For those suffering with the invisible forever glitch? - FIX!

  1. If your character is invisible and can't become 'visible' and can't see your pip-boy, use a "Stealth Boy". When the Stealth Boy runs out, so will your glitch.
    I know, you can't USE a stealth boy if you can't SEE the pip boy... Got you covered!
    Open the console (~ key) and type: "player.additem 4f4a6 25" (no quotes) Hit ENTER. I know 25 is a lot, but you might need them later.
    Then type: "player.equipitem 4f4a6" (no quotes) Hit ENTER.
    When the stealth boy runs out, you're cured!

    BTW.. The way you get INTO this mess is by having all 5 stars to the "Sneak" perk, use a chameleon buffed armor (which makes you invisible when crouching), then while crouching, hit the "crouch" button ('C' on the PC) THREE times FAST! This leaves you in the standing position but still invisible... FOREVER!
    For those who think that would be pretty neat, just try using ANYTHING without your pip-boy! It's a game stopper!

    I almost had to begin the game again. I found another person that led me to this fix, but he used a power armor to "see" the stealth boy. This way, you can "Fix" yourself on the spot, anywhere, while in a quest!
    Hope this helps guys.

    User Info: HimRoids

    HimRoids - 3 years ago

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