Poe Dameron coin missing?

  1. Poe Dameron crossover coin is not there in the twilight of the republic. It is suppose to be in the temple in the hallway in the way to the Jedi council but it isn't there. Do I need to complete missions for it to show up?

    User Info: Fnf

    Fnf - 3 years ago


  1. The first thing to check for is to see if you updated you're game to at least the patch released on December 18th. If you have, then press start < Champion Coins to see if you might have already collected it and can't remember. The coins being there should not depend on the missions. Just in case, complete a few missions. If it still isn't there, then you may have to clear the data on that play set and start over.

    User Info: MrAnonymoose

    MrAnonymoose - 3 years ago 0   0

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