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  1. Can someone provide me a list of all recipes and their locations? I have 28 now an I know one of the Missing is Velvets Quiche but I can't find the one that I miss out.

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    Alisha-san - 2 years ago

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  1. I have already completed the Game and I don't have the quiche so it's maybe related to Velvets cooking level? I haven't used that feature much so her level is just 16.

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  1. You get Velvet's Quiche during the story events when the party get to Aball later in the game and is related to her sub event. Most recipes are gotten from expeditions, sub events and the EX Dungeon in the treasure boxes.

    Story/ event related:
    Mabo Curry bun: Moana's sub event in Melchiore when she gets you to find her treasure
    Takoyaki: After the fishing event on the ship (story related)
    Velvet's Quiche: Story related near the end of the game
    Mabo Curry: In Logeres as part of the build quests

    Post game EX Dungeon chests in the actual main malevolence areas with the black embers, not the random floors. The contents of the chests are random, so you may have to re-enter until you get it.

    Special Miso Hodgepodge: EX Dungeon chamber 5 (looks like Hexen isle)
    Seashell pasta minestrone: EX Dungeon chamber 2
    Pirate king Seafood bowl: EX Dungeon chamber 6 (looks like the temple before the last dungeon)
    Giant squid pizza: EX Dungeon chamber 4
    Extra rich soft serve: EX Dungeon chamber 3 (looks like Ardina plains)

    All the other recipes are gotten via expedition, so you can check if there are any ????? left on the expedition list.

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  2. You need to raise her cooking level to 20 anyway for the trophy, but I got it when the story forces you to return to Aball and after you complete the events where you farm boars for the quiche. Increasing cooking levels doesn't net you any recipes in this game. It's called Crowe's Special Quiche. Are you sure you didn't skip over it when checking your recipes?

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  3. Here's a complete list, but I'm still searching for their locations (I'm playing the Japanese version, so I'm extra interested in this topic)

    Uriboar Sausage (the original name was banned, but it's the first recipe you find)
    Dwarven Salisbury Surprise
    Three-Meat Ragu Sauce
    Rappig and Tomato Stew
    Fried Albatross
    Lizard Tail Steak
    Wyvern Tendon Stew
    Mabo Curry Bun
    Fresh-Squeezed Normin Carrots
    Crowe's Special Quiche
    Bazonga Veggie Banga Cauda
    Special Miso Hodgepodge
    Crispy Stir-Fried Vegetables
    Feline Emperor Ratatouille
    Chunky Potato Salad
    Seashell Pasta Minestrone
    Mabo Curry
    Barghest Paella
    Orodoen Vichyssoise
    Mythic Egg and Rice Omelet
    Pirate King Seafood Bowl
    Fresh Fish Pirate Platter
    Garlic Rainbow Nautilus
    Twin Shark Meuniere
    Zesty Dream Herring Marinade
    Giant Squid Pizza
    Berserker's Palmier
    Extra-Rich Soft Serve
    Heavenly Fruit Parfait

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