Can't find Paladin Danse! Help, please?

  1. So I can't find Paladin Danse anywhere after moving him from the Castle to Spectacle Island. I was simply moving all my companions there, after swapping him with another companion temporarily. I already finished the main plotline, sided with the BOS, and was in a romantic relationship with him. I checked the water between the Castle and Spectacle Island, figuring with power armor he might sink since settlers/companions will walk to different assigned places, to no avail. Checked all of my settlements (called the settlers with the bell and waited, too) checked the Prydwen, Boston airport, Listening Post Bravo, and everywhere in Castle and Spectacle Island. Still couldn't find him no matter where I went. If it helps, I'm using PS4. Please help!! He is my favorite character and I so badly want to find him.

    User Info: xolynn

    xolynn - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Another possible solution, if you have the Vault-Tec DLC installed, is to create a population management terminal and use it. The terminal is under the miscellaneous category in the power section of the settlement assets. It allows track VIPs (namely companions). It does this by starting a quest called Overseer's Most Wanted and placing a tracker on the companions you select. This terminal should be available without needing to start any part of the Vault 88 quest series. The terminal itself requires a single power to be connected to it.

    User Info: xNecrolithx

    xNecrolithx - 2 years ago 1   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. You might have the quest The Blind Betrayal active. If so go check Listening Post Bravo, if not then he problably did sink.

    User Info: Just23

    Just23 - 2 years ago 1   0

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