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by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/02/17

The Last of Us: Left Behind - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.0 - Jul. 30, 2017


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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete The Last of Us: Left Behind with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. This means it'll lead you through the story while pointing out Artifacts and Optional Conversations, while also providing strategies for enemy encounters. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me.

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The controls for The Last of Us: Left Behind are similar to most action-adventure games, most notably the Uncharted series.

PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Command
Move character
Move camera
Up: Health Kit/Nail Bomb
Down: Brick or Bottle/Molotov/Smoke Bomb
Left: Long-range Weapon (Hold to Swap)
Right: Handgun Weapon (Hold to Swap)
Melee Attack
Aim Weapon
Fire Weapon
Reload (while not aiming)
Listen Mode
Reset Camera


The Last of Us: Left Behind is a survival horror adventure game that offers little in terms of a tutorial. While many things can be learned via on screen prompts, most of the feature require some knowledge of the genre to clearly comprehend what is happening. The following section covers the absolute basics of the survival features, which are key to prolonging Ellie's life.


Ellie has a set amount of health, indicated by the green bars around your currently selected weapon in the bottom right of the screen. When damaged is taken, the bar is depleted until it reaches 0, at which point you'll die and have to restart at the last checkpoint.

Keeping Ellie's health up is a major priority for survival and can be restored by the following:

  • Scavenge health items, such as Health Bars and Cans (partial health)
  • Scavenge or craft Health Kits (full health)

Note that some enemies, such as Clickers and Bloaters, have a one-hit kill that results in instant death.

Movement & Navigation

Navigating the world and encountering obstacles is a big part of The Last of Us: Left Behind, as the majority of the game revolves around environmental puzzles and exploration in between the numerous encounters with foes. Bypassing obstacles can be as easy as crouching under them by pressing , but the majority of times you'll need to climb over them. Lower obstacles can be jumped over by approaching them and pressing and Ellie can wade through bodies of water that have begun to appear in the cities, due to nature reclaiming the world.

Equipment & Weapons

Ellie carries a flashlight at all times, which can be turned on/off by pressing , and an assortment of equipment that she scavenges throughout the game. Due to her limited backpack size, Ellie can only carry a limited amount of gear, as follows:

  • 1 Handgun (Right)
  • 1 Long-range Weapon (Left)
  • Brick or Bottle (Down)
  • Health Kit (Up)

As Ellie progresses through the game she'll scavenge new weapons to help her survive against the numerous infected and hunters and also gain the ability to craft molotovs and bombs. Ellie can carry a total of 3 of each item - shivs, Health Kits, Molotovs, and Bombs - and they will be added to his quick select controls when she unlocks them.

Combat Basics

While traveling across the dangerous landscape, Ellie will encounter a number of enemies, from infected to other scavengers.

Combat Strategies

Combat can be approached in two major ways: Go in guns blazing or staying stealthy and undetected. While both strategies have their advantages, stealth is generally preferred and will often save your supplies for larger encounters or encounters that MUST be completed aggressively.

Stealth & Listen Mode

When going for stealth you'll want to stay low and quiet by crouching and be aware of your enemy's location at all time by using Listen Mode. One of Ellie's most useful abilities, Listen Mode is activated by holding / to identify enemies making noise through walls and obstacles and will outline them in a white glow. This is great for learning enemy patterns or checking new rooms and buildings for unknown enemies.


If you're going for the silent approach, performing executions will save ammo and quietly take down enemies that you encounter. To perform an execution, approach an enemy from behind and press to stab them with Ellie's switchblade. Note that Ellie's switchblade is quiet, compared to guns, but she still causes a slight bit of noise and will alert anyone nearby.

Melee Combat

When guns make too much noise or you find yourself in a desperate situation without ammo, melee can be a good way to get yourself out of a pinch. By pressing , Ellie can engage in melee combat with her switchblade.

Bombs & Explosives

When faced with large groups, bombs come in handy for taking out multiple targets with limited resources. There are three types of explosives: Nail Bombs, Molotov Cocktails, and Smoke Bombs. These can be thrown by holding / to arc the item to a designated location and / to toss it once you're ready.

Nail Bombs

Nail Bombs are essentially proximity mines that can be thrown or placed as a trap to explode when an enemy comes within range.

Molotov Cocktails

Molotovs can be tossed to create a wide fire explosion that sets anything within range on fire, as well as anything that walks into those flames, and are highly effective against infected.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs can be tossed to stun enemies and escape their clutches, but be careful since they can also stun Ellie.

Scavenging & Crafting

In order to survive, Ellie will need to scavenge the wreckage of the places she encounter to try and find valuable items that can be combined and used to help aid her in their journey.

Health Items

Keeping Ellie alive is the most important part of the game and there are a number of items that help keep her alive. The most common way to restore Ellie's health is by finding health items, such as Health Bars and Health Cans, which will restore a percentage of Ellie's health when collected. In addition, Ellie can find Health Kits on rare occasions during lower difficulties, which completely heal Ellie's health, or craft them with a Rag and Alcohol.

Crafting Ingredients

The majority of salvageable items in the game are used in crafting items that are then added to Ellie's inventory. There are a total of five craftable items in the game, as well as a number of melee weapons that can be modified.

To craft something, hit / to bring up the menu and then choose the crafting tab. All available recipes, as well as the number of items in Ellie's inventory, will be listed with a wrench, provided you have the ingredients and inventory space to craft them, and can be crafted by holding .

ItemRequired Items
Health KitRag + Alcohol
Molotov CocktailRag + Alcohol
Nail BombBlade + Explosive
Smoke BombExplosive + Sugar

Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJeBdTim63X_ofxO0hU7F_2y

Walkthrough: Left Behind

Back in a Flash

The Left Behind DLC follows Ellie's perspective and shifts between her search for medicine, after Joel's injury at the end of The University chapter, and flashbacks of her life before her infection.

After the opening cutscenes, head up the escalators and turn left to follow the path toward a store called "American Princess" and then turn right to spot the "Weston's Pharmacy". Inside the pharmacy, check the shelves for a number of empty bottles and then head behind the counter to find the Combination Note on the ground. While you're here, check the door behind the counter to spot a First Aid Kit on the other side that you can't reach at the moment.

Exit the pharmacy and return to the American Princess store to unlock the metal shutter and then enter the store and check behind the counter for 1/4 Blades and 1/4 Rag. Make your way to the back of the store to find the body of the pharmacist and then collect the Pharmacy Key and Pharmacist's Note from him.

Make your way back to the front of the American Princess store, but stop before crawling under the shutter to return to the mall. A Clicker now wanders the area outside the storefront, so wait for it to walk past and then sneak up behind it and press Triangle to perform a stealth kill. Once it's clear, return to the locked door inside the pharmacy for a short scene and then check the side office for 1/2 Sugar before jumping out the window.

Enter the "Pixitek" store across from the pharmacy and crawl under the debris on the right path and then check near the shutter on the left for 1/4 Rag, 1/2 Explosive, and 1/4 Blades. You can now continue through the store and under the collapsed roof to reach the "Rarity Nail Salon", where you'll find a corpse with a Health Kit and the Salon Note, and then exit the store and head down the stairs to jump over the railing.


After the scene, follow Riley through the building until you crawl under the barricaded door of an apartment and then check the dining table in the living room for the Wanted Poster (2). Follow Riley into one of the back bedrooms and climb up to the next floor and then shimmy around the hole and hop into a new apartment. Make sure to check the Firefly emblem graffiti on the wall of the living room for the first Optional Conversation in the DLC and then crawl through the laundry room to return to the building's hallway. You can now follow Riley up the stairs and across roofs to trigger a scene and then continue until you drop into to the "Liberty Gardens" mall.

Head down the escalators and check behind them, to the right, for a poster with "Affordable Getaways" for an Optional Conversation and then continue forward from the escalators. Across from the "Seph Brandish" store, where the path turns left, check the planter with the directory for a "Typhoon Blitz" water gun ad for another Optional Conversation and then continue down another set of escalators to continue.

Make sure to speak with Riley at the bottom of the escalators for an Optional Conversation and then enter the FEDRA tent and check the cabinet in the back corner for another Optional Conversation. Choose whether or not to take a swig of Winston's liquor before exiting the tent and then head straight across from the tent toward the horse saddle to trigger another Optional Conversation. You can now follow Riley to a dead end and try to lift the debris before boosting her into the nearby Halloween store.

After the scene, follow Riley to a nearby wolf mask and place it on Ellie's head for some fun and then check out the store. There are a number of Optional Conversations in the Halloween store, so follow these steps to trigger each:

1) To the right of the entrance, approach the "Skeleseer" and interact with it a number of times. Each time, Ellie will ask a question and receive an answer before putting the Skeleseer down. Make sure to interact with it until Riley comes over and asks her own quest.

2) On the shelves, just past Skeleseer, look for the "Triple Phoenix" mask and place it on your head.

3) On the opposite side of the same shelf rack, locate the Wicked Witch mask and place it on your head and then speak with Riley.

4) At the back of the store, check the back right corner for a conversation bubble over a jar of eyeballs.

5) After Riley pops out of the coffin, follow her until she spots the Dracula mask and then speak with her after she says "Count Dracula"

Riley will stick around and examine a number of items in the shop after the above conversations, so choose whether to stick around or exit the nearby doorway to continue the story.

As you enter the next area, Riley will challenge you to a brick throwing contest. Use / to aim the bricks at the windows located on the car and / to throw them and break all 7 before Riley to obtain the Trophy: Brick Master. After asking Riley one of the four questions, follow her through a door and down a stairwell and then check the first room on the left for a Warning Note. You can now follow Riley down the hall to a fuse box and turn the power back on and then interact with the door at the end of the hall to complete the chapter.

So Close

After returning to Ellie's search for medicine in the Mountain Plaza Mall, turn left and search the table beneath the collapsed upper level for a Health bar and then turn around and walk past the stairs you jumped off.

Directly ahead, past the yellow sign marked "NO ENTRY OR REMOVAL OF GOODS", search the table for another Health Bar and then follow the right wall around to some blue containers with a 1/4 Rag and 1/4 Blades on the ground. In the nearby corner, near the closed shutter with "glazed dough" written beneath it, collect the Atrium Note on the floor and then search the checkered counter to the left for 1/4 Sugar. Turn around and check the shelves opposite this store for 1/2 Explosive and 1/4 Rag and then hop over the "Noodle Bowl" counter to collect the 1/2 Alcohol on the floor. You can now head toward the closed "Petville" shop, following the power cables from the locked gate, and search to the right for Handgun Ammo x4 before continuing through the double doors.

Follow the hallway, examining the first barricaded doorway, and then make your way through the partial submerged section to enter a loading area. Head up the ramp straight ahead and examine the generator and then pick up the Generator Note next to it before turning around to grab the gas can near the fence.

Stalkers will enter the garage, though they have no idea where you are located, so slowly walk down the ramp and sneak through the water to climb up behind the "Special Cola" semi-truck. If you make too much noise, the Stalkers will run over and you'll have to play aggressively with limited ammo. Make your way along the loading area and into the back of the white truck to find another Health Bar and then focus on eliminating the Stalkers through stealth, or by stunning them with a brick to the face before sticking them with a knife. Once the area is clear, search the loading area near the "Petville" entrance for Handgun Ammo x6 and then siphon gas from the white semi-truck to fuel the generator.

Start the generator for a short scene, which electrifies the water, and then turn around and enter the fenced area. Climb the ladder and follow the left duct to drop onto the "Special Cola" semi-truck, which has a 1/2 Alcohol and 1/4 Rag on it's hood, and then drop off the back of the truck and make your way to the shutters near the white semi-truck. Open both shutters and check the second storage room for 3/4 Explosive and 1/4 Rag and then move the stack of boxes from the first storage room beneath the second shutter. This will allow you to climb the boxes between the two shutters, cross the open shutter without it collapsing, and follow the vents to the "Petville" entrance.

Immediately crouch as you enter the shop, as there are a number of Runners and Clickers, and then wait for the nearby Clicker to walk out of the back area before attacking the Runner, as Ellie's knife kills are not truly stealth. Wait for the Clicker to return to the back area and attack it from behind and then enter the orangish-red room to find 1/4 Blades, 1/4 Explosive, and 1/4 Rag. Enter the main part of the Petville store and make sure the Clicker is a decent distance away before you attack the first Runner and then finish off the Clicker and final Runner to clear the area. You can now check the area near the "Frozen Food" sign for 1/2 Alcohol and 3/4 Sugar and behind the counter for 1/4 Blades.

As you exit the Petville store, more Clickers will enter the main section of the mall. Quickly take cover near the planter on the left and wait for the Clicker to walk by, attacking it from behind, and then approach the other Clicker and stun it with a brick to kill it. Make your way through the previously locked gate by powering it up and then head up the escalator and search the makeshift tent to the left for an Atrium Recorder. You can now head to the other side of the escalators and cross the glass to jump to the helicopter.

Fun and Games

As with the previous chapter with Riley, this chapter focus on the relationship between Ellie and Riley. Start by approaching the merry-go-round in the center of the room, which is brightly lit and hard to miss, and interact with the horse for an Optional Conversation This scene explains where Ellie obtained the "No Pun Intended" book that was in her backpack during the main game and also allows you to read all the puns as part of another Optional Conversation trigger.

After telling all the jokes, head down the nearby stairs to spot a "Sharesnap" booth and interact with it. Follow the instructions to take a number of photos of the girls and share/print them and you should unlock the Trophy: BFF for watching all the Optional Conversations. Head back up the stairs, toward the merry-go-round, and check behind the counter of the "Fast Burger" on the left to find the Kitchen Note and then head up the moving escalator to continue.

As you enter "Raja's Arcade", head to the back left corner to find a racing arcade machine called "Jak X" and interact with it for the Trophy: Nobody's Perfect and then head toward the blue screened arcade called "The Turning". You might remember this game from Bill's Town in the main game, where Ellie mentions wanting to play it, so interact with it for a scene.

In order to gain the Trophy: Angel Knives for completing the arcade with no mistakes, follow the pattern below:

◀ +
▼, ▲,
▲ + +
▼, ▶,
▼ + , ▼ +

This is followed by a random set of input that change on each attempt, with higher difficulties having more complex inputs, follow by the finisher: ▼, ▼, ▲, ▲, ◀, ▼, ▶, + .

After the scene that follows, follow the hall to a mannequin warehouse and then head to the exit on the opposite side of the area to catch up with Riley. You can now engage in a watergun fight by pressing / to pump the gun and then / + / to fire. While the initial soak game doesn't count for anything, the hunt game that follows must be won to unlock the Trophy: Skillz. The best advice for this is to stay behind cover, where you can see any movement around Ellie, and wait for Riley to reveal her location with a vocal taunt. Once you know her location, move slowly with your watergun aimed and ready to get the shot off asap when Riley pops out.

The Enemy of My Enemy

After the opening scene, follow the path to a larger area with a blue and white wall on the right and then enter the open room to find the Crew Photo. Continue toward the "Octopus Records" store and jump over the barricade for a scene and then pick up the Bow as the Hunters search the area.

Follow the Hunter that walks to the right of the record store, picking up additional arrows on the corpses, and shoot the Hunter as he searches the hall before taking cover from the Hunter inside the store. Wait for the Hunter inside to circle around the counter before shooting him in the back and then take out the last Hunter when he comes to check on his buddy. You can now check the drawer of the nearby counter for a Health Bar and Handgun Ammo x2 and the other counter in the store 1/4 Sugar, a Health Bar, and 1/4 Alcohol.

Exit the record store and head down the side hall, where you killed the first Hunter, and check the ground near the restrooms for 1/2 Alcohol and 1/4 Rag and then follow the blood trail into the vents. Make sure to follow the blood trail to a corpse with the Duct Recorder, which should unlock the Trophy: Picked Clean and then head the opposite direction to exit into a sports store.

This area is full of infected and Hunters, but the title of this chapter is a clue in how to deal with this chapter. Wait for the Hunter's "reinforcements" to come running through the doors before tossing a brick into the center of the room, alerting the infected, and then watch as they tear each other apart. Depending on whether the Hunters or infected win, silently take out the remaining enemies before dropping off the upper level and then search the cabinet where you dropped down to find a 1/4 Rag and the corner beneath the landing for 1/4 Alcohol. As you make your way out of the store, check the sales bin in the center of the store to find 1/4 Blades on the ground and then exit the store and search the ground near the kiosk, across from the "Bike Shop", for 1/4 Sugar. You can now continue down the hall and now climb the overturned ATM and soda machines to reach a ledge with 1/4 Rag and 1/4 Alcohol before dropping into the "Great Plains" store.

Quietly grab the 1/4 Explosive and Health Bar on the nearby counter, as there are a number of infected in the storage rooms to the right, and then move toward the main section of the store to trigger the Hunters' appearance. Drop back to the counter to hide, allowing the Hunters to move into the center of the store, and then a bottle or brick at them to trigger a fight with infected.

Once the area is clear, head into the storage room and search the area for 1/4 Blades and 1/4 Rag in the lockers, as well as 1/4 Alcohol on the opposite shelves, and then head into the next room and search more lockers for another 1/4 Rag and 1/4 Explosive. Exit the storage rooms and check the cabinet on the right for a Health Bar before crossing to the opposite side of the store and then search the counter drawer for Handgun Ammo x2 and 1/4 Explosive. You can now follow the wall to a set of stairs leading down to 1/4 Sugar before climbing up through the collapsed ceiling.

Make sure to check the counter of the "Bighorn Portrait Gallery" for 1/4 Blades before opening the shutter in the corner of the room, which will lead back to the "American Princess" store.

As you make your way back toward Joel's locations, check the new corpses on the ground for 1/4 Rag, Handgun Ammo x2, and an Arrow and then approach the main plaza. Immediately take cover at the closest kiosk, as a number of Hunters come running into the area, and then take out the Hunter near the escalators on the left and the Hunter on the right with an arrow. A third Hunter will now be climbing up from the lower level, on the left, to check the body of the Hunter near the escalator, so take him out quietly and then approach the escalator. The two men trying to break the lock of the "Swirls" shutter are conveniently standing close enough together that a well placed molotov or Nail Bomb will take them both out, but this will also draw the attention of the remaining Hunters. Luckily, the remaining Hunters have no idea where you're located and will usually go check on their dead friends, allowing you to easily take them out.

With the area clear, search the upper level of the department store on the right for an Arrow and Health Bar on the displays and Health Bar and 1/4 Rag on the back shelves and then head back toward the escalators. Continue past the escalators, where the Hunter climbed up, and collect the 3/4 Explosive on the ground and then continue to a stairwell and head down to the first floor. Make sure to grab the Health Can and 1/4 Rag on the planter straight ahead before checking the area behind the escalators for another 1/4 Rag and 1/4 Alcohol and then exit out to the other side of the escalators. You can now follow the path, past the large bronze statue, and search the table for 1/4 Alcohol and Handgun Ammo x2 and then head to the first floor of the department store to find another 1/4 Blades and 1/4 Rag.

When you examine the shutter of the "Swirls" shop another group of Hunters will come in, guns a blazin'. This is the last chapter with Ellie and Joel, so craft up all your items into molotovs and Nail Bombs before approaching the shutter and use them during this section. Try to keep moving from cover to cover, so that the Hunters have a hard time tracking you, and use stealth when possible to avoid drawing too much attention. After killing a few Hunters, a group of infected will enter the plaza and draw attention away from Ellie. This is a great time to use molotovs and Nail Bombs, as the infected usually group together to run down the remaining Hunters, but be careful not to give away your position.

Once the area is clear, return to the shutter and open it for a scene to complete this chapter.

Escape From Liberty Gardens

The final chapter of The Last of Us: Left Behind is extremely straight forward, with Ellie primarily running for her life from the numerous infected. Follow Riley until she holds open the shutter for you and then crawl under and move the red cart under the shutter for Riley. Continue to follow Riley through the garage and crawl under the debris, kicking off the infected, and then rush to Riley's aid and knife the infected on her. You can now follow Riley through the remainder of the mall until Ellie falls and then fight off the infected to trigger the final cutscene.


Artifacts are documents, notes, letters, etc that have been abandoned by their owners and can be found during Joel and Ellie's journey - each giving insight into the events surrounding the epidemic. There are a total of 12 Artifacts in the Left Behind DLC that can be found and viewed in the collectibles menu.

Combination Note

Back in a Flash - After entering Wilson's Pharmacy, search behind the counter (Story-related).

Pharmacy Key

Back in a Flash - After entering the American Princess store, search the body of the pharmacist (Story-related).

Pharmacist's Note

Back in a Flash - After entering the American Princess store, search the body of the pharmacist.

Salon Note

Back in a Flash - After crawling through the Pixitek to the Nail Salon, search the body of the soldier.

Wanted Poster (2)

Mallrats - After entering the apartment building, follow Riley upstairs into the first apartment and search the dining table by the barricaded windows.

Warning Note

Mallrats - After breaking the car windows with bricks, follow Riley downstairs and check the first room on the left.

Atrium Note

So Close - At the start of the chapter, head right and search the area to the right of the Noodle Bowl shop.

Generator Note

So Close - After trying to start the generator in the loading area, check to the left of the generator.

Atrium Recorder

So Close - After returning to the main area with power, search the area to the left, at the top of the escalators.

Medical Supplies

So Close - Obtained automatically.

Kitchen Note

Fun and Games - After riding the merry-go-round, search the counter of the Fast Burger across from it.

No Pun Intended: Volume Too (2)

Fun and Games - Obtained automatically.

Crew Photo

The Enemy of My Enemy - At the start of the chapter, follow the path to a larger hallway and enter the blue and white storage area.

Duct Recorder

The Enemy of My Enemy - After clearing the Hunters near the record store, follow the blood trail into the air ducts.

Optional Conversations

Optional Conversations are special conversations that Ellie can engage in throughout here journey. These special events are indicated by a conversation bubble when you approach their location and range from informational to hilarious. There are a total of 14 Optional Conversations that can be heard throughout the game.

1After following Riley into the first apartment, head upstairs through the collapsed ceiling and examine Firefly emblem on the wall of the living room.
2After entering the Liberty Gardens mall, head down the escalators and examine the "Affordable Getaways" ad on the wall next to them.
3After entering the Liberty Gardens mall, head down the escalators and examine the "TYPHOON BLITZ" watergun ad straight ahead.
4After following Riley down another set of escalators, speak with her when she stops and mentions Winston.
5After the previous conversation, enter Winston's tent and search the cabinet next to his bed.
6After exiting Winston's tent, head straight across to a bench with a saddle and examine it.
7After entering the Halloween shop, locate the Skeleseer and examine it until Riley takes a turn.
8After entering the Halloween shop, examine the "TRIPLE PHOENIX" mask.
9After entering the Halloween shop, examine the Witch's mask and then speak with Riley.
10After entering the Halloween shop, examine the jar of eyeballs in the back of the shop.
11After entering the Halloween shop, wait for Riley to head to the back of the shop and find the Dracula mask and then speak with her.
Fun and Games
12After returning to the mall plaza, approach the merry-go-round and examine the carousel horse.
13After obtaining the "No Pun Intended" book from Riley, make sure to listen to all the jokes.
14After the previous conversations, head under the nearby escalator to a "Sharesnap" machine and use it.


The following is a list of all available trophies in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Don't Go - EasyFinish Left Behind on Easy
Don't Go - NormalFinish Left Behind on Normal
Don't Go - HardFinish Left Behind on Hard
Don't Go - SurvivorFinish Left Behind on Survivor
BFFsAll optional conversations found in Left Behind
Picked CleanAll Left Behind collectibles found
Nobody's PerfectPlayed Jak X Combat Racing
Angel KnivesDefeat Black Flag without getting hit
SkillzWin the water gun fight
Brick MasterWin the brick throwing contest

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