Can't assign settlers in Old Guns quest?

  1. I went and built three artillery stations, but I didn't have any settlers at this base (or any) so I called the Minutemen via flair, but when they came it wouldn't let me assign them to the artillery, seeing as how I don't have settlers at all at any camp, how am I suppose to do this?

    User Info: The_System00

    The_System00 - 4 years ago

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  1. You only need to build and assign one settler to get this done and you should have 3 minutemen with the base when you take over Castle, 1 will have been assigned to the radio recruitment beacon that you are asked to build and I had assigned another to some food production so I used the third one to do the artillery

    User Info: reapersl

    reapersl - 4 years ago 2   0


  1. For a start, you should have a small handful of minutemen left after you secure the castle (assuming they weren't all killed in the battle you could build a bell and summon them as they may be patrolling the castle) but calling minutemen by flare is intended just to help in a battle... they don't stay permanently which is why you can't assign them.

    *reapersl is correct, GeneralCavalsky is wrong*
    Radio Freedom is NOT, nor does it act as, a recruitment beacon.... so if you want more settlers there you will need to build a recruitment beacon and wait for some settlers to arrive, or go to another settlement which has settlers and move them to The Castle.

    By the way, building more than one artillery doesn't speed the refresh rate or increase the number of shells falling at one time but it does increase how long bombardment goes on for. So building three artillery won't make three shells fall at a time but the bombardment will go on for three times as long as if you had one artillery.
    Whether this is worth the resources it takes to build three artillery will depend on the location - I don't think so myself (esp for the castle as there's not enough locations with a lot of enemies within range that the artillery is useful for - one is more than enough IMO).
    A location like The Slog which has Parsons, Dunwich, the Ironworks and the raider hangout (can't recall what it's called).... would have more benefit to multiple artillery as there are a lot of enemies at each location so a longer bombardment is beneficial.

    User Info: dngn_rdr

    dngn_rdr (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0
  2. reapersl the settler is automatically dispatched to Radio Freedom, and not a recruitment beacon - which doesn't require anything except power.

    User Info: GeneralCavalsky

    GeneralCavalsky - 3 years ago 0   1

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