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Reviewed: 11/30/15

Be careful, be very very careful. Online only!

Well, now where do we start? Ah, the Need for Speed series. A chance to be emulated Fast and Furious, Initial D etc while in the safety of your own house. I have the entire series of Need for Speed for the PS3 and was venturing into purchasing this for the PS4. By some fluke shot, I managed to squeeze into the closed beta list to test the game. So what are my opinions on this game?

Let's see, night racing only. So all those wonderful colours, decals etc are not really essential as you cannot really see much (Rivals was better with it's time transition). Also in Rivals at least with the daytime, you get a feel of the country and literally go cruising which I let my younger co-driver (son) do. Who wants an gritty urban landscape when we can have both.

Hmm, sliders for modification. Surely that is over-simplifying it a little bit. I'm not asking from Gran Turismo level of involvement but surely I can be able to make the decision between simple (sliders) and advanced (more involved tuning).

Cinematics. Argh they make me shudder. I have a feeling that they are trying to channel "Most Wanted" here. But in comparison, as least with "Most Wanted", there was a flimsy plot line (revenge, get back your girl (oops, car!) that was stolen). Here, it's climb to the top of the leader board. Oh yes, definitely, a worthy plotline.

Online only connection. Now this really gets my goat. Living in Australia, we don't have the best of internet connections. I am currently only able to get ADSL (no scoffing please) and try as I might, there is no telco that can give me a better connection. Wireless? Pfff, lets not even go there. So while in closed beta, can be completing a race and completed the race by the hairs on my chinny chin chin, then BAM! it gets restarted because server did not update. I do understand that in closed beta things happen, but to be reset 3 out of 5 races is shocking. Even happens when I am just cruising.

And while in beta, the amount of smack talking and bullying that goes on is already present, I think it will be much worse now and I for one am not willing to subject myself or any of my family to that kind of abuse.

Also last I checked, with the online only feature, Australia runs about GMT -8 to GMT -11. That makes playing it and finding a crew very hard as most players are based in the US.

So, what is my final verdict. Need for Speed needs to be allowed to be played offline as the last two points for me based in Australia are a game killer. Sure I might get connection but what happens on a busy weekend and the servers get slammed? So until a patch is release for offline play, I might have to get a paper cutout to fill the slot for Need For Speed (2015) in my collection.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Need for Speed (AU, 11/05/15)

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