they gain less experience than those found through other means), and when they level up learn cooking skills. Skill come in 2 varieties: those that give a character the ability to add a secondary buff to the dish (or upgrades of existing buffs), and those that improve chances of not consuming items when cooking.


Somewhat like a subquest (actually required for some of these), expeditons are just what they sound like: you send your ship, the Van Eltia, to different islands on a map and hope to find treasure. Treasure can be either cooking ingredients, fashion, recipes, treasure (vendor trash), a route to another island or actual Treasure (gives skills).

The type, amount and quality of treasure you can find is tied to the island itself. What you actually find dependes on three random battles that your crew will either win or lose; more wins=better/more loot. You can only influence the rng in the battles by gaining expedition levels and by activating skills on the crew.

Obviously most of this items dont actually matter for expedtions, however the last two are quiete important. The crew of the Van Eltia levels up as you explore islands, but...they gain less experience as the level difference between them and the island increases. To remedy this you have to try to explore islands closer to your level, but to sail to one you must first find the route to it.

The most important thing next to charting islands is finding the islands actual treasure as it unlocks a (chance for a) skill for your party members to use on the crew (party members must be travelling with you to use their skills when sailing) which will affect the outcome of the voyage. This skills are decided per voyage and take effect before or after the ship sails. They will directly affect the outcome of an expedtion. Logically you should take advantage of this when looking for specific treasures or when challenging islands that are more difficult.


Advanced Gameplay

This part is the next logical step after basics, it will cover information about the more complex systems and will guide you so you can fully exploit your advantages (you might as well consider it essential for chaos mode).

Mystic Artes

Mystic Artes are the Tales series ultimate abilitites, they have huge effects/damage and requiere a considerable amount of resources to cast in comparison to other artes, as such they are best served for fighting bosses and hard enemies. MA´s are character specific and tend to reflect an aspect of their personality or fighting style. Since they break combo limits they are best used at the end of a chain to extende them even further. They come in varying levels with each requiring more BG to cast.

LVLBlast Gauge usedUnlock Requirement
Lvl 13 BGRequired through story progression (begin unlocking after Chapter 1)
Lvl 24 BGReach Lvl 35, use 8 attacks and activate MA to use
Lvl 35 BGUnlocked in the final dungeon

Chaining Mystic Artes

After using a Mystic Arte you can continue to chain them by holding down the MA button and presing the arrow keys that correspond to the character you want next (up/down for reserve members, left/right for on-field members), Example: MA (hold), Up, Down, Left, Left, Left for all characters MA´s. Keep in mind that once you commit to a direction (left/right) you can not switch as that character will have already used his/her MA, but you can still use Up/Down. Finally MA chains will break if you try to switch to a chatacter without enough BG, extremely important as MA chains follow a pattern:

1st MA2nd MA3rd MA4th MA5th MA6th MA
Lvl 1 MA (3BG)Lvl 1 MA (3BG)Lvl 2 MA (4BG)Lvl 2 MA (4BG)Lvl 3 MA (5BG)Lvl 3 MA (5BG)

Dual Mystic Artes

This are unlocked in the post game dungeon (EX Dungeon). They are pair specific and performed by having 5 BG on both characters, with one character on the field and one in reserve and chaining MA´s with them. If you continue the chain after a Dual MA the next pair of characters will follow with their own.

Single Character Mystic Artes Chain

Since the max amount of BG you can hold is 8, the maximum single character chain is 2 by using your first MA as the 8th attack and holding the button down during the animation to trigger the second MA.

Enemy Types

Just as artes have distinctiones enemies have ways to classify them. This isn´t about species or elemental affinities (though they influence this as certain species tend to lean into some categories more than others) but rather about how to properly classify foes to be able to come up with a battle plan quickly enough after encountering new foes. The format for this is a classification, followed by a description and common traits in the class, and finally a strategy on how to deal with them. There might be some enemies which may overlap/share traits between classes, or may even fall outside this system, in such cases i will try to give special mention with a * and italics. Finally this is just a tool to help decide what actions to take, but really most of the time it should be intuitive enough.

BruisersEnemies in this class are mostly melee as such they will likely rush at you to force you to focus them. They will try to hit you with basic artes, rarely (and with more frecuency as you progress in the game) they will begin inflicting ailments/using hidden artes. Most common enemy type.Hit them with a combo and don´t let them recover. Guard if you can´t dodge and try to get a perfect dodge for a Soul. If you can get a weak point combo they might as well be dead.
MagesRanged enemies, their artes have long cast times but pack a punch. To balance this they have lower HP. As you progress debuffs become more common. They will try to keep their distance from you and tend to spawn behind other foes.Rush them to prevent them from casting, otherwise you might get stun locked under a constant barrage of spells. Magilou HARD counters them with her BS. On higher difficulties their spells cast almost instantly so it might be better to guard.
SupportThey tend to heal other foes and inflict ailments at you. They can fall on any of the other classes with melee focusing on hidden artes and mages with spells. The most annoying to deal with.Really depends, melee can be kited while you hit other enemies, but they may obstruct your combos.
Ranged however tend to be mages and as such are high priority targets unless you want to end up with one Soul. It isn´t uncommon to find your party members wiped if you dont watch out. Velvet hard counters them if she can stay therionized.
JuggernautsA subclass of enemy. They have high HP, one(or both) high defensive stat and hit like a truck. They tend to be slow and can take a lot of hits. Their attacks tend to inflict a debuff or knockdown if not guarded.Stay away from them and avoid getting corraled into a corner. Avoid their attacks as even guarding can result in not-insignificant damage. Best foes to try to get high combos for grade.
Code Red EnemyVery powerfull one-time foes which require a strategy to beat. Tend to be acompanied by some enemies which are better eliminated quickly. Hard to enclose in one category as they are flexible enough while emphasizing a particular characteristic.Cooking can be a nice way to get an advantage. Also since you get information on them ahead of time you can set up equipment/artes specifically to counter them. See the section below for more info.
Dire FoeCan be considered a random bossfight (more likely than not you will purposely initiate it). They have to invulnerable foes to support them which changes the way you approach the fight. Carefull: If beaten enough times they will overtake you in levels.Learn which one belongs to which continent. Avoid boosting their levels too high as even without searching for them they can initiate combat. If they got out of control (quick)save to reset the chance of them appearing. Beware fighting them in mage heavey zones or their flunkies might nuke you into a previous save. See the section below for more info.
BossesVery powerfull enemies which will prove a challenge. Their artes are comparable to yours and they have few weaknesses. Some fight alone others with support. Be wary of those with Mystic Artes as this can spell a KO (also necessary to watch for Witness to the Mystic achievement).Dodge, guard, Switch Blast, hit them with everything you´ve got. They are the reason why you try to keep your BG gauge maxed. Dont abuse your Break Soul as recovering Souls can be very difficult mid battle unless you use Switch Blast/Mystic Artes, but these are best saved for when you are low on health or want to deal massive damage. They each have their own guide.
Side BossesBosses not on the path tend to be either from sidequests or hidden behind a requierement. They have some of the best rewards in game, but can be a pain to beat (beffiting someone guarding such items), nevertheless they can be some of the most rewarding fights from a skill perspective (also story/plotwise).Same as standard bosses, however items might actually be needed here besides a proper strategy. To be able to fight all of them follow all sidequest to their conclusion.
*LinkedNot an enemy type per-se but a buff that makes enemies linked (forgive my redundancy) with each other more powerfull by giving them boosts to their stats.Easy, break the link by defeating one of the enemies, be careful though some enemies might get enraged at this.
*Tutorials/Scripted Again not an enemy type but a condition. What you need to do varies but mostly it is out of your hands. For tutorials just follow them until you regain control. For scripted battles just survive as much as you can/finish the objective, don´t waste Mystic Artes or BG if you can avoid it.
*Swarms/chained battlesHappenes sparingly in the game, but sometimes they can come unnoticed like in Titania or Hellawes. My best advice is to always have at least 1BG in case you have to swap characters. Swarms tend to be easy as they are basically quantity over quality, use area attacks and you should be fine. Chained fights are a bit trickier as you want to beat the first fight and conserve some resources for the fight that follows.

Code Red Hunts/Dire Encounters

Once you progress to Chapter 2 the game will introduce to you these features, however you will find a Code Red Hunt in Chapter 1. Both of these are tough enemies that will take more than just "spam artes to win" and will require at least a basic strategy on how to approach (when playing on hard or abobe), essentially this turns them into minibosses of sorts. However there are some main diferences between them.

Code Red Hunts

They are one time only enemies with considerable power and one can be found in most dungeons by diverging a bit from the standard path. They are easy to identify due to the black aura surrounding them and the red marker on the map (keep in mind some Code Red Enemies only spawn if certain conditions/quests/progress is completed).

In game the Abbey refers to them as such because they pose a considerable threat to them and would rather avoid them. This doesn´t stop a certain guild from asking you to hunt them down in exchange for a bounty (Sometimes the enemies might be available even before the guild reveals them to you). As you can see hunting them can be profittable in terms of Gald, XP and Grade.

To beat them on higher difficulties it is recomended to come up with a strategy and be on a similar level to the boss. Dont be afraid to use healing items if you must as a KO can drop your Grade earned much more than what you lose from the no-item bonus. Since they are a boss the use of mystic artes is encouraged if not a requirement already. If you can defeat these foes the game rewards you with some really usefull potenties (including the ones that allow you to increase the difficuty).

Dire Encounters

After leaving for Loegres on the Danann Highway the game will give you a heads up on them. Dire Encounters have a very small chance to ocurr after every battle. To increase it enter disadvantageous battles or even risly ones (even greater chance); after a certain point chaining battles for grade becomes a possibility which will alse increase the likelihood of Dire Foes. Finally higher dificulties increase the chance by a lot (starting from hard). The chance keeps growing until you eventually find one, but saving the game (even quick saves) resets it.

Now a bit about the fight itself: Dire Foes spawn after the previous battle ends and will give you a couple of seconds of warning. Once they enter the field they enter with two invulnerable monsters from the same area with slightly higher levels (God forbid they are mages, as even magilou wont save you unless you can somehow get the SG to spam Spell Absorber damn near ever seconds). As such the battle forces you to dodge two enemies (constantly) while you face a boss (and interrupt mages, which is almost impossible at higher difficulties).

Dire Foes vary by continent, but the main strategy remains the same, usually you must adapt more to the enemies accompanying the boss than the boss itself. Hit them with everything you´ve got, even mystic artes if they are a high enough level to warrant it. The rewards for winning are a huge amount of Gald and Grade (if you manage not to faint and/or use items) with a negligible amount of XP, this makes them one of the best ways to farm for equipment upgrades.

Finally as a word of caution: Dont farm Dire Foes too quickly in the beggining; everytime you beat them their level grows (somewhere between 3 and 5) and after a few fights a level 15 area can end up with a level 40 boss encounter that can appear at random after every battle (did i mention scape from bosses is really slow?) which will pummel you to death/nuke you into oblivion with spells before you know it. As a side note, Dire Foes increase the frecuency of their attacks the lower their health is, so before you lower their HP to much reconsider if you must flee before it is to late.

Equipment Mechanics

This migh seem like a lot to learn in one go and some things might not be understood until you can try them for yourself, so please bear with me. I will try my best to log the essentials here and more detailed info later in the guide next to the equipment section. Lets begin:

Main Stats

For starters, equipment will give you one or two mains stats, a primary stat corresponding to its category and (if they have one) the secondary which changes based on the item in question. Also each equipment item has a Rarity value which is the relative strength of the item compared to others ( a level 12 item will have higher stats than a level 8), expect to gain higher rarity items as the story progresses.

ItemWeaponUnique AccesoryArmorRingsBoots
Main StatAttackArte AttackDefenseArte DefenseFocus
AttackAffects damage dealt with Martial and Hidden Artes
Arte AttackAffects damage dealt with Hidden and Malak (Spells) Artes
DefenseAffects damage received from Martial and Hidden Artes
Arte DefenseAffects damage received from Hidden and Malak (Spells) Artes
FocusAffects the rate at which Soul Points are regenerated.


Enhancing Stats

Ok, this part becomes way more important at the higher difficulties and completely overkill on anything below hard. After you unlock Enhancing the game will give you a simple tutorial on it but what it doesn´t tell you are the small details, so here they are: Enhancing works by selecting an item and using materials to level it up, the materials in question are a base material relatated to the item (for common it is related to rank, for rare it differs). The more levels the item has the more base materials it will need and it will begin asking for other materials (tempering powders and fluids). You can get more materials from the shiny spots on the map, some monsters and redeeming Tales Coins. However the most efficient method is to Dismantle your weapons and begin forgin anew. As you can expect higher level (not rarity,) items will drop more and better materials.

Now the main reason you want to enhance items is because each time you do so the items stats will rise (up to a total of +100 at level 10)! Keep in mind the growth will be distributed between the primary and secondary stats (the exact distribution varies by item but expect the primary to get most of it).

Item Level+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10
Stat Increase+8+8+8+8+8+10+12+12+12+14
Stat Total+8+16+24+32+40+50+62+74+86+100

IMPORTANT: Enhancing is linked to the possesion of certain potentites (acerites), the first you will get it at Chapter 1 by story events, the rest are unlocked by story progression, and the last one from a sub-event/sidequest. They cap the item levels at 3,6,9 and 10 respectively.

AceriteNovice SmithJourneyman SmithMaster SmithGrandmaster Smith
Level Cap36910
LocationChapter 1 Main Story
Enhancing Skills

The other advantage of upgrading equipment is unlocking enhancing skills, again there are two: a primary by item type and a secondary which varies...a lot. The primary levels up with each upgrade, the secondary however is random (but has a lower max level) but by level 10 you should already have it. On any difficulty getting your weapons to +1 can be crucial because it unlocks the primary skill (another skill for our use!), and a small bonus to stats.

EquipmentExclusive SkillEnhancement Level
WeaponDamage against stunned foes +n%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
Unique AccesoryBreak Soul power +n%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
ArmorReduces stagger duration +n%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%
RingsReduces stun duration +n%9%18%27%36%45%54%63%72%81%90%
BootsSuccesful quickstep HP recovery +n%50100150200250300350400450500



Ok now that some basics and advanced mechanics are covered lets continue with the game, however if you feel some things don´t make sense yet, dont worry you will get the hang of them once the game progresses enough to unlock them, feel free to return to that section if you would like to refresh something.

This is how the walkthrough is going to be formated:

Region Name


Apple Gel

Life Bottle
Katz Box

Item (# Katz Souls Required)

Enemy NameDropped Items
Enemy Name*Dropped Items
Dire FoeDropped Items

*On the enemy name means it is not a normal monster in the area (it is probably a summon or a one time encounter).

Walkthrough_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (I´ll input personal commentary on parenthesis).

Useful information will be placed here.
Boss: Velvet - Level: 10HP(Difficulty): #####



Please avoid reading this part if you would rather come up with a stretegy by yourself. Also spoiler tags will be used if deemed necesary like this. Artes to watch out for will be in Italics.

Drops: Item

Continue walkthrough_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


Start the game and change your controls to suit you, and setup your difficulty. However dont mess with the graphics until you are actually in game and you can get a better feel for the changes. Watch the intro and continue to the prologue.

This is the part of the game where you get a feeling for the movement and controls an later an intruduction to battles as such the game is still holding your hand. If you feel slow while moving around dont worry there are potentites to increase movement speed.


ItemsApple Gel
PrickleboarPrickleboar Meat

Watch the cutscene and you are now in control of the main heroine of this game Velvet Crowe. Speak to Laphicet in his room, look around for sparkling dots and exit the house. (Aww Velvet is a caring sister, and sheesh what a rough childhood. Anyways, now we go to get her brother´s medicine).

The shinny dots are items, most of the time just vendor trash but sometimes can vary from cooking ingredients to enhancement materials. Pick those that are on your way but don´t scavenge them all over the map and you should be fine.

Event Markers:

Star shaped markers (gold) progress the main storyline and are your destination most of the time, they tend to lead into cutscenes or skits and some may allow or block access to areas; always try to clear an area thoroughtly before heading to these.

Bubble shapped markers (green) are not needed for story progression. The vast majority offer insight and immersion into the world of berseria. However keep in mind that some are tied to sidequests and following them may lead to huge rewards. As such i encourage you to talk to everyone in town who has these markers (you can check towns without needing to walk around with the map or use the skits guide FAQ here on gamefaqs).

After exiting you will now be bombarded by the game´s tutorials, read them and check the graves beside the house. This will help you better understand the cutscene at the beggining.

Head into town and speak to the npc´s with the green markers, you will find out about the events in the cutscene and the relationship of the people in Velvets village. Check the southest corner of the map to find an Apple Gel.

Gels are the potions of this game, they heal you for a percentage of your health and work on an item timer to prevent chugging them when hp is low. They dont lose usefulness in the game but are overshadowed by better gels. e.g: apple gel < orange gel.
Always keep a few on you on the harder difficulties, you might need them.

The guy exhibiting his wares is the shop owner, near him is a chest, open it for a Resistance Ring.

Shops: have red icons on the map. These are the main way in which you restock healing items and spend your gald. They tend to restock after a couple of battles and sell the items you have access to; rarely they will have discounts and when leveled might sell an item you may not have unlocked,see the shop section in the FAQ for details.
Chests: LOOT!!! Seriously always open them, they come in three (four) types: Brown<Silver<Gold; Brown chest contain common items and gald, Silver chests contain equipment (usually some you will get in the nearby future), and Gold chests contain rare items which may take a while to find as rare drops from enemies.

You can head into the morgana woods, i will advise you to go as there is an event with some villagers, also loot the shinnies, gold is a bit scarce (for now and a little boost doesnt hurt). Return to town and head east into the Tranquil Woods. (seriously you may find some dumb people when exploring in this game).

Tranquil Woods

ItemsApple Gel

This is a fairly linear area, though there are some shortcuts they arent open until much later in the game, if you head towards them a "???" will pop over your head.
Head north and then south to fight your first Prickleboar. This battle is a tutorial which will explain you the very basics of combat (Please see the Battle Mechanics section above). As a side note, although the tutorials are neat after a certain point they may feel a bit intrusive, however I think of them as a necesary evil as they shed some light on some not readily aparent mechanics). Anyways onwards with the quest, you may also notice on the lower right corner a prompt, this is one of the many (believe me there are a a lot) skits, watch it and continue east for another chest with an Apple Gel.

Continue the path until the exit and fight the last Prickleboars, you can explore the area a bit, I thought it was a very nice cape even with the foreboding tunnel to hell in the middle.

Head back to the woods, save your game and trigger a cutscene. There are 5 prickleboars now, you also gain your first hidden arte, the Prickleboars are still easy, trach them a lesson by hitting their weakness for extra damage; you may need to circle around them to avoid being interrupted mid combo on harder difficulties.
Watch the cutscene, (heh, Velvet is a bit overconfident but she wants to be and exorcist, sadly she still has a lot to learn, but! we are better than the Prickleboars Hooray!...?).
Head back to town for now.

Aball & End of the Prologue

Back here a cutscene will play (Jesus.... that shopkeeper doesn´t know when to shut up, get a hint man...) You´ll also get Apple Gel x3.
Turn back around and talk to the Nico and her pets; poor doggies are whinning (clearly not ominous, not at all...). Also the shop now sells items, you should be scarce on gold however if anything is on sale you should probabbly buy it as it will carry over to Chapter 1 (I got an amber blade on discount and served me well, you should also try to Master your equipment for skills, they add up and will be very important in the long run if you want to be able to challenge the higher difficulties without cheesing them).

Head home and talk to Laphicet, Velvet will cook something for him, (Velvet you are spoiling him too much..) then read the books, (ouch that remark hurts hahaha).
In the morning head to the village (Laphicet just had to escape from home today of all days), ask the villagers for help (doggies still afrad... uh oh) head back into the woods in search of Laphicet, once you find him go to the cape exit and save. (You probably can guess what he bought by this point). Anyways once in the cape there is a scene and a battle.

Boss: WerewolfHP (Hard): INVULNERABLE

This is a scripted battle, all you need to do is survie and deal a little bit of damage.
P.S: i know the name is wrong would apreciate if someone would plz correct me, i forgot to check its name during the battle.

Drops: None

The battle ends with a cutscene and you will wake up at home. (Why is there a red tinge, where is Laphicet?! oh shi...) Run outside in search of Velvet´s brother and meet a little surprise. (No way in hell can we fight those gouma so run and avoid them all) Head to the cape for a cutscene (would be more emotional if not for the trailers, still, there are feels). Kill the gouma watch the last cutscene and continue to Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Ok here is where the game properly begins, you will not have access to mystic artes just yet, but you can begin expanding your arte sets. Also party members will be arriving soon and as such you will have more freedom in combat, however encounters will feature more enemies to compensate. Lastly, the game is rather linear for some time and wont allow you to backtrack between continents so clear them as much as possible, particularly chests and monster random drops (if you dont have the party member due to story progresion, the enmy wont drop the item. e.g: velvet only uses swords, enemy drops lances the item wont drop; in this case come back later).

Titania - Island Prison


Battle Boots

Life Bottle
Wind Ring
320 Gald
Longsword OrderlyNone
Spear OrderlyNone
Prison GuardNone
Spear GuardNone
OrcBlood Blade
WerewolfSturdy Belt
Mace WielderNone

Hey look Seres is back, maybe we can get our revenge sooner rather than later... or not? After some dialague Seres challenges Velvet to a battle.

Boss: Seres - Level: 6HP (Hard): 2515

Species: Unknown

Weakness: None
Resistances: Wind

This is a tutorial battle, it will teach you how to dodge enemy attacks which can also be used to gain Souls. Winning this fight isn´t difficult even on hard. All you have to do is beat her until you run out of SG, block and step away from her. You can also try to interrupt her casting but this is risky it is better to just go al out until you beat her.

Drops: Prodigy´s Glacite Boss Image

Potentites: Potentites are passive boosts in this game, their effects are very self explanatory and shouldn´t be too hard to undrestand. They accomplish many different things, from boosting certain attacks to unlocking passive abilities and increasing movement speed. You will acquire more as you progress through the game. See Potentites for more info on them.

Seres promises to fill Velvet on the details on Artorius if we manage to scape. Next, scan the room for shinnies and exit the cell. Head towards the storage room to pick up your equipment and Velvet´s signature outfit. A guard will interrupt, so proceed to beat them down. Exit the room and save your game. Proceed down the hall and you will find your first Katz Spirit. Head upstairs and watch the scene.

Katz Spirits: This little spirit balls are found in most areas and are used to open Katz chests and for a few sidequests. They respawn every time you leave an area and come back, pick them up if they are nearby but you shouldn´t need to farm them until late game.

Go towards the event marker and prepare for a battle against two guards. This battle also teaches you how to swap targets, how handy! Afterwards we...riot? Ok, Velvet starts a prison riot but knowing her by now you should probably guess the prisoners are just being used. With the cells now open courtesy of Seres, head north to learn about the events of the world while we were imprisoned and then head to the east block for a pair of Battle Boots at the far end. Exit the room to meet a funny and... peculiar character.

After the short scene you can continue to explore the other cell blocks. The southern one has a Sage. The last one contains a Life bottle at the end of the cells. Exit the cell blocks and continue north to head into the next area. On the room with the save point there is a chest with a Void Ring. Save your game and exit.

Herbs: Herbs are stat boosting consumables, with each one raising a particular stat. They will begin respawning after you have collected at least 50, however respawns are random, always pick them up. They will carry over between playthroughs for a certain amount of grade but their boosts wont (unless you pay extra grade).

Life Bottle: This is a reviving item, always keep some on hand in case a battle goes south, or when hunting dire monsters.

Boss: Red Eyed Swordsman - Level: 7HP (Hard): 3249

Species: Unknown

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

Seem familliar? Yes he is one of the characters from the opening, nope he wont join you yet. This is more like a miniboss, the swordsman takes his time between his attacks, however when he uses them he tends to move a bit. The fight is really easy with Seres helping you and when he reaches around 50% the battle will end.

Drops: Sharpshooters Ventite

After the fight head south up some stairs then continue to the only available exit. In the next area there is an event marker (battle), afterwards climb the ladder and open the brown chest for 320 gald. A cutscene plays showing Velvets determination (and badassery), pick up the Verbena in the nearby area, save your game and enter the prison. Follow the path and prepare for a battle.

Boss: Oscar - Level: 7HP (Hard): 11344

Species: Person

Weakness: None

Oscar is the first non-tutorial boss in the game, and he wont be pulling his punches (look at that HP!!). He will actually combo your hp down if you let him (plus his Tiger Fang hurts and amps his attack). However he isn´t the main threat initially; beat his malakhim first to prevent them from interrupting you and to gain more SG. if you get low on HP stay away from the enemies to let Seres heal you. Once alone oscar becomes less of a threat, try to keep your combos running and dodge/block his attacks and the battle should end fairly quickly.

Drops: Vampire's Glacite

Boss: Drake - Level: 9HP (Hard): 6784

Species: Dragon

Weakness: Wind
Resistances: Fire

This boss fight starts as a tutorial for Break Souls: by consuming one soul (which the enemy receives) you use a special ability (see: Break Soul for details). Velvet´s causes her to enter therion mode and use a finisher at the end of a combo.

Afterwards proceed to attack the Dragon, avoid using searing edge (in hard mode resistances really hurt your ability to do damage), Resist the urge to do more Break Souls until you have more than 3 souls as it will severly cut your damage. When its HP falls to a certain point it will begin to use its breath more freely, dodge it to the sides of the dragon to avoid the cone in front. When it is low use BS and Phalanx Raid (finisher) for extra damage and the fight will end.

Drops: None

Watch the cutscene and we will finally leave this forsaken prison.