Can you mod unique weapons?

  1. All in the title, really.

    I've got a couple of unique weapons - General Chao's Revenge and Old Faithful.

    Can't seem to mod them at all, is this the case with all unique weapons?

    I'm quite a fan of .44 guns, I'm assuming there will be a kickass unique one at some point, so I'd like to know if I should keep the components to mod it, or not bother.

    User Info: Rincebob

    Rincebob - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Are you sure you aren't able to mod one? I've had a few unique weapons (including a .44) that I could mod fully so perhaps something is wrong? Seems very odd that you can't, hope you find a way to mod them because you can make some pretty OP stuff with the unique ones

    User Info: Adam_Maree

    Adam_Maree - 4 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. Hmm yeah part of what made me ask, figuring out if it's normal or an issue with my save.

    Will try reloading or waiting to see if something changes.


    User Info: Rincebob

    Rincebob - 4 years ago 0   0

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