Power armor station cant get items from workshop?

  1. So one way or another, ive encountered a peculiar glitch(woop pee dee doo bethievesda) with power armor stations which causes it to not detect any items from the workbench. For clarity, im doing the upgrading inside a modded interior called bridge wall bunker, an interior home under a bridge past egrest tour marina. I havent tried it on my other allied settlement since i dont want to move my materials from my permanent base.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 2 months ago


  1. Have you tested to see if the PA station will detect items placed inside it directly? MODS can be buggy, if the PA station can detect items placed directly in it, you may have to resort to that.
    I would also try emptying out your workbench, saving the game and reloading. Then placing a few items in the WB and checking to see if the PA station will pull them.
    These are my best ideas other than re downloading the mod and that is always a last resort and not 100% guaranteed to work.

    User Info: Hargrove

    Hargrove - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Well placing the stuffs directly to the pa inventory doesnt work and doing the save and placing also dont work. Ive also replaced the stock pa workstation that comes from the modded house and still nothing. I did encounter it again in my red rocket close to sanctuaty as im using it as companion depository and it also had the bug. So it may be an innate bug to vanilla???

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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