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  1. I am Playing OffLine.
    No Internet Connection.
    Can I Duplicate Items without Patches?

    User Info: dalelthomas

    dalelthomas - 1 month ago
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    What are the Corresponding Buttons on the PS4 for

    User Info: dalelthomas

    dalelthomas - 1 day ago


  1. I don't know about unpatched versions but I know of you can duplicate resources in the latest patch. Taken from the cheats tab:
    1. Drop the desired item on the floor near any work bench you have access too (must be a base resource e.g. adhesive, cork or steel etc.).
    2. Go into workshop build mode and highlight item that you dropped.
    3. Press X then quickly hold B
    4. While holding B, Double tap X then press A.
    5. The item will of doubled and both parts added to the workbench.
    This works with stacked items too - If you drop 100 glass - Follow steps 2 to 4, you will have 200 glass in the workbench.

    User Info: DCdemonic1

    DCdemonic1 - 4 weeks ago 0 0

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