Mod load order?

  1. My mod Sanctuary hills SP Rebuild keeps bugging out and clipping into the original Sacntuary. Here is my load order.

    1.Armor weapons keyword commands
    2.Sanctuary hills SP Rebuild
    3.UCO Base game
    4.Dr. Mobius's Infinite storage
    6.Starting special=70
    7.Legendary Modification
    8.Water redux
    9.Jetpack-No AP or fusion core cost
    11.Sanctuary max crafting resource
    12.Pre-walled Sacntuary
    13.Terrible's Pipboy's
    14.Jetpack no fall damage perk
    15.Companion infinite ammo
    16.Ellies tweaks and fixes all in one
    17.Pre-Walled settlements
    18.Faster affinity for companions
    19.Choose your own perks
    20.1st person animation tweaks
    21.Buffed minuteman militia 2
    22.Terrible's Modular military backpack
    23.Unlock Balistic weave
    24.Dogs not Brahmin
    25.A better Cait
    26.Pleasing piper attitude adjustment
    27.No building houses xp gain
    28.No cash register xp sounds


    User Info: Supderman

    Supderman - 2 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I usually put mods like that near or at the bottom, try that

    User Info: Ironhelm

    Ironhelm - 2 years ago 1   0

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