"Lost Patrol" help! Quest NPC won't talk to me?

  1. So I'm doing the "Lost Patrol" BoS side quest at the moment, and I've ran into a progress-preventing bug.
    Basically Paladin Brandis won't talk to me.
    So I have Danse as a companion at the moment, and I was doing the quest.
    I showed up to the Theta Bunker, and a freaking Behemoth was spawned outside.
    I'd already put the password in and opened the bunker door, and Brandis had started talking to me,
    "Who are you?!"
    "How'd you get in?!"
    I didn't actually reply to him.
    Because of Danse fighting the Behemoth outside, I couldn't hear what he was saying so I went out and killed the behemoth.
    I come back in, and Brandis is in a battle stance, and won't talk to me.
    My character says,
    "Paladin Brandis?"
    but he does nothing at all.
    This is REALLY annoying, and it's the first time I've encountered the bug.
    My last save was ~3-5 hours ago, and I really don't want to have to repeat everything just for this.
    Oh, and I tried killing him, but Danse got really salty and peeved off at me so I reloaded to the quicksave after I killed the behemoth.
    Anyone know how to fix this? I'm on PS4, so no console commands, and I've tried everything I have found online :(

    User Info: Alixya

    Alixya - 3 years ago


  1. I would say to try fast travelling away and then return, but if that doesn't fix it you'll have to either skip it (if you got the quest from Kells rather than Danse then there's a few other side quests he won't give you unless you finish this one) or replay that 3-5 hours.

    User Info: dngn_rdr

    dngn_rdr (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0
  2. dismiss dense and fast travel from there to another place and back to there and kill the guy,dense wont see it and you get the cool gun

    User Info: misterguy1

    misterguy1 - 1 year ago 0   0

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