start combo with hidden? also eleanor AI setup

  1. after reading about hidden arte and martial arte's effects on each other in the mechanics faq:

    Type of attackEffectNumber of times used during the combo
    MartialReduce the SG cost of everything but Martial Artes.-10%-20%-30%-35%-40%-45%-50%-25%
    Hidden ArteIncrease the chance of chance based effects occurring for everything other than Hidden Artes.+20%+40%+60%+70%+80%+90%+100%+50%

    if i'm playing velvet maxing focus, and want to get my effects off as often as possible, should i start my combo chain with hidden? to maximize my chance of stuns later in the combo? i understand there's the 1k stun threshold but other than maxing by putting 4 stuns i'm just asking if for example starting with hidden and have martial stun as 3rd and 4th is better

    also i've tried multiple different AI setup for eleanor(pretty much all of them except the obviously useless ones like run rampant) in action/tactics/atkheal tabs and she still dies ALL the time. i'm playing on intense right now(higher not unlocked yet), other members are magilou and laphicet with casting only, if anyone could tell me how to get eleanor to die less(magi and laphi in comparison are always last to die), one example with eleanor being stupid is: boss is charging up a rollover attack, magi/laphi either guard or don't get hit, while eleanor not only keeps attacking but even if she's not, she won't guard(despite setting to balanced) and gets rekt. even vs normal mobs, when everyone is easily doing fine, and suddenly she just dies. i only have rock swarm and skewering disabled on her.

    User Info: oasdjfoasdjf

    oasdjfoasdjf - 1 year ago

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